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After having owned two stock M cars and getting my first taste of track experience, I was shopping for a more seriously track-oriented car. During a weekend drive at the renowned Tail of the Dragon (US 129) in my daily-driver Miata, I happened to meet Evan Keller who was there with the most beautiful modified E30 M3 I have ever seen. Evan graciously showed me the car, which I became completely smitten with in a matter of minutes. After that weekend, I began working with both Eric and Evan Keller to purchase the car in conjunction with some further modifications. The entire buying experience has been a dream come true from start to finish. Enthusiast Auto exemplifies true honesty and care in their product, rare qualities in any business. With superb technicians and a great facility, Enthusiast Auto is fully capable of taking a car in any direction - street, show, or track - as far as you want to go. When I picked up the car after the modifications were done, I was simply astounded. Enthusiast Auto had addressed many other details to make absolutely sure the care was fully sorted out with no issues whatsoever. Eric and Evan went far, far beyond my expectations. I am simply blown away by their level of commitment, integrity and quality. For me, Enthusiast Auto is THE place to go for an E30 or ANY other BMW for that matter. I'll be back!
Eric Rogers, Huntsville, AL
"It's no easy feat to find a perfect-for-me E36 M3 sedan. I started my search using some of the local BMW CCA websites, followed by eBay Motors, Craigslist, et. al. I came across some fantastical write-ups about how '[My] M3 is the most perfect specimen of M3 in the world' only to receive pictures of cars I questioned were even able to be driven. Not so with the knowledgeable pro's at Enthusiast Auto. Not only did they provide me a detailed breakdown of the perfect-for-me M3 sedan, they went out of their way to allow me to examine it while on the lift. The owner of the shop even spent valuable time with me under the car pointing out all its good points and its few, minor imperfections. I will be recommending Enthusiast Auto to all my friends and look forward to purchasing my next car from them! Danke sehr!John "Hans" Ackerman"
John Ackerman, Lexington, KY
My '89 M3 is AWESOME! Having owned two 1988 M3's for 10 years, I was very familiar with the car. When I got this one 3 weeks ago, I was amazed at the incredible condition of the car both in terms of the body and the engine. The body was essentially flawless for a 19 year old car. The engine's performance was that of a brand new M3 in 1989. You all did an amazing job of tuning it before it left your shop. Additionally, you all made the buying experience an excellent one. The process was simple and painless. You all called me and told about the car on Monday, I transferred the funds on Tuesday, paperwork was signed on Wednesday and my car shipped on Thursday; all of this done via phone calls and the internet. It is because I had a great confidence in talking with you that I knew that I could trust you all in the transaction and did not feel the need to fly to Cincinnati to see the car in person. This is HUGE given the world that we live in and especially given the car business where every other dealer out there is lying and cheating the customer as part of their business plan. Thank you for making the experience of buying a car from you all a very pleasurable experience and I look forward to buying another car from you all.
Gary, ,
You guys are doing an excellent job. Your break-down, analysis, and inspection of my current M3 was very impressive. The same goes for the M5. Whereas the dealer gave me the run-around and refused to actually troubleshoot and diagnose the problems, you guys are open-minded, willing to work with the owner, and actually get to the root cause of the real problems.Not explaining how part X that is unrelated is broke, and that they "can't diagnose the other problems until part X that is unrelated is replaced."Enough with my rant. The point is you guys are quite the opposite and a great find in the automotive world. You are true enthusiasts with a great business model and thorough work. Hats off to the team and I'll continue to recommend you to all my friends.
Christopher, ,
I was fortunate to come across Enthusiast Auto while on an out of state business trip to Cincinnati, during which I had some car trouble. They went above and beyond to make sure my wife and I made it home safely. I look forward to doing business with them in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone of my clients, family or friends. Barry KingInvestment Advisors International Inc.Investment Advisor Representative
Barry King, King of Prussia, PA
My wife was looking to get into a 2006 Acura TL. We called and told you exactly what the car needed to look like, have as upgrades and options, and the price we wanted to stay within. We were amazed when you found the exact car we were looking for. Even more amazing is that it had extremely low miles, so it was essentially a brand new car without the new car price. Helena absolutely loves the car! You picked the perfect one. The process was so smooth and you delivered everything you promised to the last detail. I have and will continue to recommend you and your services to others. You truly made the car-buying process a complete joy. Thank you so much for all you did for us! Kevin M. Ary, OwnerCertified Residential Mortgage Specialisthttp://www.franklinfinancialgroup.com/
Kevin Ary, Cincinnati, OH
When I first started looking for my dream BMW, I tried everything from Ebay, satellite lots, dealerships, individual sellers, everything, until my last stop, Enthusiast Auto. I was searching for a rare specific 5 series luxurious enough for my day to day driving, but sporty enough for my weekend thrills. After walking out of my first meeting with the owners of Enthusiast Auto, I knew they would find me just that. Every few days I would receive calls and emails from Enthusiast Auto about the progress in the search to find my pearl. They were very meticulous and detailed about BMW's than anyone I have ever dealt with, and it paid off. It was easy to see their passion for these fine automobiles, and dealing with them was more like a friendship than a business transaction. They were very particular about finding the perfect car and it was easy to see they took pride in their efforts. At first I was a little worried if I could even afford this dream, as everything I had been looking at was at the top of my budget. I was surprised that they found a 540i 6-Speed Sport Package with more options and features than I was expecting FOR MUCH LESS than I had anticipated spending. When the car arrived, it received a full diagnostic, a full detail, and a list of records and features. It needed a few minor maintenance items, which I expected with any used car. These repairs were completed at a discounted rate, just a way of saying thanks for doing business with them. I have since gone back for service work to the car, and couldn't have been happier with the work, communication, and of course, the price! I paid less for an oil change than anywhere around town, using OEM BMW parts, and the car was cleaned and presentable when I picked it up. I now carry around their business card's everywhere I go, recommending them to co-workers, friends, family, and anyone into BMW's. I'm thankful someone recommended Enthusiast Auto! When I decide to get another BMW, I will surely work with them again. dkfxphotography.com
Dan Kinzie, Cincinnati, OH
I am so glad that my parents got up there and looked at your cars. I never dreamed they would buy two, but I do like my Mom's new one better than her Mustang. Good call! I kept telling my dad if he wanted the E30 M3 he needed to go to you guys and I broke him down. He just called me Tuesday and said they were headed your way! We are loving the car and Tripp is funny about only driving it on days when the weather is nice. Otherwise it is safe in the garage. I am so glad that we found him a car that is just for fun. I grew up with that, but it is a new concept to him. Thanks Again for a wonderful car buying experience, a great car for us, and two for my parents. You were right about the black E30 M3; its perfect car for my dad. He has already got a new stereo put in (not that it needed it, he is just picky). I will keep recommending you to everyone I know interested in your cars. I have a friend in St. Louis probably wanting to buy an M5 in the next year and I think I have him talked into coming to see you. As soon as he sees our cars there will be no question. You guys have a great set-up up there and we were extremely impressed. If you let me know the new website when it is up I can just send that to everyone!
Stephanie Pearson, Huntsville, AL
Sandy & I made it back to Madison, WI without a hitch… however, the trip to the airport to drop off the rental car was intense as it was raining buckets as you know. The Bed and Breakfast you recommended was great. It was the icing on the cake for the trip. I am very pleased with the car and it was definitely worth driving 400 miles to buy it! My friend who owns an Import Car Repair Shop was impressed with the condition of the car and commented he had never seen a car with the Magma interior. Is still amazed me that the car is nine years old…I had been looking for a car for quite a while and you know the saying “when it's right you'll know it” well this was definitely the “right” car. You guys made the buying experience very positive and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. It was great to deal with fellow enthusiasts and not just car salesmen. Best of luck to you both! When I am in the marker for another car I will definitely give you a call.
Ed Elskamp, Milwaukee, WI
I want to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you and that I will be recommending you to all my clients to assist them in finding the “right” automobile. I have been involved in the business world for over a quarter century and it is always a pleasure to come across a businessman with your integrity. You set the standard for professionalism in your industry. Please feel welcome to use me as a reference. I wish you continued success. William R. BielVice PresidentMerrill Lynch
William R. Biel, Indianapolis, IN

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