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I just wanted to say thanks for the great car and the great service I received from yourself and all the staff at EAG. My M5 is a truly great automobile and it's condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, is flawless. EAG knows these cars and knows how to put them in absolutely like-new condition. I appreciate the diligence and knowledge EAG devotes to the task. It's not often that one gets to make a significant decision in hindsight, but that is what EAG makes possible. A little over 10 years ago I considered buying a new M5 but deferred. I occasionally reflected that perhaps I had made the wrong decision. But after discovering EAG, I realized I could possibly still own a virtually new one. And buying in hindsight, with the advantages of experience, selectivity and availability, is actually a great way to go. But this is only practical if there is a business like EAG to screen, collect and refurbish cars like this. When the right car came along, it was an easy decision. The M5 is spectacular. Thank the entire EAG staff on my behalf.<br>
Robert Ward, Chesterfield, VA 11.21.13
After looking for an E39 M5 for months and being disappointed with the quality of the vehicles available through private sale, I found my M5 for sale at EAG through When I inquired about the car, EAG immediately sent me detailed condition related photos, a build sheet, and documentation of the (extensive) work they had put into the car. This helped me to feel more confident that there weren't "hidden flaws", which concerned me with such a long distance purchase. I put a deposit down and booked passage to Cincinnati for that weekend. <br> <br> The purchase itself was seamless - they picked me up at the airport, had the car detailed and ready for a test drive when I got there. The car was spotless cosmetically and perfect mechanically. Before purchasing the car I had nightmares about rod bearings, VANOS issues and gas filler rust... among many other things. Once I arrived at EAG and got to see the extensive (and immaculate) fleet of M vehicles, their shop area and staff, I knew that my car had been thoroughly looked after and examined for common issues. I mean, where else, even at a dealership, will you hear someone say "Can you move the Estoril E36 into the detail shop"? If you are an M enthusiast, these are your people, and they will take care of you and your car.<br> <br> After purchasing the car I drove it 2,600 miles back home. It was perfect. Through 14 hour days, interstate speed runs, passing on back roads, sweeping turns and even snow, it kept on going, as reliable and bulletproof as an Accord. That reliability and cleanliness is why EAG cars are worth the cost and the trip to Cincinnati.<br>
Ross Perez, Seattle, WA 11.13.13
Eric, I received my 2002 BMW Z3 Septmenber 16, 2013 in perfect condition from EAG BMW. It is everything that I hoped it would be based upon your description. As you know, I bought this car sight unseen, so I was somewhat anxious about buying a car out of State. I can honestly say that I would buy another car from EAG and I have already told several friends and family members about my very positive experience dealing with EAG. Thanks to you Eric, and your associates to include Blaire S., Josh, and Todd. I have put about 150 miles on the Z3 so far and have found no problems whatsoever. The car is in truly "as new condition". I am sure that I will enjoy my Z3 for years to come. I could not be happier with my purchase.
Phil Sprino, Westminster, CO 10.8.13
Who buys a used car from 2500 miles away? Well, surprising even ourselves, we did. When our computer kept showing the majority of the good E46 M3's residing in Cincinnati, we looked into it and discovered EAG. As old timers, the idea of buying a car on the internet sight unseen is still a reach. However, we thought a one-way plane ride to drive two or three possible choices followed by a cross country road trip home just might work. A few phone conversations with Evan at EAG confirmed that idea, and we planned our trip with about four or five real possibilities based on information sent by Evan.<br> <br> We showed up at EAG to find a lineup of four of these M3's all shined up and ready to go. We spent most of the day driving, re-driving, and discussing the pros and cons of these four vehicles. We narrowed the field to two. After sleeping on it, we made our choice, relayed that choice to Evan, and by the time we showed up on day 2, Evan had done the minor things we requested on our choice. The financial paperwork was done very efficiently, and we were on our way west by early afternoon. Our leisurely trip home was very enjoyable and our Competition Package '05 M3 performed flawlessly, sometimes a little too easily cruising in the 90+ MPH range. Our radar detector also performed well.<br> <br> We thank Evan especially, and also Eric and Josh for making our purchase a positive and enjoyable experience. We remain very impressed with the business model at EAG.<br> <br>
Paul Schneringer, Gig Harbor, WA 10.7.13
Big thank you to Evan, Josh, Todd and Blaire for all their great communication, professionalism and interest in their customers' buying process. I never dreamed of buying a car sight unseen. This car is awesome. At first, I thought the price was high but your getting a car that is in great condition, low miles and they fix things ahead of time to get you driving right away. I love this car and If I ever trade it in, I am looking to get an M3. Great work guys!
Dr. George Yzaguirre, Corpus Cristi, Tx 10.4.13
In my family, we've had 8 E36 M3 variations since 1995. It sounds crazy, butsome of them were leases, others were track cars and then others were transportation that filled the gaps between other M Car acquisitions.It seems that no matter what happens, all roads literally lead back to an E36 M3. They may not be held in the highest "M esteem" among purists, but I have always believed they offered the most fun for the best value.<br> <br> So, when it was time to find E36 #9, I wanted to find a really special E36 M3 to distract me from missing my beloved E90 M3. <br> There was only one place to turn: Enthusiast Auto Group.<br> <br> I got a good trade price for my 2011 and exchanged it for one of the sweetest low-mileage M3 4-Door survivors in the USA. Before delivery, the EAG team went over and and over that car. I've spent a week in my new time capsule and I am loving it's many 20th century virtues. It is small, light, and even more fun than I remember from when these cars were new.<br> <br> Thanks, Enthusiast Auto. I'll be back in the future.<br> Dave Flogaus<br>
Dave Flogaus, Spring City, PA 9.27.13
I was looking for an E39 M5 for a little over a year before I visited Enthusiast Auto, and after a few minutes talking to Eric and seeing the car I knew I was at the right place. He has the best examples of M cars and a wide selection available. All I can say is that I couldn't be any happier with my choice, and if I was looking for another M car I'd know exactly where to go.
Michael Shelhoup, Ontario, California 9.5.13
Eric, Evan, Blair, Todd and all others at EAG Thanks so much for all the care in the sale and transfer of my latest M Coupe. Over the years we have had many transactions but I never cease to be amazed at the wide range of services you offer. The personalized attention to the quality of the cars you deliver is beyond compare and even when I send a "Repeat Visitor" I always feel that I am treated fairly and that my wishes are respected. You guys have a unique place in the US BMW M-Car Culture and I will never hesitate to recommend you for anyone who wants a well cared for and properly prepared BMW. I think I'll keep this Coupe for a long time, but I look forward to our next interaction (maybe an Alpina?)
Dr. Mark S., Kirksville, MO 9.4.13
Evan, Eric and staff,<br> Thanks for a great buying experience and an even better product. I traveled 700 miles round-trip to do business with EAG and would do so again without hesitation. Truthfully, if I had an open garage spot I would do so again tomorrow. <br> <br> My 06 ZCP M3 was exactly as described. Actually it was even better in person. The numerous photos and detailed work orders give an accurate description. I knew the car pretty well inside and out even before I set foot on the lot. <br> <br> Mechanically, the car is in stellar condition. It needs nothing except a skilled driver and an open winding road. I've enjoyed driving it tremendously. Even my local BMW center was impressed at the car's condition. <br> <br> For me it had been 6 years between M car ownership. I must say the old adage does hold true; absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder. <br> <br> The idea of buying a car across state lines, sight unseen sounds like a scary proposition. But doing business with EAG is simple and painless. The transaction was quick and there were no surprises. I'd highly recommend you to anyone. <br>
Jason Martinazzi, Johnstown, PA 8.16.13
Thank you EAG for a seamless, efficient and very high quality buying experience. I have spent the past six months doing endless research on various M3- related forums and in working through the internet looking at M3 cars for sale. In very few instances, was I comfortable even contemplating buying a car sight unseen. Then about a month ago I came across your web site and did the requisite research on EAG. After the research, I was comfortable buying a M3 sight unseen form EAG and did so in the past week. The process was seamless and, as I stated above, was a satisfying experience. Just as well, the car arrived very quickly and EAG arranged the transport, thus saving me from another painful experience (I collect vintage Porsches so I have some experience in arranging transport). When I got the car, I was most impressed. This is like a new car and is just perfect. The work that EAG did in the work order also brought the car up to a perfect standard. Thank you again and I most appreciate the EAG service and ability to deliver.
Christopher Johnson, Greenwich, CT 8.7.13