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I was looking for an E39 M5 for a little over a year before I visited Enthusiast Auto, and after a few minutes talking to Eric and seeing the car I knew I was at the right place. He has the best examples of M cars and a wide selection available. All I can say is that I couldn't be any happier with my choice, and if I was looking for another M car I'd know exactly where to go.
Michael Shelhoup, Ontario, California 9.5.13
Eric, Evan, Blair, Todd and all others at EAG Thanks so much for all the care in the sale and transfer of my latest M Coupe. Over the years we have had many transactions but I never cease to be amazed at the wide range of services you offer. The personalized attention to the quality of the cars you deliver is beyond compare and even when I send a "Repeat Visitor" I always feel that I am treated fairly and that my wishes are respected. You guys have a unique place in the US BMW M-Car Culture and I will never hesitate to recommend you for anyone who wants a well cared for and properly prepared BMW. I think I'll keep this Coupe for a long time, but I look forward to our next interaction (maybe an Alpina?)
Dr. Mark S., Kirksville, MO 9.4.13
Evan, Eric and staff, Thanks for a great buying experience and an even better product. I traveled 700 miles round-trip to do business with EAG and would do so again without hesitation. Truthfully, if I had an open garage spot I would do so again tomorrow. My 06 ZCP M3 was exactly as described. Actually it was even better in person. The numerous photos and detailed work orders give an accurate description. I knew the car pretty well inside and out even before I set foot on the lot. Mechanically, the car is in stellar condition. It needs nothing except a skilled driver and an open winding road. I've enjoyed driving it tremendously. Even my local BMW center was impressed at the car's condition. For me it had been 6 years between M car ownership. I must say the old adage does hold true; absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder. The idea of buying a car across state lines, sight unseen sounds like a scary proposition. But doing business with EAG is simple and painless. The transaction was quick and there were no surprises. I'd highly recommend you to anyone.
Jason Martinazzi, Johnstown, PA 8.16.13
Thank you EAG for a seamless, efficient and very high quality buying experience. I have spent the past six months doing endless research on various M3- related forums and in working through the internet looking at M3 cars for sale. In very few instances, was I comfortable even contemplating buying a car sight unseen. Then about a month ago I came across your web site and did the requisite research on EAG. After the research, I was comfortable buying a M3 sight unseen form EAG and did so in the past week. The process was seamless and, as I stated above, was a satisfying experience. Just as well, the car arrived very quickly and EAG arranged the transport, thus saving me from another painful experience (I collect vintage Porsches so I have some experience in arranging transport). When I got the car, I was most impressed. This is like a new car and is just perfect. The work that EAG did in the work order also brought the car up to a perfect standard. Thank you again and I most appreciate the EAG service and ability to deliver.
Christopher Johnson, Greenwich, CT 8.7.13
I have spent the last 10 days and approximately 900 miles getting thoroughly acquainted on the back roads of NH, VT, and eastern NY with my "new" 2005 E46 M3 Convertible purchased from EAG, and I just returned from getting her State inspected at a local shop, where the Mechanic's exact words were, "So, what are you going to drive in the Winter, because this car has obviously never seen snow; it looks basically new to me"…this vehicle is flat-out awesome!! Sign me up for the official EAG fan club, because their bold claims and all the praise they receive out there in online community are spot on. Evan was great to deal throughout the transaction and I feel I will be able to call upon him as a resource for years to come; Blaire efficiently and courteously handled all of the paperwork aspects of the transaction; and, Todd and Evan ensured the vehicle I paid for on Tuesday and had upgraded through the EAG shop on Wednesday, was securely delivered 850+ miles away into my driveway on Saturday. Like so many others before me, I researched and pondered for 2+ years buying an M3 from EAG site unseen/in an entirely virtual capacity, and I am now so glad I finally did, because for basically the price of a well-equipped new Accord, I am now the proud owner of a legitimate super car that is in great condition, which I realistically plan to own and enjoy for the next 20+ years…if you are a car enthusiast and you have never had the chance to experience BMW's S54 M3 engine in-person, put it on the bucket list asap, and then figure out how to buy one from EAG…I cashed-in a few chips earlier than expected to make this happen, but the experience and enjoyment this vehicle provides now is worth a lot more than merely having a larger pile of chips later, because as the saying goes, you cannot buy back time! Lastly, it is true that you will pay a premium when you purchase from EAG, but what that premium really buys you is the invaluable peace of mind that comes with purchasing a quality product….remember: when you buy quality, you only cry once!
Adam Mann, New London, NH 8.01.2013
Thanks to all of you at Enthusiast Auto Group I have a lovely topaz blue Z3 in my garage. The car is simply gorgeous! It is, in fact, more stunning than I anticipated.I hesitate to continue with superlatives, but this vehicle is far beyond anything I anticipated. It certainly exceeds my expectations in every way. Driving the Z3 is a bit different than motoring around in my 34 year old TR6! I'm sure you can appreciate my initial reaction to the ease of shifting gears and power of this engine today. No complaints. I'm looking forward to many wonderful adventures with this car. Northern Michigan is the perfect place for a sports car, and this is such a perfect vehicle for summers here. The most outstanding aspect of this purchase has been the quality of service provided by you and your staff. Your extensive knowledge and honesty certainly made a difference when I was contemplating an Internet auto purchase. Blaire and Todd could not have been more supportive with the actual purchase and shipping arrangements. Everyone was so very easy---and delightful---to work with. Jeff, the transport driver, was equally courteous and conscientious.He took good care of this car in transport. As the car rolled off the trailer I was aware of your words that it "is stellar and will not disappoint". It is! But what was really stellar and did not disappoint was the professionalism of everyone at EAG that I dealt with. You all did a exemplary job...and that is greatly appreciated. It has indeed been a pleasure to do business with EAG. Thank you. Jackie Olshin
Jackie Olshin, Beulah, MI - 6.13.13
Eric and the rest of Enthusiast Auto Group, I just want to say thank you for an outstanding (and fun) BMW buying experience. I appreciated being handled with kid gloves (like picking me up at the Airport) and also being shown around your facilities while learning about the history of some of your beautiful and rare BMW's. My M3 was exactly as (maybe even a bit better) than advertised. The transaction was completed smooth and trouble free. Even the one little glitch with the brakes during the test drive was handled immediately and professionally. To borrow a comment from another customer..."EAG has set the bar extremely high in the sight-unseen car buying world and, after my experience.100% endorsement!!" I couldn't agree more! After my purchase, I made the 600 mile trek back home to New Jersey safe and sound. The car drove like a jet! What a pleasure to drive. It fits me like a glove. They may be the most comfortable seats I've ever had, with a perfect driving position. I had the top down the whole way. Eric, you were right, with the wind screen up, it was very comfortable at any speed. The entire EAG team went above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to continued smiles every time I hop in the car!
Stuart Hudes, Medford, NJ 5.22.13
Thank you for making such an IMPORTANT transaction in one's life (i.e. purchasing a home/car) easy and painless. I found your car listed on the internet at back in late 2012, and went to view your website linked from I was NOT expecting to see an independent BMW dealership that ONLY sells used yet in pristine condition, BMW M cars (M3, M). This was like a god-send. Then when I saw the prices, they were warranted due to the condition and the extremely low mileage. And the color combinations that most BMW M enthusiasts seek, were available at your dealership. Finding a late E46 chassis M3 in Alpine White with black interior and manual 6-spd transmission and relatively low-miles is difficult. Finding yours with only 32k+ mileage and in almost new condition was like finding a needle in a haystack. The price I paid was worth every penny. And on top of that you pointed me to a great financial credit union that I had never heard of (PenFed - Pentagon Federal Credit Union) whose rates are un-matched by both my own credit union and my main bank that I was going to use. 1.49% interest rate on a used car loan can't be beat. Having the whole transaction done over the phone and e-mail and working with me on the financing was great. And even doing this over the holidays so that I can finally have my new (new to me) car for the start of 2013 was a present/gift to myself. And that you're a BMWCCA member, then you understood my needs as I too am a BMWCCA member. I have mentioned your website to others, and some have actually heard of you and even Mike Miller from The Roundel magazine (BMWCCA's magazine) recommends your dealership to discrete and very particular customers who only want top-notch M cars. The best compliment that I can give to you was the one that Chapman BMW on Camelback in Central Phoenix told me when I brought in the car to have the factory alarm installed. My service advisor said that he and the service technicians in the shop said that they haven't seen such a CLEAN, well-maintained, low-mileage used E46 M3 like that in their lives! And that IF I was bored with the car and I wanted to sell it, that he has 5 people in line that want to buy it! :) Well I know you have first rights to buy it back from me if I decide to sell it. That's a BIG IF and I doubt it'll happen. I love my M3. Thanks again Evan. Here's some pictures of my car after getting the car covered in a 3M clear-bra and adding SunTek tinting for the vicious Arizona summer heat that is coming. And some tasteful decals along with BBS CH wheels on Michelin-shod Pilot Super Sport tires!
Giovanni Jaramillo , Phoenix, AZ - 05.20.2013
Good morning EAG Team, I would like to thank you guys for an outstanding sight-unseen BMW buying experience. Exactly one year ago, I finalized my purchase of the E36 M3C. After many unsuccessful internet searches, I found your website while browsing through listings on Autotrader. Immediately, I realized that this was the place I had been searching for to purchase my future M car. In no time, I was able to find the car I was looking for. From the day I bookmarked your website, to the hour the car arrived - I was completely content with the trouble-free purchasing experience. From the initial phone conversation with Eric, to receiving Emails complemented with an ample supply of pictures, to receiving detailed history reports, arranging transportation - everything was handled in a professional manner and went just as expected. Through your service, an M3C originally from two towns over from where I reside in is back to happy garage in Massachusetts! Thanks again for the great experience and I look forward to doing business again with you in the future. Kind Regards,
Jacek Prominski, Millbury, MA - 05.14.2013
Thanks to EAG for an outstanding experiencing purchasing our “new” 05' M3 ZCP! Not only did they have the exact car I was looking for (and are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about these cars), but they went out of their way to make sure the purchase process was above and beyond what my wife and I were expecting. Their obvious commitment to excellence was refreshing and made the whole process enjoyable and stress-free. First, we were on the fence about either flying the 1k miles up to CVG to pick up the car, or having them put it on a closed car carrier and ship it. The decision was made easy when Evan offered to have one of his staff drive an HOUR up to Dayton (best ticket prices) to pick us up. Upon arriving (a bit early, before they were even really open), the car was pulled up in front of the office, fully detailed and ready for inspection. It was exactly as advertised, with any minor blemishes that Evan noted in the 50+ photos he sent me previously barely even noticeable. Evan noticed my wife and I were in a rush to get on the road, so he let us do a test drive, then had all the paperwork ready for us when we got back. We signed the docs, got some free T-shirts, and went on our way smiling. To top it all off, we had an O2 sensor fail on the drive back (Sunday), Evan got back to me that same day and reassured us it was safe to drive, apologized for the inconvenience, and told us to take it to a reputable indy shop back hope to get fixed....ON THEM. (Subsequently, Josh was also a pleasure to deal with, friendly and coordinated with my local shop to fix it) This blew us away, because O2 sensors sometimes just go, and there's no real inspection or preventative maintenance for them, and therefore it was not their problem to deal with. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Evan and the crew at EAG went above and beyond in all aspects of our experience with them, and deserve the stellar reputation they have. Thanks again!
Luke and Kristin, Wichita Falls, TX - 05.13.2013