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2001 BMW Z3 M-Roadster - Titanium Silver

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The 1990s saw a rebirth of the small, nimble sports car, spearheaded by the introduction of the Mazda Miata in 1989. Although BMW had some experience building the Z1 roadster, scaling up production of that car was not in the cards, so BMW sent its design team to develop a more conventional front-engine-rear-drive sports car to be sold around the world. What they came up with, the BMW Z3 began production in September 1995 and holds the title of the first BMW to be exclusively manufactured outside of Germany, and was instead produced at BMW’s Spartanburg, SC facility. Although the standard Z3 was fun, it wasn’t a car for the driving enthusiast. So naturally, the M-Division got their hands on the Z3 and produced the sports car drivers wanted the Z3 to be. Known as the Z3 M Roadster, this highly modified Z3 featured wide, flared fenders, quad exit exhaust, larger air intakes, and the powertrain from the E36 M3. In production from 1997-2002, the Z3 M Roadster received an update in February of 2001, when the S54 from the E46 M3 was swapped into the engine bay, taking the M Roadster from a quick car to a truly rapid car.

This 2001 BMW Z3 M Roadster is a true collector-grade example, showing just 9,167 miles at the time of cataloging. On its third trip through Enthusiast Auto Group, this is bound to be one of the best examples of its kind anywhere in the world. Built in August of 2001, this M Roadster was sold new in Southern California. One of the things that sets this car apart is the color combination- we think this may be the ultimate color scheme for a Z3 M Roadster: Titanium Silver with a Classic Red fabric top over Black and Imola Red Nappa Leather. The silver paint accentuates the M Roadster’s more sculpted bodywork, while the red top and Imola Red interior offer exciting contrast that is usually missing on these cars. In addition to that, from our records, we believe that out of the 921 Z3 M Roadsters produced in 2001, this is one of just 4 built in this spec. The exterior of this Z3 M Roadster has been ceramic coated, which helps to keep the paint underneath in excellent condition and makes care for the vehicle remarkably simple.

The interior is one of the most interesting aspects of the Z3 Ms- offered in numerous two-tone options that feature extensive use of bright colors, all in a proper sports car layout. In this car, the black Nappa leather is accented by Imola Red leather, which is seen on the seats, door cards, center console, A-pillars, sun visors, and dashboard. The contrast is outstanding between the two colors, but perhaps the most remarkable thing is the overall condition of the interior. The leather remains soft and pliable, clearly conditioned and well taken care of, and the red center console, which frequently shows marks and discoloration, is essentially as it looked when it left the factory. Sitting in front of the 3-spoke steering wheel is a set of gray-faced BMW M gauges. Yet, unlike other M cars, 3 additional gauges are placed in the lower center console, including a clock, water temperature, and oil temperature.

Powering the Z3 M Roadster is BMW’s legendary S54 3.2 liter inline 6 out of the E46 M3. Although it is slightly down on power over the M3, producing 315 horsepower vs the M3’s 333, the Z3 weighs nearly 400 lbs less, making it quite a thrilling ride. This engine is connected to a 5-speed manual gearbox that sends power to the 245-section rear tires. While under our care, we have performed our standard list of checks and preventative maintenance that we carry out with all S54s that come through our shop. After a recent test drive, we can say with confidence this car is in great mechanical condition, the engine pulls strong and it is a ton of fun from behind the wheel.

At EAG, we think the Z3 M Roadster is underappreciated in the world of M cars. The S54 cars, in particular, offer outstanding performance in a remarkably agile package. If you want to experience the best in Z3 M Roadsters, this is the car- from its condition to the color combination, it is undeniably an outstanding example

Our price $64,990
Mileage 9185 miles
Body Convertible
Exterior Color Titanium Silver
Interior Color Imola/Black
Engine 6cyl 3.2L S54
Drive 2 wheel drive
Transmission Manual

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