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My experience with EAG - Eric and everyone we came in contact with - was frankly perfect. After travelling for 30-years with the U.S. Navy we semi-retired and settled down just North of Columbus, Ohio. To help celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary my wife and I decided to fulfill our desire of owning an M-Roadster. EAG by far had the finest selection and with just a few emails between myself and Eric, we were in a car headed to EAG in Cincinnati. We looked at two M-Roadsters but Eric could tell the one we really should be looking at wasn't on the lot. Within 10 minutes he had it there. He was right it was the one for us. From the initial "meeting" handshake to the final "enjoy your car" handshake, we were impressed with everything we saw. Eric gave us a tour of his facilities, introduced us to people we may interact with in the future, and made it very clear that our relationship was not over when we drove off the lot. Every single question we asked was answered with more information than we expected. Professionalism clearly is a top standard. I would recommend EAG to anyone and everyone. Our experience there and after has sold us on Eric and EAG.
23 Jun. Aaron & Michelle S.
I just bought a 2002 from Eric and Evan. I've done some business in the past with these guys and felt 100% comfortable buying a car sight unseen. It arrived better then advertised! Love the car guys. thanks and keep up the good work.
22 Jun. Scott R.
Well, like many before me, I did some extensive research on EAG and to be blunt, I was a bit hesitant at first. However, I was extremely satisfied with my vehicle purchase on a number of levels. I also visited the facility in Cincinnati, OH so I got to meet the folks there first hand and observe. First and foremost, they are professionals in the truest sense of the word. There was no "pressure" to purchase, I was given several options, including other cars to drive/sample, or just browse. Second, the staff (Eric, Evan, Blaire, Josh, and others), are all on the same page about "customer satisfaction." We've all heard that song and dance from other companies about how they stand behind their product/service, only to be disappointed post purchase-service as they seem to vanish. That's not the case with EAG. At every level through the process, they kindly, patiently, and thoroughly answered my questions about what to do on the purchase - from installation of new items, to shipping, insurance, registration, local BMW facilities, etc. You name it - they responded. Always, without exception. Their follow up post purchase was equally strong. In my profession I come across a lot of businesses, and I've seen many successful ones and an equal number of failures. I can usually tell which ones have problems, will fail, etc., and which ones set themselves apart from the pack as a first rate success. Those that do follow the formula for success, I like to say, have a "customer for life." Well, EAG, you've earned my respect, gratitude, and loyalty. Thanks again for making the process a pleasant one.
27 May. Paul R.
Thank you so much to all of your staff members (Evan, Blaire, Todd), and your follow ups. It was a great pleasure doing business with Enthusiast Auto and my M3 is a beauty and I love it! Your professionalism and customer service is better than any traditional dealerships I have encountered in the past.With that note, I once again, thank you for all the pleasurable experience with Enthusiast Auto.
05 May. Chris Y.
Blaire and Evan, I want to thank both of you for a fabulous and professional buying experience. You made the whole transaction as easy as possible and I trust that you will soon find a new home for the Z4. Your dealership is very special with an incredible staff and you have the best BMW inventory that I have ever seen. I love the M3 convertible and look forward to better weather so that I can really enjoy my new ride. I know that I will be back again someday!
08 Apr. Cal P.
Seldom does one have the opportunity to purchase a used car that looks and feels brand new! On a whim, we decided on a friday afternoon to take a road trim to Cincinnati with an M3 in mind. Actually, we truly enjoyed the opportunity to test drive (4) different M3's. This allowed us the chance to pick the best car for our needs. We walked away feeling like we had been treated with honesty as trust is a big issue when purchasing a new or used car. Evan and Eric were careful not to give their opinion but rather communicated necessary facts to meet our needs. We did not drive the car home but was held for us until the following weekend, giving us time to mull our thoughts over. We contacted Evan during the week with questions that were answered in a timely manner. At the end of the following weekend, we drove home with one of the most exciting cars that no one can believe is 9 years old. Thanks for the positive experience. In a few short weeks, we have recommended EAG to others. And we personally will be back.
31 Mar. Tony and Julie Q.
My EAG experience was great. We had a blast driving through Kentucky horse country and some back roads of West Virginia. This is the New River Bridge north of Beckley. The car is pretty awesome for my first BMW. I'm very happy.Thanks for everything.
18 Mar. Tim D.
I've been a long time BMW lover and have owned several over the years. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about purchasing from a "dealer" but as a father of 5 little ones under the age of 10 I was looking for a low mileage Roadster that basically needed no additional work. I found such a car at EAG.After talking with Evan the first time I was impressed with his knowledge of M-cars and he made every effort to answer the many questions I had, he took additional undercarriage pictures of the car and even agreed to take an oil sample from the car so I could have it analyzed before purchasing.I made the trip to Cincinnati and upon first seeing the car I was blown away by the condition. It's often hard to tell the true condition of a car from pictures but in this instance I felt that the car actually looked better in person.The purchasing procedure was super straight forward and quick. Evan even arranged for the rental car company to come to his location and pick up my one-way rental. Not a big deal but was an unexpected and much appreciated gesture.My experience after the purchase has also been great. Evan has continued to be very helpful with the questions I have had and has even agreed to replace a component that was found to be faulty when I got the car home.I have been truly impressed with Evan and the rest of the folks at EAG. They have been great to work with and I will continue to do business with them!
18 Mar. Jonathan S.
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24 Feb. Michael R.
First of all, this is the third vehicle I have purchased from EAG. The 2011 M3 I recently bought looks brand new! Evan and Eric have always been a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with their professionalism and how they educate me on these wonderful vehicles. They are straight forward great business people!
24 Feb. Dr. George Y.
I just received my E39 M5 which I purchased from Eric at EAG. Without question, Eric delivered exactly what he promised! As I started searching for a low mileage E39 M5 to replace my current one, I stumbled on to EAG. They had two cars that met my specific requirements. Eric sent me approx. 100 high quality pictures which clearly showed the features of each car. Additionally he sent me a file of pictures that showed every possible blemish. All of which were minor but none the less documented. The photos coupled with multiple phone and email dialogs with Eric got me to the point that I was ready to buy one of the cars "sight unseen" which is the opposite of my nature. Eric strongly encouraged me to fly out and drive both cars first which I did. I did not discover one surprise regarding either car! They were exactly as documented in the photos and emails. It was very obvious after spending at least 3 hours with Eric that he is very meticulous and his business is ran accordingly. Based on my observations, I had them do additional restoration on the car I selected. (By the way, it was the same car I was going to buy "sight unseen".) Everything was done perfectly, on schedule, and with regular communication (photos & emails) that documented the progress. Even the carrier that brought my car some 1600+ miles was meticulous and professional. I own an engineering firm and am making adjustments in our customer service protocol to reflect what I experienced with Eric and EAG.
12 Feb. Bob F.
After a long search over many months I found what I wanted at EAG. It was a unique experience in that they reside in Ohio and I reside in NH. I contemplated flying out to meet the dealer and preview the car I was interested in but the timing just wasn't right, with the holidays right on our doorstep. Evan appreciated my dilemma and took every step possible to make me feel comfortable, including sending me 90+ photos of the vehicle, inside and out. The story concludes with my purchase of the vehicle, sight unseen ! They made additional arrangements for the delivery to NH in an enclosed trailer and I took delivery on Christmas night ! The entire experience has been most enjoyable ! Once the sale was agreed upon Evan turned me over to Blaire for processing of paperwork. Once that was completed they turned me over to Todd who made arrangements for delivery ... The entire process was flawless and each individual was more than patient with my many questions and concerns. Although the car will remain in storage for the winter, my wife and I plan on driving to their location in the spring or summer of next year just to meet them and to say thank you in person. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again, in fact I may do just that. I only wish they were close by so I could have them provide the service as well. You just get the feeling they would make every experience the best ! It's the way business should be and it makes you feel good to find there is somebody out there who knows how to do it right !
10 Jan. Roland R.
I just took delivery of a 2002 M Coupe from EAG and was thoroughly pleased with the car and the entire purchasing process from the initial contact with Eric to the final delivery arrangements. I bought the car sight unseen, which I never have done before, because I was reassured by the knowledge, honesty and helpfulness of Eric and all the people involved. I would highly recommend EAG and would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.
23 Dec. Henry H.
My "new" 04 E46 M3 is my second purchase in 3 years from Enthusiast Auto. I still own, and am still enjoying, the 07 E86 M Coupe that I purchased 3 years ago. People always question why I go to Ohio to buy "used BMWs". My reply is always the same, I tell them that "it's like buying a brand new used car!". The cars are completely sorted and all of those "used car problems" are removed. Evan, Eric, and the entire staff are all awesome to work with and incredibly patient while making sure that I got the exact car that I wanted.
09 Dec. Roger T.
About as smooth of a transaction than I've ever had buying a car. I highly advise going to their showroom and garage to see the high level of detail that goes into each car. If you think you are a perfectionist, you need to meet Eric and Evan. Top level service from start to finish, will be buying again from them. Thanks again
03 Dec. Frank C.
For years my husband watched the cars come and go on the EAG website. So, several years ago my husband finally bought an M5 from EAG - it was a great car and the best car buying experience EVER!! He loves it and has kept it in the garage and driven it only on special occasions. But, as luck would have it, a cabinet fell off the garage wall onto his car (it had been on the wall for 13 years). To make sure it was repaired correctly we took it back to EAG. We made the trip from Louisville to Cincinnati with NO intention of buying another car. But, as soon as I saw the black, 450 hp, M3 convertible with 15,000 miles, I knew I was taking the car home with me. Being at EAG I never questioned whether the car was worth what they were asking because knowing these guys it was, so, much to my husbands surprise, I bought it. The next Monday I was leaving the grocery and there was a man beside my car who was openly admiring it. He said "this should have been my car". He had seen it on the EAG website on Friday and even called about it but decided to think about it over the weekend - BIG MISTAKE. While he was thinking I bought it. The best part is we go to the same gym so he gets to see it all the time. Every time I see him he asks about the car - I tell him its so much better than I ever could have anticipated it would be. Moral of this story? If you see a car at EAG and like it - buy it!! I bought the car on a Saturday and we couldn't get the Bluetooth set up but they promised to get it right even if it was at their expense. I took the car back to get that working and not only did they fix that (at their expense) but they also fixed every tiny little thing I had found - they did it at their cost, gave me an awesome loaner and brought the car back to Louisville with a full tank of gas! Who does that but a first class operation? I doubt my husband and I will ever buy a car anywhere else.
03 Dec. Kathi S.
I purchased my M Roadster from Eric in June 2012. They purchase process, from start to finish, was the smoothest used-car buying experience I've ever had. Granted, EAG is no usual used car lot. I went to EAG because of a stellar reputation for having not only the best M cars on the market, but full disclosure on the car's details and awesome follow up service. My experience completely lived up to that reputation. I wanted an M Roadster, but had neither the time not the inclination to scour the country for good examples, vet them, then potentially travel thousands of miles for a car that could potentially not be what was described, or even still available by the time I'd get there. The collection at EAG was impressive, and after looking at a few cars, I settled on an Imola Red 2001 M Roadster. Eric was extremely patient in answering my questions about the car, and at the end, I felt no detail about the car had been left to question. Eric was very forthcoming with every detail about the car's history, repairs and condition. Service after the sale was fantastic. I have at no time since buying my car had any second thoughts about the car I chose or buying it from EAG. I've since been enjoying my summers in a fantastic car that is an absolute joy to drive.Earlier this year, I had a small run-in with a tree branch falling on my car whilst I was driving beneath it, resulting in some dents on the hood and damage to the convertible top. Having recently learning that EAG now had a full body shop, the decision of where to have the repairs done was easy to make. Scott took on my repairs and handled the job like no other. Insurance was involved in the repairs for the tree damage. Unfortunately, the insurance company provided some friction during on the claim handling. Scott impressively stepped in throughout the entire process, though, and made sure all necessary repairs were covered with the correct parts and processes required to do the job the *right* way. Along with some ancillary body work (ding removal, paint buffing, etc.), the final output resulted in absolute top notch dent correction and paint work to the hood and front bumper, a brand new factory convertible top and overall, a car that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. This entire process was no small effort, between the scope of work and handling an insurance claim and I was absolutely blown away by not only the level of service I received, but the quality of work that was performed. Restoring the original contours to the hood surface and achieving a factory look and feel, as well as color match on the paint, were done with perfection. Scott's patience with my questions on the repair process, his willingness to deal directly with the claims adjuster (and the many headache's I know this caused), his attention to detail and passion for a no-compromises job well done are marks of a true professional.All told, my experiences with EAG have been extremely positive. Everyone with whom I've interacted at EAG has been friendly, honest, and shows a true passion for the cars they service and sell. I can hope to not have to encounter another incident that requires major body repair, but if it does, Scott will be the only person I call. This is my first BMW, and after driving it for a couple years now, I
29 Nov. Tim S.
I would like to thank the entire Auto Enthusiast Group for a great experience while purchasing my Z3 . The car is everything you stated and more.The whole Auto Enthusiast Group was a pleasure to work with because of a management that prides itself on knowledge, honesty and professionalism.
17 Oct. Tom L.
Eric and company at Enthusiast Auto are outstanding to work with.  We bought our E30 sight unseen knowing these guys (who are the experts) had gone over the car thoroughly.  The car has lived up to our high expectations! The buying process is organized and efficient, the entire team is easy to communicate with, and calls are returned promptly even after the sale.  I have dealt with several other classic car shops and these guys make it easy.
24 Sep. David B.
I had been searching for a clean BMW M for some while. Finally found a E-34 BMW M5 at EAG. First time I've bought a car without inspecting it first. EAG's outstanding reputation and feedback persuaded me to give it a try. Car arrived yesterday as promised. The car was everything I hoped for + more. It's in immaculate condition. They had taken great care in ensuring that car was delivered in a safe manner, with a tank full of gas ready to enjoy. I've been walking around with a big grin on my face ever since she was delivered. I took her out for a test spin last night, and she performed flawlessly. Eric and the folks over at EAG are great to deal with and they deliver their Bavarian products with German precision. This is what dealing sports cars is all about. They will go out of their way in making sure that the customer is 100% satisfied. Highly recommended. Best buying experience ever!!!
18 Sep. Alf J.
The DB7 we bought from EAG was everything we had hoped for and more. We appreciate the hundreds of detailed photos you sent of the car, the time you spent discussing the car with us, and your meticulous assessment of what the car might need to make it even better. Our DB7 just won first place in the Rochester UK Car Day 2014 concours, and our XJS V12 won second place.  Thank you!
15 Aug. Anne S.
The team at Enthusiast Auto caters to the M Enthusiast in every regard. From first contact to delivery, my all around experience could not have been better.  Eric and his team educated me on the process, assuaged my concerns and following delivery, were quick to thoroughly respond to questions. Suffice it to say, the car arrived in the condition as described over numerous phone and email correspondence; with full documentation.  Just wish I could take the car to Enthusiast Auto for service.
15 Aug. Evan R.
I've waited to write to you and officially let you know how my first "sight unseen" purchase went because I bought another identical M roadster and wanted the full comparison.  The difference of how EAG handles the process is night and day compared to other dealers!  I can't thank you enough for your integrity and honesty.  It was a very foreign concept for me, but you guys made me a believer.  I would never buy another car without seeing it first unless it was from EAG!  If I did for some reason need to, I would ship it to you first!  You've earned a customer for life and for the folks that know me, that's a big deal.  I have a thing for Z4M roadsters and am still looking to add to the pair I have now, I just hope they come up for sale at EAG!Please tell everyone at EAG how much I appreciate the car and purchase process!
15 Aug. Kurt K.
I originally worked with Eric to sell my 2001 M Coupe to Enthusiast Auto.  I did not want to go through selling it on my own.  Owning and enjoying it for over 10 years made it tough to part with, so it was comforting that it would be going to a good home.  I had never dealt with Enthusiast before so had not looked over their website before negotiating the sale of my M Coupe.  In the process I was browsing the cars for sale and fell in love with a 2003 M5.  It had the same interior colors (red/black) as my M Coupe!  So my sale turned into a trade-in!  In the process we decided to do a little Dinan work before they sent my car.  After I had driven the car 300 miles the brake light came on.  I called Eric and he immediately offered to send the parts and pay for the local BMW shop to install.  That is what I call standing behind your product!  If I knew how much I would enjoy my car I would have bought an E39 M5 long ago.  Originally planned to make it my weekend fun car like the M Coupe, but over the past 6 weeks it has become my daily driver while my Scion FRS sits at home.  Perhaps I need two M5s Eric, Blaire, Josh and the EAG team are fantastic.  I can't recommend them strongly enough. 
02 Aug. Dave A.
I shopped for almost 18 months  for my ideal M-Coupe (red with a manual transmission).  I connected early with EAG and they kept a watchful eye out for me in my price range.  We found the car and I traded my automatic Z-3 coupe with them for my "new to me" red M-Coupe. During the 18 months several coupes piqued my interest but in the end I bought from EAG because of their reputation. I have taken great comfort that EAG thoroughly vetted the car and corrected deficiencies expertly, they lived up to their reputation. A humorous aside is that I overlooked the characteristics of the sound system. About 75 miles out of Cincinnati I tired to insert a CD but could not find the slot. I called Eric to ask assistance and he told me it only played cassettes. 1999 was in  a transition time between cassettes and CD's  and this particular car had the cassette. I jokingly fussed with Eric that EAG  forgot to give me some cassettes to listen to during my drive to NC. I love my Z-3 M Coupe and look forward to many years of enjoyment.Thanks EAG
28 Jul. John M.
I'm not one who writes hotel reviews on Trip Advisor nor do I review restaurants on Yelp, movies on Netflix, or books on Amazon.  I never respond to emails from various airlines or hotel chains to let them know “how we did” during recent travels. However, the recent purchase of a pristine 2004 M3 convertible from Eric and Evan has changed all that!  I am now a REVIEWER!!  And one with an enormous grin on his face every time he twists the ignition key and hears that marvelous engine roar to life.  Or takes a corner at twice the speed he might in his daily driver.  Or lowers the top on a beautiful Vermont summer evening.  For anyone considering the purchase of an M car….stop right here!!  Look no further.  Buy from these guys.  They know more about these cars than anyone on the planet.  They find the right ones and then thoroughly sort them so by the time the car's in your hands everything that should be done has been done. You may think you're paying a premium for their efforts but I suspect buying an M car that hasn't been subjected to their level of scrutiny would likely cost a whole lot more.  Though the boys tell me most buyers purchase their cars sight unseen and have them shipped I would suggest you treat yourself and check out their operation first hand.  And meet the mechanics who have worked on your car, pick up some hints from the body shop guys, and even hit them up for a free lunch (OK…they offered, I never had to ask).   But for goodness sake don't leave without checking out their private stash of BMWs.   If you're in the market for an M car hop on a plane and check them out.  And enjoy not only the car you'll buy from them but your new friends at Enthusiast auto.
25 Jul. Bram S.
This a 1st class operation altogether. Evan and Eric were constant professionals from the minute I called to the minute I drove my 2004 M3 off their lot. The car was ready for delivery when they said it was and was EXACT to the description conveyed to me over the phone upon seeing it in person. I respect their no haggle approach and I left feeling that my purchase was of high quality and value. Both gentleman were very knowledgeable and you could tell they were passionate about BMW. This is a well rounded operation. I love their 1st right of refusal policy that really shows they care about the entire time frame of ownership of a car you purchase from them. If you are buying ANY BMW at all and you do not give these guys a chance to earn your business then you are doing yourself a huge dis-service. Thanks fellas!
21 Jul. Jason S.
After looking for months for an investment quality E30 M3 I finally found Enthusiast Auto Group.  Eric at EAG was able to steer me in the right direction quickly based on my needs and budget.  I found the whole experience to be easy and the support unmatched.  I am thrilled with my purchase and I plan to be a long term customer of EAG.
08 Jul. Winston C.
Thanks to Eric and Josh at Enthusiast Auto Group for matching us with the right car.  We knew we wanted a nice BMW M Roadster.  The question was whether to go for the Z3 or Z4.  Both guys nailed the right car for us from the start.  We settled on a very nice low mileage Z3 with the optional hard top.  We actually got 3 cars: hard top, soft top and no top.  The retro center stack with analog gauges and even an operating analog clock of the Z3 is just what we wanted.  Perfect. This is the place to get an M Roadster.  The selection is enormous.  All of the cars are in ready to go condition.  And Eric and Josh were very patient while we sorted out our emotions and the ultimate selection.  We searched high and low for the right car and even traveled 250 miles to evaluate and buy a “deal.”  In the end, we passed on that car and several others due to uncertainty about the car, their history or the dealer/owner. So if you are looking for an M car you can drive away in like new condition with confidence, trust Enthusiast Auto Group.  I doubt one will ever see so many great M Roadsters in one location elsewhere.  And, the guys made my not a car girl wife very comfortable with the process.  Thanks for that guys.  After 6 days of ownership, guess who is driving the Z3 to the beauty shop this morning?  You got it.  Makes me doubly happy.  She has become a car girl.   
07 Jul. John Crandall
I stumbled on to EAG's website last year and ended up buying an S52 M roadster. It was a nice car that gave me the M bug and from that point on, I was hooked!Dealing with Evan and staff has always been stress free! They answer all questions promptly, make the paperwork easy and are not the typical sales people you tend to think of when you visit a dealership. This year, I wanted to upgrade to an M3 and ended up trading in the M roadster. The car was literally delivered to my front door. It looks amazing inside and out, drives great and has room to spare…  Where do they find these cars? I know of no other car business like EAG. Evan and crew are, in my opinion, are second to none when it comes to BMW M cars! 
10 Jun. Dr. George Yzaguirre
My experience with Enthusiast Auto was spectacular. Out of the many cars I have purchased, none were as smooth my transaction that was handled by Blaire and Eric. Blaire was extremely quick on updating me with documents and clearly outlined all of the steps necessary for me to buy the car while being several hundred miles away, resulting in no-frills handling of paperwork. Eric has incredible knowledge on all of the various M car models, answering questions with confident, succinct ease. Though it was readily evident that he keeps busy, Eric offered us a quick tour of the business and displayed to me several cars on the lot, all the while without a dismissive or urgent demeanor. Absolutely a great guy to work with! I purchased a 2002 M5 with ~85,000 miles, but it's nearly impossible to guess its age. The car was in outstanding condition and exactly as the pictures showed – or better. Some assistants even came out to wax the car one final time right before it was handed to me! Most importantly, the car drives and handles phenomenally well. I had a nine hour drive home after I picked up the car, and honestly, I would not have minded another nine. Thank you Enthusiast Auto!
29 May. Eric Teoh
I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my 2000 Z3 M coupe. In short the entire process from beginning to end was an absolute pleasure. I have not only acquired a perfect machine but have also found a group of professionals at EAG that are now like family. The team is so passionate about their work and these vehicles that I know they will aways be there for me should I need them. The car is like it was the day it rolled off the showroom floor and I am like a kid I'm so happy. Thank you guys for doing what you do with such professionalism and integrity. You have restored my faith! Your friend and 100% satisfied customer,
27 Mar. David Tunnell
 "Working with EAG has been an exceptionally pleasant experience from beginning to end.  I had very high expectations for the car, especially since I bought it without seeing it in person. It didn't disappoint, and I'm thrilled to have it in my garage now. I'm sure the gasp that I took when I first laid my eyes on the car in person was the same one taken when the original owner initially saw it in 1988.  I truly don't understand how Eric had the patience and time to answer my every little question, and then some.  These guys know their cars in-depth and are an amazing BMW resource.  While working with Eric, I quickly learned that he does this because it's his passion, not just because it's a job.  A true gentlemen.  I'm looking forward to buying another car from EAG in the future.  In the meantime, I'll be spending a lot of time at 5,000rpms+ "
25 Mar. JD
The MRoadster just left my house and is on it's way to you. It was a pleasure doing business with you, both in my purchase of that beautiful car and in selling it back to you. I will surely return to you when I'm ready to purchase my next BMW! Find her a great home!
17 Mar. Mary Ann Mitchell
Having a crazy work-travel schedule and shopping for a good condition E46 M3 are not two things that go well together.  After looking independently for about 6 months I stumbled onto the EAG website and was amazed at the high quality/great condition cars that were being offered for sale. I clicked on the Alpine White with cinnamon interior and knew I had to have the car.  For me, this car purchase was more than just a car, as it's been a dream car since I was 16 years old.   Buying a car sight unseen, naturally made me nervous, but Evan answered all of my questions on our first call and even suggested a credit union to get a loan at a great rate.  From there, the communication was fast and timely via phone and email.  Blaire was wonderful to work with and the entire purchase process went super smooth.  Todd the Logistics Manager, ensured that the car was put in quality hands for transport.  I couldn't believe the great condition the car was in when it arrived, practically at my doorstep.  For sure, the car is a head turner.  At a local BMW dealer, every single attendant at the lot was asking to see the interior of the car and the engine bay.  They couldn't believe what great condition an 8 year old car was in.  It looks practically new.   My situation with the car is a little different than most, as I took the car into a well-regarded local tint shop and experienced some unfortunate electrical issues after the install.  The only reason I bring this is up is that I knew the guys at EAG would know the car better than I, so I reached out to Evan to get his opinion.  Evan wrote back pretty quickly and suggested a shop in my area to take to and even one step further, had his Master Technician get on the phone with the technician at the shop to discuss what was wrong with the car. I am super impressed at the level of customer service and dedication to their customers that EAG has provided thus far.  I love every minute of driving my new (to me) M3. Thanks guys!
07 Mar. Daniel Cercone
Let me thank you for purchasing my M3 in what is undoubtedly the most easy, enjoyable selling experience I've ever had.  Frankly, being in Alabama,, I was initially skeptical that everything would work out, but you and your team far exceeded my expectation.  From your friendliness, to wiring the funds immediately, to Blaire communicating so courteously, to Todds' efficiency in coordinating the pick up and transportation of the vehicle, this was a flawless transaction.  I appreciate the professionalism you and your team offered and will gladly avail myself as a personal testimonial should anyone wish to speak with me regarding my experience selling a vehicle to Enthusiast Auto Group. Here's to you and your team for setting the standard!!
14 Feb. Patrick Small
I've been driving my new (to me) M3 for the past few weeks, and wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for an extraordinary purchasing experience.  Buying a car long distance and sight unseen requires a leap of faith and some trust.  The faith and trust I put in you was clearly well deserved.  Everything about the M3 - cosmetics and mechanics, as well as the way it drives - is better than you promised.  Everyone who sees it says it looks brand new.  The car was spotless when it was delivered to my house by the highly professional car transportation service you hired, and it arrived early.  I also appreciate that my M3 came fully serviced and ready to be enjoyed.  There's literally nothing I have to do until it is due for its next scheduled maintenance.  I simply couldn't be more pleased.  I'll look forward to our next transaction!
17 Jan. Scott Nelson
Living in Hawaii, it is challenging to buy the perfect used BMW, especially from the mainland. Eric and the team at Enthusiast Auto Group make the process of buying a car sight unseen incredibly easy and absolutely worthwhile. Not only do they have high quality cars that need-nothing, but they are extremely honest and knowledgeable about each and every car, making it easy to choose the perfect one. As a repeat customer, I will definitely be buying more BMWs from them in the future.  Many mahalos to everyone at EAG!
04 Jan. Thomas Kim
"I never before gave a thought to buying a car without the opportunity to see it for myself.  I have long been a fan of M cars, but never owned one.  I got serious about finding the right E39 M5.  My search soon led me to EAG.  They specialize in M cars.  I was surprised at the vast inventory.  I actually called (spoke with Eric) about a different car than the one I bought.  Eric took the time to talk me through the particulars of my intensions for the car, and explained how I might be better suited in the car I actually bought.  After our conversation I was confident this was an extremely reputable and trustworthy establishment, two characteristics not normally associated with used car dealers.  Eric provided me with 60 or so photos of the car, to include close-ups of what little damage there was.  The damage amounted to a few pebble marks on the front facia.  The fact that he took the time to point it out floored me.  I felt comfortable proceeding with the purchase.  Eric talked me through the entire process.  We spoke daily, and he answered all of my questions, many before I asked them. When the car arrived I was even more impressed.  Wow! it was all I hoped it would be.  It is positively pristine.  What a gem!  I love it, and it performs as advertised.  I consider myself an EAG customer for life.  This is my first M car, but I'm certain it will not be my last.  The entire group there provided more help than I could have asked.  Blaire was an absolute pleasure to work with on the business end of the purchase.  This organization is doing business the right way, and they really value their customers…almost as much as they value the cars.  Where else will you find a used car dealer who offers to buy back any car sold.  That signifies true belief in their product.  What a great team!"
30 Dec. Marcus A. Creighton
Long and numerous were the days I spent searching for the perfect M5. I've owned BMW's for the last 22 years, but the E39 M5 has always been my dream car and I wanted this car to be special. I am fastidious about my cars, taking special care of them inside and out. No backyard fixer would do for me.  When I happened upon EAG, it took only a few minutes on the phone with Eric to show me these were true enthusiasts like myself. Their knowledge of these cars is vast and the passion & care with which they maintain their vehicles far exceeds any car dealership I've ever known. Finally, I had reached a team who loves these cars the way I love them. It was truly a pleasure to work with them and the car arrived exactly as promised… pristine and beautiful. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Well worth the price. If only all car buying experiences could be this outstanding!
24 Dec. Nathan LeClair
Let me first start off by saying that Enthusiast Auto Group is undoubtedly the ///M "Mecca" of the United States. Their selection of used ///M cars, as well as their attention to detail is absolutely second to none. Furthermore, their knowledge of the cars they sell is simply outstanding, which is a rare trait in the industry. Just over a month ago I inquired with EAG about a Jet Black 2003 e39 M5 I saw on their website. The car had some extensive modifications, including tuning work, aftermarket suspension, aftermarket brakes, an aftermarket exhaust, etc. Buying a modified car, especially a modified ///M car can be a daunting task. Maintenance and installation records can be hard to come by, and making sure the parts were installed correctly is paramount. I gave Eric a call and told him I was interested in his M5, I also told him I would be trading a 2007 Roush Stage 3 Mustang should we come to terms on a deal. Eric remembered me immediately (my Dad had purchased an immaculate M Roadster from EAG 6 months prior) and proceeded to describe his M5 in great detail, disclosing every minute imperfection (although there were very few). Eric also went on to tell me that the car belonged to a personal friend of his (a BMWCCA member), and that EAG had done all the work on the car (including installation of the modifications and maintenance) for the past 32k miles. Eric then sent me an email with the entire history of the car attached (including all maintenance and modification installation receipts, as well as a myriad of professional photos of every square inch of the car). When it came time to talk numbers, Eric went out of his way to find a buyer for my Roush, and after merely a few days the deal was done. After driving the car for over a month now, I couldn't be more satisfied, and I have Eric, Evan, and the EAG team to thank for that. Additionally, after receiving the car I realized that it had enough Dinan parts to earn a Dinan deck lid badge (the previous owner had not applied for the badge). I gave Eric a call, he and his team got in touch with Dinan, and the badge was shipped  to me in under a week (I was expecting the inquiry to take at least a few weeks). In closing...Eric, Evan, and the rest of the EAG team are first and foremost BMW enthusiasts, and their love of the cars they sell transcends  an exemplary car buying experience. I take pride in saying that I'll be an EAG customer for life.
07 Dec. Max Belforti
I just wanted to say thanks for the great car and the great service I received from yourself and all the staff at EAG. My M5 is a truly great automobile and it's condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, is flawless. EAG knows these cars and knows how to put them in absolutely like-new condition. I appreciate the diligence and knowledge EAG devotes to the task. It's not often that one gets to make a significant decision in hindsight, but that is what EAG makes possible. A little over 10 years ago I considered buying a new M5 but deferred. I occasionally reflected that perhaps I had made the wrong decision. But after discovering EAG, I realized I could possibly still own a virtually new one. And buying in hindsight, with the advantages of experience, selectivity and availability, is actually a great way to go. But this is only practical if there is a business like EAG to screen, collect and refurbish cars like this. When the right car came along, it was an easy decision. The M5 is spectacular. Thank the entire EAG staff on my behalf.
21 Nov. Robert Ward
After looking for an E39 M5 for months and being disappointed with the quality of the vehicles available through private sale, I found my M5 for sale at EAG through Cars.com. When I inquired about the car, EAG immediately sent me detailed condition related photos, a build sheet, and documentation of the (extensive) work they had put into the car. This helped me to feel more confident that there weren't "hidden flaws", which concerned me with such a long distance purchase. I put a deposit down and booked passage to Cincinnati for that weekend.  The purchase itself was seamless - they picked me up at the airport, had the car detailed and ready for a test drive when I got there.  The car was spotless cosmetically and perfect mechanically. Before purchasing the car I had nightmares about rod bearings, VANOS issues and gas filler rust... among many other things. Once I arrived at EAG and got to see the extensive (and immaculate) fleet of M vehicles, their shop area and staff, I knew that my car had been thoroughly looked after and examined for common issues. I mean, where else, even at a dealership, will you hear someone say "Can you move the Estoril E36 into the detail shop"? If you are an M enthusiast, these are your people, and they will take care of you and your car. After purchasing the car I drove it 2,600 miles back home. It was perfect. Through 14 hour days, interstate speed runs, passing on back roads, sweeping turns and even snow, it kept on going, as reliable and bulletproof as an Accord. That reliability and cleanliness is why EAG cars are worth the cost and the trip to Cincinnati.
13 Nov. Ross Perez
Eric, I received my 2002 BMW Z3 Septmenber 16, 2013 in perfect condition from EAG BMW. It is everything that I hoped it would be based upon your description. As you know, I bought this car sight unseen, so I was somewhat anxious about buying a car out of State. I can honestly say that I would buy another car from EAG and I have already told several friends and family members about my very positive experience dealing with EAG. Thanks to you Eric, and your associates to include Blaire S., Josh, and Todd. I have put about 150 miles on the Z3 so far and have found no problems whatsoever. The car is in truly "as new condition". I am sure that I will enjoy my Z3 for years to come. I could not be happier with my purchase.
09 Oct. Phil Sprino
           Who buys a used car from 2500 miles away?  Well, surprising even ourselves, we did.  When our computer kept showing the majority of the good E46 M3's residing in Cincinnati, we looked into it and discovered EAG.  As old timers, the idea of buying a car on the internet sight unseen is still a reach.  However, we thought a one-way plane ride to drive two or three possible choices followed by a cross country road trip home just might work.  A few phone conversations with Evan at EAG confirmed that idea, and we planned our trip with about four or five real possibilities based on information sent by Evan.                 We showed up at EAG to find a lineup of four of these M3's all shined up and ready to go.  We spent most of the day driving, re-driving, and discussing the pros and cons of these four vehicles.  We narrowed the field to two.  After sleeping on it, we made our choice, relayed that choice to Evan, and by the time we showed up on day 2, Evan had done the minor things we requested on our choice.  The financial paperwork was done very efficiently, and we were on our way west by early afternoon.  Our leisurely trip home was very enjoyable and our Competition Package '05 M3 performed flawlessly, sometimes a little too easily cruising in the 90+ MPH range.  Our radar detector also performed well.                 We thank Evan especially, and also Eric and Josh for making our purchase a positive and enjoyable experience.  We remain very impressed with the business model at EAG. 
07 Oct. Paul Schneringer
Big thank you to Evan, Josh, Todd and Blaire for all their great communication, professionalism and interest in their customers' buying process. I never dreamed of buying a car sight unseen. This car is awesome. At first, I thought the price was high but your getting a car that is in great condition, low miles and they fix things ahead of time to get you driving right away. I love this car and If I ever trade it in, I am looking to get an M3. Great work guys! 
04 Oct. Dr. George Yzaguirre
In my family, we've had 8 E36 M3 variations since 1995. It sounds crazy, butsome of them were leases, others were track cars and then others were transportation that filled the gaps between other M Car acquisitions.It seems that no matter what happens, all roads literally lead back to an E36 M3. They may not be held in the highest "M esteem" among purists, but I have always believed they offered the most fun for the best value. So, when it was time to find E36 #9, I wanted to find a really special E36 M3 to distract me from missing my beloved E90 M3. There was only one place to turn: Enthusiast Auto Group. I got a good trade price for my 2011 and exchanged it for one of the sweetest low-mileage M3 4-Door survivors in the USA. Before delivery, the EAG team went over and and over that car. I've spent a week in my new time capsule and I am loving it's many 20th century virtues. It is small, light, and even more fun than I remember from when these cars were new. Thanks, Enthusiast Auto. I'll be back in the future.Dave Flogaus
27 Sep. Dave Flogaus
I was looking for an E39 M5 for a little over a year before I visited Enthusiast Auto, and after a few minutes talking to Eric and seeing the car I knew I was at the right place. He has the best examples of M cars and a wide selection available. All I can say is that I couldn't be any happier with my choice, and if I was looking for another M car I'd know exactly where to go.
05 Sep. Michael Shelhoup
Eric, Evan, Blair, Todd and all others at EAG Thanks so much for all the care in the sale and transfer of my latest M Coupe. Over the years we have had many transactions but I never cease to be amazed at the wide range of services you offer. The personalized attention to the quality of the cars you deliver is beyond compare and even when I send a "Repeat Visitor" I always feel that I am treated fairly and that my wishes are respected. You guys have a unique place in the US BMW M-Car Culture and I will never hesitate to recommend you for anyone who wants a well cared for and properly prepared BMW. I think I'll keep this Coupe for a long time, but I look forward to our next interaction (maybe an Alpina?)
04 Sep. Dr. Mark S.
Evan, Eric and staff,Thanks for a great buying experience and an even better product.  I traveled 700 miles round-trip to do business with EAG and would do so again without hesitation.  Truthfully, if I had an open garage spot I would do so again tomorrow.  My 06 ZCP M3 was exactly as described.  Actually it was even better in person.  The numerous photos and detailed work orders give an accurate description.  I knew the car pretty well inside and out even before I set foot on the lot.   Mechanically, the car is in stellar condition.  It needs nothing except a skilled driver and an open winding road.  I've enjoyed driving it tremendously.  Even my local BMW center was impressed at the car's condition.  For me it had been 6 years between M car ownership.  I must say the old adage does hold true; absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder.   The idea of buying a car across state lines, sight unseen sounds like a scary proposition.  But doing business with EAG is simple and painless.  The transaction was quick and there were no surprises.  I'd highly recommend you to anyone.
16 Aug. Jason Martinazzi
Thank you EAG for a seamless, efficient and very high quality buying experience. I have spent the past six months doing endless research on various M3- related forums and in working through the internet looking at M3 cars for sale. In very few instances, was I comfortable even contemplating buying a car sight unseen. Then about a month ago I came across your web site and did the requisite research on EAG. After the research, I was comfortable buying a M3 sight unseen form EAG and did so in the past week. The process was seamless and, as I stated above, was a satisfying experience. Just as well, the car arrived very quickly and EAG arranged the transport, thus saving me from another painful experience (I collect vintage Porsches so I have some experience in arranging transport). When I got the car, I was most impressed. This is like a new car and is just perfect. The work that EAG did in the work order also brought the car up to a perfect standard. Thank you again and I most appreciate the EAG service and ability to deliver.
07 Aug. Christopher Johnson
I have spent the last 10 days and approximately 900 miles getting thoroughly acquainted on the back roads of NH, VT, and eastern NY with my "new" 2005 E46 M3 Convertible purchased from EAG, and I just returned from getting her State inspected at a local shop, where the Mechanic's exact words were, "So, what are you going to drive in the Winter, because this car has obviously never seen snow; it looks basically new to me"…this vehicle is flat-out awesome!!  Sign me up for the official EAG fan club, because their bold claims and all the praise they receive out there in online community are spot on. Evan was great to deal throughout the transaction and I feel I will be able to call upon him as a resource for years to come; Blaire efficiently and courteously handled all of the paperwork aspects of the transaction; and, Todd and Evan ensured the vehicle I paid for on Tuesday and had upgraded through the EAG shop on Wednesday, was securely delivered 850+ miles away into my driveway on Saturday.  Like so many others before me, I researched and pondered for 2+ years buying an M3 from EAG site unseen/in an entirely virtual capacity, and I am now so glad I finally did, because for basically the price of a well-equipped new Accord, I am now the proud owner of a legitimate super car that is in great condition, which I realistically plan to own and enjoy for the next 20+ years…if you are a car enthusiast and you have never had the chance to experience BMW's S54 M3 engine in-person, put it on the bucket list asap, and then figure out how to buy one from EAG…I cashed-in a few chips earlier than expected to make this happen, but the experience and enjoyment this vehicle provides now is worth a lot more than merely having a larger pile of chips later, because as the saying goes, you cannot buy back time!  Lastly, it is true that you will pay a premium when you purchase from EAG, but what that premium really buys you is the invaluable peace of mind that comes with purchasing a quality product….remember: when you buy quality, you only cry once!
01 Aug. Adam Mann
Thanks to all of you at Enthusiast Auto Group I have a lovely topaz blue Z3 in my garage.  The car is simply gorgeous!  It is, in fact, more stunning than I anticipated.I hesitate to continue with superlatives, but this vehicle is far beyond anything I anticipated.  It certainly exceeds my expectations in every way.  Driving the Z3 is a bit different than motoring around in my 34 year old TR6!  I'm sure you can appreciate my initial reaction to the ease of shifting gears and power of this engine today. No complaints.  I'm looking forward to many wonderful adventures with this car. Northern Michigan is the perfect place for a sports car, and this is such a perfect vehicle for summers here. The most outstanding aspect of this purchase has been the quality of service provided by you and your staff.  Your extensive knowledge and honesty certainly made a difference when I was contemplating an Internet auto purchase. Blaire and Todd could not have been more supportive with the actual purchase and shipping arrangements.  Everyone was so very easy---and delightful---to work with.  Jeff, the transport driver, was equally courteous and conscientious.He took good care of this car in transport.  As the car rolled off the trailer I was aware of your words that it "is stellar and will not disappoint".  It is! But what was really stellar and did not disappoint was the professionalism of everyone at EAG that I dealt with.  You all did a exemplary job...and that is greatly appreciated. It has indeed been a pleasure to do business with EAG.  Thank you. Jackie Olshin
18 Jun. Jackie Olshin
Eric and the rest of Enthusiast Auto Group, I just want to say thank you for an outstanding (and fun) BMW buying experience. I appreciated being handled with kid gloves (like picking me up at theAirport) and also being shown around your facilities while learning about the history of some of your beautiful and rare BMW's. My M3 was exactly as (maybe even a bit better) than advertised. The transaction was completed smooth and trouble free. Even the one little glitch with the brakes during the test drive was handled immediately and professionally. To borrow a comment from another customer..."EAG has set the bar extremely high in the sight-unseen car buying world and, after my experience.100% endorsement!!" I couldn't agree more!  After my purchase, I made the 600 mile trek back home to New Jersey safe and sound. The car drove like a jet!What a pleasure to drive. It fits me like a glove. They may be the most comfortable seats I've ever had, with a perfect driving position.  I had the top down the whole way.  Eric, you were right, with the wind screen up, it was very comfortable at any speed.  The entire EAG team went above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to continued smiles every time I hop in the car!
22 May. Stuart Hudes
Thank you for making such an IMPORTANT transaction in one's life (i.e. purchasing a home/car) easy and painless.  I found your car listed on the internet at AutoTrader.com back in late 2012, and went to view your website linked from Autotrader.com.  I was NOT expecting to see an independent BMW dealership that ONLY sells used yet in pristine condition, BMW M cars (M3, M).  This was like a god-send.  Then when I saw the prices, they were warranted due to the condition and the extremely low mileage.  And the color combinations that most BMW M enthusiasts seek, were available at your dealership.  Finding a late E46 chassis M3 in Alpine White with black interior and manual 6-spd transmission and relatively low-miles is difficult.  Finding yours with only 32k+ mileage and in almost new condition was like finding a needle in a haystack.  The price I paid was worth every penny.  And on top of that you pointed me to a great financial credit union that I had never heard of (PenFed - Pentagon Federal Credit Union) whose rates are un-matched by both my own credit union and my main bank that I was going to use.  1.49% interest rate on a used car loan can't be beat.  Having the whole transaction done over the phone and e-mail and working with me on the financing was great.  And even doing this over the holidays so that I can finally have my new (new to me) car for the start of 2013 was a present/gift to myself.  And that you're a BMWCCA member, then you understood my needs as I too am a BMWCCA member.  I have mentioned your website to others, and some have actually heard of you and even Mike Miller from The Roundel magazine (BMWCCA's magazine) recommends your dealership to discrete and very particular customers who only want top-notch M cars.  The best compliment that I can give to you was the one that Chapman BMW on Camelback in Central Phoenix told me when I brought in the car to have the factory alarm installed.  My service advisor said that he and the service technicians in the shop said that they haven't seen such a CLEAN, well-maintained, low-mileage used E46 M3 like that in their lives!  And that IF I was bored with the car and I wanted to sell it, that he has 5 people in line that want to buy it! :)  Well I know you have first rights to buy it back from me if I decide to sell it.  That's a BIG IF and I doubt it'll happen.  I love my M3.  Thanks again Evan.  Here's some pictures of my car after getting the car covered in a 3M clear-bra and adding SunTek tinting for the vicious Arizona summer heat that is coming.  And some tasteful decals along with BBS CH wheels on Michelin-shod Pilot Super Sport tires!
20 May. Giovanni Jaramillo
Good morning EAGTeam,I would like to thank you guys for an outstanding sight-unseen BMWbuying experience. Exactly one year ago, I finalized my purchase of the E36 M3C. After many unsuccessful internet searches, I found your website while browsing through listings onAutotrader. Immediately, I realized that this was the place I had been searching for topurchase my future M car. In no time, I was able tofind the car I was looking for. From the day Ibookmarked your website,to the hour the car arrived - I was completely content with thetrouble-free purchasing experience. From the initial phone conversation with Eric, to receiving Emails complemented with an ample supply of pictures, to receiving detailed history reports, arrangingtransportation - everything was handled in a professional manner and went just as expected. Through your service, an M3Coriginally from two towns over from where I reside in is back to happy garage in Massachusetts!  Thanks again for the great experience and I look forward todoing business again with you in the future.  Kind Regards,
14 May. Jacek Prominski
Thanks to EAG for an outstanding experiencing purchasing our “new” 05' M3 ZCP! Not only did they have the exact car I was looking for (and are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about these cars), but they went out of their way to make sure the purchase process was above and beyond what my wife and I were expecting. Their obvious commitment to excellence was refreshing and made the whole process enjoyable and stress-free.  First, we were on the fence about either flying the 1k miles up to CVG to pick up the car, or having them put it on a closed car carrier and ship it. The decision was made easy when Evan offered to have one of his staff drive an HOUR up to Dayton (best ticket prices) to pick us up.  Upon arriving (a bit early, before they were even really open), the car was pulled up in front of the office, fully detailed and ready for inspection. It was exactly as advertised, with any minor blemishes that Evan noted in the 50+ photos he sent me previously barely even noticeable. Evan noticed my wife and I were in a rush to get on the road, so he let us do a test drive, then had all the paperwork ready for us when we got back. We signed the docs, got some free T-shirts, and went on our way smiling.  To top it all off, we had an O2 sensor fail on the drive back (Sunday), Evan got back to me that same day and reassured us it was safe to drive, apologized for the inconvenience, and told us to take it to a reputable indy shop back hope to get fixed....ON THEM. (Subsequently, Josh was also a pleasure to deal with, friendly and coordinated with my local shop to fix it) This blew us away, because O2 sensors sometimes just go, and there's no real inspection or preventative maintenance for them, and therefore it was not their problem to deal with. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Evan and the crew at EAG went above and beyond in all aspects of our experience with them, and deserve the stellar reputation they have.  Thanks again! 
13 May. Luke and Kristin
Working with Evan, Eric & all the guys at EAG was & stillIS great. If you want someone to trust & be up-front with you, these guysare it. They're my friends & no matter whom I spoke with over the phone,whether Eric or Josh or whomever, the communication & purchasing processwas clear, concise & forthright. They broke down all the numbers &didn't make me feel uncomfortable or put-off, which, made me trust them &their service. I wanted to buy from someone I trusted & who speak thelanguage of an enthusiast & gear-head. They do that allllll day long &it made me feel secure in what I was buying & the history of myvehicle.
13 May. Joe Sellery
I was in high school when the E46 M3 came about.  At the time I was probably reading three separate car magazines a month and poured over the reviews of the M as though I were deliberating on the purchase in a most serious manner.  Not only did I fall in love with the looks of the car instantly but everything I read painted a picture of the perfect drivers car.  Sure there were some driver aids but the car had purity and simplicity.   A few years later I was working at an upscale deli and catering establishment in town, about my senior year of high school.  One summer day with the door open I heard an engine coming into the lot and caught sight of a neon yellow E46 pulling in.  It turned out to be a friend of the owner and when he was leaving, they called to me to come out and see the car knowing full well how much I adored it.   This was the first day I ever sat in an E46 M3.  The position felt completely natural.  I had driven some expensive sports cars but never felt quite right in them whereas this made me feel at home.   My yearning for the M3 never dulled even when the E92 was released, it just didn't seem right to me and thus I never faltered.  After two years of seriously pouring myself over car adverts online and routinely having five tabs open on my web browser of various E46's around the country I decided it was time to pull the trigger and my search intensified.   I knew I wanted a number of things, deep blue exterior, standard transmission, the nineteen inch double spoke, heated seats, sunroof and a generally stock car.  I also wanted the interior to be something a bit out of the ordinary.  My daily driver is a conservative Volvo that is all comfort and while quite classy and pretty in my mind, is not overly gaudy.  I wanted the E46 to have a little something different.  The cinnamon interior was what I decided on.   I searched for a few months and finally found what I thought was nearly the right car at Enthusiast.  I spoke with Evan on the phone a few times, finally realizing that maybe we could change out the 18's for 19's and the car would be perfect.  We sorted out the details and I was down in Ohio a few days later to pick it up.   When we pulled into the lot, everything I had imagined the car would be was parked in front of me, real enough that I could reach out and touch it though I dared not set off the alarm.  Evan walked my friend and I through the car, explaining details I hadn't known about despite reading the owners manual on my computer.  Driving it for the first time was sublime.  I had worried that I might have set my expectations too high and set out unrealistic expectations but that all faded away from the first notes of the low rumbling exhaust.   Back at Enthusiast I signed some paperwork, picked out a t-shirt in my favorite color, shook hands and took to the road back to Michigan.  I take every excuse I can to drive it, surprising some of my friends and catching myself grinning every time I walk out of a shop and into the parking lot to find my car, then realizing what I'm looking for and feeling myself filled with glee.   I could never have asked for a better experience buying a car.  Professionalism on the part of everyone at Enthusiast left me feeling completely at peace with the purchase and only concerned with the details of how soon I could make the trip.  The reputation of Enthusiast left my worries in the rearview mirror as my confidence in the integrity of the car grew with everything Evan told me about their process.  I'm not sure when (because I love this car so much) but I know I'll be back to see them again, likely sooner rather than later.Thanks Enthusiast, Sincerely, 
08 May. Will Jurkowski
EAG,    I wanted to write a note of thanks, to express my gratitude for an outstanding BMW buying experience.  EAG has set the bar extremely high in the sight-unseen car buying world and, after my experience…100% endorsement!!  From the initial email to transporter delivery, every step was carried out with professionalism and pride.  My original E30 was every bit as you described and illustrated in the excellent photographs.  The transaction was completed professionally, every promise kept and zero delay.  EAG is truly “THE” BMW resource.  From the inventory, to the wealth of product knowledge, to the service, to the purchase, it was the best vehicle experience I have ever had.     Give me a few years to treasure and preserve and I might let you have this E30 as a “repeat visitor.”  Your whole team went above and beyond my expectations and I've been enjoying the car ever since.  Thank you again!
03 May. Don Ferry
Thank you all so much for your "Thank You" postcard...the devil is in the details and your organization is FULL of the devil!!!...I always tell my staff that everyone here matters and is a reflection of WHO we are and WHAT we want to accomplish...the quality of the service we render...and I hope my patients leave MY office with the same feeling of a job-more-than-well-done as your clients feel about what your organization does !! Thank you all for your professional service and confidence-inspiring attitude...I will gladly recommend you to anyone...actually I already have!!...and look forward to doing business with you in the future.  EAG is what the auto industry should aim for as a goal!!! Thank you again. Phil Barr, loving my "new to me" 2003 M5!!!
30 Apr. Dr. Philip Barr
Hello Eric: My new 2001 M Coupe arrived safely right on time, and it is a HOOT.  Based on your reputation and our no-nonsense telephone conversations, I elected to buy this car from you sight-unseen and I can report full satisfaction with that decision.  You responded promptly to my initial inquiry and spent much more time than I had expected familiarizing me with your company and with this particular car. As you surely know, people who are willing to buy sight unseen usually have a pretty clear idea of what they are looking for and the car on your lot either is or is not that car.  At no time did I feel you were trying to “make a sale”; rather, I felt you were introducing me to this vehicle in a bona fide effort to see if it was the one I was looking for.  As it turned out, it was and the transaction could not have gone more smoothly. I appreciated your ultra-thorough inspection of the car and your identifying issues needing immediate or future attention. The work I asked you to perform was timely and correct. In short, the car rolled out of the transporter's enclosed trailer in just the shape I wanted it in.  Please assure the prior owners that their baby has found a good home.  I will, in turn, be happily referring all (jealous) inquirers to Enthusiast Auto Group. Thank you Sir and thank your fine staff
26 Apr. Henry L. Strong
Eric, Evan and the entire Enthusiast Auto Group, My wife and I would like to thank all of you for an incredible buying experience. For several months we've been searching for a 2006 325ixT, preferably non-silver. Locally this car didn't seem to exist but we were reluctant to buy sight-unseen from an out of state private owner or dealership. Past experience has proved this to be an invitation to a disaster as too many people have chosen to take advantage of that situation. As we've read Bimmer and Roundel we've noticed that Mike Miller has been most generous in his compliments concerning your business. Since we believe Mike to be a no BS type of person we visited your web site, saw the inventory, read your business philosophy and all of the testimonials. At your web site we discovered exactly the car we wanted; a 2006 white 325ixT, beige interior, no idrive, no run-flats and meticulously kept. It was a major plus when we read this vehicle was the personal car of the owner's wife. We contacted Eric and based on an hour-long conversation, committed to buy the car. We described our trade-in, received an honest amount and drove to Cincinnati from St.Petersburg, FL the following week. While completing the transaction at Enthusiast Auto Group we were introduced to the staff and technicians, given a tour of the properties, and saw a yard-full of spotless M cars. We were made to feel like friends not two-legged checkbooks. All went well on the trip home and the car was and is all we expected. However, arriving home we noted one small item that needed to be addressed. We notified Eric, had the item rectified at our local independent shop and by the time we got back home we had an e-mail from EAG saying they would, of course, cover the bill from our local shop. As many others before us have said if you're in the market for a BMW especially one of the M persuasion, see Eric at EAG. The way we were treated has convinced us we will be return customers.
26 Apr. Gary West
I started out looking for a low mileage E46 330ci ZHP manual transmission. After looking at the available cars in state and on the BMWCCA classified site, I discovered the Enthusiast Auto Groups website.Having just sold an E36/7 Z3 roadster I was immediately drawn to the M roadsters and coupes. I requested information on over a dozen cars over the next week. Evan was patiently answering my questions about each and every car. I settled on the very nice E46M3 convertible 6speed manual in Mystic Blau. I spoke with Evan on the phone about the car and he was extremely knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of BMW's in general. The photo documentation was superb. The history of the car was completely in line with my own research. When the car arrived by covered transport a week later I was surprised because it actually looked better than I expected for a pre-owned nine year old car! I was initially reluctant to buy a car sight unseen and certainly could have flown out to pick up the car and drive it home, however, the experience was so transparent from start to finish that I was confidant in my decision. Evan, Ryan and Blaire have renewed my faith in the purchase of used cars. Anyone considering the purchase of pre-owned BMW should seriously look at what they have to offer. I plan on keeping this car for a long time, but, if I was in the market I would but from EAG again!
24 Apr. Steve Johs
Thank you for a very positive buying experience with my M3. The detailed photographs and complete maintanence history and provided a better understanding of the vehicle online than I would have at a local dealer. Enthusiast Auto cherry pick these vehicles for their condition and low miles and then your shop does a thorough inspection of the vehicle and repairs any issues present or likely to happen for a truly turn-key vehicle. While this may cost a bit more up front, it certainly worth it to me to have a vehicle with no surprises. I was pleasantly surprised how seamless the shipping of my M3 to Minnesota as well as the shipping of my trade in to you. I spent less time on this transaction overall than I would have going to a local dealer. Thank you again for a great experience. I will be back!
24 Apr. Nick
I recently purchased a low milage 2004 BMW M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group.  It took me months to find the car I desired and I found it with Enthusiast.  My car was in excellent condition and my dealings with Enthusiast were without reproach.  Everything that I was told about my car was true and more.  I don't know where I would of been able to find an M3 in such good condition. Evan was a tremendous help and has followed thru with all questions that I have had about my new car.  Enthusiast was able to handle everything with my purchase including the transportation to California. I can't praise Enthusiast enough and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a quality low milage M3.
22 Apr. Doug McCune
I started my quest to get back into a E46 M3 about six weeks ago. As my first E46 M3 experience didn't go as well as I would have hoped, I was admittedly cautious about the M3. As I began the process of looking for the right car, checking and double-checking service history's and vehicle history reports, little did I know that one call to Evan at Enthusiast Auto would be all the help I would need. Almost immediately, Evan gained my trust and illustrated why Enthusiast Auto has the reputation that they do. By walking through each car that I was interested in, the details of the car's history's, and narrowing down the choices, Evan worked patiently while I made plans to visit EAS in-person. Once at the dealership, Evan knew exactly what cars I was considering and came prepared to answer any remaining questions. Once the deal was done, the entire staff at EAG made the Saturday afternoon feel like a small vacation, albeit one I was ending in a E46 M3. Evan, Eric, and the rest of the EAG team have earned a customer for life.
17 Apr. Vincent Churchill
I finally own my "realistic" dream car :-D!!! And I owe many many thanks to Evan at Enthusiast Auto Group. I have been searching for a clean E46 M3 for many many years. But had to put my search hold after I had my son. Well he is now almost 4 and alot more mobile :) So I started my hunt again. After being disappointing in everything I was finding locally I decided to expand my search for maybe 2-3 hours away. Well we went to look at a few and they were complete nightmares. Peoples project cars gone bad or dealers selling something they didn't even know what they had. NIGHTMARE. So as a last resort I started searching with no limit on distance. This whole time I was searching on Auto Trader and similar sites. Still finding nothing that seemed worth my time. Then I just did a random google search for E46 M3's for sale and found Enthusiast Auto!! So I called.. not really having much faith anymore. But after speaking with Evan for awhile I realized he was on the same page as I was and had a passion for these cars. Then after seeing ALL of the detailed pictures and invoices he provides you with to ensure you that you are getting the car he is describing was even more wonderful! He never made me feel rushed on the phone or pressured and would answer every little question I had! Also sent me more pictures when I asked for them. So we took the risk and bought a flight for my fiance to go up and inspect/drive the car. He was even more impressed with the way they handled everything. They picked him up from the airport... made sure he understood everything about the car and walked him through everything before leaving. The 6+ hr drive home he said he enjoyed because the car was so solid and fun to drive!! When he got home with the car I was in heaven!! It was beautiful!! Evan said that his photos were meant to make the imperfections stand out.. well I now knew what he meant. Because I couldn't even notice the flaws he had taken pictures of!! And beyond the appearance the car drives like a dream!! Everyone who has seen my new BMW thinks I have purchased a new one because its so clean looking and drives so smooth!! I am so happy with my decision and with everyone at Enthusiast Auto and will recommend them to everyone looking for a quality car and amazing experience!! Thank you again <3
13 Apr. Jessica L.
Dear Eric, I wanted to take this post sale opportunity to reach outto you and both commend and thank you for an excellent and professional buyingexperience. You clearly preside over an operation that radiates unmatchedspecialty car knowledge, expertise, and experience that, in laser like fashion,focuses on a classic brand. Throughout the entire process your passion,commitment to quality, and concern for "next owner experience" wascrystal clear to me and much appreciated. Although I've not yet owned the carlong enough to draw all my conclusions, as an owner of many classics, myexperience with Enthusiast Auto Group is as good as it gets! Thanks,
11 Apr. Paul B.
When I first began searching for a vehicle I actually left the E46 M3 off my list because most that I found were simply not in a condition that I would have liked. I had read all kinds of stories about used E46 M3s and just had serious concerns and doubts given their age at this time. I was actually searching for a 135i in excellent condition as I thought that was a more realistic option. However, as time provides finding solutions on the internet, I ran across EAG's website. Immediately I thought of the old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I perused the website several times before I decided to give them a call. Evan and I spoke for an hour and he answered every one of my questions with an honesty and forthrightness that was refreshing. There was no sales pitch or coercing me to purchase anything. Evan simply spoke with me about M3s and everything he knew and what EAG did to ensure their vehicles are meticulously chosen for purchase and serviced before they left his hands.  Fast forward six weeks later and I had decided on a 2006 Carbon Black/Cinnamon E46 M3 ZCP. Evan again went through the entire car with me and sent more photos than I could have imagined in addition to a full work order and car history report. Again, he provided a level of honesty and forthrightness that I had never experienced in the car-buying business. Once it came time for delivery or pickup, my dad and I decided it would be worthwhile to drive the 500 miles from Charlotte to Cincinnati simply to meet Evan and visually see the EAG operation. I could not have been more impressed and delighted with what I saw and experienced. After giving me a walk around of my car, Evan showed us the entire operation and we ended up spending a couple of hours there. My dad was so impressed that he has a piqued interest in an M Roadster in the future. Evan even answered all his questions about M Coupes and M Roadsters just as he did with me and E46 M3s. In the end, I would advise anyone that has any reservations about buying a used vehicle from these guys to rest at ease. I am actually envious of the BMW owners in the Cincinnati area that have an outfit like EAG as their regular BMW service provider. Hey Evan and Eric, open up a shop in Charlotte!
27 Mar. Jeff
I purchased a 2002 E39 M5 Enthusiast Auto Group sight unseen!   Being that I am from California this was at first nerve racking for me but after talking to Eric I decided to go purchase the car.   Eric explained the whole process from choosing a Car, Inspection, Detailing and Transport.  Eric also sent 40 plus pictures of the car as well as official receipts for the maintenance.   I then had it transported from the dealership to me in a matter of weeks.  The whole process was easy and enjoyable.  Plus the car was Phenomenal!
14 Mar. Jake
Eric - With the "dust settled" a bit following my purchase from EAG BMW of a fabulous 2005 330 Ci ZHP, I am more than willing to write a customer testimonial about my experience with you and the dealership.  I easily can sum it up in a few words - reassuring, fair, easy, convenient and exceeding my expectations.  All in all, pretty damn wonderful. A little further explanation might be helpful for other prospective EAG customers. My BMW "history:" --I have owned 11 BMWs dating back to a 318i in the mid 1980s.  --Without exception I have purchased relatively low mileage, previously owned vehicles - usually from BMW or other dealerships, and twice from individual owners. --Some of these experiences have been pretty good, others not so good. --After purchasing a previously owned vehicle, I ALWAYS brought it into my local European specialty service shop for a thorough systems check and servicing - just because I could never be entirely certain about the condition of the car. Some time ago, the local European auto service establishment that I frequent took in a 2003 330i ZHP - Imola red with a black alcantara interior.  The first time I saw the car I fell in love with it.  Needless to say, I bought it, babied it (never drove it in snow, rain or any kind of inclement weather) and thoroughly enjoyed driving it - until it was broadsided and totaled late last year.  The car was in almost perfect condition and of course the settlement I got from the other driver's insurance company was not even close to its value or what I paid for it.  To assuage my sensibilities for this loss, I almost immediately began to look for a replacement.  The first thing I did was to buy a 2008 128cic.  I'm not sure what this has to do with EAG and ZHPs, other than it distracted me for a few months.  Then, while "window shopping" on Autotrader.com I happily discovered EAG and promptly added your website to my favorites list.  Not long thereafter, while scanning for an E-46 M, I noticed a couple of E-46 ZHPs - including a low mileage coupe that seemed almost too good to be true.  Not one to let a great car slip away because of procrastination, I contacted EAG via e-mail and got a response the same day.  Despite my one "new to me" BMW per year recent history, I had never before bought a car sight unseen, over the Internet.  I was a bit hesitant - but open to it - if it felt "right."  You (Eric) were very easy to communicate with and I knew immediately that you not only cared about the product you sold, but also about satisfying your customers.  When you told me that a very high percentage of your business was conducted online, with the vehicle shipped to the purchaser sight unseen, it reassured me that I could do the same thing and not get ripped off.  So I did.  And beyond that, while Ryan was arranging delivery via enclosed trailer truck, Blaire made all the paper work easy and you helped me add a Dinan strut brace and an M-type padded steering wheel.  Furthermore, the service and prep work that EAG did on the vehicle was so extensive - and reflective of knowledge that only real BMW enthusiasts would be aware of - that I did not even consider taking the car to my local service establishment.  In fact, I wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so that I could take it to EAG for periodic service.  So........ I am a very happy first time customer of EAG.  I am certain it won't be the last car I buy from you.  Between the many photographs you provided during the purchase process, the over-the-phone descriptions and service arrangements and the detailed history reports provided, I knew what to expect.  The proof of the pudding was when I actually received the car - it was delivered on time, as promised, and looked better in person than in the pics sent previously.  I have owned the car for about one month, and am entirely delighted with both the vehicle and the buying experience.  I could go on but I'll end with this - the car is fabulous and I am confident in what I purchased.  I will work with EAG again in the near future.
11 Mar. Andrew Braun
Eric, Evan, and the EAG team of professionals didn't sell me my dream ///M car, but they did save it from ruin.  I had been searching for a pristine 2002 M Coupe for about 6 months when I found my ideal car on the private market in Arizona:  30,000 miles; titanium silver over dark grey and nappa interior; 1 of 19 in its color combination in 2002; tasteful modifications; exactly what I'd been looking for.  Tragically, during an ill-advised bit of spirited driving on the trip home from Arizona, the back end broke loose, and the front end found a guardrail.   The damage was largely cosmetic, but the car wasn't drivable, and my dreams were crushed.  Thankfully, a day or so after the accident, a fellow enthusiast kindly pointed me in EAG's direction.  Within an hour of my first discussion with Eric, EAG's Operations Manager, Ryan Kane, had a covered transport on its way to pick up my Coupe from its unhappy temporary home in Oklahoma.  From that point forward, EAG exceeded every expectation and assuaged all of my concerns about restoring the Coupe to like-new condition.  EAG's careful attention to detail, extensive knowledge of ///M cars, savvy insurance management skills, and above all else, absolute commitment to perfection, ensured my ultimate satisfaction with the restoration.  EAG's paint and body shop is run by Scott Waterfield, who may be one of the most dedicated individuals I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  Scott worked tirelessly to restore my Coupe to showroom OEM condition, both through hands-on reconstruction, and masterful navigation of the insurance claims process.  Though the damage to my car wasn't extensive, the costs of a quality restoration for a rare car can quickly exceed the unrealistically low loss threshold values used by insurance companies.  I had done my diligence with my insurer on this front, but Scott reinforced me at every step, going so far as to source off-brand parts when requested by the insurer, install those parts, take pictures to show that the part in question was not a perfect fit, and then persuade the claims administrator that only OEM parts would suffice.  As the restoration progressed, Scott sent hundreds of detailed in-stage photos of the repair, and personally called me several times a week to explain even the most minute and technical points of the restoration.  Scott's mastery of his craft is truly impressive, and his devotion to customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled.  Once the car had been structurally and aesthetically restored to like-new condition, EAG performed a comprehensive mechanical inspection, detecting subtle but important maintenance issues that I would never have caught on my own.  Josh Bonati, EAG's Service Manager, kept me apprised of their findings, and made cautious, well-reasoned suggestions about maintenance and upgrades.  In the end, EAG's restoration of my Coupe was nothing short of amazing.  The car is unquestionably more perfect than the day I bought it, and with the addition of an Eisenmann exhaust installed at EAG, it's a hell of a lot more exciting to drive as well.   From their immediate action following my first call, to personally picking me up at the airport when the repairs were completed, Eric, Evan, and their team of incredibly talented and dedicated enthusiasts have delivered a level of service fitting for the exceptional cars in which they specialize.  Whether you're fortunate enough to be in the market for an ///M car, or unfortunate enough to have damaged one, EAG should be your one and only destination.
11 Mar. Jordan Reifler
Evan, It has been a couple of months since purchasing my 2001 BMW 740i Sport from EAG.  I wanted to have a couple of months of perspective before writing my testimonial to your potential future customers. My experience started with you in November, and from the first time we spoke you were always very open and honest about the condition of the cars, their history, and your personal experience driving them.  After looking at several potential cars from other sellers, I decided to go with EAG because I just liked the way your company does business; no BS and you were always willing to take care of the minor details without any hesitation.  When I came to pick up the car, your employees made the experience go smoothly and everything was just as we had agreed on.  I did develop a minor mechanical issue with the brake master cylinder on the 1000 mile trip back home, but as soon as I contacted you, your group was quick to jump right in and take care of the problem by working with a local shop back in my home town. I would categorize your service as being done the way we all hope a good dealer would act, unfortunately few actually do.  I would have no issue recommending EAG to my friends and family and would definitely buy from your company again in the future if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you for doing things right even when it may cost you some money!  Everyone says they have character and integrity but few actually display it, EAG has it in spades. I should also say clearly that I LOVE MY CAR!
06 Mar. Jim Bussey
I purchased my 2005 E46 M3 with competition package from EAG on 12-26-12.  I dealt mainly with Evan, but also had conversations or corresponded with Eric, Ryan and Blaire. I've owned a few cars over the years, and therefore gone through the purchase process once or twice.  Buying a car is usually a different degree of unpleasantness, however the whole process with EAG has been outstanding.  Everyone at EAG was great to work with.  They all know their product, and are all experts in customer service. This is the first time I bought a car sight unseen, but in the end I was very confident in making the purchase.  Between the 60 plus photographs, the over-the-phone walk around with Evan and the detailed history reports provided, I knew what to expect.  Evan stated many times that he wanted “no surprises” when I got the car.  The car actually looked better in person.  Again as he said, the photos on their site and on the emails are intended to show the small flaws on these amazing cars. I've now owned the car for about two months, and I still email Evan on occasion with a question about this or that.  His dedication to his customers is clear, and it continues on after the sale is finalized. I could go on and on, but I'll end with this:  The car is an outstanding example, I'm confident in what I purchased, I will work with EAG again in the future.
25 Feb. TD
Evan, Just want to say thanks again.  I'm really enjoying the ownership experience of my first M-car.  You've taken time to go over all the little detailed questions that I've had, all in a no-pressure sales process.  From initially identifying the right M for me, all the way through to delivery and beyond, I have to say that EAG is like none other. As you know, I'm a long time Porsche nut and have purchased quite a few P-cars from some pretty good shops known and touted for their customer services.  My purchase experience with EAG however, surpassed them all.  I would buy from you again without hesitation.  You and your team have certainly earned a loyal customer, and I look forward to doing business with you again. Sincerely,
20 Feb. G.C.
The best way to describe Evan, Eric, and their team at EAG is no nonsense.  In all of my interactions with the team I was provided facts, no extraneous information or sugar coating.  Evan used this approach to succinctly familiarize me with the E46 M3 and the ownership experience.  Subsequent contact yielded a detailed history and photographs of each car I was interested in.  These interactions allowed me to walk away from my purchase thoroughly pleased knowing that I had purchased a beautiful car from a very honest team of professionals at EAG.  To top it all off I received a wonderful hand written thank you card signed by everyone at EAG.  Thank you to Evan, Eric, and the rest of the EAG team for a wonderful experience!
19 Feb. Brace Bade
EAG is the best business I have ever been too.  Honesty, efficiency, and trustworthiness is all that comes to mind when I ponder on my experience with EAG.  Excellent customer service, with a rewarding car.  I sincerely thank you guys and I will gladly purchase another ///M car from here when the time comes again.  Also anyone that I know who wants an ///M car, I will gladly tell them about EAG.   Thank you!
09 Feb. Naim Lindsay
I purchased my 2006 M3 with the competition package from Eric.  This cherry M3 was in show room condition.  He and his staff are honest and knowledgeable.  Most importantly they pay attention to details and are meticulous.  I will definitely purchase my next M3 from them.
21 Jan. Doug H.
These pages upon pages of reviews heaping praise onto EAG tell you all you need to know.  Where have you ever seen something similar from an enterprise specializing in selling used cars of any kind?  EAG is distinct and refreshing.  They flip "Buyer Beware" into "Seller Cares".  Why are we afraid to buy used things?  Because we're afraid of things that degrade trust - a lack of transparency for the vehicle's history or condition, the risk of not knowing a stranger's character...the list goes on.  Evan, you have developed a business model that cuts to the core of every visceral concern from a buyer's point of view and turned it into a point of comfort and reassurance.  EAG will disclose every highlight and flaw of your future car...they "don´t do surprises!".  They'll give you the most precious commodity of all - their time.  Lots of it.  They'll promptly answer as you pepper them with questions about everything under the sun and they'll come back for more.  The entire operation is refreshingly professional and responsive.  They buy back their inventory when you're done.  How's that for confidence?  They are enthusiasts who love what they do and it shows.  I have already dubbed my M3 the "Hero Maker" and after 2 tanks of gas I have no idea how I lived without it.  Thanks, Evan!  To any future customer - you can buy a car from EAG and you won´t regret it.  You'll have a great experience and obtain an awesome car of your dreams.  Just pull the trigger man!!!!
18 Jan. Ken Packard
I wanted to thank Eric Keller and his team for the purchase of my 1989 E30 M3. When I graduated high school back in 1998, my dad purchased a 1990 E30 M3 as my first car. Had a lot of good memories and I regret selling it about 9 years ago.  Ever since I've been looking and patiently waiting for a clean car to purchase and I happen to find Enthusiast Auto. I was a little skeptical about purchasing a car out of state without seeing it in person or driving it considering it's a 23 year old car however Eric delivered everything he promised.  The transaction was nice and smooth.  He even helped set up the shipping of the car.  Not much was needed on my end other than signing the paper work and wiring the money :) One thing I really appreciated was that after my purchase, we still exchanged emails and Eric was very helpful with answering all my questions. If you are looking for a clean, low mileage M, this is the place to buy and I would definitely recommend Eric/Enthusiast Auto to my friends and family. Thanks again!
12 Jan. Mishel Keshishian
I read the testimonials prior to my purchase of my M5, made the trip to review the large selection of M5's available and with much guidance came to understand the long list of praises I found on site to be nothing but true. Eric and his group know their product extremely well but more so the process of customer service prior, during and post sale activities. My experience is not unique as you read the experience of others. He and I had quite a few discussions about both the cars' and the business as a functioning unit. Their talents are a welcome change from the norm. I encourage you to witness this at your own pace and discover why enthusiasts are driven toward excellence.
11 Jan. Richard Mulkey
I would never buy a car sight unseen. Or so i've always thought. But the overwhelming positive feedback from M5 forum gurus who are otherwise cynical about most things, and a very thorough initial conversation pushed me to take the plunge. Eric was great throughout the whole process with answering all my questions, providing a very honest and detailed explanation of each m5. (I almost felt like all his cars had their own identities and personalities. :). He was also great about explaining what each car's shortcomings and positives were. After we've agreed on the purchase, pro-actively fixing and replacing a couple components that it would have in all honesty taken me a while to even realize only cause me to value their process and integrity even more and hold them in high esteem. And the car arrived in perfect condition, looking and smelling better than most new cars. Incredible attention to detail and painstaking care. (thanks Ryan for arranging the shipping!!). All in all, fantastic experience. Usually, with a lot of big ticket purchases, there tends to be a flicker of buyer's remorse. This transaction with EAG is one of the very few purchases, that i have had absolutely ZERO buyer's remorse. Thanks a lot guys!
09 Jan. Gaurang Sardesai
Enthusiast Auto Group, I have just registered the M Coupe in the state of Maryland and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your service. It was the smoothest car transaction, from the initial call with Eric to paperwork and shipping with Blaire and Ryan. I could not be any happier with the purchase. The car is truly in mint condition. It was a pleasure!  Thanks again,
18 Dec. Jean-Pierre Rock Jr.
First off let me say that the car has been excellent so far. Second, the entire purchase process with EAG was seamless and smoother than any in-person car purchase I have ever had. The car is in amazing condition and honestly looks and feels like a brand new car. Some people may say your prices are too high. After experiencing the service, knowledge, and quality product EAG provides, I would argue your prices are extremely reasonable, if not a little low.  You guys really have it together, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to even my most discerning car friends, or purchase another car from you for myself.  I hope we can all meet in person one day and talk cars. 
13 Dec. Ross Poole
This is THE place to buy BMW automobiles. These guys have their act together. I have purchased more than my fair share of pre-owned vehicles. In my experience, whether you buy at auction, from a private seller, or from 99% of used dealers out there, you get the same thing… A sub-standard vehicle that you end up investing multiple thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor into just to make it right. Or, you can buy from Evan and the guys at EAG. These guys get it. These cars are properly reconditioned before they go anywhere. So you can do what you intended in the first place... Enjoy your car. They had the perfect Phoenix Yellow ///M3 and I was already planning my trip across 3 states to see it for myself. But after speaking with Evan for the first time about the car, he inspired such confidence that I had no reservations about making the purchase sight unseen. Service after the sale was unbelievable. Due to mere cosmetic imperfections, the vehicle I purchased received some brand new interior trim panels a battery and even a set of NEW Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Service of this level after the sale has been made is simply unheard of anywhere else.  The experience just kept getting better. The entire EAG team was a pleasure to work with and I have nothing but the best things to say about their operation. In a perfect world, everyone would do business like EAG.
13 Dec. Dane Bergmeier
I just wanted to say what pleasure it was dealing with Eric and Enthusiast Auto in purchasing my 2002 BMW Z3 M Roadster. When I first started looking for a Z3 M Roadster I figured I would need to travel halfway across the country to pick it up.  It never occurred to me that I would buy a car sight unseen. When I saw the ad for the car I was looking for on Enthusiast Auto's web site I did some searches on Enthusiast Auto. I found many people who had dealt with Enthusiast Auto and every single one of them had nothing but good things to say. Many of them mentioned they had purchased their car sight unseen. After talking with Eric about the car I felt very comfortable with purchasing the car sight unseen. When the car showed up it was exactly as Eric had described it and how it looked in the pictures, which is immaculate. I have never dealt with a car dealer that is so upstanding and honest. What really impressed me was after I had purchased the car Eric replaced the plastic window on the convertible top because a small section of the trim on the window was coming loose. He also replaced the battery because the one that was in it looked old and he didn't want the battery to die on me next summer. The car also showed up with a full tank of gas. I have never bought a car new or used where I got it with a full tank of gas. The only issue was the car showed up without the windscreen that was shown in the pictures and the owners manual (left in detail department). I emailed Eric about this around 7:00 PM expecting to hear from him the next day. I got an email from Eric within 2 minutes saying that the windscreen and manual would be shipped tomorrow and I received them within a few days. All I can say is Enthusiast Auto does everything right.
12 Dec. Don Ritchie
Through my years of buying cars I have dealt with new car dealers, used car dealers, and individuals, but the experience I had buying my M Coupe from Enthusiast Auto was an experience like I had never had.  The first day I called with interest in a vehicle Eric spent 45 minutes on the phone with me explaining the ends and outs of the car I was looking at.  I could not have been more confident that I was purchasing the correct car than I was when our conversation was finished.  The best part was that he was not giving me a sales pitch, he was just telling me the truth about the car and their way of doing business.  The team helped lead me to a loan agent with the best rates, they guided me through the cars details, and arranged and negotiated the best shipping deal for me.  These guys have a passion for their cars and customers that can be felt from the moment you talk to them.  Thanks guys, great job! 
11 Dec. Trent Ward
I want to thank Eric and his team for the friendly, informative and professional approach to working with me through the purchase of my M5.  I had been looking for a single owner low mileage 2003 M5 for months.  Needless to say, buying a car of this quality sight unseen created some heartburn for me until I spent time talking with Eric and understanding their process.  It's clear that Eric and his team's values are based on transparency, customer service and most importantly trust. Attention to detail while performing service inspections and reconditioning differentiates Enthusiast Auto from the competition. The level of effort and pride that EAG consistently shows is a great example of what can be achieved when assembling a professional and unified team. My M5 arrived as scheduled shining like a new nickel. Once I sat in and fired up my M5 any concerns I had vanished.  The quality of detailing prior to shipment was amazing.  I have had two occasions where I have had people approach me with interest in buying my car.  I let them know it's not for sale but express how I purchased my M5 and that Eric has a large inventory and passed on EAG's contact information.  It's nice to have a chance to recommend EAG.  I did have a minor issue with one of the valve cover gaskets that Enthusiast Auto replaced during the reconditioning.  I brought it to a local BMW mechanic and confirmed it was leaking. I contacted Eric and without hesitation he arranged payment for replacing the defective valve cover gasket. I wasn't surprised by Eric's response due to the confidence I gained while working with Eric.  His commitment to customer service is exceptional. Enthusiast Auto Group represents what all companies should be striving for - An ethical, professional, knowledgeable and pleasant approach to following through with delivering high quality products with a commitment to customer service that is matched by none. I plan on staying in touch with Eric and will not be surprised if we do some business in the future.
10 Dec. David Dailey
EAG Team, I had been searching for a 2004 LSB M3 for approximately 2 years.  After countless internet searches and visits to your website, I finally found the car I was looking for.  The initial contact with Evan was very informative and gave me everything I needed.  After a few phone calls and emails back and forth I received an email with over 70 detailed photos of the car that highlighted the smallest of imperfections.  Living in Florida made logistics a bit tough but EAG made this a seamless process overall.  The end result was taking delivery of a pristine example of a LSB M3.  I could not be happier with the customer service provided through the process to include pointing out the smallest issue with the car and not trying to cover them up.  One thing I can say is that EAG has the best selection of M cars hands down.  Thanks for the great experience and look forward to doing business with EAG again in the future. 
07 Dec. Randy Brown
I have nothing but praise for EAG.  I heard about them in a magazine and decided to give them a call.  The owner answered the phone and spent 25 minutes speaking with me about their process, their philosophy and the car that I was asking about.   Every time I contacted them by email or phone, I got the same amazing commitment to keeping me informed.  Timely responses, vast knowledge of M cars and no-nonsense honest responses each time.  Ultimately, after 5 calls and several emails, I decided to buy a 2003 M5 with 47,000 miles on it, just based on the photos and the good will EAG had engendered in me.  Even the paperwork process was handled perfectly.  Each person I talked to at EAG was as helpful as the owner was on my first contact. The car was shipped to me.  It arrived safe and sound and is perfect.  For a car almost 10 years old, I continue to marvel, weeks later, at how the car seems like it just left the factory.  Everything works perfectly.  The car was detailed meticulously and everything EAG told me about the car is true. After I drove it for a few days and EAG already had my money, I called with more questions and again, they took the time to answer those questions and they keep encouraging me to call with more if I need to. I run a financial services firm and if my financial advisors were able to make our clients feel as good as I feel about my experience with EAG, I would be doing something very special. I recommend without hesitation buying a car from EAG.  Sincerely, Andrew W. Halliday, JDManaging Director, Wealth Manager
07 Dec. Andrew W. Halliday, JD
Thank you Evan and the EAG Team, You would not believe how long I have been looking at BMW Z3's!  I just love the Z3 styling.  Every very week I would get on Cars.com or AutoTrader.com and search for 2001 and 2002 models and would tell my wife, someday we will have one of these.  It's my dream car.  We can drive it around the NY Finger Lakes with the top down and visit the wineries.  I just never seemed to find the right car at the right time until I saw my perfect one at Enthusiast Auto Group.   It was a 2001 Alpine White 3.0L with Tannin Red on Black sport seats and the 17” cross spoke wheels I wanted.  Just a beautiful car and only 11,000 miles!  My wife said I better buy it because I have been showing her Z3's, literally, for 14 solid years and it's driving her nuts!   So I called Evan and we made the deal.    Since I live in Corning NY I was apprehensive about purchasing the car sight-unseen.  But after several discussions and exchange of lots of pictures I gained confidence in EAG and felt comfortable in my decision to have it shipped to me.  Blaire sent me all the paperwork I needed that were clear in instructions, with return envelope.  It was very easy and professional!   The car arrived right as scheduled in an enclosed trailer, handled with care,  at a reasonable price.  It was just beautiful!   I really appreciated that the shop waxed, detailed and did the comprehensive mechanical check on the car before shipping.  I am very pleased, and it just runs like a dream.   I also appreciated Evan following up with several e-mails on my satisfaction, maintenance schedule, and even a suggested BMW service shop in my area.  Just a great job.   For the last 2 weeks I look out at the Z and say to myself, “I can't believe I finally got my Z3!”   My experience with Enthusiast Auto Group has been wonderful and I would certainly do business with EAG in the future!
30 Nov. Michael Brown
For the short time that I have had the car…  I really like it, but since its NY and winter I put it away in my heated rental garage.  I will register and title it soon and then wait… I was nervous about paying for the vehicle “up front” but I have to say this was the smoothest vehicle purchase I have conducted, and there have been lots.  The instructions for transferring funds were clear and calm, and I'm very happy with the condition of the M3.  As stated in the website, no surprises - It's just pristine!  I've looked for a long time and feel like my effort has been rewarded.  Keep up the good work, Thanks again.
29 Nov. John Rector
Evan, I finally had a chance to get the car out on a sunny day and drive it.  The car is perfect, we love it!  This is our first BMW and absolutely the first time I have purchased a car sight unseen, but you and those in your company worked to assure the process was informative yet simple.  From the 100 or so pictures you provided, willingness to always answer questions quickly, the prep work you did on the car prior to shipment all the way to the company you selected to deliver the car all made it one of the easiest and most enjoyable car buying experiences I have ever had.  I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you,
20 Nov. Mike O.
EAG Team, I had been looking for a clean low mileage e46 M3 for awhile with not much luck. The color combo I wanted is pretty rare and to find one with low miles would be nearly impossible.  I wrote EAG a short email on what I was looking for and within a few hours I got a reply from Evan saying the EAG team was on the lookout for my car!  I figured it would take them a couple of months at least but Evan called me in about 2 weeks saying he found the car!  I also wanted the Dinan package added on to the car and Eric took the time to explain to me the different Dinan packages and which one would suit my driving style the best.  I bought this car sight unseen and every single minor detail was described to me by Evan.  The paperwork and transaction process was easier than buying a car local. The car arrived looking showroom clean and on time.  A very minor part broke during shipping and Evan had a new part shipped to me the next day.  I would definitely recommend them if you're in the market for a "M" car.
19 Nov. Kimberly M.
Thank You Enthusiast Auto Group, my experience buying a car from them was absolutely amazing, Being a car enthusiast all my life the thought of purchasing a car without actually seeing it and driving it in person was out of the question.  When I came across Enthusiast Auto Group I somehow felt very comfortable with this thought because I was told exactly what the condition of the car was, I requested specific pictures of the car that were sent to me without question, I was even told of the slight imperfections that the car had and I think that their honesty in selling a quality product is what gives customers like me the trust and confidence in purchasing a vehicle from them sight unseen. I want to thank Evan, Eric, Ryan and the rest of the team that did a great job on my car and making the necessary arrangements to deliver the car to me trouble and worry-free. When my car arrived I couldn't believe my eyes, you could immediately tell that they had taken the time to make every part of the car shine like new. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Even though I plan on keeping my E36 for a long time, my next purchase will definitely be with Enthusiast Auto Group. If you are in the market for an "///M" car, look no further, Enthusiast Auto Group is by far "the" place to purchase a car. Thank You EAG,
14 Nov. Juan Andres Morales
In February 2012 I bought a 2005 M3 carbon black withcinnamon leather and sunroof delete and approximately 40k miles.After owning this car for 9 months I can say that have never loved a carthis much before. Nowhere even close. Every time I look at it or jump in itto go for a ride, I can't help but smile. The guys at EA were thorough intheir inspection and maintenance, and seem to be extremely discerning intheir selection of the models they purchase for resale. At the time Ipurchased the car, all of the very detailed service records from mile 1 weregiven to me in a folder to keep. Even though I've now moved 10 hours away, if I'm in the market for an M inthe future I will strongly consider flying back to Cincy and purchasing fromEA. Thanks guys.
12 Nov. Brad Lewis
Eric, thank you for an incredibly smooth, 'no stories' transaction!  I recently sold my '95 Lightweight (just didn't drive it enough due to no a/c and living in Texas) and was looking for a replacement e36 M3.  Having been a fan of the e36 M3 now for about 10 years, i really wanted one with all the right goodies to replace the LTW. I've known about and have been watching Enthusiast Auto's inventory for a while now and saw this '98 M3 Dinan S3.  Having had a bit of experience with EAG in the past (my friend bought a car from them, both the car and experience were flawless), I got a hold of Eric about the car.  As usual, Eric was super knowledgeable about this car, it was a repeat visitor and had a seriously long list of every possible e36 M3 problem area already addressed.  Detailed pictures with a complete service history documentation were sent to me immediately, along with a detailed 'walk around' of the car (I'm in Houston, Texas, so was a sight unseen purchase). The best part was, I was heading overseas at the end of the week, Eric and his team (Ryan and Blaire) did an absolutely incredible job of organizing transport and getting the car to me in 3 days from OH to Texas(!), a day before leaving town, so that I could drive it for a day.  Absolutely incredibly thoughtful on their part, and a great transport company (Assured Motor Transport) to bat.  The car showed up.  Exactly as Eric described and in immaculate condition. If you are looking for a no stories used BMW, EAG, in my opinion, is the only place in the US that will provide this to you.  I would especially recommend EAG to those who are not local and have apprehensions about purchasing a high performance M-Car sight unseen, you won't be disappointed.  Thanks Eric and EAG!  My only regret is that you aren't local for me to bring you the car to service when needed!
08 Nov. Jake Gopinath
I was looking for this model for a long time, after looking for references of EAG on bimmerforums and complaint board I decided to take the plane, visit this place and spend a weekend driving through Kentucky.  I carried a check "just in case" and after trying the car with Eric I wrote the price and signed.  Two months later, I'm absolutely satisfied with the purchase.  The transport van up to Miami was superb, and the dedication of the team arranging all the papers until I got the title in Miami made me very grateful.  Don´t expect bargains, but a fair price for a top maintained car.
01 Nov. M.P.
I am not in the habit of making expensive purchases sight unseen (except for photos) over the phone, but that's exactly what I did here, and with very happy results.  It started with a phone call that was answered by Eric Keller, the owner of Enthusiast Auto Group, who gave me a detailed course on the history of his company, BMW Z8s, and Z8 Alpinas.  I bought a low-mileage 2003 Z8 Alpina from him a few days later.  I'm glad I did. The car arrived about a week later on a covered truck.  It was exactly as advertised—in flawless condition, with all the papers, accessories and gadgets in the trunk. It turned out that there was one little problem with the car that had escaped the careful inspection Eric's team had given it: the right door lock didn't work.  Eric immediately sent me a part that seemed the likely culprit.  It turns out that a different part had failed, and it was replaced at Enthusiast's expense by a local dealer.  Given that the car was sold “as is,” I suppose Enthuasiast had no legal obligation to pick up the tab for this correction, but they didn't hesitate to make things right.  That's integrity—with a capital “I.” Unsurprisingly, I love the car.  Equally, I'm delighted with my experience in selecting and purchasing it from Enthusiast Auto Group.  They did what they said they would do, and when they said it would be done.  The car was beautifully prepared for delivery, and was honestly and accurately represented.  The whole transaction was a pleasure. 
30 Oct. Jerry Falk
Evan, Ryan, Josh and Eric,  Josh and I would like to thank all of you for your help, patience and care in purchasing the BMW M3. The car is everything and more than Josh could have imagined. He is very happy with the car to say the least. The truck had an issue and was delayed in Fort Lauderdale so Josh had me take me there to get the car...he could not wait any longer.  As you all were aware, I had concerns with purchasing such a car as this without ever seeing it. Evan was very reassuring and put my mind at ease. Everyone working at your company is trusting and honest and goes out of their way to make the customer feel like they are important.  Thank you again!
23 Oct. Sandy and Josh
It is only when you have had the pleasure of purchasing a select BMW from Eric and the team at Enthusiast Auto Group that you understand why this is THE place to go for a pre-owned BMW, especially those with the M badge. I've had success in purchasing CPO BMWs from dealers in the past, but when it came time for my first M car, I decided to give EAG a try. I had heard a lot of good things from other enthusiasts and EAG always seems to have a terrific selection of low-mileage, pristine examples of Bavaria's finest. I was leaning toward an M3, but became fatally attracted to the M Coupe. The beautiful lines and low sales volume overcame the impracticality of a 2 seater. After several conversations with Eric, my wife and I made the long distance purchase of a 2006 M Coupe. Rather than ship the car to New York, we decided to book a one-way flight to Cincinnati and enjoy an extended road trip with the new acquisition. It was the easiest time we've had purchasing a car. EAG arranged to pick us up from the airport and when we arrived, the paperwork was already taken care of. The only downside was that it rained the entire two day drive back home. Once back in New York I noticed one of the headlamps fogged with moisture. I contacted Eric hoping to work out some comprise on a replacement unit, knowing that we purchased the vehicle ‘as is' and we failed to notice it during our pre-purchase inspection. This is where Eric differentiates himself from the rest. No questions, no argument. He immediately offered to send a brand new headlamp assembly and only asked that I send back the damaged unit. This is the only place I would buy a pre-owned BMW in the future. I only wish that I lived closer so that EAG could also service and maintain all my BMWs.
22 Oct. Gerhard Dobler
Just wanted to take a minute and let you know I couldn't be more satisfied with my new M Roadster.  I've only put a few hundred miles on it so far, but it already rivals anything I've owned when it comes to cool, fun, and fast. And importantly, I have to compliment you on the whole purchase process --- start to finish.  I've never bought anything sight unseen of this level before.  Your help during the selection process, including the clarity with which you described the specifics about this particular car, was a huge value in the process.  I appreciated the honesty with which you described the car, the disclosures about the car, etc --- and in every way, now that I've had a chance to get to know the car and look it over closely, it has exceeded my expectations. You mentioned that your business is built on reputation.  Hats off to you and the Enthusiast Auto team.  I am indeed a satisfied customer and you deserve the great reputation you've developed. I've attached a couple pics of my M in it's new home, where I expect it will be pampered for a long time to come.
18 Oct. Steve Wetterling
Evan and Eric, thank you both very much for a smooth transaction and trade in. Of all the dealerships I went to in search of a dual purpose sports car, you both had the most energy, care, and passion, which greatly reflects in the high quality M3 that I bought from you. Also, I greatly appreciate you making yourself available for follow up questions, and timely responses.  Driving home to Chicago with my Dad and brother after picking up the car, we were truly impressed beyond our expectations of the M3. I cannot wait to unleash the car full throttle on the track next year! Looking forward to seeing you again, whether at the track or at your shop. After looking at M cars for two years, I found what I believe to be the premium place to purchase and maintain your car.
01 Oct. Ken Wittenberg
Eric, thank you very much for your great service in purchasing the vehicle I had for sale. It was time for this M Roadster to go to someone else to enjoy as much as we have. The transaction was fast, smooth and worry free. I will recommend your service to anyone looking to sell or buy a car as I know they will be treated fairly and with respect.
22 Sep. Skip Kretschmar
Eric, it was truly a pleasure working with you on my trade in and purchase of a “very special” LSB Z3 M Coupe. After this purchase, I have two S54 M Coupes and as I told you over the phone the new car is truly a piece of art! Enthusiast Auto continues to bring in and market stellar examples of BMW M cars. Combine that with knowledge, honesty and integrity and you have the ultimate used car buying opportunity. The used car market is scary and unreliable to say the least. The niche that your business model has created has made buying a used M car a satisfying and positive experience. I must say I am one of the pickiest people on earth when it comes to my cars, so for people like me Enthusiast Auto is the ONLY place to buy!!
12 Sep. David O'Bryant
Wanted to thank you and your extend team for all of the support and confidence that was extended to me during the purchase of my new 1999 M3. I had been searching for a pristine 99 M3 for about a year and followed your website during the last 6 months. Fortunately the white 99 w/ supercharger looked like it would fit the bill (low mileage, 2-owner car w/ a novel of receipts). During our early conversations your product experience and experts specific to M-class BMWs provided me with the confidence to purchase the car sight unseen. Upon delivery of the car your team proved they know how to do it right: ·         Ryan Shipping: handled all of the shipping details and resolved a small change with no impact to me·         Blaire admin support: handled all of the transaction paper work and processed the title w/in a week·         Josh Service Mgr: provided support for an unanticipated service issue ‘seat”, that was quickly resolved and covered by your team And let's not forget the car: looks and drives like it came out of a time machine, no scratches, dimples, wheel marks etc, truly amazing condition. Thanks for making the purchase such a pleasure, I look forward to my next EAG purchase(s).
10 Sep. Rich Gale
Eric, Evan, and Team EAG definitely exceeded my expectations. Full transparency, no hidden agenda with EAG. These guys definitely source the best M vehicles and address every need they may have. The Carbon Black E39 I bought is everything he promised... mechanically and cosmetically clean.  Thank you EAG!!! 
27 Aug. Ruben Cortinas
Evan,  I appreciate the recent thank-you card your office sent me by mail. I was in Germany for the past two weeks and couldn't respond quicker. My experience during the whole purchasing process, with you personally and your entire team was a very good one and I can just recommend Enthusiast Auto to anybody who is looking for a high quality M-car. I was especially impressed by the way you informed me about the small imperfections with the car, the second set of photos you mailed me. This level of communication is very important for out of state customers, who cannot just stop by and see the car with their own eyes. I felt you did the most to represent the car in its true condition and to avoid disappointments.
25 Jul. Marcel Bollinger
I'd like to personally thank you and your brother for such a great experience buying my Estoril 2002 S54 M Coupe. It was certainly refreshing to work with honest, knowledgeable and reputable folks. While it was great to have very detailed pictures and thorough pre-purchase information prior to my visit, I have to admit, I was sure that I would find something wrong with the car after my 300 mile trek down from Michigan. I was extremely anxious the entire trip! How awesome it was to find the car in better condition than described!!! The entire process from arrival to departure was amazing, and Iappreciate all of your help, wisdom and continued guidance post-purchase. I certainly will (and already have, too be quite honest) recommend you and the rest of the Enthusiast team to my fellow BMW fans here in SE Michigan!  I wish you the best and look forward to seeing you for my next purchase!
14 Jul. Matt McPherson
Over the past 15 years, I have purchased quite a few BMW's (1985 635csi, 1996 328is, 2000 M Roadster, 2004 M3, 2008 135i) and have never had quite the confidence as I did with my most recent 2005 ///M3 zcp.  I started talking with Eric, and quite honestly expected a "typical salesman."   I further explained some of the pit-falls I had experienced with my past purchases.  Eric was not the "typical salesman," but rather very personable, and had an extensive knowledge of the M3 that I was looking at (a 2005 M3 - Alpine White).  After our first conversation I knew I was dealing with professionals.   He assured me that the vehicle I was looking at purchasing had gone through a thorough inspection and sent me the inspection report (noting all of the parts that were replaced and serviced).  I was quite impressed with their detail in the report of the items there were inspected and replaced/serviced. As we talked further, I noticed that Eric had an extensive knowledge and confidence in the vehicles that they sell.  I became very comfortable with his expertise and willingness to really detail all aspects of the vehicle.  I decided this was the one, and with all of the features, options, and color I wanted.  Although pricing is straight-forward and set, originally I was looking to "strike a deal" on the vehicle. The price stood as is, but I can assure you it was right on what the car was worth. After I committed to the purchase, the vehicle was shipped and received very quickly (actually the same day it was shipped).  I couldn't believe the attention to detail that was paid on re-conditioning the vehicle (ie even the quad exhaust pipes were fully polished (inside and out and looked like new).  The drivers delivering the vehicle had noted "We thought it was a brand new car when we arrived to pick it up, and they were even detailing around the license plate with a toothbrush".   After some time driving the vehicle, I can finally say I've found a company that I feel has a true competency in these types of M Vehicles.  I will be back to purchase my next ///M.
14 Jul. Mark Henry
The folks at Enthusiast Auto Group turned their passion for BMW cars into an honest, straightforward business geared toward ultimately exceeding their customer's buying experience. I almost made a mistake and purchased a 2004 BMW 325I from a local used car dealer close to my home. I found a 2002 BMW 330I with sports and premium package through browsing online with almost exactly the same mileage and asking price at Enthusiast Auto Group. Within an hour, I was going to sign papers and drive the 2004 BMW 325I home and thought; I have nothing to lose, so I gave EAG a call. When I talked to Eric, he said, “Our BMW cars go one way”. I thought about that statement for a moment and anyone considering purchasing a used BMW should think about Eric's statement. My wife and I decided to purchase the 2002 BMW 330I from EAG. Here is a list of parts and repairs EAG performed before they handed over the keys to me. Completed Inspection II, oil and filter change, replaced spark plugs, oil level sensor, fuel filter, air filter, micro filter, gear oil, ABS control module, water pump, thermostat, steering pump, coolant, four wheel alignment, rear trailing arm bushings, two NEW Continental tires for front, filter housing gasket, front sway bars, A/C serviced after the sale and a full tank of gas. I have logged over 1000 miles since purchasing my 2002 BMW 330I from the EAG Team. The quality of handpicked cars they will only sell, customer care before and after the sale and skilled EAG BMW mechanics that complete work orders to exceed expectations is unmatched. As Ryan said, “They will not sell a car that they themselves would not own and drive daily”. This is a demonstrated testimony to EAG'S continued success through their BMW customers across America. What a feeling to purchase the ultimate driving machine from the ultimate BMW dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks EAG Team.
06 Jul. Michael and Kimberly Rutherford
This is my 3rd vehicle purchased from EAG- a great low mileage 04 M3 coupe. The vehicle, the service, the transaction are beyond my expectations. EAG is a family oriented business dedicated to customer satisfaction by providing exactly what they say they will and somehow more. Dealing in what some consider "works of art" their customers can be like me-fastidious and difficult. But these folks just deliver regardless. So if you do business with EAG expect the Best. By the way, they have one of the best, if not the best, collections of manual BMW M cars anywhere in the USA. Ok boys I'm planning my next purchase.
25 Jun. Greg Stoeger
I had been looking for the correct e46 M3 to replace my 95 M3 for over 6 months, and every time I thought I saw the right on on line it was in Ohio at EAG. My busy life in Southern California made it difficult to take time out to go to Ohio to buy a car, but after starting to dream about the cars I kept seeing on their site, I finally got it together to go there. I've never been the kind of guy to write reviews, but if someone out there is contemplating what I was, I want them to know what I experienced. I run a business and our company puts doing the right thing before anything else, and my experience was so incredible at EAG that I tried to put my finger on one thing that rises above. First the quality of their cars, although the one I bought from them is perfect for me, I have the feeling that any car on their lot would be a pleasure to own and drive. Second their integrity and who they are and their prices are fair prices for the quality of their product. However I realized the thing that makes them so special is they care about what is the correct car for you, they listen and remember what you say about your needs and putting you in that correct car becomes their priority and they're able to do this because they love what they do.Thank you Evan, Josh, Eric and the entire EAG team, I know I will be in Ohio again because I know someday I will buy another car and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
11 Jun. Louis Laxineta
It's been almost exactly 1 year since I purchased my dream car from Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG) and I still couldn't be happier with my decision!  The car has been amazing; runs great, looks great - always turns lots of heads.  I'm looking forward to the miles ahead with this car!  One of the things I've enjoyed most over the past year (besides the pure joy of driving an M3) has been visiting different BMW and M3 forums to read the new member sections.  So many times a new M3 owner would post a picture of their car and it would be from EAG!  It's comforting to not only see so many others buying their cars from EAG, but to also read the positive testimonial each time they do.  It's obvious that EAG cares a lot about both the cars they buy/sell and the customers who are lucky enough to buy them.  The quality of vehicles and customer service found at EAG is unmatched and I will definitely be going back to them whenever it's time for a new M.  Thanks again to Evan and the rest of the team at EAG!
25 May. David Coker
My experience with Eric, Evan and the team at Enthusiast Auto Group was first class. If you have the opportunity to own an "M" car, I highly recommend reaching out to them. They are experts and the service is excellent. Did I mention how much I love my M5? Continued Success!
24 May. Ken Phelan
It has been said "Someone who is able to earn a living by pursuing their hobby has the most satisfying career."  This seems to apply to the people at Enthusiast Auto Group. The first time Evan and I talked, I described in some detail the "ideal" sports car that I was interested in finding. During our ongoing discussion, he conveyed a thorough technical and first hand practical knowledge of various sports cars. After road testing a few cars and all else was said and done, I purchased a BMW 2000 M Coupe.  With Evan's and Eric's patient help, I have found what I consider the ideal sports car - "perfect in almost every way."  It is a pleasure to do business with them.  The pricing was fair and their pride and enthusiasm in presenting thoroughly inspected and detailed cars shows true commitment to their hobby. 
11 May. Dale Dyko
The going joke in my family and particularly with my wife relates to how many cars I have owned over the years.  I am 47 years old.  I have owned something like 40 cars (many being restoration projects and the like) but along the way I have seen and dealt with my fair share of car dealerships and their management teams.  With that background I feel well qualified to express my profound appreciation and recognition to the entire team at Enthusiast Auto for their knowledge, professionalism and straight up approach to dealing with customers.  Any prospective customer interested in a used BMW should have the utmost confidence that the vehicles EAG is selling are well sorted, that they know their products inside and out, and most importantly you can be assured that if any issues do arise, you can count on the EAG team to get to the bottom of it and work with you until you are satisfied.  On a scale of 1 to 10, EAG is a “10+” -- all day long.
11 May. Bill Taylor
I've purchased 2 vehicles from Enthusiast Auto in the past 5 years.  When I first started my hunt for my perfect 5 series, I searched everywhere. ebay, bimmerforums, ohio bimmers, m5 board, craigslist, satellite lots, etc. The one thing I found when searching was "WATCH OUT FOR MAINTENANCE". A "good deal" could turn into an early few thousand dollar repair bill if you don't know what you are looking for. I thought I had found the best deals out there, but then I turned to EAG who found me a lower mileage car, with more maintenance history, for less than I personally found. When it came in after purchase, they fixed a few small items on it, detailed it, and I was out the door for less than I could find on my own PLUS I had a timeline of parts that I should keep an eye on, what not to worry about, and some ideas if I wanted to mod it. I personally believe their extensive knowledge is worth something. Having had thousands of M cars come through their hands, they know exactly what's going to break, when it's expected, the cost, and what to look out for. I'll be standing in the longer line behind the other guys that enjoy giving them our business, while referring my friends and family. Give them a call and see for yourself.
08 May. Dan Kinzie
Enthusiast Auto Group,After what seemed like an endless search for the perfect E46 M3, I found Enthusiast Auto Group. The first thing that caught my eye was their inventory of M cars. The second thing that caught my eye was some of their “EAG Collection” cars. After seeing these cars I suspected that they must be BMW enthusiasts themselves. I picked up the phone, and made the call about the 2006 Jet Black M3 ZCP. Evan answered the phone and we started our conversation about the car and even recommended me to a financial institution to help with the financing. Evan was very straight forward and promised to deliver an M3 that I would be more than happy with. We traded phone calls and emails the following week while everything was finalized on my end.  The day I flew out to Ohio, Evan picked me up at the airport and we shared some conversation and some spirited driving on the way to EAG. The car was exactly as described if not better. The guys at EAG are a knowledgeable group of car enthusiasts that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in their search for the perfect M car…
02 May. Erik Hill
Evan,I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with my dealings with you at Enthusiast Auto Group. As a middle-aged, hard-to-please, BMW Car Club Member – I was extremely impressed with your knowledge of BMWs, but more than that I appreciated your directness and integrity during the process of selling my “dream” E36 M3 to you. The process went exactly as you described over the phone. Even the gentleman from Cruzin' Chrome Transport who picked up the car was top-notch!   You have a wonderful business model catering to BMW enthusiasts and I'm sure you will enjoy continued success. Sincerely,
25 Apr. Todd Kucera
Excellent Experience!!I recently purchased a 2005 Dinan modified E46 M3 from Enthusiast Auto and I can't say enough about the quality of the trade-in and purchase experience offered by Evan and the entire Enthusiast Auto team.It starts with the quality of the vehicles they acquire. I searched nationally for a high quality E46 M3 for months using a variety of methods and on-line sites including BMW CPO and always found myself coming back to cars listed on enthusiastauto.com. I watched the impressive inventory turn over quickly which indicated something good was happening here.The quality of the cars is followed up with an incredible level of responsiveness and transparency. I narrowed my selection down to a couple of cars in their inventory. Evan provided an amazing set of detailed photos which clearly documented the exterior and interior condition of the vehicles. The pictures were augmented with detailed descriptions of modifications, scans of their thorough inspection worksheets, and complete documentation of the repairs they made to the vehicles. Every question was quickly and professionally answered. I am not a fan of purchasing a car sight unseen, but the level of transparency and honesty displayed allayed my fears.The final factor in my decision was the fairness of the price of the cars for sale and the trade-in value offered for my 1999 E36 M3. I had done my homework and knew what the cars were worth. Evan's prices were in the upper half of the respective car's range, but well justified given the quality of the vehicles. Evan's trade-in offer will enable him to make a fair margin on my car and saved me the hassle of selling it outright.I consider myself an avid auto enthusiast and there was never a doubt in my mind that I was dealing with peers at Enthusiast Auto. Evan and team lived up to their company's name in every way. I am thoroughly enjoying my "new" car and I'm proud to have my previous car in his current inventory.
18 Apr. Jack Kramer
This is an embarrassingly late note of thanks to the Enthusiast Auto group concerning my 2010 purchase of a 2009 BMW 3-series.  I am a particular person, and wanted a BMW with particular options.  Searching on my own proved fruitless.  Then, I found Enthusiast Auto and, remarkably, they had the exact car I wanted.   After truly "grilling" Enthusiast Auto, I purchased my car from them over the internet.  I was impressed by the professional manner I was treated, and with the customer service I received.  Everyone was pleasant and helpful.  I received the car in the exact condition represented.  I have recommended Enthusiast Auto to friends searching for a quality BMW.
17 Apr. Trisha S.
I first learned of Enthusiast Auto Group, in Cincinnati, OH when I saw them on Auto Trader.com.  When I called them, I spoke with Eric Keller (one of two brothers that own the dealership) and continued to deal with him throughout the entire process.   Over the years, I have purchased many vehicles from many different organizations and have to say that Eric and his organization are fair, trustworthy and honest.  This organization cares about customer service and cares about the product they are putting on the street.  If they say they will do something, don't doubt it, they absolutely will.  I drove 700 miles to trade my vehicle for a E39 M5 and was not disappointed, the car was great and I absolutely love it.  Eric is so concerned that your first experience is great, because he desires future business with you.  An example of trust, On my return trip home with my new to me E39 M5, there was a problem with the headlights.  I called and spoke with Josh, in parts, about the problem.  He said take it into an local shop, get it fixed and send him the bill.  I paid the local shop and was hoping I wouldn't have a problem getting reimbursed by Enthusiast.  I received a check in the mail 3 days later!!  Thank you guys!!!    You're the best and are absolutely on the right track, you're focused on customer service, you're honest and care about the product you deliver.  
14 Apr. Lynn
I worked with Evan at EAG over a period of six months to find a specifically-optioned E90 M3 Sedan.  Over that time, I found Evan to be a phenomenal resource for all things Bimmer-related.  It became very clear that he and his brother are passionate about both their business and the cars they sell.  Additionally, I hoped to trade my E46 M3 in to EAG.  From the specific, detailed questions that Evan asked about the car, I had a strong comfort in the level of due diligence they perform on the cars they acquire.  Once Evan located my new car, it was on a truck and headed to their shop within one business day.  I came from out of town to pick up the car.  Upon arrival, I was given the opportunity (and encouraged) to thoroughly inspect the car on a lift with their head service tech, Josh.  The car was as clean, if not cleaner, than anticipated.  From start to finish, this was a smooth, no-hassle purchase experience -- just a transaction between two car nuts.  Evan has continued to be a great resource for various questions post-purchase.  I definitely plan to work with Evan and EAG again in the future!
31 Mar. David Ross
I am a BMWCCA Member and M car enthusiast!  Having purchased three BMW's (2 M3's and a '07 530xiT) from EAG and having EAG purchase two cars (M3's) from me, I feel I can speak with some experience and reasonable perspective.  I have found Eric, Evan and Josh to be honest, forthright and easy to deal with.  All of my BMW's are maintained by EAG following "Old School" routines.  I still use the local Dealer for warranty issues, but for all other items I have found that EAG is capable and timely! Their hourly rates are approx. 1/2 the dealers rates. From oil changes and clutch replacement, to building a complete Dinan S3 M3 with supercharger, I have yet to have anything but a positive experience. As an M car owner and member of the BMWCCA have come to know these guys reasonably well and can say that I have seen first-hand, their absolute passion for the track and watched them prep their "company" cars for track days. So be warned...If you buy a car from them that has a custom fabricated intake, roll cage, 5pt harness, slick tires and gutted interior with numbers on the side...It has likely been driven hard!  As for the cream-puffs on the lot, I seriously doubt that they would waste their time tracking a stock "Inventory" car and risk damaging the car, or the very thing that they have spent years cultivating.....Their "Reputation". If you are looking for an exceptional low mile "M car" or need to service the one you already have, I can recommend EAG without hesitation.
30 Mar. Dan Cotton
I wanted to say thank you to Eric, and his team at Enthusiast Auto Group.  As an engineer, I appreciate those who have an in-depth knowledge of vehicles and I could immediately tell that Eric was an enthusiast with extensive knowledge of my E39M5.  Not only did he make the entire process extremely efficient, he shot straight from the hip and has a no nonsense type of professional character which is rare in the auto sales community.  The entire process was so excellent, that I ended up purchasing an E92 M3 from him several days later to complete the entire transaction.  Keep in mind that I am out of state, so purchasing a vehicle sight unseen (I'm no stranger to this) was not an issue as I was provided with full service records, high resolution photos, and a description of all flaws down to a rock chip. I will recommend that anyone looking to purchase a high-end M vehicle give Eric their first consideration at Enthusiast Auto Group, and I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Thank you Eric and EAG team!
29 Mar. Mitchell Phillipi
2003 BMW M5 Sold to EAG: I have bought, owned, and sold over fifty cars in my lifetime. My recent experience with EAG was one of, if not the smoothest transaction that I have ever experienced. They are true professionals in every respect. My transaction was handled promptly and efficiently. They have done everything that they promised and I would highly recommend them. It is with great sadness that I have given up my M5, but I can guarantee that EAG will be the first contact that I make when I decide on another M car.
28 Mar. Ismael Lopez
Never before have I ever purchased a car sight unseen over the internet.  Not to mention a car at the price point of the Z8!  I had been searching for quite some time for a Z8 in the “stratus grey” color.  As a type “A” personality and a perfectionist when it comes to my automobiles, I was somewhat reluctant to purchase a used vehicle. However, if I wanted to own a Z8 this was going to have to be the case.  One day my internet search brought up a listing for a stratus grey Z8 at EAG.  I called and spoke at length with Eric Keller.  Eric is more knowledgeable about this relatively rare car than any of the other dealers or mechanics that I have ever spoken to during my several year search for this vehicle.  He spent numerous hours with me via telephone and email patiently and even enthusiastically answering my MANY questions about not only the Z8 he was selling but also about the Z8 in general e.g. differences between years, what to watch out for, what the upgrades on the car meant to the performance of the vehicle, etc.  He sent hundreds of detailed photos of the car and was very candid about the imperfections on the vehicle.  He encouraged my desire for an independent inspection.  Even the local BMW dealership had nothing but praise for EAG and Eric.  I purchased the car in a seamless transaction and it has been everything Eric promised.  Eric has stood by his reputation and has kindly, without reservation, taken care of a few extras (to satisfy the type “A” in me) even after my purchase was completed.  He has gladly continued to answer any of my questions promptly.  I would recommend EAG and Eric Keller without reservation.  Certainly, if I ever sell the Z8 or look to buy another BMW in the future, he will be the first person that I call!
26 Mar. Lori Coleman MD
I want to thank you for the top-notch experience I had at Enthusiast Auto.  After a less-than-perfect experience with my first E46 M3 (bought from a Honda dealership...should have known), I quickly became comfortable that the car I was inquiring about at EA was exactly what I wanted - mint, with all the specs I wanted.  The process involved driving 1100 miles from Houston in my old E46, and taking off for Boston from Cincinnati in the new "baby," but it went as smoothly as I could have hoped for.  Sidenote on my trade-in: I was impressed that after all the problems we found with my old E46M, you refused to put it on your lot; it speaks a lot to the quality of product you guys put on the tarmac every day.  Victoria was very helpful handling all the paperwork.  Even when I thought I found a mistake in the taxes I owed and you guys conceded I could be right (turns out, I was wrong) you sent me a refund for the tax I overpaid.  I don't know many businesses that would proactively investigate an issue like that, but it certainly shows the quality of the people at Enthusiast.  When I buy another M car, it will be from you guys, again sight-unseen.
20 Mar. Maxwell Foster
This is my first purchase of a car of this caliber and I am completely satisfied.  The car was clean, waxed, detailed and looks and drives like a new one, it was even full of fuel.  I can say that this was my least stressful and most pleasant auto purchase ever.  Your staff was courteous and helpful.  Since you were out of town on the delivery date, Victoria finalized the transaction.  Special kudos to her for not postponing delivery of my dream ride until a minor issue was worked out.  I look forward to seeing you all when service is needed.
06 Mar. Steven Bilbrey
Let's say that, like me, you're in search of your 1st BMW - or let's say, you're just out to continue your loyalty to the ultimate driving machine. Trust and believe, especially if you're a Beemer performance buff, start and end your search at Enthusiast Auto Group.  How many of you would even consider purchasing a vehicle, sight unseen Very, very few, I would guess. But, that's the rule, rather than the exception at this dealership. Why - because they only deal with the crème de la crème of motorcars; and they recondition these vehicles to the point that they will ask you to give them the right of first refusal, should you ever decide to sell or trade in any car you purchase from them.  These folk take a special pride in each and every vehicle they process - primarily because many of them own a BMW, and secondly, because they have an undying appreciation for great cars. There were (46) BMW M-3's on their lot when I purchased my vehicle from them - name (50) BMW dealers in the country who have had that many M-3's on their lots in the past 10 years!!!!! I purchased a 2005, E-46, BMW M-3 from Enthusiast Auto, and I couldn't be happier. In addition to their normal outstanding re-conditioning, my vehicle also had new brakes (hallelujah!!), new tires, a new battery, new tool and first aid kits, I could go on and on.... Their pricing policy, while, for some, removing the bargaining phase of the sale maybe an issue, is solely the result of the quality of the vehicles you are being offered. Their sales staff is more than friendly and helpful. Their supporting staff follows very closely in their footsteps. And the deal doesn't end when you drive off the lot - these folks absolutely and unequivocally support you AFTER the sale....take that from personal experience..... But, don't believe me - do your research. Check them out. Call up some of the folk who have written testimonials about their experiences. And then, hitch up your wagon, crank up your engine, catch a plane, train, or automobile - set the navigation for Cincinnati, Ohio, and stop in to see the folk at Enthusiast Auto Group - it will be a trip you won't regret........
28 Feb. Charles R. Young
It really has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.  It was the first time that I have not not felt like a piece of meat at a dealership.  Being a lawyer by trade, I am used to being heavily on guard during the whole car buying process, but from our first communications, I have been at ease.  It was like playing poker where the man across from you had all his cards turned over and was explaining to you the best move you can make.  I never thought I would drive 8 hours to buy a car, but it was totally worth it.  I only wish you guys were closer so I could get all the service performed there as well.
27 Feb. John Cacioppo
After having the car for the last 2 weeks and nearly 5k miles. Yes already. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent service. I can't be anymore happier. This is by far the easiest purchase I've ever made. You definitely have a life long customer. Also, thank you so much for including the paint bottle. One night I was doing a walk around the car, and found a paint chip. Freaked out a bit, I'm, not going to lie. However, my wife put my mind to ease when she said there's a paint bottle in the car. I've never seen that done before. Not ever. Thank you for everything.
20 Feb. Sean Boose
I have had a wonderful experience purchasing this 1999 M3 from Eric. I confess, I was a bit nervous about purchasing a used, 13 year old car and had obvious concerns about any potential hidden problems, or mechanical history. Eric was wonderful in that he answered all questions in a direct, upfront and honest manner.  All car history was honestly described including previous important maintenance work and any repairs. I am grateful that he spent some time and went over any recommended future maintenance and expert suggestions ... eg when to replace the cooling system parts and what to expect with any performance upgrades.  It helps a lot that they have an adjacent performance upgrades shop and that they do their own work ... this makes them a lot more helpful and knowleadgeable than a plain dealership.  The price was not cheap but I feel that I have gotten the quality car in an excellent condition I have wanted. It is easy to fall into the trap of purchasing one of these performance automobiles for a lower price and maybe save a few thousands in the purchase price only to find out later that any hidden problems will cost a lot more to repair in the future.  If anyone is in a market for high quality used M3's and M5's, I recommend Enthusiast Auto Group without any reservations! I felt comfortable during the initial visit and the purchase, I appreciate that Eric, Evans and Victoria were down to earth and helpful with all my questions and subsequent paperwork (which by the way was promptly completed). My only complaint is that they would be closer to my home so I can visit  them easier in person next time!
16 Feb. Dr. Bob S.
I cannot say much about Enthusiast Auto Group aside from saying that they are a class-act dealership. They made sure the M3 I had in mind had all service work and maintenance done before the sale to make sure the car was ready to go. Knowing that all the preventative maintenance items were done on the car before making a purchase is something you really cannot put a price on when in the market for an M car, and I applaud EAG for this! They really stand by their statement when they said “if we wouldn't drive the car every day, we would not sell it.” Thanks Eric!
13 Jan. Cole L.
As a longtime BMW lover and owner I always knew I wanted an E46 M3.  It is just one of those cars that will always catch the eye of car enthusiasts around the world. So, in late November of 2011 I began my search and started locally.  Going from car dealer to car dealer leaving my name and number and hoping that by some miracle a gem would emerge out of thin air and I'd find my “perfect car.”  As you would imagine this did not happen. So online I went… After countless phone calls, sketchy conversations, and finding nothing but “miled out” beaters I stumbled across Enthusiast Auto Group.  I immediately noticed the giant selection on their website and it instantly raised my interest.  I picked up the phone, prepared for the worst, and made the call about the Carbon Black Competition series M3.  Eric answered the phone and quickly put many of my worries to rest.  He was straight forward and promised to deliver the highest level of customer service imaginable.  We traded phone calls and emails for a few weeks while everything was finalized while he made sure the car would be exactly what I was looking for upon delivery.  Buying a used car is never easy.  Especially if you have insanely high standards like I do.  Eric and Evan are the only two individuals I have ever dealt with in the car business that might actually exceed those standards.  The car was exactly as described and fit the bill for what I was looking for.  Even if I had any issues I was confident that they would be there to assist in the event that anything came up.  Their motto of “if we wouldn't drive it personally every day, we don't purchase the car to begin with.” pretty much says it all. If you buy an “M car” anywhere else you're just wasting your money….
13 Jan. Nate Whitcomb
I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your business model and how great it was to deal with you all. As you know, I have been sniffing around your site for years, and finally it all came together in my little E36 M3.  The car is everything you represented it to be and more, and being able to do business with people with integrity and genuine interest in working with a prospective customer was special indeed. Thanks for making the whole transaction one smooth and effortless experience from airport pickup to heading back to MD's Eastern Shore with a trouble free special car I intend to enjoy for years to come. All the best,
13 Jan. Rob Ketcham
I had been shopping for a low mileage black on black manual trans 2006 M3 in Los Angeles and had no luck whatsoever.  I had never considered buying a used car sight unseen, but in a bit of desperation, I looked on line and found Eric's business.  I began to correspond with Eric and found him to be highly knowledgeable and very accommodating to my specific needs.  Eric spent a good deal of time with me over several weeks and was able to find a car that met my specifications.  I was still very uneasy about buying an expensive car without ever seeing and driving it.  Eric assured me that the car was exactly what I wanted and that it was in the condition that I had specified.  Eric sent me numerous photos of the car and copies of all the documentation.  What really impressed me were the inspections and work that Eric had done on the car before I took delivery.  He made sure that everything worked perfectly and that any scratches or blemishes were repaired.  When I closed the deal, I felt pretty confident that I was getting a top notch vehicle that would give me no nasty surprises.  Still I  had some apprehension. Since the car was going to be delivered by truck across country, I was also concerned about the reliability of the delivery service since the car would be mine during the trip.  Eric hooked me up with service that he uses and it was awesome.  The car arrived on time and in perfect condition. And speaking of the condition of the car, it was fantastic.  The car exceeded my expectations in all regards. It runs and looks like it is new.  Eric assured me that it was in tip top condition and he was definitely telling the truth!  I have also had the opportunity to ask Eric some after sale questions via email and he gets back to me in just a few hours.  I wish the local dealer where I bought my new BMW last year was half as responsive as Eric is! Bottom line for me is that all my concern about buying a car sight unseen was unfounded.  But only because I bought it from EAG.  I would not trust any other company for this type of sale.  I could not be happier with the car or the sales process. 
09 Jan. Neal Rein
In football they have YAC (yards after catch). I'd like to talk about SAP (service after purchase). This is a big ATTABOY for Enthusiast Auto Group of Cincinnati where I bought my '05 E46M3.EAG specializes in M cars and has a large inventory of the nicest cars. This specialty dealer is owned by 2 brothers who are both racers and have a great rep throughout the community. I learned they do many sales, across the country, sight unseen. Having done as much research on them as I could, visiting their business, looking at and driving several of their cars and buying from them I understand how they can do this and have come to have the same trust. My buying experience was a great one and I love the car. They were extremely accommodating. The car is as described and there have been no negative surprises. Turns out there were a couple of positive surprises. The car has the Homelink garage door opener feature and Bluetooth. Neither of these were advertised and I'm thrilled about the Bluetooth. Since they specialize in these cars they are often able to configure your car the way you want it. The car I purchased had 18” wheelstires. I wanted the OE 19s so they were able to have a set completely refurbished, mounted with the tires of my choice and exchange them for the 18s. I also decided to have them upgrade to the OE competition brakes. It's awesome to be able to buy a used car that's a cream puff and pick and choose the options you want. As delivered the car was fantastic. Clean, polished and ready to fly. The refurbished wheels looked great. Now for the SAP. After a couple of months I noticed the clear coat was coming off one of the wheels. I was concerned about the polished area of the wheels getting discolored or corroded where the coating was coming off. Since Cincinnati is quite a drive from where I live it wouldn't be feasible for me to go back to EAG for repair. Shipping would also be cumbersome. I contacted Eric at EAG to tell him about my problem and ask if the company they used to refurbish was a national company with a warranty. No joy. It was a company local to them in Ohio. Without any hesitation Eric offered several options on how they would take care of the problem to make sure this continued to be nothing but a very positive buying experience. He explained they had had some problems with this particular company and were no longer using them for the 19s. Totally up front. He even offered to ship me a wheeltire so I could get the repair done without losing use of the car. I must say I expected this to be a difficult process but I was most pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't it be great if all businesses took care of their customers this way. We decided the best way to resolve the problem was for me to find a company local to me and EAG would reimburse me for the repair. Upon having the wheel inspected by a local company, which my BMW dealer uses, it turns out another wheel was having a similar issue. I was told the wheel(s) should be stripped, machined and powder coated to prevent further problems. Also, the repaired wheel(s) would look slightly different than the others. Upon sharing this info with Eric he immediately said all 4 wheels need to be done so they match and there are no further problems. Again, no hesitation or backpedaling. End result…. I now have 4 beautifully refinished wheels with a lifetime warranty on finish. I was promptly reimbursed for the total expense. Talk about being a happy customer. I can't overemphasize how well I've been taken care of. How professional and accommodating EAG has been. I'm a proponent and will be a repeat customer if the need arises. If you're in the market for a used E46M3, or other M car, you should give them serious consideration. No matter the distance. In my experience they'll treat you right!
05 Jan. Jay Hudson
In 2001 when the E46 M3 debuted, I was only 16 years old, but it was love at first sight. It became my one and only dream car. I honestly never thought it would be attainable but after graduating and a year of working as an engineer I started realizing it was a possibility. Early on in my search, I heard of Eric and Evan and the guys from Enthusiast Auto when my best friend (who comes from a family that collectively owns four M3s) found them in his own quest. I had the pleasure of meeting the brothers when my friend purchased his 1999 E36 M3. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of BMWs and the business, but most of all their commitment to quality and excellence. Only a short time later I was on the market, and after spending a month on my own feeling frustrated with both private sales and other dealerships, I knew where I needed to go.  I have never felt more comfortable through a car buying process as I did with Eric and Evan. I ended up with a 2004 Titanium Silver E46 M3 and for the past year and a half I have lived out my teenage dream. I have only had two extremely minor issues with the car that have totaled to about as much as a couple oil changes while two friends who decided to purchase similar E46 M3s elsewhere have had their car in and out of the shop. I certainly plan on working with Eric and Evan for any of my future BMW needs. My advice to others who are on the market for any used BMW is not just to look to Eric and Evan, but don't even waste your time going anywhere else. You won't regret it. I sure haven't.
30 Dec. David Kraft
Hi Evan & Eric, First off, thanks again for the 750Li!  Since purchase, we have enjoyed the new ride tremendously.  As you know, when shopping for a vehicle, I was debating a bit between a little more self-indulgence (02'Imola Red M5), and driving enjoyment coupled with an element of practicality (750Li).  We are very, very happy with our purchase (Nancy LOVES the car), but more than that, just want to say thank you again for your honest and thoughtful approach.  I can say without hesitation this was by far the most fun I've had shopping for a new vehicle. You actually make me want to purchase a car from you, just for the service that you offer!  So, job well done!  I actually look forward to having you service the vehicle, which I have never, ever said about a shop before.  Rock on dudes....
27 Dec. Dr. R. Kapteyn
I have never written a recommendation but find that in the case of Enthusiast Auto, it would be a significant over site on my part to not do so.  I have kept up with them from their website for more than a year and had realized before I made the trip to Cincinnati that I was in for a positive experience.  Nothing could have prepared me for the reality.  Eric and Evan were knowledgeable about M's in general but when it came to their cars it was amazing what they knew. They have a very high standard in everything they do from the parts they use to the people they choose to do business with.  
21 Dec. Bob Stearman
Just wanted you and Evan to know I got the car home in tip top shape, though it can no longer be a rain virgin! But I don't think there was any salt around yet, so the most that happened was it got a little damp. I also wanted to thank you for a really nice buying experience and, of course, for the great car. It is exactly as described, and drives beautifully. It's a pleasure doing business with guys like you and your brother. I'm certain we'll do some car stuff in future years.
20 Dec. Andy K.
I got this wonderful bug about collecting cars for past 10 years. I like mostly older ones with attention 60's and early 70's Porsches. But I also have a E39 M5 that stood a bit lonely between my other cars. So far a total of 14 of Porsches, Mercedes and Land Rovers are in the collection. In acquiring each one there was a learning experience, some good, some not so good.  Anyways, I was playing with the idea of getting an original E28 M5 to put some history next to my E39 M5.  After researching, I found Eric of EAG BMW.  He was very nice talking to me about some options and he would keep me posted if he found what I was looking for.  I noticed he has wealth of information about BMWs and was extremely professional.   So few months past. I was looking at his website and found an Avus Blue E36 M3 sunroof delete model.  By the way, EAG has the largest collection of M series BMW's in the country as far as I know.  I asked him about this car and he took his time and very accurately walked me through the history of the car as well as the pros and cons of a 95 OBD1 model vs a 96+ OBD2.  I felt very comfortable.  I felt that he is extremely honest and price is right.  So I went for it, then I experienced something that I never had before with my other cars and other dealers.  Before shipping the car to me in California, he wanted to test drive the car beforehand one last time.  After that test drive, he called me and said everything is good but he noticed few things.  Like tires are a bit dried up.  He wanted to change them all to new ones.  Also the brakes had half-life left on them but front brakes make some noise.  But he wants to change all breaks front and back plus rotors on his dime.  I was so happy to hear that.  So EAG spent an additional $2K at least for new tires and breaks.  Then we talked about a car cover and trickle charger.  Sure enough he surprised me by including them in the car when I received it.  I received the car and it was all the way exceeded all my expectations and was as he described.  Not only that, he then connected me with a best mechanic in the bay area for future needs (Dinan).  What a great experience.  I am looking forward to future business transactions with EAG.
20 Dec. Farbod Aram
I have been a BMW enthusiast since college when I got my first BMW, an 1987 E30 325i.  I currently own 7 BMWs, including the 1988 E30 M3 I recently purchased from Enthusiast Auto Group site unseen.  When I received the car, it was actually better than advertised.  Eric made the transaction extremely easy.  He answered every question honestly, and even disclosed information that most people wouldn't.  The delivery service that Eric used was quick, reasonable, professional, and extremely courteous.  I can honestly say that I'll be back to purchase another BMW from Enthusiast Auto.  A wonderful experience all around.  Its nice to deal with a company that puts a premium on quality, integrity, and customer service.  Thanks again.  All the Best,
06 Dec. Craig Spenner
I found the perfect stock 1997 E36 M3 sedan with Enthusiast Auto Group. It was a long 9-11 month search that started with private sellers on the east coast, Craigslist and even eBay..but each visit ended as complete disappointment.  Every E36 M3 I came across had the abuse sticker written all over it as it was hidden deep beneath the fresh paint these sellers used to impress me. They flatter you with upgrades, superchargers, exhausts, all kinds of mods..which YES.. sounds exciting - but depending on who did the work and how the car was driven/maintained..all of these things could have destroyed a car that was already built to perfection. Without question..it is very hard to find a car like this (STOCK only) that hasn't had everything "modded".  This wasn't going to be easy!! Many months into my search I had almost given up hope until I came across Enthusiast Auto and talking with Eric K..  I did my research and asked around on the ///M forums and I began learning that this was indeed a great company..it's family owned and managed by great people who know their cars. If you don't believe it..by all means ask around and you will hear some great things about these guys and user's experiences on these forums. Sure - There are always going to be used BMWs for sale out there but you can tell that these guys are very meticulous about their cars, knowledgeable, and extremely selective of the cars they choose to buy/sell.  My impression is that they choose cars that they would like for own for themselves. So with that said, you want to buy from these types of people.. AGAIN...I recommend asking around and then arranging a visit to see for yourself if you still have any doubts.  The cars can be a bit pricey compared to what some other folks are asking for but you have to understand that you ARE getting what you pay for with these guys..opposed to other sellers that will give you a lower figure but you pay for it a couple weeks into it..TRUST ME!! Not only did they provide me a detailed breakdown of the perfect-for-me black cosmos M3 sedan, they went out of their way to allow me to examine it as it was on the lift, explained everything step-by-step and even handed me the keys with confidence and said "have fun".  This meant everything to me as they trusted me with their car without even buying it !!   The owner of the shop even spent valuable time with me under the car pointing out all its good points and its few, imperfections. Even noticed things I had missed which is always helpful and he had his guys fix it on the spot.  It was the honesty Eric had that was so rare that had me shocked.  Again..it's hard reading this on a website and trying to believe this but these guys are a family owned business that is built on knowledge, passion, and trust.  I will be recommending Enthusiast Auto to all my friends and look forward to purchasing my next car from them...hopefully a e39 M5 one of these days.  So in closing...ask around - you won't be disappointed.  Any doubts?? - fly out there. (I did) and drove the car around for a half hour just to get a feel for it.  They perform a PPI for you so that is helpful but I was worried and purchased my own.  Looking at it now..i guess it was a waste of money but it might be worth it for you just to help you feel better or debating on flying out to visit.  It's your call on that...  When I saw the car - I couldn't resist after that...it just felt right and bought it on the spot.  Shipping?  Do it!!  They have a great shipping company called Specialty Mobile that delivered my car right to my doorstep!!  Thank you EAG for this great car!!
28 Nov. Dan Diniotis
In October, I made my first online vehicle purchase with EAG. The experience was most pleasant especially after I discovered that I was buying my second E36 M3 Sedan from more of a BMW fanatic than myself. Eric and Evan's knowledge of the E36 impressed me and my rudimentary understanding and appreciation for how great these cars are. We should thank EAG for keeping solid M cars on the market. I received the car as promised, and its condition has more than exceeded my expectations. Most important to me and why I will never consider a used M car that hasn't been looked over by or that isn't being offered by EAG: Eric and Evan always pick up the phone, always reply to emails, and make their best effort to answer any and all questions, no matter how trivial. Thank you for that and all of your help Eric. I have no reservations about buying another M car from you, sight unseen.  If you'd ever like to use me as a reference on a conference call with you for a prospective customer, I'd be more than happy to.
08 Nov. Wesley M.
Enthusiast Auto Group, I have been a car enthusiast my whole life and a fan of specialty cars in particular. It was long overdue for me to replace my Lexus with an M car and had been searching for several years for the one that both fit our budget and was fully sorted for long-term enjoyment. After some conversation with several BMW club members, I was referred exclusively the Enthusiast Auto. I was pleasantly surprised to see the various Roundel choices, especially the collection of Motorsport cars that are always in stock. After several conversations with Eric and Evan, I knew this was the place my next purchase would take place and I couldn't be happier. My tastefully modified Techno Violet M3 Sedan is art on wheels and is everything you told me it would be and more. Your honesty has prepared me for the few minor imperfections associated with my M3's 126k miles.  I will be returning to Enthusiast Auto for future services on both our Techno Violet M3 and our 2008 128i coupe. In a few years, I will be back for another M car purchase, maybe an early M5 or M coupe. Only time will tell. Thank you again for making the purchase so pleasant. Even more so, the thorough inspection and service history that came along with my purchase. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with "The Ultimate Driving Machine." Thank you again.
08 Nov. Michael Trevor
After looking for an M3 in New England with no luck, I widened my search and kept seeing all of the cars at EAG and decided to poke around the forums to see what comments were out there about EAG.  After looking around, I could not believe all of the positive comments so I decided to give them a call but buying a car sight un-seen did not excite me.  After talking with Eric, he put me totally at ease and I had complete confidence.  His knowledge of M3's is unbelievable so I knew he would give me the car I was looking for and not have to worry about it mechanically.  Eric treated me very well and I worked out a deal to trade my 330i and EAG would deliver my new car and drive mine back which was a real help to me.  Victoria and Matt made the trip in the biggest snow storm the East Coast has ever seen in October.  That is customer service! After the car was delivered, I can say that EAG exceeded my expectations.  The car was ultra clean just as Eric described.  Thanks EAG.
07 Nov. Ron Richard
It was a gratifying experience dealing with EAG.  You are a true professionals and car enthusiasts.  In regards to the M coupe, the car was better than presented.  It was a joy driving it back home.  They don't make them like these anymore!
24 Sep. Jorge Hine
Here's the real deal on service. I've had my 92 E36 into EAG twice for service. On both occasions the problems were fix right the first time and the price was more than reasonable. I'm proud to say I wouldn't take my bimmer to any other service provider, ever. Unfortunately the damn car runs so well now I have no need to bring it in, thanks to EAG. I wish I could have you do a full performance upgrade because I drive by your lot everyday. Seeing the stunning cars only fuels my desire to one day own one of your vehicles. One day I promise!  BTW, I have no leaks in the garage.  Thanks Guys.
16 Sep. Chad Staunton
It is clear to me, having just sold my 1998 M3 to the Enthusiast Auto Group, that a more honest and straight forward group of guys will not be found. Working with Evan was so easy and enjoyable that I sort of wish I had more cars to sell.  They, judging from this experience, are honest car dealers. Crazy sounding perhaps, but true.
14 Sep. Paul Salvione
Enthusiast Auto Group of Cincinnati, Ohio deserves the highest commendation – and here's why:  in mid-2011 I did something most people would never do:  I bought a completely loaded 2011 335d with less than 14,000 miles sight unseen from Enthusiast 2,000 miles away.  Scary.  When it arrived in California the steering wheel was slightly off kilter and the car tended to steer me instead of the other way around at bumps and potholes.  I liked the way my old BMW drove better.  But what did I know?  Then, after a couple of months my son-in-law noticed excessive wear on the front tires.  I went to BMW of Monrovia and was shown tie rods that were bent.  I felt betrayed and sent Enthusiast a nasty letter.  It produced an inspection report from a BMW dealer in Cincinnati that showed no tie rod problems.  The car had probably been damaged during shipping.  At that point Enthusiast could have refused all help, claiming the car was sold "as is," that any problems were mine once the car left the lot, and that I should deal with the trucking company and its insurer.  Instead, it apologized and paid for new tie rods (inside and out), alignment and a set of four new Michelins!  Unbelievable.  Unheard of.  Honorable.  If you chance to find a car at Enthusiast Auto Group, consider yourself fortunate.  They deliver.  Now that my car is fixed, it's dreamy.  I have what Enthusiast wanted me to have.  Any questions?  (909) 482-1000.
08 Sep. Craig Rossell
In search for a BMW M3, I'm so glad I happened to come across Enthusiast Auto (EAG). I spent the better half of a year scouring the Bay Area for a M3 and continually came up short. There just wasn't any M3's that fit my requirements locally, but as I expanded my search nationally I found that EAG clearly had an ample supply of the best BMW's in the nation.  I reached out to EAG about their inventory of cars and Eric was more than helpful. From the beginning, Eric was upfront and honest about the M3 I was inquiring about. Eric was also very patient with me. He promptly answered my onslaught of questions (I had Tons!) whether by email or phone. Everything seemed too good to be true, but the thought of buying a car site unseen was rather unsettling. Being a few thousand miles away and with my busy work schedule I just was unable to make the trip out to EAG and see the car. After sleeping on it, I went ahead took the leap of faith and went ahead with the purchase.  The car arrived ahead of schedule and it was just as Eric described. The car was a blast to drive and it was in pristine condition. Unfortunately, within the first few days of ownership the alternator in the car failed. I reached out to Eric and he instantly stood behind the car and sent me a new alternator. With the new alternator installed, I'm back on the road and couldn't be happier. My experience with EAG is a true testament to the quality of cars they carry and their top notch service. For anyone looking for a BMW don't hesitate to check out EAG. They'll take care of you and you won't be disappointed.
24 Aug. Norman Wu
In 1992 while in Germany I saw my first BMW 850Ci. I loved the looks of the car but at the time it was out of my reach. Fast forward 19 years. I saw another BMW 850Ci on a trip back from Myrtle beach which got me interested again. I started checking out the automobile sites to see what was out there.  I saw a few 850's but most of them had automatic transmissions and I wanted a standard transmission. The choices were few but I came upon an ad from Enthusiast Auto Group and a few private sellers. I checked out the cars and made some phone calls to verify the condition of the cars. I checked out the testimonials on Enthusiast Auto Group's web site and I was impressed. The photos of the car were impressive also. I contacted Eric and told him I wanted to buy the 850CSI. I sent my deposit and made arrangements to fly to Cincinnati to pick up the car.  I had a bad experience buying a car off of the internet in the past so I opted to pick up the BMW 850CSI instead of having it shipped. Now I know I should not have worried because the car and the Enthusiast Auto Group were as good if not better than advertised.  I was met at the Dayton airport and driven to Enthusiast  to pick up the car. I stayed the night and in Dayton and had the pleasure of driving the car back to New York. Since then I have showed the BMW 850CSi in 2 auto shows. The first show In Saratoga, the only class my BMW could be in was for exotics and was very subjective. The second show, I was in the foreign class and the judging was based on fit and finish and I won 1st place! The only thing I had to do with the car was wash it, thanks to everyone at Enthusiasts Auto Group.
15 Aug. Charles Antalek
It is not often, in these times, one finds a car business that provides service “above and beyond” the way everyone at Enthusiast Auto Group does. From the first contact with these guys and gal three years ago, it became apparent to me this is more than a career to them, it is a passion. I have had the pleasure of being involved in four transactions with Eric, Victoria and everyone and EAG. I have purchased two vehicles and sold two of my vehicles to their dealership.  I first got to know Eric three years ago from an ad on autotrader.com, for the Mini Cooper S I eventually bought and had EAG modify for me. Before that transaction, I had not known of EAG. Even on that first purchase, Eric provided all information needed to make a legitimate decision on purchasing the vehicle and then provided expert guidance on the types of modifications that would best suit my needs with the car, over the telephone, sight unseen. Two years later, when I reluctantly had to part with my M3 track car, and later my E90, Eric and the entire group at EAG were there to assist me and provide all the support and guidance required. All this provided while making me feel like their most important client, all along the way.  Most recently, when I saw a 1998, 328i that I could not let slip by I called Eric. Knowing me and my fancies, Eric was able to provide all information I needed to decide this was the car for me at this time. The entire transaction was, again, handled completely professionally, quickly, smoothly, and honestly over the phone, sight unseen. I have no reservations at all knowing that when Eric or anyone at EAG describes a car and its condition they are meticulous in their evaluation. I had no worries purchasing the 328i, my second car purchased from EAG sight unseen. We discussed modifications and Eric advised me on immediate modifications made as well as future modifications I wish to make. Those immediate modifications were done to perfection when I picked up the car.  Upon arriving at EAG my car was ready to go and looked like I had just pulled out of a showroom (a 13 year old machine). The paperwork was ready when I arrived and literally took less than 10 minutes with Victoria's excellent organization. I hung out at EAG for a couple of hours before departing with my new vehicle as I, not only find it fascinating, but extremely informative to hang out with Bimmer experts. The 500 mile trip home flew by in a flash as my new ultimate driving machine performed beyond expectations. Without hesitation I can state that Enthusiast Auto is the only place I will consider purchasing my next Bimmer from, and recommend them to anyone without reservation.  Thanks Eric, Evan, Josh and Victoria. You make the purchase of a Bimmer (or any vehicle for that matter) a pleasure. The ability to purchase the ultimate driving machine from the ultimate in BMW dealers!!! 
15 Aug. Randy York
I want to thank you for the recent purchase of my '05 E46 M3.  You guys and your employees were great to work with.  Friendly, courteous and professional.  If you said it would happen at a certain time it did.  Keeping commitments is very important to me. I'd have a very hard time spending a large amount of money on a car I couldn't see and drive before the purchase.  It's not in my nature to turn over so much control so I did what I could to check you out.  My efforts turned up many responses about you as people and a business.  Not a single word of negativity and much, much praise.  Even though I ended up buying a car that I came to see, I had become willing to buy sight unseen because of the trust we had developed. The car is great.  Exactly as you'd described it.  No surprises.  Maybe the best part was being able to configure the car the way I wanted it, with different wheels/tires and upgraded brakes.  I would never have been able to do that sort of thing buying from a private party or dealer. You all made the buying/delivery process easy and it was great to get to know you.  I'm a happy customer! Thanks again!
01 Aug. Jay Hudson
This is a big thank you to Eric and EAG!  I love my new E39 M5 and I am absolutely amazed at the length that EAG went through to make sure that this car was absolutely perfect.  I already had a very high degree of trust and respect for Eric and EAG, as I had previously sold Eric an E46 M3 and recently purchased an E36 M3 sedan.  During the deal on my M5, Eric took my previous level of trust and respect to an all new level.  First, after the car that I was trading to EAG for my M5 was already being transported from Colorado to Cincinnati I received a message from Eric stating that he had a surprise for me and to call him once the M5 arrived in Colorado.  Once the M5 arrived, Eric informed me that he had driven my M5 before it shipped and he did not like how the clutch felt on the car and that he had gone ahead and replaced the clutch.  The deal was already done and Eric had $2k worth of work done to the car with the clutch replacement, now that is my kind of surprise!!  If that wasn't enough, there were a couple of minor issues associated with the new clutch (backup lights and cruise control) and Eric worked with my local BMW shop to get the issues resolved and he picked up the tab for that too.  If you are shopping at EAG for the first time, just know that these guys are extremely trustworthy and great to work with, whether you are buying one of their cars or they are buying your car.
25 Jul. Bob Harland
It's rare to purchase something that exceeds your expectations -- especially when that something is a used car.  I have previously owned two extremely low-mile e36 M3s, but the one I just purchased from Enthusiast Auto Group is the best-documented, best-maintained, best driving one yet.   Living in Las Vegas, I did not have the time or money to fly out to Cincinnati to test-drive a car prior to purchase.  Which meant I had to put complete faith in Eric and EAG.  I was not disappointed.  The car arrived three days ahead of schuedule, and it is, in a word, stunning.  It is everything advertised and described, only better.  The interior, engine bay, and trunk are spotless, and the exterior fit and finish far exceeded the pics on the EAG website.  It is like traveling back to 1995 and getting a brand-new M3 for $15,000 less. Being one of the only, if not the only, shop of its kind in the U.S., it would be very easy for EAG to cut corners and still draw a substantial business.  They have not chosen that route:  far from it.  They are consummate professionals who 1) take pride in what they do, and 2) create a no-nonsense, get-what-you-pay-for buying experience that is easy, fast, and rewarding.  I would, and have, recommended them to lifelong friends and family.  They are that good.
20 Jul. Rob MacDonald
Thanks to everyone at Enthusiast Auto Group. It is clear that they work to insure their customer is happy and confident in their purchase. I acquired a 7 series BMW from these folks. But before any deal was done, they let me have extensive overnight test drives, and racked the car for inspections. No pressure and real nice buying experience with these guys. I would highly recommend them and will likely purchase from them again.
16 Jul. Terry Noakes
I found EAG while looking for a 1 Series M Coupe online. Due to the rarity of the car and production delays, I was getting quotes of 6-8 month waits to get one. I decided to start looking into used M3s and ran into EAG. While the original vehicle that I wanted had already been sold, Eric recommended a different vehicle that had similar features. After about 2-3 weeks of talking everything finally came together as planned and I was able to drive to Cincinnati to look at my new car. When I got there, the car was sitting right up front ready to go for a test drive. Eric had replaced the windshield because the old one had a small chip on it. Everything was as explained in emails and phone conversations. He pointed out the features of the car, but made sure to go into details about the cars faults! Anyone who has ever dealt with a used car dealer would be surprised at this action, but the guys at EAG aren't in to make a quick buck, they are in this business because they love M BMWs and it shows in their friendliness, knowledge and professional etiquette. The drive home was one of the funnest and quickest two hours that I have ever had in my life! Even after the purchase, I kept in contact with Eric and he has been as helpful as ever. When I noticed that the rear headrests were missing from the car, he offered to get me a set of black headrests and ship them out ASAP at his cost! It is this kind of care and dedication that makes me recommend these guys to any and all of my friends that are looking for a used M BMW.
05 Jul. Marco Decca
EAG finds and sells the cleanest & rarest M3's on the market.  After looking with no avail for close to two months and making an offer on one M3 that ended up having frame damage (discovered during PPI), I wanted assurance that what I was buying was the cleanest possible M3.  Eric and Evan both walked me through the car inch by inch ensuring me that what I was buying was indeed the best.  I couldn't be happier with my purchase….after owning the car for a couple weeks it's evident that Eric and Evan know these cars inside and out and are true to their word.  Thanks guys, car is running great!
21 Jun. Greg Fishbein
I recently purchased a 2004 BMW M3 from Eric at Enthusiast Auto Group and couldn't be happier.  I didn't plan on trading my car in but a friend told me about EAG and I began browsing the site and I was hooked.  I saw several M3s that I was interested in and shot Eric an email. I was expecting the usual low offer on my trade but Eric gave me a surprisingly fair offer right off the bat.  After a week or so of emails I made the 3 hour drive to EAG and drove 4 E46 M3s, a week later I came back and bought one. Throughout the entire process Eric and Evan answered all of my questions and treated me with a level of respect I've never received from a car dealership. I hope to have the pleasure of buying from them again.
21 Jun. Chris Furby
No other car represents the epitome of luxury, performance, and class the way an M does. The same can also be said for Enthusiast Auto and the car buying experience. I couldn't be more elated about the treatment I received from them while finding my dream car, a flawless E36 4-door.  My story is similar to many EAG buyers. Long-coveting an E36 M, I searched the usual avenues and was met with disappointment and dishonesty. Then I stumbled on the Kellers' business, which just happened to be local to me. I visited multiple times and drove cars but was simply not ready to pull the trigger. I was never given a single sales pitch, nor was I ever pressured to buy. Eric simply reinforced their principles of quality and service, and even corresponded with me weekly throughout my search until I settled on my new car. The reality was that I settled on EAG long before ever handing over a down payment. The attentiveness and service I continue to receive, even after the money has changed hands, convinces me that the Kellers are truly a rare breed in the car sales industry. I am very excited to continue coming back for service and performance parts with them in the future.  I couldn't be happier with my new vehicle; it is everything (and more) it was advertised to be, and I would not hesitate to buy again, even if I don't remain local. "Trust" is not usually a word you hear when talking about used car sales, but it's the only word you need to know when dealing with EAG.
16 Jun. Nick Selman
I was very happy with my purchasing experience through EAG. You were very open and upfront with pictures and history reports before I arrived at your shop. Once I arrived everything was as expected. It was the most pleasurable purchasing experience I have ever went through. The car is great and I would definitely recommend your shop to others. I especially enjoy the fact that your shop deals only with pristine cars with a focus on performance.
13 Jun. Ryan Coppa
As an instructor for BMW CCA and other car clubs on the east coast I am in a position to drive many different cars.  About a month ago I was instructing a student with an E36 M3 that was in exceptionally good condition. He told me he had recently purchased it from an independent dealer in Ohio. I went on the Enthusiast Auto Group website and found exactly what I was looking for; an E36 M3 convertible. I had been looking for a while but nothing I had seen was nearly as nice. I spoke at great length with Eric who went over the entire car; highlighting every detail so meticulously that I felt I was looking at the car with him. I gave him a deposit and arrived a few days later to find the car exactly as described; perhaps even better than described. I couldn't be more pleased. In an age where unscrupulous business practices are common place, it is refreshing to find a place like EAG.  These guys are honest and straightforward. I only wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so they could service my car when needed.
10 Jun. Jamie Levine
I spent most of the winter searching for the right E39 M5.  I was looking for a late build 2003 with less than 60k on the clock and I would not settle for a car without a service history.  I searched for quite some time and began to think that my criteria may have limited my choices so much that I either wouldn't find my car or I had to pay thru the nose for a garage queen.  Fortunately I found my car (exact color, trim, mods) on the EAG site.  I called Eric immediately and figured that having a complete service history was just  too much to expect.  He had all documents in hand including the window sticker, and had previously sold this same car.  I didn't even discuss the price as I found what I wanted. Eric drove the car back and forth to work a few days, had his techs look it over closely and make any recommendations in order to make this car perfect. I had sway bar links, control arms, & Dinan tune all done prior to shipping.  Eric gave me a great deal on parts and labor and even talked me out of some maintenance items.  He also pointed me in the direction of great financing (PenFed Credit Union).  Shipping was a breeze, paperwork easy--thank you Victoria, and the car showed up exactly when I was told it would.  I had a post purchase inspection done and there were two issues that came up.  I was reluctant to make a big deal about it as I was the one who didn't fly to Cincy to inspect it myself and the deal was already done.  I called Eric about what had been found and he immediately made things right.  No hesitation at all.  I was surprised but really shouldn't have been. These guys are so honest that it makes you feel bad for being skeptical in the least.  The service I got was nothing short of amazing and I am sure I will be back.  I challenge anyone to get this kind of service from a BMW dealer or a private party. I have put about a thousand miles on the car and it is fantastic.  I am happy to run errands and seem to find the long way home every time. Thanks to Eric, Evan and all at EAG.
06 Jun. Jon Florada
I remember driving back and forth to school every day as a teen and seeing a gray M3 parked in the hospital parking lot for everyone to see and admire.  It definitely caught my eye and as soon as I found out it was an “M3,” I knew I had to have one…someday. Five years later I finally had the opportunity to test drive one at a local dealership and it blew me away!  One quick drive and my heart was set on that car.  Unfortunately, it was still out of reach with a high price tag, so I settled for a 328i.  It was a great car, but nowhere close to an M3.  Four years later, I was finally in a position where I wanted a new car and a used M3 was definitely within reach.  However, with so many horror stories about abuse and mechanical failures, I was definitely hesitant to pull the trigger…especially with a car over the internet that I hadn't seen or driven.   Then I found Enthusiast Auto Group.  I had searched online for a few months and looked over a couple of their cars thinking “these are some really clean M3's.”  One day I finally saw the one I was looking for – a Silver Gray over Imola Red M3 with 6 speed MT and 19” wheels – so I decided to give them a call.  Evan picked up and was so helpful / informative.  He physically walked over to the car and gave me every single detail about it; not just the good either – he pointed out its flaws as well!  He said they believed in “full disclosure” and that is exactly what they gave.  We spent a couple days emailing back and forth, and after reading all of the other great reviews about them I knew this was the car I wanted to buy and Enthusiast Auto Group was the place I wanted to buy it from.  I sent Evan my deposit and booked a plane ticket the very next day.  When I arrived at the airport, Victoria (his office manager) was there to pick me up and take me to my car.  When I arrived at the office, all of my paperwork was ready to go and lined up on the counter.  The car itself looked and drove exactly as Evan had described – a very pleasant surprise since most dealers are always trying to hide something to lure you in and make a sale.  I spent over an hour and a half looking over the car and even test driving others to compare.  Even with all of my nit-picking, Evan was eager to please and make whatever fixes/adjustments/accommodations that were requested.  A few signatures on several dotted lines and I was officially the owner of my dream car!  I had an eight hour drive ahead of me, but it was going to be the best eight hour drive of my life!The good experience doesn't stop there.  The next day I had a problem with the master key and some other minor things.  I contacted Evan about them and he was more than willing to do whatever he needed to do to make sure I was completely satisfied.  It was so refreshing to see that my satisfaction was still as important after the sale as it was prior to me getting there.  Enthusiast Auto Group is without a doubt the “needle” in a “haystack” full of wheelers, dealers, and stealers.  Their inventory is impressive, their prices are extremely competitive, and their work ethic is unmatched.  I would not hesitate to buy from them again and encourage anyone looking for a new ‘M' to start and end their search with Enthusiast Auto Group.                 
01 Jun. David Coker
It's been two weeks since I purchased my first BMW.  A 1998 E36 M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It's also been two weeks since I did something I thought I would never do.... Buy a high mileage car (greater than 100k miles) from a company I've never dealt with & without a prior test drive.  How I came to do this despite my very skeptical & cynical nature speaks volumes of the type of person Eric is. I've been stalking the EAG website for the past year after coming across them in one of the Bimmer forums.  I have long been an admirer of the E46 M3 and have been looking for an affordable one for me to begin taking high performance driving classes (I've had an interest in high performance driving for a long time but only recently decided to jump into the fray myself).  After browsing them & other websites  I realized that the E46 was a bit more than I was willing to invest at this time, especially being a beginner in the sport.  I then began to look at the E36 M3 and found these to be more in line with what I was willing to invest. Approximately  3 weeks ago, EAG advertised a black E36 M3  with mods & 109K miles. I had reservations due to hearing that BMW's could be quite temperamental when not maintained well & with higher mileage.  I sent an e-mail to EAG asking them about there criteria for obtaining & selling high mileage BMW's.  Within 2 hours I received a 3 paragraph, in-depth response to my question from Eric.  The response was so in-depth & honest that I was taken aback & was convinced that I was getting the best quality vehicle my money could buy.  He invited me to call him so we could talk more in-depth.  I called him a few days later, expressing interest in the car but found out that the car was now a pending sale & no longer available.  He then told me about another vehicle that was stock, slightly more expensive with slightly less miles (103K).  He promptly sent me several pictures of the vehicle along with the vehicle work order for maintenance & repairs they were performing before the vehicle's sale.  I reviewed all & an hour later, I called Eric back & told him I was going to go for it & gave a deposit on the car.  I live in Michigan & have a hectic work schedule & knew that several trips to Cincinnati weren't going to be possible.  I also told Eric I wanted a few modifications installed & he gave me advice on what were good quality options for this vehicle.  Three days later i drove 5 hours to EAG and met Eric in person.  The car looked even better than in the photos & didn't look like a 100K mile car at all.  I was given a thick folder of all the maintanence records from the previous owner (very comforting indeed).    All the mods were installed prior to arrival.  On final inspection of the vehicle's engine compartment, Eric found a hose that didn't look in the best of condition & he spoke to his technician about replacing it before my drive back.  During the 30 minutes waiting for this to be done,I met Eric's brother Evan who educated me on some of the idiosyncracies of my vehicle, including the correct way to get in & out of the seats to avoid wear & tear on them (who knew?).  With the hose replaced, I hit the road for my 5 hour trip back to Michigan.  The drive home took 6 hours due to being stuck in Ohio rush hour traffic but I didn't mind one bit :). In the 2 weeks since owning this car, I've gotten several looks & compliments on the vehicle & it's fun to see people's surprised look when the learn it's a '98.  My friend who drives a Z3 & is very knowledgeable about high performanance driving took my car through it's paces & he was thoroughly impressed with the car's performance & condition & complimented me on such a solid investment.  This was the most risky purchase I've ever made & I have no regrets or sleepless nights about it. The fact that they want the "right to first refusal" if I decide to sell my vehicle is very indicative of how much they stand by the quality of their vehicles.  I've already e-mailed Eric twice regarding some general questions about my vehicle and he has been very reponsive & informative with his replies.  I'm definitely going to make EAG my first choice when I finally decide to upgrade to the E46 M3.  Looking forward to exploring the limits of my new ride.  Thank you Eric & the staff at EAG.
25 May. Barton Scotland
Was looking for an M Roadster for several weeks when I came across Enthusiast Auto on the internet.  They had a pair of 2001 M Roadies in stock.  Eric took the time to explain the cars to me in detail and emailed me a ton of pictures.  Eric was completely transparent on the strengths of the cars and also explained any issues that needed to be addressed.  His knowledge of BMW's and M performance cars in particular is amazing.  After our discussion I was convinced this was the dealership and people I wanted to deal with.  I arrived the following Saturday, the car was exactly as Eric described. No surprises or any issues that I could tell.  Took it for a test drive and bought the car on the spot.  Just that morning Eric explained to me the car was shooting a soft code, the fuel trim wasn't correct.  He apologized and said they would get the code fixed and deliver the car to me and hour and a half away.  Unless Eric told me there was a problem I would have never known, you expect things like this with a ten year old car.  EAG's staff worked on the car, spent a lot of time and money they didn't have to, and presented me with a car that absolutely needed nothing.  How refreshing to deal with someone with so much passion for his cars.  Would I buy from EAG again?  Absolutely. Anyone looking for a performance BMW should start their search with Enthusiast Auto. 
12 May. Mike Ross
I wanted to take a few minutes and write something about my experience purchasing a 2002 M5 from Eric at Enthusiast Auto Group.  This was the first time I've ever purchased a vehicle over the phone, having only seen photos of the car and never having driven it.  At first I had a lot of trepidation about buying a car without having the chance to "kick the tires" from someone I'd never met, from a dealership several states away.  But after multiple phone calls with Eric I finally felt comfortable enough to go forward with purchasing the car and I can tell you that it was a great decision; had I known about Eric and his dealership before I'd probably be driving my third or fourth car from him, not my first. Eric was very patient during the whole process, and was always available to entertain my questions via phone or email.  The fact that Eric is an owner of the dealership, and not just a salesman, made me that much more comfortable.  And he was very up front about every aspect of the car, including some minor cosmetic defects (the kind that most sales people would not disclose).  He also verified everything he said about the car with multiple photographs of the vehicle, inside and out, from virtually every angle.  He also provided me with copies of the work orders for the preventative maintenance he was performing on the car to insure that it was in top shape when I received it.  He spent a lot of time on the phone with me delineating what he anticipated would be the maintenance items the car would need for the foreseeable future.  Clearly, he knows BMW M cars very well! When the car arrived it was in even better condition than described.  I has asked Eric to have some paint work done where the car had minor blemishes.  There was a little bit of a delay in getting the car because Eric was not completely satisfied with the paint and wanted it to be perfect.  The slight delay was a small price to pay because the finished product greatly exceeded my expectations.  And driving the car has been an absolute blast! It is my pleasure to highly endorse and recommend EAG to anyone considering purchasing a BMW, especially an M car.  EAG is basically the anti-dealership.  No haggling, no back and forth between a salesman and finance manager, no half truths about the car's condition.  Eric asks for the right of first refusal on all of his cars, which tells me that he is confident enough about the condition of his cars when they leave his hands to want them back.  If I ever sell my M5 (hard to imagine right now, I can't stop driving the car!) I'll certainly be happy to ship it back to OH and have Eric send the truck back with another of his cars! Cheers,
04 May. G. William Lazenby IV
I have bought 1 BMW from a used car dealer, 2 brand new BMWs, 3 used BMWs from private parties, and 1 from Enthusiast Auto Group.  I think it is worth separating my experience with you from any other group because it was the epitome of what buying a car should be like.  Every BMW dealership should have the enthusiasm you have.  The cars you carry are second to none.  I have never had a car buying experience like this, and although you may be sad to see an amazing 2006 M3 leave your lot, you have a customer for life.  My 5 hr drive home left me with absolutely no regrets.  Thank you.
28 Apr. Jared Squires
When buying a pre-owned performance car, it is very uncommon to deal with people who are true enthusiasts.  I struggled with this fact while searching for my M3 as most salesmen seemed to be more concerned with how “ice cold” the a/c was.  After stumbling upon EAG, it was refreshing to talk with their staff about cars as I would talk with any of my enthusiast friends.  Their specialty knowledge of M-Cars is very reassuring.  Prior to buying the car, they sent me a ton of pictures of the car that accurately represented its condition as well as scans of the vehicle history report.  There weren't any surprises when I arrived to purchase the vehicle, and all of the paperwork was ready to go.  I would recommend EAG to anyone looking for a high quality, no stories M-Car.  My 06' Dinan Signature M3, equipped with the competition package, is absolutely everything I had hoped to find and more.
20 Apr. Elliott Burdwood
I'm the new owner of a beautiful 1989 E30 M3.  I couldn't be happier with the car and with Enthusiast Auto's support. I approached this purchase with some trepidation.  I'd coveted an E30 M3 for years but worried that my desire to get a pristine car had led me to pay a significant premium to acquire that car from EA.  None of those worries were justified; the value Enthusiast Auto added more than compensated for any amount above and beyond what a private owner would have charged.  Everyone at Enthusiast Auto was unfailingly professional, responsive, supportive and very knowledgeable about this rare car; they exemplified the concept of “added value.”  EA even volunteered to perform $1,900 worth of preventive maintenance and parts replacements after we'd settled on the financial parameters of our deal.  I highly recommend Enthusiast Auto to other potential BMW purchasers and would go out of my way to do business with them again.
18 Apr. Bill Howard
I had nearly given up on getting an E36 M3 because clean examples in good condition seemed impossible to find or it was too difficult to coordinate the purchase.  Finding a recommendation for Enthusiast Auto Group online led me to the website and it was easy from there.  Eric answered all my questions via email and a few phone calls.  He also helped narrow down which car would be best suited for how I intended to use it.   So I flew out one morning, got picked up at the airport, and arrived at EAG.  The paperwork was ready, the car was washed, and I was soon driving home to NY.  In the few weeks since that first drive, the car has been awesome!    Thank you EAG, the whole purchase process has been easy, straightforward, and everyone there has been very helpful. 
18 Apr. John Wiley
Last year I began a search for what I always considered to be the best all-around driver's car short of the exotic car market, that is a low-mileage, unmodified E46 M3. Coming from the MINI community and a modified Cooper S, I did not want to begin my M3 ownership with someone else's upgrades decisions. My initial search focused on Long Island and within the metro NYC area, as I wanted to be able to put my hands on the car and personally gauge its condition. After failing to find one locally that did not have issues, I turned to the internet for my search. I was soon able to find what appeared to be a number of nice M3s, which were located in Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee and Florida. All but one was located at a traditional BMW dealership. After numerous calls and e-mails, it was clear that the dealerships' sales staff were not able to accurately give me a detailed assessment of their vehicles. My questions were always met with “I'll talk to the techs” and the responses were always short on detail. Ultimately as my frustration grew and confidence in buying a car over the internet sight unseen lessened, I came across what were many positive reviews of Enthusiast Auto. My first call to Enthusiast Auto was in December about '05 Interlagos Blue M3. Eric asked if I had some time and when I said yes, he went outside and gave me a 20 minute inspection report over the phone on the M3. Eric was always willing to answer my follow-up calls with equal detail and honesty. While I passed on that M3 (mileage was a bit high and the M3 had a few mods that were not to my taste), Eric was not annoyed after much effort on his part and the lack of a sale. We stayed in-touch of the following weeks, talking about the various cars he had in stock. Then in early February, Eric let me know that they were about to obtain something that he thought I would be interested in, a nicely optioned '05 Alpine White M3 with only 9,700miles! A few days later the car arrived at their shop and I was sent numerous photos of the M3. Based upon Eric's assurance that this was probably the nicest E46 M3 currently on the market, I took the plunge and scheduled to pick the car up during the February school break. On the day of delivery I arrived at the shop early and  Eric and his crew were busy wrapping up the final detailing of the M3. The M3 was just as described, basically two very minor stone chips short of a brand new car. Eric was able to provide me with a compact spare and jack for my 700-mile trip back home and I was on my way. The M3 is everything I had hoped for. Co-workers are amazed that it is a six year old car. EAG has remained a resource post sale just as he said he would. During my search with Enthusiast Auto, Eric always reminded me that if I ever thought about selling the M3, he wanted to be first in line to buy it back. If all goes according to my plan, he will probably be waiting quite a while.
18 Apr. Mark Bocamazo
When searching for a unique and special car, local doesn't always yield results.  You must look far and wide as I did while looking for the perfect S54 M Coupe.  I have never purchased a car without driving it let alone seeing it in person! Enthusiast Auto Group made what could have been a nightmare…a total pleasure.  They only stock the best of the best. Eric was more than helpful after my original inquiry. He walked me through the cars' particulars patiently and with great detail. No pressure, just applicable and appropriate information. I made my own decision and am so very glad I did. I am in San Diego and they took care of the shipping arrangements. The car arrived a mere 2 days later!  A dealer such as Enthusiast must pull their focused customers from all over and I will just say that if you are a distance, you can rest assured with your decision to go with Enthusiast.  I LOVE my M Coupe!  Thanks!
06 Apr. David Skelley
I had been looking for a 2003 BMW M5 for about two years. Living in southern California I thought it would  be an easy task.But needless to say finding one with low miles and in great shape with maintenance/service records proved to be a real chore. After dealing with one long distance experience (flying to Texas), and being extremely mislead and flying back, I figured it wasn't meant to be. I came across EAG,s website and noticed what a great collection of BMW M series cars they had. The miles were fairly low and the pictures and car histories all sounded very good. But here I was 2000 miles away, and the last thing I wanted was another long distance disappointment. After viewing the website more in detail, I decided to call. Eric answered the phone and I had a great 30 min. conversation with him. His knowledge of the M5,s was incredible. He thoroughly answered every question  I had. He sent me about 30 detailed  pictures of the car that I was  interested in and followed up with an email. Never was there any high pressure or typical car sales "BS".  We spoke on and off for a few weeks and something told me this was the guy and the car. My friends and family told me I was crazy buying a car 2000 miles away sight unseen in person. I went ahead with the transaction and wired EAG the money. The car was shipped to me and I had possession within a few weeks. When the car arrived I couldn't believe what fantastic shape and condition the car was in. The pictures he had sent me did not do the car justice. The 2003 Sterling Grey  BMW M5 with Caramel interior with 29,000 miles looked and smelled practically new, and drove even better. The whole buying process was very smooth and Eric and Evan and the entire EAG team did a great job for me. The car drives unbelievable and I get compliments and raves where ever I go with it. People cant believe the car is 8 years old. Thanks again guys, EAG provided an enjoyable buying experience for a customer 2000 miles away. Your honesty and integrity is second to none. Your highly recommended in my book.
04 Apr. Dan Jacus
Just wanted to write a note thanking Enthusiast Auto Group, especially Eric on a great purchasing experience.  I purchased a 2003 M5 and the car was delivered in a condition that exceeded my expectations.  For anybody out there with a hesitation to buying a car from EAG they haven't seen in person then I hope this helps to put those fears to rest.  This was my first time purchasing a car sight unseen, (except for the many, many photos provided!) and it couldn't have been better.  Eric made the process smooth- from paperwork, customization/upgrades of the car, to payment and delivery to my home in North Carolina.   EAG was as advertised; professional, experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly they have integrity.  I look forward to my next M with Enthusiast Auto Group!
09 Mar. Jeffrey Zieziula
Eric and Evan have procured some of the finest Motorsport vehicles from around the country and they go through a fine tooth comb before they hit their website.  If there is any premium they attach to these premium automobiles, they go above and beyond to make sure they're worth it.  I came to Enthusiast Auto with confidence and left with even more when I drove away in my '02 DinanS2 M5. Thanks, guys.
15 Feb. Leroy Van Veld
My previous foray into the world of BMW M cars had been one that was wrought with disappointments and problems.  The car I purchased ended up having the engine fail not once, not twice, but three times during the course of my ownership.  The first was due to oil pump nut defect that US spec E36 M3s are known for, and the subsequent failures were due to the poor quality of service my car received when the engine was rebuilt.  In the end the vehicle ended up being more of an obligation rather than a source of enjoyment.  This was an experience I did not wish to repeat. My primary goal when I began to search again for a M vehicle was to find one in absolutely perfect condition from a source that would be 100% trustworthy.  Cost was secondary to my desire for complete satisfaction in the product I would be purchasing.  I had heard of Enthusiast Auto Group via a local BMW M group that I am involved in and decided to do a bit more research of my own into the business.  After hours of meticulous research about EAG I could find nothing but positive reviews of the company online. Feeling confident that I had found the car I was interested in at EAG and that the company was worthy enough of my business, I called EAG and spoke to Evan.  Thus started what to me was one of the most peculiar yet compelling sales discussions I have ever been a part of.  Instead of the usual BS that one encounters in the car business about the “features” of the vehicle I was interested in, Evan instead went over what he considered to be all the imperfections of the car I wanted, along with a promise to email pictures of all the parts he considered to be problem areas.  Feeling confident in my purchase, I made a deposit and arrangements to head to Ohio that week. Frankly when I arrived at EAG, I was stunned.  The car was exactly what I had wanted, a pristine example of an E39 M5.  The car had been cleaned, detailed, and was up on a lift ready for my inspection.  I was invited to go over every inch of the car with a light, which I did, and I wasn't let down in the slightest.  The only issue I could find (a stuck climate control button that was likely due to the detailing) was fixed immediately and without delay, question, or cost.  The snow tires I had ordered through Tire Rack to EAG were installed and I was ready to go right away.   I would have no second thoughts in recommending EAG to others interested in acquiring a M car as I know they won't be let down.  I actually already began talking to my brother's girlfriend who is interested in the S54 Z3M Coupe and telling her what a good decision she would be making in going with EAG.  I consider her to be family, and I would certainly never want to send someone like that down the wrong path.  I had an opportunity before I left to tour the lot with Evan where I saw what has to be the best collections of for sale M cars available.  Every model there was in perfect condition with unique options catering to every type of enthusiast in the marquee. Simply put, if you want M, you want Enthusiast Auto Group.
09 Feb. Andrew Lindvig
Unlike other buyers my search wasn't that long and I credit that to Eric and his team at EAG. I decided since it was a milestone birthday this year and I knew there was a bonus coming I wanted to treat myself and began looking at E39 M5's. I did my research, scoured the M5Board and all online classifieds. I knew what I wanted, had my colors chosen and other requirements for my car decided. Eric saw my post and advised that they had a car coming in that fit my requirements, an 03 Lemans Blue. Well after many long calls and numerous emails to him, the poor guy, discussing the car and its need for proper care and feeding, its expensive appetite for maintenance I planned a trip out to Ohio. In the meantime I drove, looked at and picked apart a number of prospects locally getting "my feet wet". My interest grew though in a different car Eric had on his lot an 03 Chiaretto Red M5. He sent me 40 or so additional pictures, gave me some history on the car and it peaked my interest even more but I could tell it was a color that required a hands-on visual inspection. I decided it was worth the trip but he wasn't sure if the LeMans Blue would land in time for me to see both cars. I decided it was worth the chance. I offered Eric a deposit and he would not accept it until we completed a verbal 360 degree walkthrough of the car and he had his mechanics re-inspect to provide me a triaged list of fixes. His comment was "the mechanics forgot how clean this car was" and the list consisted of long-term proactive fixes NOTHING required immediate attention. So I arrived on a rainy Thursday and they had the car inside and polished up and of all things the LeMans Blue M5 had come in the day before and was being prepped. My attention was focused on the Chiaretto and as soon as I saw it and when he turned it over I knew that was the one. It was in much better shape than he described and we walked under the car with him pointing out the "known issues" all E39 M5's are susceptible to and it was nice to confirm as his mechanic stated there was no immediate attention required. I did look over the LeMans Blue and still kept going back to the Chiaretto Red M5.  So fast forward to the paperwork and I had decided to have some pro-active and upgrade work performed as I would not have the time to do the improvements myself and once again the EAG team didn't let me down. Prices were VERY fair and work performed very quickly. He even set me up with a front bumper repaint and wheel refinishing ensuring a nearly brand new car, talk about a 1 stop shop! To also prove what a standup guy he is, the rearview mirror was suffering from the "bubble", as they all do, and he offered to cover that even after we settled as the car had experienced the issue while it was at their facility. That saved me some money and he gained my respect. Due to my schedule and in light of the requested upgrades and improvements, I decided, and Eric suggested I have the car shipped. They even helped to arrange that for me via a single car enclosed trailer. I couldn't wait for it to be delivered I was anxiously waiting this beast like a kid on Christmas Eve. Two weeks later, the car was here and being rolled off the carrier, I was crazy worried about the quality of the paintwork and refinishing. To my surprise and excitement the paintwork on the bumper and the refinished wheels looked amazing as he said they would and the wet sanding brought out the depth of color, it was truly like looking at a new car. The next day I brought it for the state safety and emissions inspection as I wanted to get it done before any winter weather hit. The car sailed through both even with 62k miles. The shop was amazed and they "knew for sure" being a BMW and an "M" they said they would find something wrong. The inspector talked me up for 30mins about the car and gave me a thumbs up that he doesn't see many 2009 cars that clean let alone a 2003 come in there.  So now I have to admit this was the most fun I ever had buying a car and I have bought a lot of cars. I know I probably could have found a car that was less expensive, but for me it's all about trust and knowledge. Eric and his team have earned my trust, gained my respect and provided me with their knowledge and expertise; those were invaluable to me and no other place I went to had those qualities. This made it all worth the price. Now for the bad news, I do have 2 regrets; one that it will be a while before I can go shopping with them again and that EAG is so far away that I can't use them for ongoing service work. Thanks again guys. Keep up the good work, you have a customer for life!
09 Feb. Mark Celie
My 1995 M3 was recently totaled on the way home from work.  Fortunately, I was not hurt, but was very angry the dream car I had owned and loved for 10 years was a goner.  At first I thought I was ready for something different so I began searching for Porsche Boxsters as well as another M3.  In the next two weeks I came to the conclusion that M3's hold their value a lot better than Boxsters and at the time, all of the Boxsters for sale were, shall we say, “auction whores”?  An Internet search led me to a beautiful 1997 Arctic Silver M3 at Enthusiast Auto Group.  This car was the same color as my dead 1995 and had quite a few desirable performance upgrades. I live close enough that I was able to pay a visit to see the car in person.  Eric and I had already spoken about the car a couple of time on the phone.  I fancied myself an expert on M3's, having owned the 1995 for ten years and having spent hours on the E36M3 list and various enthusiasts' web sites.  I found Eric to be just as much of enthusiast, but far more of an expert on M3's.  He was particularly well versed on the differences between the ‘95 and ‘97 models. The test drive convinced me that this was my new car.  Eric made some very, very helpful suggestions during our pre-purchase discussion.  The insurance settlement on the '95 M3 gave me the option of swapping out a set of wheels and tires on the dead 1995 which had snow tires on it at the time of its death.  I had a set of nice aftermarket wheels with bald tires I could use for the swap but I wanted to hang onto them since they would be fine for the new car.  Eric suggested purchasing some used “junk wheels” to use for the swap, allowing me to keep the good wheels. Eric didn't have any “junk” wheels, but recommend I shop around.  A few calls back home in Indianapolis, and I had my junk wheels for $200.  This was a shop that worked on my 1995.  When I told him I was buying a '97 from EAG he smiled and spoke highly of their handsome inventory. The other recommendation Eric made was that I add a Rogue Engineering Short Shift kit and have it installed before delivery.  I am really glad I took this advice.  This really improves the shift action in these cars.  I can't believe I drove my '95 M3 for ten years without one.   The price I paid for this car was very fair too.  This was evident not only from the beautiful condition of the car and from how well it drove from Cincinnati to Indianapolis, but from something else I discovered a few days later.  When I was going through and discarding all of my internet car-search printouts, I discovered a private seller listing dated the day I totaled my M3 for the very car I purchased from EAG!  Eric had provided a list of all the work EAG performed on the car before offering it for sale along with the maintenance history provided by the previous owner.  Let's just say when I added the cost of the EAG work to the private seller's asking price, there was no doubt whatsoever that I got an excellent deal!
17 Jan. Kevin McLeaster
If you are in the market for a pre-owned M car, look no further than Enthusiast Auto Group.  Eric and the group and EAG are the authorities on anything ///M.  Whether it's sales, service, performance, or racing, they will have the answer.      I have worked in BMW service and sales and after talking with Eric over the phone, I had no hesitation purchasing a car from Enthusiast Auto Group.  They have the same passion and "enthusiasm" that I have with my ///M cars so I knew I was talking to the right group of people.   They are very down-to-earth and honest about everything they do and are excited to pass on the excitement to customers.   I look forward to a long relationship with Enthusiast Auto Group and do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  They also have a great office manager!
10 Jan. Tim Severine
Enthusiast Auto delivered me an unusually high value service while at the same time provided first-rate, personalized customer service.  In today's business environment, that is truly a rare find, which is why I can't imagine not doing business with these guys again.  Thank you, Eric.
22 Dec. Jason Duggan
I recently purchased my e36 M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group and let me tell you, it was by far the fastest and smoothest car buying experience I have ever had.  I can only say this because the entire time I was there (which really wasn't very long), it did not feel like I was at a typical "dealership".  The owners, Evan and Eric, are not your typical salesman, oh no, they are just die-hard car enthusiasts who have a passion for BMW M cars, and that passion is visible in their knowledge of these cars and their treatment of you.  They were up front and honest right from the get-go about the car I was buying, so I did not have to worry about coming home and finding a major "surprise".  They took great care to inform me of every aspect of my car, which is something most dealerships will not do.  I am confident to say that my next car purchase will be from these guys.  If you love M cars as much as I do, do yourself a favor and visit these guys when you plan on buying your next one.
03 Dec. Arvind Rao
Exactly one year ago in November 2009, my wife and I decided that it was time for me to buy an e36 m3 and make it a dedicated track car.  Since I had met Eric and Evan earlier that year at Mid-Ohio, I decided to give them a call.  After explaining what I was looking for, Eric told me that EAG had the perfect car for me.  A 1993 E36 white 332i.  Originally a 325i, upgraded to a M3 3.2L in-line six with M3 manual transmission.  The car seemed right; the price seemed right too.  Plus it had tons of mods already.  From the 3.5" euro air intake, Remus headers and Stromung muffler, lightweight flywheel, GC coilovers, bigger sway bars, to M3 front brakes.  It also looked like an M3 with M3 bumpers, side skirts, and mirrors.  Eric took the time to go over the car with me in great details highlighting all the modifications.  I put down a deposit and bought the car the next day.  The transformation from a street car to a track car was my best winter project ever.  Still, while preparing the car, I discovered that the cross-member holding the rear subframe needed to be replaced as parts of it were completely rusted (not good when you are building a track car).  This was a complete surprise.  I called Eric to let him know of the issue and my disappointment.  I remember Eric asking me what it would take to make me a satisfied customer.  At the end, the car was repaired and EAG was awesome through this ordeal.  I have the greatest respect for these guys.  Integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction is certainly an accurate way to describe them.  Anyway, many upgrades later (big radiator, stiffer bushings, diff, control arms, etc..), the car is now a lightweight 2680 lb bullet with a 8-pt cage, race seats and 6-pt harness.  The car has performed flawlessly all year at Putnam, Mid-Ohio, and VIR. So when I decided to sell my 2004 E46 M3 in October 2010 and buy another E36 M3, I did not hesitate and contacted Eric at EAG.  He was interested to see my M3.  I took it in for a thorough inspection.  While I was there, Eric showed me this beautiful 1998 Dakar Yellow M3 with 80K miles on it.  The paint was immaculate.  It was obvious to me that the car had never gone through a car wash.  Not a scratch on the paint.  The engine bay was super clean with tasty mods.  The interior was also in pristine condition.  It looked like the car had been in a show room all this time.  Many emails later, and a thorough inspection of the Dakar yellow, we had agreed on a purchase price for the E46 and a sale price for the E36.  These guys make it really easy!The car has been a pleasure to drive.  It has been over a month, and I still look forward to get behind the wheel.  The Dakar Yellow has so much character and attitude.  I love it.  Of course, I had to tweak it to make it perfect…  So I put a Euro three-spoke steering wheel in it, hardwired my iPod, GPS, and radar detector.  Plus I installed the Xenon headlights from the track car! Thanks again Eric and Evan for two great experiences!   I don't know when I will be buying another car, but you are certainly top of my list.
30 Nov. Gerard Buisson
I'd been on and off searching for my dream car (E46 M3 ZCP) for about a year and a half.  Thankfully, I ran across Enthusiast Auto one day on AutoTrader.  The first thing I noticed was EAG's list of hard-to-find BMWs.  Browsing through their inventory lead me to a 2006 M3 ZCP Silver with black interior, and Navigation.  Looking at the pictures and description, the M3 appeared to have been babied.  A one owner car with low miles in excellent condition. I shot an email over to EAG requesting more information on the car, this was on a Saturday.  Within an hour I received an email from Eric with detailed photos showing any minor imperfections of the car, a history report, and maintenance records!  I was surprised to receive such a prompt response with such detail.  I spent the remainder of the weekend thinking of the car. The following Monday I called Eric.  Extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, and no pressure or BS sales tactics - we spoke on the phone for close to an hour.  Before hanging up the phone I knew that this M3 was for me.  I spent the next day or two thinking about how I found my dream car, albeit a 1,000 miles away, and how I was seriously considering buying it without even a test drive. Spoke with Eric again and he put my mind (and nerves) at ease by sending me, as per my request, more detailed photos of the car.  He even walked up to the car with me on the phone going over every minute detail and explaining any work they'd performed on the car to make her sale-ready.  He and Evan (brothers/EAG owners) both also test drove the car.  I received a thorough explanation on how the whole purchase transaction works.  I decided to make my deposit right then and there over the phone.  After completing the paper work and getting the financial matters taken care of, my new (to me) M3 was loaded into an enclosed trailer and shipped! Unfortunately during shipping, the M3 rubbed up against the enclosed trailer's wheel well causing some damage to the driver side rocker panel.  In an effort to minimize any further damage, the transporter spent a good two hours carefully jacking the car up and moving her inch by inch away from the trailer wheel well.  Once there was enough clearance, the transporter drove the M3 out of the trailer.  Luckily the damage was minimal and confined to the side rocker panel.  Eric from EAG and the transport company's owner called and apologized and assured me that all repair costs would be 100% covered.  Within no time I had a brand new side rocker panel installed by my local BMW dealer at no cost to me. It has been an absolute pleasure working with EAG.  Without hesitation I'd recommend EAG to anyone looking for a quality used BMW.  Their full disclosure policy, rigorous standards, integrity, commitment to excellence, and professionalism ensured that I'd be a repeat customer.  Thanks for the amazing M3!
15 Nov. Rafael Rodriguez
Since high school I have dreamed of the E46 M3.  My dream came true after being involved in accident which totaled my '01 330Ci.  I was in the market for a new car, and an upgrade was in order.  While searching the internet nightly for over two months while recovering from my injuries, I stumbled upon Enthusiast Auto and their inventory of M cars.  A particular Alpine White E46 brought me to their page, and I was intrigued by their selection of E46 M3's.  Wanting to know more about Enthusiast Auto's operation, I placed a call.  My initial conversation was with Eric, and he patiently answered my queries.  Eric thoroughly explained how the cars on his lot are selected, and how cars with any negative history aren't even considered for his inventory.   After thirty minutes on the phone with Eric, I was sold on their operation and professionalism as well as their knowledge of the "M" brand and BMW in general.   I was sold on Enthusiasts operation, now it was time to choose a car.  I inquired about two cars in particular; the Alpine White E46, and an Imola Red E46.  Eric sent me high resolution photos of both cars within minutes, and now I needed some time to ponder the big choice ahead of me.  I went with my first choice of the Alpine White on Black Napa and couldn't be happier.  I left their facility feeling as though I had just bought a new car.  The condition of the vehicle exceeded my expectations which were high.  I always said I would never buy a car without first test driving it, but after researching Enthusiast Auto and talking with Eric, I quickly ate my words.  I highly recommend Enthusiast Auto to anyone looking for a worry free transaction, and high quality product! Thank you Eric and Evan! Your Fellow Enthusiast,
09 Nov. Mark Kim
All I can say to Enthusiast Auto is "Thank You".  Your services and wisdom helped me purchased the car of my dreams.  After returning home from my deployment in Afghanistan, I begin to probe around on for a low mileage BMW M3.  Fortunately, I was able to find the ad for Enthusiast Auto Group on Autotrader.  After viewing the inventory menu on the Enthusiast Auto web site, I notice a low mileage 2006 Interlagos Blue M3 Competition Package.  From there on I knew this car have to be in my possession.  I commuted for eight and a half hours from Atlanta to Cincinnati to pick up this beast.  After a test drive this car was better than what I expected, it literally drives like a brand new car.  Evan and the Enthusiast Auto Group family are true enthusiasts when it comes to their vehicles.  I highly recommend anyone seeking for a BMW to go Evan or Eric trust me you won't be disappointed.
27 Oct. Richard Sihachack
I had been searching for an e39 BMW M5 for several weeks when I came upon Enthusiast Auto Group.  I was skeptical to purchase a car half way across the country, but decided to call.  After speaking with Eric for over an hour, I was blown away by the professionalism and knowledge on M series BMW's.  Eric sent over even more detailed pictures of the car and gave me a friendly follow up e-mail to see if I had further questions.  Absolutely no annoying calls, e-mails, no BS, or frantic mystery buyers lined up to buy the car. After spending a week contemplating the purchase, I called Eric again to explain my dilemma of purchasing a car, sight unseen from 1,000 miles away.  Again, absolutely no pressure, but just talking through the car and potential purchase. Needless to say, I took the leap of faith and bought the car.  Eric had the car detailed and ready to ship within one business day.  The car arrived two days later and I was blown away.  The car was actually in better condition than Eric described and I felt I purchased one of the best used e39 M5's in the country. As many of you know there is more to a car purchase than just the car.  The car speaks for itself and I simply could not be more happy.  What made me feel so good about the purchase was the expertise, knowledge and ease of the transaction. I have no hesitation to recommend purchasing a car from Eric and EAG sight unseen.  Thanks so much, you have another very satisfied customer.
18 Oct. Bryan Miller
I have been looking for a black BMW 328I coupe for quite a while when I found one at Enthusiast Auto.  The car appeared to be what I was looking for and the price was excellent.  I contacted Eric and right away he handled everything very professionally and reassured me that the car was in great condition.  He sent me 35 pictures of the car (every angle and view you could want) along with a picture of the VIN on the car and color code as well as a history report.  My credit union also ran a Carfax and they matched up perfectly.  I drove to Cincinnati still wondering if the drive was worth it - believe me it was.  When I saw it on the lot, drove it and questioned everything I could think of - I was sold.  Eric and Evan took care of every aspect of the deal and wanted to ensure that I was 100% pleased before I left.  I really felt taken care of - just like their website says "Integrity, honesty and full disclosure are the pillars of our business".  Great car guys – Thanks!
15 Oct. Ron Milligan
I came across Enthusiast Auto while searching for my replacement E46 M3.  At first I was a little skeptical, so I decided to call.  After talking to Eric, I was SOLD!!!  At that time I was very interested in a specific Alpine White E46 with cinnamon interior, it was sold the next day before I even had a chance.  Then a few weeks later, after check on their website to see if another Alpine White M3 was available, I felt it must have been my luck, they had it!  So I called Eric inquired about the vehicle, and he thought it was available.  I left a deposit, with both Eric and myself not knowing that his brother had sold the car.  Eric called me back later that day to break the bad news to me, but lucky me he had another Alpine White E46 M3 sitting on his lot!  The transaction was great.  The knowledge of Eric and his team at Enthusiast Auto was outstanding.  Eric filled me in on every detail of the vehicle.  Eric went out of his way to make sure that I would have this vehicle in my garage.  He even went the extra mile to ship my car in an enclosed 1 car box that following week, which normally takes an average two weeks to set up.  I highly recommend Enthusiast Auto Group to anyone who is looking to purchase any M3's,M5's or any car from this dealer.  Eric is the person to talk to.  Once again, THANK YOU ERIC & ENTHUSIAST AUTO GROUP for the beautiful car you guys sold me.
09 Oct. Matt Tran
When I finally decided to buy an M3 I came across Eric and Evan at Enthusiast Auto.  Right away I was impressed with their professionalism and the passion they held for selling only the best cars.  They had the car I was looking for on the lot and after a lot of helpful communication I drove from Charleston, SC to come and take a look.  The car was everything they described and more.  It was an easy decision to purchase the car and I am very glad that I did.  The whole experience with Enthusiast Auto was great and if I ever decided to purchase another beautiful BMW I know where I will go.   Sincerely,Dan
04 Oct. Daniel Faherty
I had been wanting an E46 M3 for years and finally the opportunity arrived when I could make it happen.  I searched the local dealers and websites for months, but could never find one with the options that I wanted or that wasn't abused.  I came to terms with the fact that I'd probably have to go out of state to find one. After many website searches, I found EAG and was surprised with the great selection they had.  I sent an email to them asking about a Silver-Grey E46 M3 that had caught my eye.  Shortly afterwards, I got an email from Eric with 35 detailed pictures of the car along with the history report.  No pressure, no annoying call-backs, no attempts to sell me something else.  I decided to hold off and wait for an Alpine White on Cinnamon M3 since that was the combination that really stood out to me.  Only a week later, I pulled up EAG's website and there it was.  A 2004 E46 M3 Alpine on Cinnamon, 6 speed with NAV, exactly what I'd been looking for. I quickly contacted Eric and again I got another email with 37 detailed pictures and the history report.  I called EAG to inquire more about the car and he answered every possible question before I had a chance to ask it.  The key point that sold me on the car was that Eric has such pride and confidence in the cars that they sell that he asked for the first right to buy it back after I was through with it.  Something I've never heard of from another dealer.  Also he wanted to paint the front bumper, replace the front brakes, replace the bushings and give it an alignment.  All after I said I was sold on the car.  No other dealer I ever worked with would put that amount of detail and attention into a car.  You really get the feeling that they are car enthusiasts and not just salesmen.   Needless to say, I was a bit scared in buying a car sight-unseen from 1,000 miles away but everything from the experience was professional, friendly and you could really tell that these guys are not out to just make a sale.  An online search will also show you that there are NO negative reviews of EAG, nothing but happy customers.  If I was going to buy a car from 1,000 miles away (Denver, CO), then I wanted to go for the full experience.  So the girlfriend and I flew to Cincinnati and EAG sent a driver to pick us up which is a 30 minute drive from the airport.  Again, I was impressed at the customer service since I was expecting that I'd have to rent a car and deal with that hassle, but EAG drove us from the airport right to the shop.  When we got there, my car was right in front of the shop getting thoroughly washed and cleaned. On the way back to Denver, the car was a blast to drive.  It even made the dull, flat drive across Kansas exciting!  Two weeks later and the car is still fantastic!  Since I bought an extended warranty for the car, I wanted to have it inspected to see if it needed any attention so I took it to a large BMW dealer in the Denver area.  The car did have 65k miles so I was expecting BMW to give me a two page list of things that needed to be “replaced” or “fixed”.  Sure enough, it got a clean bill of health with no issues whatsoever.  Another testament to the quality of cars that EAG offers. Thanks again Eric and Evan for a great experience.  I know exactly where I'm going for my next purchase!
27 Sep. Jamie Metzger
Having just totaled my beloved Technoviolet M3 convertible that I had purchased less than two years ago from a close friend of the Keller brothers, I knew my first stop on the quest  to replace what had been lost was Enthusiast Auto. What started off as a horrific weekend turned into the easiest, pressure free and most courteous BMW purchase of my entire life.  From the start and full history of the M3, to the full write up and pre purchase inspection given to me at no cost, the Keller brothers provided more than stellar service to a first time buyer, but long time looker! It was through sheer chance that EAG had found another Technoviolet M3 earlier this summer and had finally convinced the owner to close on a price just in time for me to suddenly be in need of a new M. It was merely days from totaling my Technoviolet convertible on Friday evening, to being handed the keys to a new Technoviolet Coupe on Tuesday afternoon! To say this was all planned out by some strange twist of fate would be an insult to fate herself! I am recommending Enthusiast Auto Group to everyone who asks where to shop for late model M cars. It's the place to go whether you're local to Cincinnati, or across the nation. The Keller brothers do not pressure you at any point in the sale of their vehicles, nor do they hold any details of their vehicles from you. They offer great M cars at reasonable prices. You will get exactly what you pay for, no smoke or mirrors, just hardcore M enthusiasts serving other M enthusiasts. Knowledgeable to a science about everything M and more than willing to offer every bit of advice that they feel will help you pick out the best M car, Eric and Evan define what it means to be an Enthusiast within the BMW community and I wish them continued success in their endeavor as it helps keep a fresh stock of gorgeous Ms ready in case one of us customers should find themselves in a terrible situation like my own. Keep up the great work you two, this enthusiast will be back for more!
25 Sep. Aaron Thomas
Well, I finally bought my first BMW, and I feel like you steered me well.  The 1989 e30 is a blast to drive and is just what I was hoping for.  I appreciate your low pressure sales approach and your immense knowledge of the brand.  Thank you.
25 Sep. Scott Collins
My experience with the whole team at Enthusiast Auto has been amazing.  The car itself was even better than described.  Eric and Evan were both very upfront about any minor flaws (of which there were very few), and the peace of mind derived from their knowledge and care has been exceptional.  The level of personal service is outstanding, and, even weeks after buying the car, I've always received immediate, helpful responses to any questions or comments. The car and the experience have both been truly rewarding, and I would highly recommend Enthusiast to anyone looking to buy a BMW.
15 Sep. Philip Worland
I knew right when I saw the CSL first introduced to Europe and when news came of the slightly watered down version, the Competition Package, hit the U.S. showrooms for the 2005 model year. This is the car I have to own. Granted I was still in college at that time, it was a pipe dream, but not one I was about to give up on easily. Over the last two years I have engulfed myself in learning more about the M3 through various forums (m3forum.net) and through personal friends who have owned this car. Each telling me great things, but also some things that rattled my nerves and my wallet when it came to reliability of my next potential car. In that same time span I was trying to find a diamond in the rough through the many M3's available across the country. Low and behold, I found a potential winner in my back yard. Enter Eric and Enthusiast Auto. I decided to check them out and give them a call. I had questions about the car, the chassis, and the dealer operation as a whole. Eric responded with the knowledge and the professionalism yet the straight forward factual attitude I appreciate. No run around, no BS, just straight talk. Even explaining things beyond my questions to what I had not yet thought of. My concerns about the car that previously shook my nerves were quickly set aside after a couple of conversations. Unlike the other calls I've made to other dealers in different states across the country, I had a good feeling about these guys. They knew what they were talking about. Eric even sent me higher detailed images of the car to call out all imperfections. Might have been only for minor scratches and chips, but nothing was too small to document for me. He wanted me to know exactly what I was getting before I even saw it in person. This is the kind of detail I want from a dealer. I decided to put the car on hold and drive down to see it in person. One item the car needed which Eric was seeing to taking care of was a window seal/molding replacement. We waited for this to be completed before I made the trip down at Eric's suggestion. Fast forward a couple of days, and I drive down to Cincy with a friend from up here in Cleveland. The car was in the bay ready for us to view it, cleaned up and ready to go if I decided to go through with the buy after my inspection. NO PRESSURE from Eric or the team. If the car was less than what I was told previously, I could walk. Lucky for me, it wasn't. It was exactly as said. It's a lot in this day for someone to be so open about what they are selling. After about an hour of looking over the car, a test drive, and some other questions, I had only one more: "Where do I sign?"I walked out with the keys to a gorgeous Jet Black 2005 M3 with the Comp Pack. I had a grin overwhelming the rest of my face the whole 4 hour drive north back to Cleveland. I won't forget that drive, and I won't soon forget Enthusiast Auto for helping to make it happen. The experience of the purchase, I believe, is essential to the enjoyment of the car. I can say that with Eric and his team, it was a pleasure. Just that on its own made the whole experience a complete joy to have gone through. Thank you Eric and Josh and the rest of the team at Enthusiast Auto for helping make my college pipe dream a reality. You can bet I'll be back for my next one.
11 Sep. John Blind
For a long time I had been contemplating buying a BMW, either a ZHP performance package 330i or maybe even an M3.  My research took me all over the internet with decent results but still it was hard to really see what was out there to be able to make an informed decision on what to buy, especially since this would be my first BMW.  I found Enthusiast Auto on the web and decided to drive a couple of hours to check it out since they seemed to have a large inventory.  I met Eric that not only gave me answers to all the questions that I had but also explained other things I had not thought of and then he let me test drive several of the very nice cars that were on the lot.  I left with a very good impression.Fast forward a couple of months.  I decide to concentrate on finding an M3.  After having made that decision I looked all the country but couldn't quite find what I wanted-until I went back to the Enthusiast Auto web site.  A 2005 M3 had just arrived that looked very promising.  I drove up to Cincinnati with my friend that knows these cars well and we put the M3 through its paces.  We had some questions about the chassis so Eric right away puts the car on a lift and answers all our questions without hesitation or the waffling so common in a used car dealer.  This guy knows his BMW's.  After the two hour visit I bought the car very confident that I had made a good decision, the car needed tires and other scheduled maintenance done to it, plus I wanted a couple of upgrades, so I decide to pick it up in a week.A week passes and I pick up the car and drive away very happy.  Going down the road on my way home I notice a problem that none of us involved had noticed until then.  I consult with Eric and he wants the car back so he can address the problem, didn't look like a big deal at the time.  He looks at the car and discovers that the car needs an expensive repair!  And this is what astonished me most of all...he covers the cost of the repair, lends me another car so I can drive home and go to work, fixes the car, and then sends his staff the next day to deliver the M3 to my work place in Louisville!  They even filled the tank on my car before they left with their other car.  This is in my book way above and beyond what a used car experience normally is and I am absolutely satisfied with the experience and the car (over 1000 miles all-ready in 3 weeks) so I in conclusion want to make this statement...Buy your BMW from Eric and his staff at Enthusiast Auto, they stand behind their cars 100%!
01 Sep. Trig Tryggvason
I have a long ‘history' with different cars and trucks.  Many people consider me an enthusiast even though I haven't owned a fun car for a few years due to losing faith with the auto industry.  When the time came to get a new ‘fun' car I was very hesitant based on past experiences.  Before I could take the plunge and buy another car I had to find the right source who had a long history with the make and model, plus the knowledge and desire to maintain and improve the vehicle.  I wanted a shop that specialized in the car of my dreams who would sell them and work on them.  I was first intrigued by EAGBMW because they seemed to have the largest inventory of used M3's I could find and they happened to be about 100 miles away.  I was further enticed by EAGBMW with the depth of cars they had available with hard to find options all in excellent shape.  After doing some online research and checking their references I had found the place I could trust with my purchase.  (The positive feedback from other buyers was overwhelmingly positive.)  Personally I was on the hunt for a no option M3 with a sunroof delete.  I wanted a car that was fast and reliable while still having room in the back for my two kids on the weekends but could eventually serve dual purpose on track.  After talking with Eric we decided that this 04 Alpine White would fit the bill.  I was a bit nervous since I purchased the car sight unseen and had some upgrades added before pickup.  Eric helped me with my selections and reassured me this car was in first class condition.  After owning the car for a few weeks I am blown away that this car is 6 years old.  It drives better than my old G35 coupe when new and is in another class altogether from my STI.  I know I made the right choice!   I would like to thank Eric and Enthusiast Auto for helping me ease back into sports car ownership and delivering exactly what I wanted for a great price. Thank You, 
30 Aug. Danny Bower
Eric and Evan really make buying a used car from out of town easy.  They were willing to quickly answer all the questions I had about the car.   You can tell these guys really are enthusiast first.  They are very knowledgeable and strait forward.  I mostly dealt with Eric and he readily pointed out the small flaws that the car had.  There are not many but any 13 year old car will have some.  It is really great and rare to deal with people you feel are as honest as EAG when buying used cars.  I plan on returning to them when I am ready for my next M.
28 Aug. Bart Conrad
Thanks to Eric and EAG I now own the car I was looking for!  EAG honestly represented the car to me over phone/e-mail so when I arrived there were no surprises.  They know the cars they sell better than I expected and you can tell they are passionate about BMW's.  I have a very high set of expectations for cars in my garage and this one did not disappoint.  Eric was responsive to my questions and addressed each/every concern.  I had the pleasure of meeting the team in person to make my purchase since I was trading-in another BMW.  While I was there I took a look at many of the cars in inventory.  I found them to be of a high standard and honestly represented.  I'm one happy customer. Missouri Valley Chapter BMW CCADriving Events Coordinator 
11 Aug. Chet Dawes
Officially, I just want to thank Eric and the folks at EAG and tell everyone that I love my “new-to-me” 2003 Lemans Blue M5.  I have been looking around for awhile for the right M5.  Initially, I tried my local dealership where I have made, what I thought were good, long-term "relationships" with one of the sales-reps and several of the mechanics.  They steered me into a possible candidate and purchase of an 80K mile M5.  I drove it for a day and was nearly sold; but it had a number of strange noises and clunks.  The mechanics, my "friends" at the dealership, downplayed the noises and gave me the two-thumbs up.  Fortunately for me, I didn't know it at the time, I googled Eric's site at EAG, and the rest is history. The first time we spoke for probably a half-an-hour about the likely causes for these "noises", all of which were "cha-ching" reasons for the mechanics at my dealership to shut their mouths when I entered their bay and asked about them.  I guess I can't blame them, as the economy is tight, and they tell me they are finding it difficult to make ends meet.  On the other hand, I did not want to be their proverbial "money-tree" from that day forward until the day I sold that particular 80K mile M5.  EAG found me a near perfect 2003 M5 and went through the car from stem to stern telling me exactly what I was looking at in terms of repairs both at the present time and within the next 2-3 years.  This is exactly what I needed, someone with extensive experience and knowledge about this particular car.  I concede that comparing EAG's level of knowledge and expertise to the kind folks at my local dealership would simply be unfair.   Several months after my purchase, I am 100% confident that compared to EAG, the Dealer has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.  The only bad thing about the whole purchase was that my scheduled "trip" to Cincinnati from Richmond, VA fell through and I never got to meet and shake Eric's hand.  In a flash, EAG had the new M5 delivered to my doorstep and they also took my 3 series BMW on trade.  I personally believe Eric is responsible for making another happy owner of what I think is one of the finest daily-driver BMW's ever built.  He not only believes in these cars, he has a work ethic that is second to none in regards to constantly answering his phone and responding to emails - answering my every last question about my purchase.  If EAG ever needs a letter of reference, I'm ready and willing to write it or speak to whoever wants to know.  Period, end of story.
30 Jun. Tom Harrison
It was funny, the moment the buyer drove off in my old M3, the truck drove up with my new one.  It looks amazing inside and out and drives fantastically.  The clutch feels new and the suspension feels perfect.  It reveals all the flaws my previous car had and makes me want to take EXTRA special care of it.  Thanks for a terrific car! Zack Gross Our first drive in the car was much more than I was expecting, like stepping back in time to 1998 and driving a brand new car!   The exterior, the interior, the engine, the clutch, the suspension, and the brakes - everything exceeded our expectations.  The entire process went smoothly and everything happened just as you said.  We were very impressed and would heartily recommend Enthusiast Auto to anyone looking for a beautiful car and great service. Thanks again for everything going so smoothly. Gary Gross 
24 Jun. Zack and Gary Gross
I had been looking for a 2000 BMW M Coupe for months. When I came across a one at EAG, I sent an email with some pretty specific questions. I was blown away at how knowledgable and helpful the EAG staff was. Their quick response and honesty about the vehicle's condition encouraged me to travel all the way from Columbus to Cincinnati to see it. It was exactly as it was described to me over the phone. After taking it for a test drive, I returned to Columbus and the EAG staff kept in close contact with me, answering all of my questions.  The car is amazing. EAG customer service was even better. The kind of service I received at EAG was unparalleled; the kind you EXPECT when looking to buy a vehicle. I was leery about purchasing a vehicle from out of town and so far away from Columbus. EAG made certain that I had all the information I needed to make the most of my trip. When I arrived, all of the vehicles I wanted to test drive were ready to go.  I ended up purchasing a Titanium Silver 2000 BMW M Coupe and I could not be any happier with my decision to deal with EAG. I will be back for my next car soon. Thanks, guys!!
22 Jun. Zak Dziczkowski
I recently bought a 2000 BMW M Coupe from Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati. I live near Chicago, app. 260 miles from EAG, and thought twice about buying a car that far from home.  The trip was well-worth it!  The staff at EAG is awesome!  From the sales process thru the final paper-work, the entire staff was helpful and knowledgeable.   Eric, one of the owners, spent a great amount of time, both before and AFTER the sale, thoroughly explaining aspects and tendencies of the M.  In fact, he spent much more time with me than my surgeon did last year before a knee operation!  I had some upgrades installed; the work was done on time, and the EAG team carefully laid out a list of options and priorities for the future - at my request.  I strongly recommend EAG to anyone looking for the special type of cars they focus on, along with a staff that is expert at what they do and has a passion for doing it well.
21 Jun. Dean Wolff
I purchased a 2000 M Roadster a few weeks ago from Enthusiast Auto.  I had been looking for one for close to 3 years.  I am a tire kicker and it went totally against my beliefs to purchase a car  without seeing it in person.  After talking to Evan and Eric on the telephone and thru emails, I was impressed.  The brothers really know their cars and I was very confident that they would have the highest quality cars.  They did not disappoint.   I live almost 3 hours away, and had to come after work to look at the car.  I felt no pressure whatsoever and any question I had was like discussing all my questions with a BMW Lover/Enthusiast/Owner/Engineer, not a car salesman "TRYING TO MOVE A UNIT" or achieve a sales quota.  There were no surprises.   I would absolutely suggest to anyone looking for a used BMW or M series to inquire at Enthusiast Auto before anywhere else.  You will save yourself a lot of time and disappointment by doing so.  Thanks EAG, you guys are a class act!    Sincerely,
08 Jun. Geoffrey Lehr
"Wow, fellas - Can you believe it's been just over a year since we shook hands over the hood of the Landshark!?  From the very first phone call, thru all the upgrades and even the little things like pre-track tech inspection: each time I deal with you and your team it is truly a pleasure. Your vast BMW knowledge coupled with a total transparency approach [no B.S.!] is a welcome rarity in today's business environment. No wonder you've developed such an extensive group of well-cared-for, very pleased customers.  I'm absolutely delighted to count myself among them.  Here's to many more years to come.  DON'T LIFT! "
03 Jun. John Resnick
I recently had the pleasure of buying a low-milage 2001 M Coupe from EAG.  My experience was terrific.  Eric and Evan are BMW enthusiasts who know and enjoy their cars and who maintain a selection of interesting models.  Where else could you drop in on a Saturday morning and examine a range of M coupes, test driving S52- and S54-equipped cars back to back?  I was able to trace the history of my car, confirming prior ownership and maintenance, and the guys allowed me to go over the car thoroughly before buying.  They even gave me fair market value for my E30 M3 (sniff!), enabling me to trade it in instead of selling privately.  I expect to do business with EAG again and would recommend them to anyone interested in a unique, pre-owned BMW.
05 May. Mike Reid
We had a very positive experience dealing with the owners at Enthusiast Auto Group.  They were flexible in order for me to make a deal for our gorgeous 2002 Z3 Coupe (our trade-in was the clincher).  The car was as advertised - extremely low miles in primo condition.  When we arrived the vehicle was prepped and ready to go since we were on a rather tight schedule.  The staff at Enthusiast Auto kept in touch with us throughout and after the purchase and this is a strong point with the guys.  Bottom line: Would I buy another car or recommend Enthusiast Auto? Yes!
05 May. Gary Braley
I recently purchased my 5th bimmer and I was set on the E39 M5.  I had searched everywhere and found that Eric & Evan had the best selection of low mileage hard to find M cars. My M5 was better than advertised.  After a month, I am very pleased and would purchase again from EAG.
26 Mar. Matt Ford
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the car. I finally took it out for a drive and it drives just as good as it looks... and it looks damn NICE! The idea of getting a car sight unseen may be crazy but decided to go for it based on the reputation that EAG has on various BMW boards. I am so glad I did! For my next toy I will not let the 800+ miles that separate us get in the way. I also found the knowledge of your staff on the subject of interstate auto purchase laws and regulations extremely valuable. You can rest assured that the ZHP has gone to a good home and it is bonding very well with my E30 ///M3.Thank you very much.Founder of:www.zhpregistry.net
12 Mar. Norik Kocharyan
I wanted to thank you for the 2003 M5. It was exactly as you described it. It is the perfect car for me and has rekindled an enthusiasm for performance automobiles. I had heard good things about Enthusiast Auto from the M5board and decided to give your place a call to get a reference to compare with several other BMW M5 sedans I was looking at. You spent over an hour on the phone with me, despite my admission that my current daily driver was a 1998 Chevrolet Prizm. Your conversation gave me the confidence that what I really wanted was a clean 2003 M5. Purchasing a car without a test drive from over 2000 miles away required confidence in your organization that was well founded. You were able to make arrangements through a great shipping company and the car arrived 4 days later. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future when I figure out a way to justify a second BMW.
12 Mar. David Moody
Just wanted to say thanks for the experience of buying a fine automobile (2006 E46 M3 ZCP) from a solid group of people at Enthusiast Auto.  It's a rarity to actually have someone do what they say they will do and provide a quality product too....This is what you can expect from Enthusiast Auto.  Eric and Evan are very knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with.  They were very accomodating in allowing me to test drive and compare the different M cars on the lot.  I was very happy with the experience I had and continue to have with Enthusiast Auto.  These guys are very passionate about what they do and take great pride in running a good business with happy customers.....almost a lost art in today's world.  Kudos!! I'll be in touch about the mods.
12 Mar. Josh Sorrell
As a car enthusiast and BMW fan, it was refreshing to work with EAG (then Car Locators Inc.) on the transaction for my 1997 E36 M3. I purchased the car remotely (I live in Seattle) and they took extraordinary steps to communicate with me throughout the process, answer my questions, send detailed photos, and overall earned my respect and trust, which is saying a lot! It is evident that the guys at EAG are fellow enthusiasts and particularly knowledgeable about BMWs and their Motorsport products. I especially appreciated their transparency and genuine desire to sell a quality product with integrity, even at the expense of a potential sale. This is a tremendous and rare quality, particularly in the used car market. Their customer service is impeccable.The owner of Enthusiast Auto agreed to install some aftermarket parts on my car, fix some paint scratches, refinish the wheels, and do some maintenance on my M3 before I arrived to pick it up and drive it back to Seattle. This was about 4 years ago, all before he had their service center up and running. It was a very seamless transaction: the owner picked me up from the airport, allowed me to inspect the car, and even took the time to show me the other cars on the lot and just talk shop...all on his day off. I recommend purchasing a car from EAG without reservation. You may pay a premium for an EAG car, but it is well worth it for the buying experience, knowing it has been properly vetted, and the peace of mind. I made it back to Seattle without a hitch and a big grin on my face.
28 Feb. Jim Krouskop
Thanks so much for making the purchase of my 1998 M3 convertible such an effortless and enjoyable experience. I had been looking for an E36 M3 convertible for a few months when I came across your ad on the internet. It had everything I was looking for, but the combination of low miles and impeccable provenance is what really made it the right car for me. I typically keep cars for several years, so the documentation and history you provided on this car gave me confidence I can keep it as long as I want. The effort you put into sending photos and answering questions made took the worry out of coming in from out of state (Alabama) to make the purchase. I have absolutely no regrets about buying the M3, and no reservations about doing the same thing again. Anyone considering one of your automobiles via the internet can be assured that what they see is what they get. Thank you again for a great experience and a great car.
28 Feb. Frank Z
Thanks for taking some time with me, I'm impressed with your operation, it is really refreshing to meet real car guys as opposed snotty posers.I've been looking for that “comfortable feeling” that you guys provide for some time. I always just figured that when it came time to buy my dream car I would travel a long distance, pay big money for inspections, feel pressured and rushed, and have “buyer's remorse” as I drove home from somewhere far away wondering how “beat” my new car was or was not.You are the first person who has come out and said what I have long suspected, that a 2003 M5 is what I want.I also have faith that if I pull up in a beat, high mile, E39 M5 (that I bought from some divorced guy for 11k) that you would make an honest assessment of the car and help me to make it right.I cannot wait to purchase my E39 M5 from you, hopefully in the not too distant future.Thank you again for your time.
28 Feb. Andrew H
Just a quick note to let you know that the “Coupe” and I are bonding nicely. The week following my purchase of the “Coupe” I took it on a shake-down Road Trip. I went from Louisville to Columbus, Ga. to Birmingham, AL to Knoxville, TN to Johnson City, TN and back to Louisville that week for a total of 1,500 miles. I'm pleased to report the “Coupe” performed perfectly and managed 27.1 MPG for that trip.Between Paula and I we got through the Kentucky tag process and now have Kentucky plates and title. I have also received the touch-up paint………….Many Thanks.As a “Car Guy”' I had searched long and hard for a Z3 Coupe but never expected to find one this nice with such low mileage. I want to thank everyone at EAG for being so friendly and making the purchase process go so smoothly. Perhaps you will be able to help us again, if I can get Paula talked in to a nice M3.Best Wishes for a Safe and Prosperous New Year !!Customer Experience SpecialistVolkswagen USA
31 Jan. John & Paula Z
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I continue to be about my purchase of the 2004 330i ZHP from EAG. The car itself was in excellent condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, and was exactly the color combination (black/black) that I had been looking for over the past several months. While initially I was disappointed that you found the car before I did, I really appreciated your examination of the car, the service work you did, the recommendations on future service needs, as well as suggestions for performance upgrades that I might be interested in.As far as the buying experience goes you couldn't have made it any easier…straight forward, no pressure, and no remorse. Not my typical dealer experience. In fact I've probably only had one easier transaction in 20+ pre-owned car purchases over the last 20 years – everything was extremely professional, right down to the hand written thank you note I received just days after taking delivery. I love the concept that you have developed and the passion that you have for the performance BMW models that you focus on, not only in sales but knowledgeable service as well. As you know I received several “thumbs up” from friends who are involved locally in the BMWCCA concerning your business before making my purchase, you can add my name to the list of satisfied clients!See ya at the track! (I'll be in the 911 though!)
31 Jan. Bill B
I wanted to let you know how great it was to purchase my 2006 325i E90 from you. I have searched far and near too find one with the miles and the price I was looking for. I even went to the dealer near Dayton off of 725 that rhymes with cross. They didn't know their own inventory and took way too long to give me prices that were more than they had posted on their site. I test drove cars that were dirty on the inside and all scratched on the outside. I was in shock at the prices they were asking for a used car. I decided to drive down to Enthusiast Auto to take a look the prices seemed a bit too good to be true! I arrive and dealt with the owner who gave me a few cars to test drive pointing out a few scratches to me so I would have an idea as to what I am looking at. I was pleased as the cars were clean and in great shape for the price and miles. They bent over backwards to get me any information I wanted including placing the car I purchased up on a lift to take a close look underneath! I just can't say enough how great an experience this purchase was for me. I purchased the car I wanted at the miles I was looking for with the options I just had to have for $8000 less than the other dealers! Thanks I will be back for service and when I purchase my next BMW.
31 Jan. Jeremy Turner
I wanted to let you know that the car performed flawlessly on the trip home. I also wanted to thank the staff for another effortless car purchase. The car was exactly as you described it. The addition of the short shifter was completed and all of the paperwork was in order so the trip was seamless. Please thank Victoria for her assistance with the title documentation. This makes three purchases from Enthusiast Auto Group with no issues. I look forward to our next deal. I think you guys are filling a nice niche in the auto market. I wish you continued success with the business.I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon about some mods.
31 Jan. Stan Hudson
Looking for a used M car or any BMW can be a difficult process. There is long list of things to look for and its not always so easy to find everything out about a car when you are looking at it yourself. My friend was recently looking to purchase an E30 M3, and he would only buy a white one. He came in contact with Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati Ohio who deals primarily in BMW's and M models. EAG having owned a variety of E30 M3 cars as well as several others, was very knowledgeable about the cars and happened to have a white one that looked to be the right car for my friend. We flew out from Chicago to see the car with the idea of driving it home if we liked it. Our short trip was well worth it because the E30 that EAG told us about was everything that he said it would be. A very solid car that preformed well, and actually better than I had expected for a 1991 with 100,000 miles. We drove the car home 350 miles with no problems and the car to this day is great. We had such a good experience buying the E30 that when it came time for me to buy my first M car, I looked to Enthusiast Auto. This time I was looking to purchase an E36 M3, and they happened to have a beautiful 98 Black on Black; just what I was looking for. Once again, the car was just as they said, "rock solid!" I was even more impressed when I saw this car. With 74,000 miles on it, it preformed like it came off the show room floor. The guys over at Enthusiast Auto are very trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable about these cars. After having to very positive experiences, I would highly recommend that you consider Enthusiast Auto for your next BMW.
18 Dec. Rick C
I had been nosing around for a newer M3 as my 1995 E36 M3, although a great car was getting to be very high miler, and it was almost happenstance that I stopped to check out the offerings at EAG. Although I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime, never had I purchased one from a used car dealer. As it turns out I was very favorably impressed by the honest, upfront, knowledgeable, and no pressure approach by EAG. I ended up purchasing the pristine 2004 E46 I had stopped to look at, and have subsequently found his staff and their follow up to be first rate. The experience was almost the antithesis of many dealings I have had over the years with both foreign and domestic New car dealers.
18 Dec. Glenn M
Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great car. I've always wanted a E30 M3. I am the type of enthusiast who knows a lot about cars; I know the models, engines, and heritage. I just don't have much mechanical knowledge. For a collector like me, Enthusiast Auto is perfect. You pay for a mechanically sound car. Eric and the team at Enthusiast Auto made the transaction and delivery easy. My M3 came from a collection in California, was shipped to Ohio, inspected/upgraded by EA, then shipped to me in Delaware. Thanks EA!
08 Dec. Dr. Jeff R.
I wanted to let you guys know how happy we are with the purchase of our 328is from you. As you guys know, I've bought and sold a good many cars over the years, and it's always a little more difficult for me since I go into the process with a very specific car in mind; knowing exactly what year, model, options, etc I want. As such, it's not unusual for me to fly halfway across the country in order to get exactly the car I'm after. While shopping for a car for my sixteen year old son ('97 through '99 e36 coupe, five-speed, sport package…) I was having trouble locating a car that was as stock as possible, and one that had as few a owners as I could find. When the one owner, pampered 1997 328is showed up on your lot with all maintenance records from the local BMW dealer it seemed almost too good to be true. Within hours I had what must have been 35 pictures detailing every part of the car I had questions about and within hours of that we had struck a deal for the car. I have to say, when I arrived a couple days later to pick up the car I expected there to be some minor disappointment with the car, something that I had overlooked asking that made it less the perfect car. However, the car is in the same fantastic condition that was promised and documented in the pictures. The car is fantastic; your mechanics provided a spot-on analysis of the car's needs and maintenance history. My son is obviously very happy with the car and even more importantly this has to be the first car purchase I've made that my wife is even happy about! Thanks for a smooth transaction and a great car! Driving Event Coordinator,Bluegrass Bimmers BMWCCA
01 Dec. Kurt R.
I arrived home in Albuquerque yesterday afternoon (safely and quickly for the 1422 mile drive). The M3 handles beautifully... not a fault to be found. I took a chance on your dealership and your higher than normal price point....and from my location and vantage point as a relatively inexperienced BMW owner, I was not disappointed. Your knowledge and honesty are to be commended... there were no surprises. I was also extremely pleased with your entire service staff. Thank you for the excellent... no, outstanding experience. I will drive this vehicle with pride, not only for the quality performance vehicle that BMW has engineered, but securely knowing that I purchased this vehicle from one of the premier dealerships available. You know your product and you certainly focus on customer service without pressure....When I'm ready for another, you will be my first and only choice for again finding the right "Bimmer" for me... Thanks again... and the best to you in your expansion plans. You've earned it!
01 Dec. Bill D.
I bought my Cosmos Black on black '98 M3 sedan 5 speed from Enthusiast Auto Group after a long intense search. Let me tell you, these guys are great. I am a very picky buyer and wanted a specific car at a specific price point. They worked with me for many months and we talked about several cars before finding the right one for me. The car is great, just what I was looking for, and more importantly, it was great to work with these guys. They took the time to really understand what I wanted in my next BMW. Thanks guys, great job. BMW CCA 300770
30 Nov. Eric S
I have been a BMW enthusiast for over 10 years and during that time I have owned 5 BMWs including 2 M cars. I was first introduced to Enthusiast Auto Group 2 years ago when I was looking at purchasing an E30 M3. Over the course of those 2 years I frequented their website and occasionally talked to the owner. Recently, I decided to replace my Mercedes wagon with an E39 M5. After looking around I came across a 2003 E39 silver M5 at EAG with all its maintenance records. After several conversations I decided to take a chance and put a deposit on the car. I drove over 7 hours to trade and pick up my new car. Let me say it was well worth the trip. I was not only very impressed with the condition of the car but also the transaction. As advertised the car had all its maintenance records and was in pristine condition. The EAG team also made the transaction a breeze. After 3 days with the new car I am very pleased and I would definitely recommend EAG to anyone looking for a BMW specifically an M car. They are very knowledgeable and accessible to customers not to mention their inventory is the best in the business.
30 Nov. Webb H
I wanted to thank you for making my buying experience a pleasurable one. I had been in the market for a manual 135i for quite some time and was extremely satisfied in selecting such a BMW from EAG. The car was exactly as advertised and the team at EAG didn't hesitate to show me every inch of the vehicle, including providing me with a flashlight so I could properly inspect the length of the chassis while the 135i was on the lift. Coming from out-of-state, I was wary of arriving at EAG only to discover a slew of hidden fees, mark-ups, and vehicle blemishes. Not only were these worries unnecessary, the EAG team had all the required paperwork ready for my arrival at 10am (the day after thanksgiving, mind you), including temporary tags. It made hitting the road back to Connecticut a lot easier and more lighthearted than I had anticipated. It is clear that EAG prides itself not only in the acquisition, maintenance, restoration, and sale of fine, inter alia, BMW's, but also truly cares about its customers. It is obvious why EAG's clients continually come back for other vehicles. I am likely to do the same. Best Regards, Rob R.Energizer Personal CareShelton, CT
30 Nov. Rob R
I recently received my 98 E36 M3 I purchased from you. I can't thank you enough for making everything go so smooth even though you are 2000 miles away. The car is exactly everything you described it as being. Your honesty and high level of customer service is second to none. I love my car and appreciate what you have done for me.
11 Nov. Dr. Steve D
Well, I did it: I bought an E36 M3 without driving it and without touching or seeing it in person. And I was more interested in a ZHP. Now that may sound like a great sales job by EAG, but it was actually finding a sedan in a very unusual color scheme with a manual transmission that could handle as well as or better than a stock ZHP. A low mileage 97 M3 with history, records and all manuals in fantastic condition at a very fair price was too good to pass up. But without driving it? I talked with the owner, Eric, several times about various BMWs he had at EAG. The more we discussed the pros and cons of various platforms, the more comfortable I became with the E36 and EAG. I like no pressure discussions and I began to realize that Eric was not in a hurry to sell me any BMW, only the correct BMW. If he did not have it, he would do his best to find it. Eventually I decided upon an E36 M3 sedan which he owned. When I couldn't pick it up, he had it delivered. A seamless, no sweat transaction, and it was exactly as Eric said it was. Any regrets: absolutely NONE. This M3 is easy and comfortable to drive. It shifts as smoothly as any BMW I've owned. Yes, it could use a 6 sp. But cruising at 70-75 mph, it gets 28 to 29 mpg. I know that tires determine much about the handling of any car. But this car was meant to handle well first and be comfortable second. With a ZHP it may be the other way around. A word about the S52 engine: torque. I don't know which car is actually quicker in the quarter mile, but I do know which one has more torque. Lastly, the ZHP may be more comfortable on longer drives, but the M3's front seats are first rate and help make up for the stiffer ride. Doing business with Enthusiast Auto is a fun trip. I recommend them to one and all.
07 Oct. Greg Stoeger
I want to share my experience with EAG. At first I thought they were overcharging on these cars, and I couldn't imagine all their cars were top notch. Boy was I wrong, they have some of the cleanest late model cars I ever seen. It seemed like I was at a car show, my car was everything I expected and more. I highly recommend this place if you are in search of a top notch used BMW.
21 Aug. Gerardo H
As you know, being 2500 miles away from you and unable to make the trip to visually inspect/drive this car, I was very apprehensive about this purchase. You supplied me with the vehicle history report, a detailed picture log of every defect existing on it and were able to answer all my questions over the phone or by email. After a week, several phone discussions and 6 emails (I kept them all) I took a deep breath and went for it!! I'm glad I did, this car car is exactly what you told me I was getting. It's not a new car and I knew that going into the deal but just the first view told me that you were right on the mark. Thanks for the good work and I will be staying in touch with you when I'm ready to tune this gem to my driving style. Maintenance ManagerPort of Bellingham
18 Aug. Mike B
Just wanted to let you know that I'm incredibly happy with my M3. Having never driven an M3 before, much less the famed E36, the experience has been truly phenomenal in just 24 hours of ownership. I feel very fortunate to own such a car, and hope to keep it for a long time! This morning I took it in for New York State inspection, and it passed with flying colors. The techs said they've never sold nor seen an Estoril/Modena before...not really that surprising though. Many thanks again. I'd imagine many people will become enamored with this car throughout my ownership, and you can count on me referring them to you for their next purchase without a doubt.
18 Aug. John P
I love my '88 M3! This is my second E30, my first was a '91 325iX which I had to sell when I moved to Rochester, NY. I found a great job back in Buffalo and when I came to work, the lot was filled with BMWs. This got me going again on my search again for another Bimmer. I was heavily searching for about 4 months and came across Enthusiast Auto. I'm glad I did, the owner was great to deal with and I'm happy with how everything turned out. His entire business is very honest and I would not have any issue recommending them to anyone across the US. I drove my new M3 over 400 miles home without a problem. I look forward to working with them in the future and hope them the best of luck! UPDATEI wanted to relay some compliments to you that I received yesterday. The owner of the world renounced Pierce Arrow Museum, Jim Sandoro came to appraise my 1988 M3. He was extremely impressed with the vehicle's condition and especially the paint job. This is quite a compliment and I wanted to share it with you. Keep up the great work as I will 100% be a repeat customer.
25 Mar. Thomas Capodicasa
Just to say that I appreciate the time you took the other day, to talk to me, take my car for a spin, and for the bottle of fuel cleaner. This month, its a year since you set me up with this car. You guys did great: It's a perfect first car, and will always have a place in my heart. You guys are sales people who are - and this is key - trying to make a Difference. Rest assured that I will continue recommending EAG where ever I can. 2000 BMW 528i Sport
25 Mar. Vik SriRekam – Service Visit
Just wanted to put a serious recommendation out on this board for Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG) in Sharonville OH. I've had somewhat of a history with these guys after finding them on autotrader by accident in 2006. They are a group of independent BMW certified mechanics and enthusiastic, professional sales and service individuals. After our first encounter in 2006, it wasn't till late 2007 that I had the pleasure of working with them again. It was great to hear that the guys I had worked with then were still there, had moved to a larger building, and remembered me from name alone. Since then I've worked with them on a number of e36 M3 and e39 M5 problems. These guys are top notch and go above and beyond on every occasion. They tell you straight up what they think and give you honest answers, as well as respecting you the customer. They're not afraid of any job or service, and support (and promote) the aftermarket parts companies when BMW fell behind on their engineering. Needless to say, they are an asset to every backyard BMW mechanic or driver. I'd like to relay one such experience with them, and my last dealer experience. Lately my 2002 e39 M5 had one side of its angel eyes fail. Since I assumed this to be a simple bulb replacement, I just ran it to the local dealer (who resides in Centerville, OH on SR 725) to have them swap out the bulb while I was at work - just down the street. This wasn't your typical "oh, it makes a weird noise between 30 and 32mph and then it kind of shakes sometimes" kind of diagnostic. The light bulb either lit up, or it didn't. Surely the dealer could handle this. After waiting all day, I got the call. They told me the light control module (LCM) had failed and was going to cost an exorbitant amount of money. I confirmed with them it wasn't the angel eye bulbs themselves specifically. I told them to put the M5 back together and I'd do the work myself. I did my research, and was prepared to replace the LCM myself, or fix it directly. I then got the LCM easily accessible so the EAG guys could order the part and swap it out. To my surprise, I got a call mid-day from the service manager at EAG that the car was fixed and ready to roll. As always, the guys did their best work and thoroughly diagnosed the lighting system - AND REPLACED THE TWO ANGEL EYE LIGHT BULBS. Fixed. $10 in bulbs. NOT THE $1200 THE DEALER QUOTED ME FOR AN LCM MODULE. The EAG guys then asked if they should button her back up, or if I would do it myself (to save some cash). This is the thorough work ethic and respect I'm talking about. They could have just as easily ordered the LCM I had all but convinced myself it was, and they could have buttoned the car up and charged me an extra few hours of labor. No, they went the extra mile and worked with me to have things exactly how I wanted them. In closing, stay away from the BMW dealer in Centerville, OH off of SR-725 with a name that rhymes with "cross" and do yourself a favor and take your BMW down to Enthusiast Auto Group in Sharonville. Your BMW, pocketbook, and blood pressure will thank you. The EAG guys have serious equipment at their disposal, are continuing to upgrade the capabilities with new resources and tools, have moved to a bigger facility, opened a performance shop and online store, will locate that dream BMW for you, and have an excellent staff. I look forward to working with them in the future, and continuing to see them grow and prosper. I recommend them to all my friends, family, and hope you too will give them a shot. guys. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON M3FORUM.NET
27 Feb. Chris Beard – Service Visit
I get nothing but awe-inspired comments on how pristine the interior is and what good condition the body is in for something that is over 20 years old. As if it could get any better, the car came from Texas from its original owner with incredible documentation and minimal modifications. And while I am incredibly happy with the example I drove off the lot, it was not easy by any means to decide which fine specimen I was going to drive away in. Your E30 M3 selection is unrivaled in its level of quality and attention to detail. The purchase experience was painless. You were quick to respond to my emails and questions even before you knew I was serious. When I came in from out of town to check out your inventory, you were completely honest and straightforward about each example you had on your lot. Once I made the decision, you accommodated each of my requests willingly, even going as far as switching the wheels to a different set and also working with me to get them custom painted. I also appreciate that you were willing to meet me on a Sunday morning as it was only day I could have come into town to accept delivery. In the future, I look forward to using you as a resource for improving the M3. Given your professionalism and commitment to the E30 M3, I am sure that we will both enjoy watching the increase in collectability of the E30 M3 in the future…and be prepared to hear from me again when the time comes to expand my collection.
17 Jul. Adam Tissot
After having owned two stock M cars and getting my first taste of track experience, I was shopping for a more seriously track-oriented car. During a weekend drive at the renowned Tail of the Dragon (US 129) in my daily-driver Miata, I happened to meet Evan Keller who was there with the most beautiful modified E30 M3 I have ever seen. Evan graciously showed me the car, which I became completely smitten with in a matter of minutes. After that weekend, I began working with both Eric and Evan Keller to purchase the car in conjunction with some further modifications. The entire buying experience has been a dream come true from start to finish. Enthusiast Auto exemplifies true honesty and care in their product, rare qualities in any business. With superb technicians and a great facility, Enthusiast Auto is fully capable of taking a car in any direction - street, show, or track - as far as you want to go. When I picked up the car after the modifications were done, I was simply astounded. Enthusiast Auto had addressed many other details to make absolutely sure the care was fully sorted out with no issues whatsoever. Eric and Evan went far, far beyond my expectations. I am simply blown away by their level of commitment, integrity and quality. For me, Enthusiast Auto is THE place to go for an E30 or ANY other BMW for that matter. I'll be back!
17 Jul. Eric Rogers
"It's no easy feat to find a perfect-for-me E36 M3 sedan. I started my search using some of the local BMW CCA websites, followed by eBay Motors, Craigslist, et. al. I came across some fantastical write-ups about how '[My] M3 is the most perfect specimen of M3 in the world' only to receive pictures of cars I questioned were even able to be driven. Not so with the knowledgeable pro's at Enthusiast Auto. Not only did they provide me a detailed breakdown of the perfect-for-me M3 sedan, they went out of their way to allow me to examine it while on the lift. The owner of the shop even spent valuable time with me under the car pointing out all its good points and its few, minor imperfections. I will be recommending Enthusiast Auto to all my friends and look forward to purchasing my next car from them! Danke sehr!John "Hans" Ackerman"
28 Jun. John Ackerman
My '89 M3 is AWESOME! Having owned two 1988 M3's for 10 years, I was very familiar with the car. When I got this one 3 weeks ago, I was amazed at the incredible condition of the car both in terms of the body and the engine. The body was essentially flawless for a 19 year old car. The engine's performance was that of a brand new M3 in 1989. You all did an amazing job of tuning it before it left your shop. Additionally, you all made the buying experience an excellent one. The process was simple and painless. You all called me and told about the car on Monday, I transferred the funds on Tuesday, paperwork was signed on Wednesday and my car shipped on Thursday; all of this done via phone calls and the internet. It is because I had a great confidence in talking with you that I knew that I could trust you all in the transaction and did not feel the need to fly to Cincinnati to see the car in person. This is HUGE given the world that we live in and especially given the car business where every other dealer out there is lying and cheating the customer as part of their business plan. Thank you for making the experience of buying a car from you all a very pleasurable experience and I look forward to buying another car from you all.
20 May. Gary
You guys are doing an excellent job. Your break-down, analysis, and inspection of my current M3 was very impressive. The same goes for the M5. Whereas the dealer gave me the run-around and refused to actually troubleshoot and diagnose the problems, you guys are open-minded, willing to work with the owner, and actually get to the root cause of the real problems.Not explaining how part X that is unrelated is broke, and that they "can't diagnose the other problems until part X that is unrelated is replaced."Enough with my rant. The point is you guys are quite the opposite and a great find in the automotive world. You are true enthusiasts with a great business model and thorough work. Hats off to the team and I'll continue to recommend you to all my friends.
23 Apr. Christopher
I was fortunate to come across Enthusiast Auto while on an out of state business trip to Cincinnati, during which I had some car trouble. They went above and beyond to make sure my wife and I made it home safely. I look forward to doing business with them in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone of my clients, family or friends. Barry KingInvestment Advisors International Inc.Investment Advisor Representative
12 Dec. Barry King
My wife was looking to get into a 2006 Acura TL. We called and told you exactly what the car needed to look like, have as upgrades and options, and the price we wanted to stay within. We were amazed when you found the exact car we were looking for. Even more amazing is that it had extremely low miles, so it was essentially a brand new car without the new car price. Helena absolutely loves the car! You picked the perfect one. The process was so smooth and you delivered everything you promised to the last detail. I have and will continue to recommend you and your services to others. You truly made the car-buying process a complete joy. Thank you so much for all you did for us! Kevin M. Ary, OwnerCertified Residential Mortgage Specialisthttp://www.franklinfinancialgroup.com/
12 Dec. Kevin Ary
When I first started looking for my dream BMW, I tried everything from Ebay, satellite lots, dealerships, individual sellers, everything, until my last stop, Enthusiast Auto. I was searching for a rare specific 5 series luxurious enough for my day to day driving, but sporty enough for my weekend thrills. After walking out of my first meeting with the owners of Enthusiast Auto, I knew they would find me just that. Every few days I would receive calls and emails from Enthusiast Auto about the progress in the search to find my pearl. They were very meticulous and detailed about BMW's than anyone I have ever dealt with, and it paid off. It was easy to see their passion for these fine automobiles, and dealing with them was more like a friendship than a business transaction. They were very particular about finding the perfect car and it was easy to see they took pride in their efforts. At first I was a little worried if I could even afford this dream, as everything I had been looking at was at the top of my budget. I was surprised that they found a 540i 6-Speed Sport Package with more options and features than I was expecting FOR MUCH LESS than I had anticipated spending. When the car arrived, it received a full diagnostic, a full detail, and a list of records and features. It needed a few minor maintenance items, which I expected with any used car. These repairs were completed at a discounted rate, just a way of saying thanks for doing business with them. I have since gone back for service work to the car, and couldn't have been happier with the work, communication, and of course, the price! I paid less for an oil change than anywhere around town, using OEM BMW parts, and the car was cleaned and presentable when I picked it up. I now carry around their business card's everywhere I go, recommending them to co-workers, friends, family, and anyone into BMW's. I'm thankful someone recommended Enthusiast Auto! When I decide to get another BMW, I will surely work with them again. dkfxphotography.com
12 Dec. Dan Kinzie
I am so glad that my parents got up there and looked at your cars. I never dreamed they would buy two, but I do like my Mom's new one better than her Mustang. Good call! I kept telling my dad if he wanted the E30 M3 he needed to go to you guys and I broke him down. He just called me Tuesday and said they were headed your way! We are loving the car and Tripp is funny about only driving it on days when the weather is nice. Otherwise it is safe in the garage. I am so glad that we found him a car that is just for fun. I grew up with that, but it is a new concept to him. Thanks Again for a wonderful car buying experience, a great car for us, and two for my parents. You were right about the black E30 M3; its perfect car for my dad. He has already got a new stereo put in (not that it needed it, he is just picky). I will keep recommending you to everyone I know interested in your cars. I have a friend in St. Louis probably wanting to buy an M5 in the next year and I think I have him talked into coming to see you. As soon as he sees our cars there will be no question. You guys have a great set-up up there and we were extremely impressed. If you let me know the new website when it is up I can just send that to everyone!
29 Oct. Stephanie Pearson
Sandy & I made it back to Madison, WI without a hitch… however, the trip to the airport to drop off the rental car was intense as it was raining buckets as you know. The Bed and Breakfast you recommended was great. It was the icing on the cake for the trip. I am very pleased with the car and it was definitely worth driving 400 miles to buy it! My friend who owns an Import Car Repair Shop was impressed with the condition of the car and commented he had never seen a car with the Magma interior. Is still amazed me that the car is nine years old…I had been looking for a car for quite a while and you know the saying “when it's right you'll know it” well this was definitely the “right” car. You guys made the buying experience very positive and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks. It was great to deal with fellow enthusiasts and not just car salesmen. Best of luck to you both! When I am in the marker for another car I will definitely give you a call.
06 Oct. Ed Elskamp
I want to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting you and that I will be recommending you to all my clients to assist them in finding the “right” automobile. I have been involved in the business world for over a quarter century and it is always a pleasure to come across a businessman with your integrity. You set the standard for professionalism in your industry. Please feel welcome to use me as a reference. I wish you continued success. William R. BielVice PresidentMerrill Lynch
06 Oct. William R. Biel
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