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Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I continue to be about my purchase of the 2004 330i ZHP from EAG. The car itself was in excellent condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, and was exactly the color combination (black/black) that I had been looking for over the past several months. While initially I was disappointed that you found the car before I did, I really appreciated your examination of the car, the service work you did, the recommendations on future service needs, as well as suggestions for performance upgrades that I might be interested in.As far as the buying experience goes you couldn't have made it any easier…straight forward, no pressure, and no remorse. Not my typical dealer experience. In fact I've probably only had one easier transaction in 20+ pre-owned car purchases over the last 20 years – everything was extremely professional, right down to the hand written thank you note I received just days after taking delivery. I love the concept that you have developed and the passion that you have for the performance BMW models that you focus on, not only in sales but knowledgeable service as well. As you know I received several “thumbs up” from friends who are involved locally in the BMWCCA concerning your business before making my purchase, you can add my name to the list of satisfied clients!See ya at the track! (I'll be in the 911 though!)
Bill B, Dayton, OH
I wanted to let you know how great it was to purchase my 2006 325i E90 from you. I have searched far and near too find one with the miles and the price I was looking for. I even went to the dealer near Dayton off of 725 that rhymes with cross. They didn't know their own inventory and took way too long to give me prices that were more than they had posted on their site. I test drove cars that were dirty on the inside and all scratched on the outside. I was in shock at the prices they were asking for a used car. I decided to drive down to Enthusiast Auto to take a look the prices seemed a bit too good to be true! I arrive and dealt with the owner who gave me a few cars to test drive pointing out a few scratches to me so I would have an idea as to what I am looking at. I was pleased as the cars were clean and in great shape for the price and miles. They bent over backwards to get me any information I wanted including placing the car I purchased up on a lift to take a close look underneath! I just can't say enough how great an experience this purchase was for me. I purchased the car I wanted at the miles I was looking for with the options I just had to have for $8000 less than the other dealers! Thanks I will be back for service and when I purchase my next BMW.
Jeremy Turner, Dayton, OH
I wanted to let you know that the car performed flawlessly on the trip home. I also wanted to thank the staff for another effortless car purchase. The car was exactly as you described it. The addition of the short shifter was completed and all of the paperwork was in order so the trip was seamless. Please thank Victoria for her assistance with the title documentation. This makes three purchases from Enthusiast Auto Group with no issues. I look forward to our next deal. I think you guys are filling a nice niche in the auto market. I wish you continued success with the business.I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon about some mods.
Stan Hudson, Huntsville, AL
Looking for a used M car or any BMW can be a difficult process. There is long list of things to look for and its not always so easy to find everything out about a car when you are looking at it yourself. My friend was recently looking to purchase an E30 M3, and he would only buy a white one. He came in contact with Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati Ohio who deals primarily in BMW's and M models. EAG having owned a variety of E30 M3 cars as well as several others, was very knowledgeable about the cars and happened to have a white one that looked to be the right car for my friend. We flew out from Chicago to see the car with the idea of driving it home if we liked it. Our short trip was well worth it because the E30 that EAG told us about was everything that he said it would be. A very solid car that preformed well, and actually better than I had expected for a 1991 with 100,000 miles. We drove the car home 350 miles with no problems and the car to this day is great. We had such a good experience buying the E30 that when it came time for me to buy my first M car, I looked to Enthusiast Auto. This time I was looking to purchase an E36 M3, and they happened to have a beautiful 98 Black on Black; just what I was looking for. Once again, the car was just as they said, "rock solid!" I was even more impressed when I saw this car. With 74,000 miles on it, it preformed like it came off the show room floor. The guys over at Enthusiast Auto are very trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable about these cars. After having to very positive experiences, I would highly recommend that you consider Enthusiast Auto for your next BMW.
Rick C, Chicago, IL
I had been nosing around for a newer M3 as my 1995 E36 M3, although a great car was getting to be very high miler, and it was almost happenstance that I stopped to check out the offerings at EAG. Although I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime, never had I purchased one from a used car dealer. As it turns out I was very favorably impressed by the honest, upfront, knowledgeable, and no pressure approach by EAG. I ended up purchasing the pristine 2004 E46 I had stopped to look at, and have subsequently found his staff and their follow up to be first rate. The experience was almost the antithesis of many dealings I have had over the years with both foreign and domestic New car dealers.
Glenn M, West Chester, OH
Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great car. I've always wanted a E30 M3. I am the type of enthusiast who knows a lot about cars; I know the models, engines, and heritage. I just don't have much mechanical knowledge. For a collector like me, Enthusiast Auto is perfect. You pay for a mechanically sound car. Eric and the team at Enthusiast Auto made the transaction and delivery easy. My M3 came from a collection in California, was shipped to Ohio, inspected/upgraded by EA, then shipped to me in Delaware. Thanks EA!
Dr. Jeff R., Rehoboth Beach, DE
I wanted to let you guys know how happy we are with the purchase of our 328is from you. As you guys know, I've bought and sold a good many cars over the years, and it's always a little more difficult for me since I go into the process with a very specific car in mind; knowing exactly what year, model, options, etc I want. As such, it's not unusual for me to fly halfway across the country in order to get exactly the car I'm after. While shopping for a car for my sixteen year old son ('97 through '99 e36 coupe, five-speed, sport package…) I was having trouble locating a car that was as stock as possible, and one that had as few a owners as I could find. When the one owner, pampered 1997 328is showed up on your lot with all maintenance records from the local BMW dealer it seemed almost too good to be true. Within hours I had what must have been 35 pictures detailing every part of the car I had questions about and within hours of that we had struck a deal for the car. I have to say, when I arrived a couple days later to pick up the car I expected there to be some minor disappointment with the car, something that I had overlooked asking that made it less the perfect car. However, the car is in the same fantastic condition that was promised and documented in the pictures. The car is fantastic; your mechanics provided a spot-on analysis of the car's needs and maintenance history. My son is obviously very happy with the car and even more importantly this has to be the first car purchase I've made that my wife is even happy about! Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great car! Driving Event Coordinator,Bluegrass Bimmers BMWCCA
Kurt R., Louisville, KY
I arrived home in Albuquerque yesterday afternoon (safely and quickly for the 1422 mile drive). The M3 handles beautifully... not a fault to be found. I took a chance on your dealership and your higher than normal price point....and from my location and vantage point as a relatively inexperienced BMW owner, I was not disappointed. Your knowledge and honesty are to be commended... there were no surprises. I was also extremely pleased with your entire service staff. Thank you for the excellent... no, outstanding experience. I will drive this vehicle with pride, not only for the quality performance vehicle that BMW has engineered, but securely knowing that I purchased this vehicle from one of the premier dealerships available. You know your product and you certainly focus on customer service without pressure....When I'm ready for another, you will be my first and only choice for again finding the right "Bimmer" for me... Thanks again... and the best to you in your expansion plans. You've earned it!
Bill D., Albuquerque, NM
I bought my Cosmos Black on black '98 M3 sedan 5 speed from Enthusiast Auto Group after a long intense search. Let me tell you, these guys are great. I am a very picky buyer and wanted a specific car at a specific price point. They worked with me for many months and we talked about several cars before finding the right one for me. The car is great, just what I was looking for, and more importantly, it was great to work with these guys. They took the time to really understand what I wanted in my next BMW. Thanks guys, great job. BMW CCA 300770
Eric S, Cincinnati, OH
I have been a BMW enthusiast for over 10 years and during that time I have owned 5 BMWs including 2 M cars. I was first introduced to Enthusiast Auto Group 2 years ago when I was looking at purchasing an E30 M3. Over the course of those 2 years I frequented their website and occasionally talked to the owner. Recently, I decided to replace my Mercedes wagon with an E39 M5. After looking around I came across a 2003 E39 silver M5 at EAG with all its maintenance records. After several conversations I decided to take a chance and put a deposit on the car. I drove over 7 hours to trade and pick up my new car. Let me say it was well worth the trip. I was not only very impressed with the condition of the car but also the transaction. As advertised the car had all its maintenance records and was in pristine condition. The EAG team also made the transaction a breeze. After 3 days with the new car I am very pleased and I would definitely recommend EAG to anyone looking for a BMW specifically an M car. They are very knowledgeable and accessible to customers not to mention their inventory is the best in the business.
Webb H, Bethesda, MD
I wanted to thank you for making my buying experience a pleasurable one. I had been in the market for a manual 135i for quite some time and was extremely satisfied in selecting such a BMW from EAG. The car was exactly as advertised and the team at EAG didn't hesitate to show me every inch of the vehicle, including providing me with a flashlight so I could properly inspect the length of the chassis while the 135i was on the lift. Coming from out-of-state, I was wary of arriving at EAG only to discover a slew of hidden fees, mark-ups, and vehicle blemishes. Not only were these worries unnecessary, the EAG team had all the required paperwork ready for my arrival at 10am (the day after thanksgiving, mind you), including temporary tags. It made hitting the road back to Connecticut a lot easier and more lighthearted than I had anticipated. It is clear that EAG prides itself not only in the acquisition, maintenance, restoration, and sale of fine, inter alia, BMW's, but also truly cares about its customers. It is obvious why EAG's clients continually come back for other vehicles. I am likely to do the same. Best Regards, Rob R.Energizer Personal CareShelton, CT
Rob R, Shelton, CT
I recently received my 98 E36 M3 I purchased from you. I can't thank you enough for making everything go so smooth even though you are 2000 miles away. The car is exactly everything you described it as being. Your honesty and high level of customer service is second to none. I love my car and appreciate what you have done for me.
Dr. Steve D, Chandler, AZ
Well, I did it: I bought an E36 M3 without driving it and without touching or seeing it in person. And I was more interested in a ZHP. Now that may sound like a great sales job by EAG, but it was actually finding a sedan in a very unusual color scheme with a manual transmission that could handle as well as or better than a stock ZHP. A low mileage 97 M3 with history, records and all manuals in fantastic condition at a very fair price was too good to pass up. But without driving it? I talked with the owner, Eric, several times about various BMWs he had at EAG. The more we discussed the pros and cons of various platforms, the more comfortable I became with the E36 and EAG. I like no pressure discussions and I began to realize that Eric was not in a hurry to sell me any BMW, only the correct BMW. If he did not have it, he would do his best to find it. Eventually I decided upon an E36 M3 sedan which he owned. When I couldn't pick it up, he had it delivered. A seamless, no sweat transaction, and it was exactly as Eric said it was. Any regrets: absolutely NONE. This M3 is easy and comfortable to drive. It shifts as smoothly as any BMW I've owned. Yes, it could use a 6 sp. But cruising at 70-75 mph, it gets 28 to 29 mpg. I know that tires determine much about the handling of any car. But this car was meant to handle well first and be comfortable second. With a ZHP it may be the other way around. A word about the S52 engine: torque. I don't know which car is actually quicker in the quarter mile, but I do know which one has more torque. Lastly, the ZHP may be more comfortable on longer drives, but the M3's front seats are first rate and help make up for the stiffer ride. Doing business with Enthusiast Auto is a fun trip. I recommend them to one and all.
Greg Stoeger, Eau Claire, WI
I want to share my experience with EAG. At first I thought they were overcharging on these cars, and I couldn't imagine all their cars were top notch. Boy was I wrong, they have some of the cleanest late model cars I ever seen. It seemed like I was at a car show, my car was everything I expected and more. I highly recommend this place if you are in search of a top notch used BMW.
Gerardo H, Milwaukee, WI
As you know, being 2500 miles away from you and unable to make the trip to visually inspect/drive this car, I was very apprehensive about this purchase. You supplied me with the vehicle history report, a detailed picture log of every defect existing on it and were able to answer all my questions over the phone or by email. After a week, several phone discussions and 6 emails (I kept them all) I took a deep breath and went for it!! I'm glad I did, this car car is exactly what you told me I was getting. It's not a new car and I knew that going into the deal but just the first view told me that you were right on the mark. Thanks for the good work and I will be staying in touch with you when I'm ready to tune this gem to my driving style. Maintenance ManagerPort of Bellingham
Mike B, Bellingham, WA
Just wanted to let you know that I'm incredibly happy with my M3. Having never driven an M3 before, much less the famed E36, the experience has been truly phenomenal in just 24 hours of ownership. I feel very fortunate to own such a car, and hope to keep it for a long time! This morning I took it in for New York State inspection, and it passed with flying colors. The techs said they've never sold nor seen an Estoril/Modena before...not really that surprising though. Many thanks again. I'd imagine many people will become enamored with this car throughout my ownership, and you can count on me referring them to you for their next purchase without a doubt.
John P, Vesta, NY
I love my '88 M3! This is my second E30, my first was a '91 325iX which I had to sell when I moved to Rochester, NY. I found a great job back in Buffalo and when I came to work, the lot was filled with BMWs. This got me going again on my search again for another Bimmer. I was heavily searching for about 4 months and came across Enthusiast Auto. I'm glad I did, the owner was great to deal with and I'm happy with how everything turned out. His entire business is very honest and I would not have any issue recommending them to anyone across the US. I drove my new M3 over 400 miles home without a problem. I look forward to working with them in the future and hope them the best of luck! UPDATEI wanted to relay some compliments to you that I received yesterday. The owner of the world renounced Pierce Arrow Museum, Jim Sandoro came to appraise my 1988 M3. He was extremely impressed with the vehicle's condition and especially the paint job. This is quite a compliment and I wanted to share it with you. Keep up the great work as I will 100% be a repeat customer.
Thomas Capodicasa, Buffalo, NY
Just to say that I appreciate the time you took the other day, to talk to me, take my car for a spin, and for the bottle of fuel cleaner. This month, its a year since you set me up with this car. You guys did great: It's a perfect first car, and will always have a place in my heart. You guys are sales people who are - and this is key - trying to make a Difference. Rest assured that I will continue recommending EAG where ever I can. 2000 BMW 528i Sport
Vik SriRekam – Service Visit, Cincinnati, OH
Just wanted to put a serious recommendation out on this board for Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG) in Sharonville OH. I've had somewhat of a history with these guys after finding them on autotrader by accident in 2006. They are a group of independent BMW certified mechanics and enthusiastic, professional sales and service individuals. After our first encounter in 2006, it wasn't till late 2007 that I had the pleasure of working with them again. It was great to hear that the guys I had worked with then were still there, had moved to a larger building, and remembered me from name alone. Since then I've worked with them on a number of e36 M3 and e39 M5 problems. These guys are top notch and go above and beyond on every occasion. They tell you straight up what they think and give you honest answers, as well as respecting you the customer. They're not afraid of any job or service, and support (and promote) the aftermarket parts companies when BMW fell behind on their engineering. Needless to say, they are an asset to every backyard BMW mechanic or driver. I'd like to relay one such experience with them, and my last dealer experience. Lately my 2002 e39 M5 had one side of its angel eyes fail. Since I assumed this to be a simple bulb replacement, I just ran it to the local dealer (who resides in Centerville, OH on SR 725) to have them swap out the bulb while I was at work - just down the street. This wasn't your typical "oh, it makes a weird noise between 30 and 32mph and then it kind of shakes sometimes" kind of diagnostic. The light bulb either lit up, or it didn't. Surely the dealer could handle this. After waiting all day, I got the call. They told me the light control module (LCM) had failed and was going to cost an exorbitant amount of money. I confirmed with them it wasn't the angel eye bulbs themselves specifically. I told them to put the M5 back together and I'd do the work myself. I did my research, and was prepared to replace the LCM myself, or fix it directly. I then got the LCM easily accessible so the EAG guys could order the part and swap it out. To my surprise, I got a call mid-day from the service manager at EAG that the car was fixed and ready to roll. As always, the guys did their best work and thoroughly diagnosed the lighting system - AND REPLACED THE TWO ANGEL EYE LIGHT BULBS. Fixed. $10 in bulbs. NOT THE $1200 THE DEALER QUOTED ME FOR AN LCM MODULE. The EAG guys then asked if they should button her back up, or if I would do it myself (to save some cash). This is the thorough work ethic and respect I'm talking about. They could have just as easily ordered the LCM I had all but convinced myself it was, and they could have buttoned the car up and charged me an extra few hours of labor. No, they went the extra mile and worked with me to have things exactly how I wanted them. In closing, stay away from the BMW dealer in Centerville, OH off of SR-725 with a name that rhymes with "cross" and do yourself a favor and take your BMW down to Enthusiast Auto Group in Sharonville. Your BMW, pocketbook, and blood pressure will thank you. The EAG guys have serious equipment at their disposal, are continuing to upgrade the capabilities with new resources and tools, have moved to a bigger facility, opened a performance shop and online store, will locate that dream BMW for you, and have an excellent staff. I look forward to working with them in the future, and continuing to see them grow and prosper. I recommend them to all my friends, family, and hope you too will give them a shot. guys. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON M3FORUM.NET
Chris Beard – Service Visit, Lebanon, OH
I get nothing but awe-inspired comments on how pristine the interior is and what good condition the body is in for something that is over 20 years old. As if it could get any better, the car came from Texas from its original owner with incredible documentation and minimal modifications. And while I am incredibly happy with the example I drove off the lot, it was not easy by any means to decide which fine specimen I was going to drive away in. Your E30 M3 selection is unrivaled in its level of quality and attention to detail. The purchase experience was painless. You were quick to respond to my emails and questions even before you knew I was serious. When I came in from out of town to check out your inventory, you were completely honest and straightforward about each example you had on your lot. Once I made the decision, you accommodated each of my requests willingly, even going as far as switching the wheels to a different set and also working with me to get them custom painted. I also appreciate that you were willing to meet me on a Sunday morning as it was only day I could have come into town to accept delivery. In the future, I look forward to using you as a resource for improving the M3. Given your professionalism and commitment to the E30 M3, I am sure that we will both enjoy watching the increase in collectability of the E30 M3 in the future…and be prepared to hear from me again when the time comes to expand my collection.
Adam Tissot, Cincinnati, OH

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