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2020 BMW M2 CS 6-Speed - Misano Blue

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Typically, when a manufacturer releases a special edition of an already performance-oriented car, the differences between it and the standard model tend to be minimal. However, the same can not be said for the BMW M2 CS. Upon its debut in 2015, the BMW M2 gained acclaim as BMW M returning to its roots—compact, nimble, equipped with a powerful engine and a superb manual gearbox, it was the natural successor to the limited edition 1M. An M2 Competition was then offered, which provided an increase in power but wasn’t viewed as quite the well-rounded driving machine of the original M2. But as the production of the M2 neared its conclusion in 2019, BMW introduced the ultimate variant: the M2 CS. Despite being the most track-focused rendition, the M2 CS addressed numerous criticisms faced by the M2 Competition. It was meticulously crafted to provide a more comprehensive driving experience, earning widespread recognition as arguably the finest BMW M car of the past decade. The driving experience was so undeniably good that in 2020, it secured the esteemed title of EVO Magazine’s Car of the Year, surpassing competitors costing many multiples of its MSRP such as the McLaren 765LT and Lamborghini Huracan EVO.

If you missed out buying an M2 CS new, this example, showing just over 500 miles is a perfect opportunity to have another shot at it. Finished in the M2 CS’s signature color scheme of Misano Blue Pearl with the Frozen Gold Style 763M wheels, this M2 CS is the perfect specimen of one of BMW’s best cars of all time. This example is fitted with the desirable carbon ceramic brake upgrade, which fits the car with gold calipers and makes for fade free stopping during even the most strenuous track driving. In classic BMW M fashion, a gloss carbon fiber roof panel moves the center of gravity down and lightens the vehicle while also looking outstanding.

The interior of the M2 CS remains largely unchanged from the M2 Competition, prominently showcasing both leather and Alcantara, which is accentuated by red stitching throughout the cabin. The dashboard trim proudly displays a distinct "CS" logo, intricately stitched in red, while the M-Performance seats pay homage to the classic tri-color M-Stripes first seen in the E36 M3. BMW has implemented several innovative measures to reduce weight in the M2 CS, including a carbon fiber transmission tunnel that sheds 6 pounds compared to the standard model. Further weight reduction is achieved through the removal of the center armrest and rear air conditioning vents.

Powering the M2 CS is an enhanced variant of the S55 twin-turbocharged Inline-6 found in the M2 Competition. The CS benefits from the addition of the ECU out of an M4 Competition, bumping power from 405 to 444 but with a more exciting power curve meant to make you work for the performance rather than offer up a flat torque curve just off idle. Available with either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DCT gearbox, the ultimate M2 CS configuration features the 3-pedal option found in this car. Under the hood, a large carbon fiber brace gives the car extra chassis rigidity and looks absolutely stunning, complimenting the extra carbon bits sprinkled around the exterior of the CS.

At EAG, we believe it's never bad when BMW decides to put more power into its smallest car, but the M2 CS is more than that. We can't get enough of driving these cars between the weight savings, chassis tuning, and altered power band, they are just so much fun. Given this car’s extremely low mileage, overall stunning condition and perfect color scheme, it is hard to argue that this is anything other than the ultimate M2 CS.

Our price $135,000
Mileage 520 miles
Body Coupe
Exterior Color Blue
Interior Color Black
Engine 6cyl 3.0L S55 Turbo
Drive 2 wheel drive
Transmission Manual

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