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2002 BMW E39 M5 - Lemans

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One thing that is a sure bet in the automotive world, is that when a new generation of a car comes along, it is bound to be faster than the outgoing example. Because of this, we tend to look at older performance cars in relative terms, thinking about their significance at the time, since after a few generations, the performance doesn’t really hold up anymore. The E39 M5 is a different story. Sure, a current G90 M5 would be showing an E39 its taillights in a drag race, yet there is almost no chance the G90 will ever have an opportunity to dethrone the E39 M5 as the “Greatest Ever Sports Sedan.” A combination of factors play into this, coming out in the late 1990s, the cars are fitted with enough technology to work properly and offer plenty of creature comforts, yet all of the driver’s aids are entirely defeatable, meaning you can truly exploit the perfect weight distribution and neutral chassis, built during what is arguably the era of peak BMW. Also, this M5 was the last one to be exclusively offered with a manual gearbox, ensuring that the car was only purchased new by people who loved to drive.

This 2002 BMW E39 M5 is an absolutely stunning, one-owner example that shows just 12,860 miles at the time of cataloging. These factors alone would put this car at the upper echelon of E39 M5s, but when you also consider the car is finished in arguably the greatest color for the car- LeMans Blue, it is taken up another notch. Sold new at Westchester BMW in White Plains, NY, this car has remained in Westchester County for its entire life before coming to us at EAG. The car is in exceptional shape throughout, with the paint shining like new and the black trim around the car showing no signs of fading- which frequently happens when these cars sit outside. The notoriously difficult-to-replicate Chrome Shadow finish on the wheels shows fantastically, and it is no wonder people went so crazy for these wheels when the car first came out as they look spectacular.

On the inside, this car was optioned with the “Sport” interior package, which fits the car with brushed aluminum trim and black Nappa leather seats with textured inserts. From the factory, this car was optioned with the M-Audio stereo system with enhanced bass and a fold-down rear seat with ski bag pass-through. To show how exceptionally original this car is, the airbag warning sticker is still affixed in front of the shifter, and a BMW-branded Motorola Startac flip phone is hard-wired into the center console.

Powering the E39 M5 is a DOHC 5-liter V8 known internally as the S62. It is fitted with double VANOS variable valve timing, eight individual throttle bodies, and “semi-dry-sump” oiling, increasing engine lubrication under hard cornering. Rated from the factory at 394 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, the S62 is an outstandingly flexible engine that will happily pull from 1,800 rpm in top gear or rev to 7,000 rpm. This engine is then backed up by a mandatory 6-speed manual gearbox built by Getrag that sends power back to a shortened 3.15 rear axle with a limited-slip differential.

The E39 M5’s legend looms large in the automotive world, and it is hard to find an enthusiast who doesn’t love them. At EAG, we have had countless E39s come through our hands, from ultra-low mile examples like this, to more driver-quality cars, and each one is an absolute joy to be around. Although it may seem like there are a bunch of E39 M5s out there, in truth, less than 10,000 came to the United States over the 4 years of production, and that number shrinks dramatically when you factor in colors other than silver and cars without deep 6-figure mileage. If you have always wanted to experience the wonder that is an E39 M5, or if you bought one new and regret letting it go, this example will bring you right back to 2002 and the car that truly epitomized BMW’s slogan at the time, “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

Our price $114,990
VIN:Not Available
Mileage 12898 miles
Body Sedan
Exterior Color LeMans Blue
Interior Color Black
Engine 8cyl 5.0L S62
Drive 2 wheel drive
Transmission Manual

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