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2013 E92 M3 ZCP - Frozen White

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Towards the end of E9X M3 production, BMW wanted to make a few special edition cars to keep people excited about the car while they were preparing the next generation. One of the most sought-after of these limited-run cars was the Frozen Limited Edition- these featured BMW’s new “Frozen” factory matte paint and were offered in 3 different color schemes with corresponding interior accents. The available colors were Frozen Red metallic, Frozen Dark Blue metallic, and Frozen Brilliant White metallic, as seen on this example. Between these 3 colors, BMW only imported 150 examples to the United States, 40 to Canada, and 41 were sold to the rest of the world, making these some of the rarest E92 M3s to come Stateside.

This final year, E92 M3 finished in Frozen Brilliant White Metallic-a $15,400 option package when the car was new. Showing 8,219 miles at the time of cataloging, this car has been kept in outstanding condition since new and would be an outstanding representation of the final naturally aspirated M car to add to a BMW collection. When selecting the Frozen Limited Edition package, you did receive more than the special paint color- the front and side grilles were finished in a unique “black chrome metal effect” and the Competition Package was added.

As you would expect with the Competition Package, 19” Style 359M Alloy wheels are fitted to this M3, and are finished in matte black from the factory, offering an outstanding contrast against the white paint. It is difficult to overstate the condition of this car- matte paint, like what is found on this car, can be difficult to care for if the car is seeing considerable use or time outside, but the finish on this car leaves nothing to be desired. To ensure the vehicle’s mechanical prowess matches its appearance EAG has completed its inspection and will be performing services including battery replacement and coding, IBS replacement, and several extra mile items to mimic delivery day from new.

Another feature of the Frozen Edition cars is the fitting of Black Novillo Extended leather with deviated stitching throughout the cabin. On these Frozen Brilliant White Metallic examples, the stitching is white and can be found on the seats, door cards, dashboard and center console, which does a really nice job breaking up the otherwise dark interior. That being said, the 3-spoke steering wheel retains its standard M color stitching and is in unbelievable condition, with the deviating thread still showing its full color.

Powering this M3 is the legendary S65 DOHC V8, producing 414 horsepower and revving all the way to 8,400 rpm. As the final naturally aspirated M engine from BMW, this one certainly did make a statement. With 8 individual throttle bodies and VANOS variable valve timing on the intake and exhaust cams, the S65 is capable of providing gobs of low-end power while still revving higher than almost any other V8 on the market. Not to mention the fact that it makes a killer noise with a low and muscley tone at idle that transitions to a high-pitched scream as you rev it out. On this car, it is connected to the 7-speed DCT paddle shift gearbox which pairs exceptionally well with the engine, providing lightning-fast shifts on track but has all the convenience of a regular automatic when stuck in traffic.

At Enthusiast Auto Group, we are no stranger to the E92 M3 and always try to have a few interesting examples around. It feels like a sweet spot in the M3 lineage from behind the wheel, and as the last of the naturally aspirated M cars, its future collector status is almost certain. This Frozen Limited Edition is an exceptionally nice example of one of the last E92 M3s to come off the BMW production line and without a doubt, one of the best kept E92s anywhere.

Our price $89,990
Mileage 8230 miles
Body Coupe
Exterior Color Frozen White
Interior Color Anthracite & Black
Engine 8cyl 4.0L S65
Drive 2 wheel drive
Transmission Automanual

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