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Evan,I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with my dealings with you at Enthusiast Auto Group. As a middle-aged, hard-to-please, BMW Car Club Member – I was extremely impressed with your knowledge of BMWs, but more than that I appreciated your directness and integrity during the process of selling my “dream” E36 M3 to you. The process went exactly as you described over the phone. Even the gentleman from Cruzin' Chrome Transport who picked up the car was top-notch!   You have a wonderful business model catering to BMW enthusiasts and I'm sure you will enjoy continued success. Sincerely,
Todd Kucera, Allerton, IA
Excellent Experience!!I recently purchased a 2005 Dinan modified E46 M3 from Enthusiast Auto and I can't say enough about the quality of the trade-in and purchase experience offered by Evan and the entire Enthusiast Auto team.It starts with the quality of the vehicles they acquire. I searched nationally for a high quality E46 M3 for months using a variety of methods and on-line sites including BMW CPO and always found myself coming back to cars listed on enthusiastauto.com. I watched the impressive inventory turn over quickly which indicated something good was happening here.The quality of the cars is followed up with an incredible level of responsiveness and transparency. I narrowed my selection down to a couple of cars in their inventory. Evan provided an amazing set of detailed photos which clearly documented the exterior and interior condition of the vehicles. The pictures were augmented with detailed descriptions of modifications, scans of their thorough inspection worksheets, and complete documentation of the repairs they made to the vehicles. Every question was quickly and professionally answered. I am not a fan of purchasing a car sight unseen, but the level of transparency and honesty displayed allayed my fears.The final factor in my decision was the fairness of the price of the cars for sale and the trade-in value offered for my 1999 E36 M3. I had done my homework and knew what the cars were worth. Evan's prices were in the upper half of the respective car's range, but well justified given the quality of the vehicles. Evan's trade-in offer will enable him to make a fair margin on my car and saved me the hassle of selling it outright.I consider myself an avid auto enthusiast and there was never a doubt in my mind that I was dealing with peers at Enthusiast Auto. Evan and team lived up to their company's name in every way. I am thoroughly enjoying my "new" car and I'm proud to have my previous car in his current inventory.
Jack Kramer, Downingtown, PA
This is an embarrassingly late note of thanks to the Enthusiast Auto group concerning my 2010 purchase of a 2009 BMW 3-series.  I am a particular person, and wanted a BMW with particular options.  Searching on my own proved fruitless.  Then, I found Enthusiast Auto and, remarkably, they had the exact car I wanted.   After truly "grilling" Enthusiast Auto, I purchased my car from them over the internet.  I was impressed by the professional manner I was treated, and with the customer service I received.  Everyone was pleasant and helpful.  I received the car in the exact condition represented.  I have recommended Enthusiast Auto to friends searching for a quality BMW.
Trisha S., Salt Lake City, UT
I first learned of Enthusiast Auto Group, in Cincinnati, OH when I saw them on Auto Trader.com.  When I called them, I spoke with Eric Keller (one of two brothers that own the dealership) and continued to deal with him throughout the entire process.   Over the years, I have purchased many vehicles from many different organizations and have to say that Eric and his organization are fair, trustworthy and honest.  This organization cares about customer service and cares about the product they are putting on the street.  If they say they will do something, don't doubt it, they absolutely will.  I drove 700 miles to trade my vehicle for a E39 M5 and was not disappointed, the car was great and I absolutely love it.  Eric is so concerned that your first experience is great, because he desires future business with you.  An example of trust, On my return trip home with my new to me E39 M5, there was a problem with the headlights.  I called and spoke with Josh, in parts, about the problem.  He said take it into an local shop, get it fixed and send him the bill.  I paid the local shop and was hoping I wouldn't have a problem getting reimbursed by Enthusiast.  I received a check in the mail 3 days later!!  Thank you guys!!!    You're the best and are absolutely on the right track, you're focused on customer service, you're honest and care about the product you deliver.  
Lynn, Rice Lake, WI
I worked with Evan at EAG over a period of six months to find a specifically-optioned E90 M3 Sedan.  Over that time, I found Evan to be a phenomenal resource for all things Bimmer-related.  It became very clear that he and his brother are passionate about both their business and the cars they sell.  Additionally, I hoped to trade my E46 M3 in to EAG.  From the specific, detailed questions that Evan asked about the car, I had a strong comfort in the level of due diligence they perform on the cars they acquire.  Once Evan located my new car, it was on a truck and headed to their shop within one business day.  I came from out of town to pick up the car.  Upon arrival, I was given the opportunity (and encouraged) to thoroughly inspect the car on a lift with their head service tech, Josh.  The car was as clean, if not cleaner, than anticipated.  From start to finish, this was a smooth, no-hassle purchase experience -- just a transaction between two car nuts.  Evan has continued to be a great resource for various questions post-purchase.  I definitely plan to work with Evan and EAG again in the future!
David Ross, Caramel, IN
I am a BMWCCA Member and M car enthusiast!  Having purchased three BMW's (2 M3's and a '07 530xiT) from EAG and having EAG purchase two cars (M3's) from me, I feel I can speak with some experience and reasonable perspective.  I have found Eric, Evan and Josh to be honest, forthright and easy to deal with.  All of my BMW's are maintained by EAG following "Old School" routines.  I still use the local Dealer for warranty issues, but for all other items I have found that EAG is capable and timely! Their hourly rates are approx. 1/2 the dealers rates. From oil changes and clutch replacement, to building a complete Dinan S3 M3 with supercharger, I have yet to have anything but a positive experience. As an M car owner and member of the BMWCCA have come to know these guys reasonably well and can say that I have seen first-hand, their absolute passion for the track and watched them prep their "company" cars for track days. So be warned...If you buy a car from them that has a custom fabricated intake, roll cage, 5pt harness, slick tires and gutted interior with numbers on the side...It has likely been driven hard!  As for the cream-puffs on the lot, I seriously doubt that they would waste their time tracking a stock "Inventory" car and risk damaging the car, or the very thing that they have spent years cultivating.....Their "Reputation". If you are looking for an exceptional low mile "M car" or need to service the one you already have, I can recommend EAG without hesitation.
Dan Cotton, Cincnnati, OH
I wanted to say thank you to Eric, and his team at Enthusiast Auto Group.  As an engineer, I appreciate those who have an in-depth knowledge of vehicles and I could immediately tell that Eric was an enthusiast with extensive knowledge of my E39M5.  Not only did he make the entire process extremely efficient, he shot straight from the hip and has a no nonsense type of professional character which is rare in the auto sales community.  The entire process was so excellent, that I ended up purchasing an E92 M3 from him several days later to complete the entire transaction.  Keep in mind that I am out of state, so purchasing a vehicle sight unseen (I'm no stranger to this) was not an issue as I was provided with full service records, high resolution photos, and a description of all flaws down to a rock chip. I will recommend that anyone looking to purchase a high-end M vehicle give Eric their first consideration at Enthusiast Auto Group, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Thank you Eric and EAG team!
Mitchell Phillipi, WA State,
2003 BMW M5 Sold to EAG: I have bought, owned, and sold over fifty cars in my lifetime. My recent experience with EAG was one of, if not the smoothest transaction that I have ever experienced. They are true professionals in every respect. My transaction was handled promptly and efficiently. They have done everything that they promised and I would highly recommend them. It is with great sadness that I have given up my M5, but I can guarantee that EAG will be the first contact that I make when I decide on another M car.
Ismael Lopez, Las Cruces, NM
Never before have I ever purchased a car sight unseen over the internet.  Not to mention a car at the price point of the Z8!  I had been searching for quite some time for a Z8 in the “stratus grey” color.  As a type “A” personality and a perfectionist when it comes to my automobiles, I was somewhat reluctant to purchase a used vehicle. However, if I wanted to own a Z8 this was going to have to be the case.  One day my internet search brought up a listing for a stratus grey Z8 at EAG.  I called and spoke at length with Eric Keller.  Eric is more knowledgeable about this relatively rare car than any of the other dealers or mechanics that I have ever spoken to during my several year search for this vehicle.  He spent numerous hours with me via telephone and email patiently and even enthusiastically answering my MANY questions about not only the Z8 he was selling but also about the Z8 in general e.g. differences between years, what to watch out for, what the upgrades on the car meant to the performance of the vehicle, etc.  He sent hundreds of detailed photos of the car and was very candid about the imperfections on the vehicle.  He encouraged my desire for an independent inspection.  Even the local BMW dealership had nothing but praise for EAG and Eric.  I purchased the car in a seamless transaction and it has been everything Eric promised.  Eric has stood by his reputation and has kindly, without reservation, taken care of a few extras (to satisfy the type “A” in me) even after my purchase was completed.  He has gladly continued to answer any of my questions promptly.  I would recommend EAG and Eric Keller without reservation.  Certainly, if I ever sell the Z8 or look to buy another BMW in the future, he will be the first person that I call!
Lori Coleman MD, San Diego, CA
I want to thank you for the top-notch experience I had at Enthusiast Auto.  After a less-than-perfect experience with my first E46 M3 (bought from a Honda dealership...should have known), I quickly became comfortable that the car I was inquiring about at EA was exactly what I wanted - mint, with all the specs I wanted.  The process involved driving 1100 miles from Houston in my old E46, and taking off for Boston from Cincinnati in the new "baby," but it went as smoothly as I could have hoped for.  Sidenote on my trade-in: I was impressed that after all the problems we found with my old E46M, you refused to put it on your lot; it speaks a lot to the quality of product you guys put on the tarmac every day.  Victoria was very helpful handling all the paperwork.  Even when I thought I found a mistake in the taxes I owed and you guys conceded I could be right (turns out, I was wrong) you sent me a refund for the tax I overpaid.  I don't know many businesses that would proactively investigate an issue like that, but it certainly shows the quality of the people at Enthusiast.  When I buy another M car, it will be from you guys, again sight-unseen.
Maxwell Foster, Houston, TX
This is my first purchase of a car of this caliber and I am completely satisfied.  The car was clean, waxed, detailed and looks and drives like a new one, it was even full of fuel.  I can say that this was my least stressful and most pleasant auto purchase ever.  Your staff was courteous and helpful.  Since you were out of town on the delivery date, Victoria finalized the transaction.  Special kudos to her for not postponing delivery of my dream ride until a minor issue was worked out.  I look forward to seeing you all when service is needed.
Steven Bilbrey, Cincinnati, OH
Let's say that, like me, you're in search of your 1st BMW - or let's say, you're just out to continue your loyalty to the ultimate driving machine. Trust and believe, especially if you're a Beemer performance buff, start and end your search at Enthusiast Auto Group.  How many of you would even consider purchasing a vehicle, sight unseen Very, very few, I would guess. But, that's the rule, rather than the exception at this dealership. Why - because they only deal with the crème de la crème of motorcars; and they recondition these vehicles to the point that they will ask you to give them the right of first refusal, should you ever decide to sell or trade in any car you purchase from them.  These folk take a special pride in each and every vehicle they process - primarily because many of them own a BMW, and secondly, because they have an undying appreciation for great cars. There were (46) BMW M-3's on their lot when I purchased my vehicle from them - name (50) BMW dealers in the country who have had that many M-3's on their lots in the past 10 years!!!!! I purchased a 2005, E-46, BMW M-3 from Enthusiast Auto, and I couldn't be happier. In addition to their normal outstanding re-conditioning, my vehicle also had new brakes (hallelujah!!), new tires, a new battery, new tool and first aid kits, I could go on and on.... Their pricing policy, while, for some, removing the bargaining phase of the sale maybe an issue, is solely the result of the quality of the vehicles you are being offered. Their sales staff is more than friendly and helpful. Their supporting staff follows very closely in their footsteps. And the deal doesn't end when you drive off the lot - these folks absolutely and unequivocally support you AFTER the sale....take that from personal experience..... But, don't believe me - do your research. Check them out. Call up some of the folk who have written testimonials about their experiences. And then, hitch up your wagon, crank up your engine, catch a plane, train, or automobile - set the navigation for Cincinnati, Ohio, and stop in to see the folk at Enthusiast Auto Group - it will be a trip you won't regret........
Charles R. Young, Randallstown, MD
It really has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.  It was the first time that I have not not felt like a piece of meat at a dealership.  Being a lawyer by trade, I am used to being heavily on guard during the whole car buying process, but from our first communications, I have been at ease.  It was like playing poker where the man across from you had all his cards turned over and was explaining to you the best move you can make.  I never thought I would drive 8 hours to buy a car, but it was totally worth it.  I only wish you guys were closer so I could get all the service performed there as well.
John Cacioppo, Dade City, FL
After having the car for the last 2 weeks and nearly 5k miles. Yes already. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent service. I can't be anymore happier. This is by far the easiest purchase I've ever made. You definitely have a life long customer. Also, thank you so much for including the paint bottle. One night I was doing a walk around the car, and found a paint chip. Freaked out a bit, I'm, not going to lie. However, my wife put my mind to ease when she said there's a paint bottle in the car. I've never seen that done before. Not ever. Thank you for everything.
Sean Boose, Williamstown, NJ
I have had a wonderful experience purchasing this 1999 M3 from Eric. I confess, I was a bit nervous about purchasing a used, 13 year old car and had obvious concerns about any potential hidden problems, or mechanical history. Eric was wonderful in that he answered all questions in a direct, upfront and honest manner.  All car history was honestly described including previous important maintenance work and any repairs. I am grateful that he spent some time and went over any recommended future maintenance and expert suggestions ... eg when to replace the cooling system parts and what to expect with any performance upgrades.  It helps a lot that they have an adjacent performance upgrades shop and that they do their own work ... this makes them a lot more helpful and knowleadgeable than a plain dealership.  The price was not cheap but I feel that I have gotten the quality car in an excellent condition I have wanted. It is easy to fall into the trap of purchasing one of these performance automobiles for a lower price and maybe save a few thousands in the purchase price only to find out later that any hidden problems will cost a lot more to repair in the future.  If anyone is in a market for high quality used M3's and M5's, I recommend Enthusiast Auto Group without any reservations! I felt comfortable during the initial visit and the purchase, I appreciate that Eric, Evans and Victoria were down to earth and helpful with all my questions and subsequent paperwork (which by the way was promptly completed). My only complaint is that they would be closer to my home so I can visit  them easier in person next time!
Dr. Bob S. , Nashville, TN
I cannot say much about Enthusiast Auto Group aside from saying that they are a class-act dealership. They made sure the M3 I had in mind had all service work and maintenance done before the sale to make sure the car was ready to go. Knowing that all the preventative maintenance items were done on the car before making a purchase is something you really cannot put a price on when in the market for an M car, and I applaud EAG for this! They really stand by their statement when they said “if we wouldn't drive the car every day, we would not sell it.” Thanks Eric!
Cole L., Indianapolis, IN
As a longtime BMW lover and owner I always knew I wanted an E46 M3.  It is just one of those cars that will always catch the eye of car enthusiasts around the world. So, in late November of 2011 I began my search and started locally.  Going from car dealer to car dealer leaving my name and number and hoping that by some miracle a gem would emerge out of thin air and I'd find my “perfect car.”  As you would imagine this did not happen. So online I went… After countless phone calls, sketchy conversations, and finding nothing but “miled out” beaters I stumbled across Enthusiast Auto Group.  I immediately noticed the giant selection on their website and it instantly raised my interest.  I picked up the phone, prepared for the worst, and made the call about the Carbon Black Competition series M3.  Eric answered the phone and quickly put many of my worries to rest.  He was straight forward and promised to deliver the highest level of customer service imaginable.  We traded phone calls and emails for a few weeks while everything was finalized while he made sure the car would be exactly what I was looking for upon delivery.  Buying a used car is never easy.  Especially if you have insanely high standards like I do.  Eric and Evan are the only two individuals I have ever dealt with in the car business that might actually exceed those standards.  The car was exactly as described and fit the bill for what I was looking for.  Even if I had any issues I was confident that they would be there to assist in the event that anything came up.  Their motto of “if we wouldn't drive it personally every day, we don't purchase the car to begin with.” pretty much says it all. If you buy an “M car” anywhere else you're just wasting your money….
Nate Whitcomb, Norwalk, CT
I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your business model and how great it was to deal with you all. As you know, I have been sniffing around your site for years, and finally it all came together in my little E36 M3.  The car is everything you represented it to be and more, and being able to do business with people with integrity and genuine interest in working with a prospective customer was special indeed. Thanks for making the whole transaction one smooth and effortless experience from airport pickup to heading back to MD's Eastern Shore with a trouble free special car I intend to enjoy for years to come. All the best,
Rob Ketcham, Easton, MD
I had been shopping for a low mileage black on black manual trans 2006 M3 in Los Angeles and had no luck whatsoever.  I had never considered buying a used car sight unseen, but in a bit of desperation, I looked on line and found Eric's business.  I began to correspond with Eric and found him to be highly knowledgeable and very accommodating to my specific needs.  Eric spent a good deal of time with me over several weeks and was able to find a car that met my specifications.  I was still very uneasy about buying an expensive car without ever seeing and driving it.  Eric assured me that the car was exactly what I wanted and that it was in the condition that I had specified.  Eric sent me numerous photos of the car and copies of all the documentation.  What really impressed me were the inspections and work that Eric had done on the car before I took delivery.  He made sure that everything worked perfectly and that any scratches or blemishes were repaired.  When I closed the deal, I felt pretty confident that I was getting a top notch vehicle that would give me no nasty surprises.  Still I  had some apprehension. Since the car was going to be delivered by truck across country, I was also concerned about the reliability of the delivery service since the car would be mine during the trip.  Eric hooked me up with service that he uses and it was awesome.  The car arrived on time and in perfect condition. And speaking of the condition of the car, it was fantastic.  The car exceeded my expectations in all regards. It runs and looks like it is new.  Eric assured me that it was in tip top condition and he was definitely telling the truth!  I have also had the opportunity to ask Eric some after sale questions via email and he gets back to me in just a few hours.  I wish the local dealer where I bought my new BMW last year was half as responsive as Eric is! Bottom line for me is that all my concern about buying a car sight unseen was unfounded.  But only because I bought it from EAG.  I would not trust any other company for this type of sale.  I could not be happier with the car or the sales process. 
Neal Rein, Westlake Village, CA
In football they have YAC (yards after catch). I'd like to talk about SAP (service after purchase). This is a big ATTABOY for Enthusiast Auto Group of Cincinnati where I bought my '05 E46M3.EAG specializes in M cars and has a large inventory of the nicest cars. This specialty dealer is owned by 2 brothers who are both racers and have a great rep throughout the community. I learned they do many sales, across the country, sight unseen. Having done as much research on them as I could, visiting their business, looking at and driving several of their cars and buying from them I understand how they can do this and have come to have the same trust. My buying experience was a great one and I love the car. They were extremely accommodating. The car is as described and there have been no negative surprises. Turns out there were a couple of positive surprises. The car has the Homelink garage door opener feature and Bluetooth. Neither of these were advertised and I'm thrilled about the Bluetooth. Since they specialize in these cars they are often able to configure your car the way you want it. The car I purchased had 18” wheelstires. I wanted the OE 19s so they were able to have a set completely refurbished, mounted with the tires of my choice and exchange them for the 18s. I also decided to have them upgrade to the OE competition brakes. It's awesome to be able to buy a used car that's a cream puff and pick and choose the options you want. As delivered the car was fantastic. Clean, polished and ready to fly. The refurbished wheels looked great. Now for the SAP. After a couple of months I noticed the clear coat was coming off one of the wheels. I was concerned about the polished area of the wheels getting discolored or corroded where the coating was coming off. Since Cincinnati is quite a drive from where I live it wouldn't be feasible for me to go back to EAG for repair. Shipping would also be cumbersome. I contacted Eric at EAG to tell him about my problem and ask if the company they used to refurbish was a national company with a warranty. No joy. It was a company local to them in Ohio. Without any hesitation Eric offered several options on how they would take care of the problem to make sure this continued to be nothing but a very positive buying experience. He explained they had had some problems with this particular company and were no longer using them for the 19s. Totally up front. He even offered to ship me a wheeltire so I could get the repair done without losing use of the car. I must say I expected this to be a difficult process but I was most pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't it be great if all businesses took care of their customers this way. We decided the best way to resolve the problem was for me to find a company local to me and EAG would reimburse me for the repair. Upon having the wheel inspected by a local company, which my BMW dealer uses, it turns out another wheel was having a similar issue. I was told the wheel(s) should be stripped, machined and powder coated to prevent further problems. Also, the repaired wheel(s) would look slightly different than the others. Upon sharing this info with Eric he immediately said all 4 wheels need to be done so they match and there are no further problems. Again, no hesitation or backpedaling. End result…. I now have 4 beautifully refinished wheels with a lifetime warranty on finish. I was promptly reimbursed for the total expense. Talk about being a happy customer. I can't overemphasize how well I've been taken care of. How professional and accommodating EAG has been. I'm a proponent and will be a repeat customer if the need arises. If you're in the market for a used E46M3, or other M car, you should give them serious consideration. No matter the distance. In my experience they'll treat you right!
Jay Hudson, Easley, SC

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