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2003 BMW E46 M3 - Titanium Silver/Black Cloth

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Picking the ultimate generation of BMW M3 is no easy task. For some, it is the small, high-revving E30, built to homologate the E30 chassis for DTM racing. For others, the newest and fastest G80 M3 is the one to have, with its twin-turbocharged power and supercar-like performance numbers. There is no right or wrong choice in this conversation but one generation that every enthusiast can rally around is the E46 M3. Built between 1999 and 2006, the E46 M3 was really the car that made BMW M in the United States. Although BMW has been selling M cars here since 1987, outside of the most diehard enthusiasts, it wasn’t a brand that got nearly the attention that it deserved. But the E46 M3 was different- unlike the previous E36 M3, this car got the same, highly strung naturally aspirated engine as the European market cars while still being competitively priced with many of the best performance cars of the day. Even though production sounds high, with 85,000 units sold worldwide over the car’s 7-year production run, the number of truly great examples is sure to be less than 10% of that original production.

This 2003 BMW M3 was sold new in July of 2003 through Dan Kruse Pontiac/Nissan in Dubuque, Iowa and has remained with its original owner in the region ever since. Finished in Titanium Silver, this car shows just over 16,000 miles from new and has been kept in exceptional condition throughout. Titanium Silver was one of the most popular colors for the E46 M3 and with good reason, the color really lets you appreciate the simple, classic lines of the vehicle and accentuates the various accent lines frequently lost in darker colors. This car is fitted with the M3’s standard 18” wheels with a Chrome Shadow finish- people frequently swapped these out for larger 19” optional wheels, but these are a perfect size for the car and make for a nice sidewall that is typically missing on other M3s.

Now, on its face, a silver over black M3 is not the most uncommon color combination out there. But what separates this car is that instead of black leather, these seats have factory cloth inserts. In the United States, leather was a standard option on all E46 M3s, but some enthusiasts could custom order their cars with the cloth centers and leather bolsters like what you see in this example. The cloth is slightly lighter, but the real advantage is that when you sit in these seats, they do a much better job shaping around you while being more pleasant when it is very hot or cold outside.

Undoubtedly, the S54 found in the E46 M3 is one of the best inline-6s ever produced by BMW. With dual overhead cams, individual throttle bodies, and VANOS on the intake and exhaust cams, the S54 feels like a proper motorsport engine in the high revs, but that maintains the ability to be happily used around town as well. This example is paired with a solid-feeling 6-speed manual gearbox, which offers great shift action and is really the ultimate way to enjoy the sublime powerplant. While under our care, we performed our standard list of checks, including inspecting the VANOS, rear subframe, and multi-point mechanical inspection.

At EAG, we are always on the hunt for the cleanest and most unique BMW M cars from every generation, and without a doubt, this M3 falls in both of those categories. A true time capsule, this car will transport you back to 2003 and after just a few miles, it will be clear why the public fell in love with the E46.

Our price $74,990
Mileage 16122 miles
Body Coupe
Exterior Color Titanium Silver
Interior Color Black
Engine 6cyl 3.2L S54
Drive 2 wheel drive
Transmission Manual

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