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I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my 2000 Z3 M coupe. In short the entire process from beginning to end was an absolute pleasure. I have not only acquired a perfect machine but have also found a group of professionals at EAG that are now like family. The team is so passionate about their work and these vehicles that I know they will aways be there for me should I need them. The car is like it was the day it rolled off the showroom floor and I am like a kid I'm so happy. Thank you guys for doing what you do with such professionalism and integrity. You have restored my faith! Your friend and 100% satisfied customer,
David Tunnell, Biscayne Park, Fl 3.26.14
<br> "Working with EAG has been an exceptionally pleasant experience from beginning to end. I had very high expectations for the car, especially since I bought it without seeing it in person. It didn't disappoint, and I'm thrilled to have it in my garage now. I'm sure the gasp that I took when I first laid my eyes on the car in person was the same one taken when the original owner initially saw it in 1988. I truly don't understand how Eric had the patience and time to answer my every little question, and then some. These guys know their cars in-depth and are an amazing BMW resource. <br> <br>While working with Eric, I quickly learned that he does this because it's his passion, not just because it's a job. A true gentlemen. I'm looking forward to buying another car from EAG in the future. In the meantime, I'll be spending a lot of time at 5,000rpms+ "
JD, Virginia 3.24.14
The MRoadster just left my house and is on it's way to you. It was a pleasure doing business with you, both in my purchase of that beautiful car and in selling it back to you. I will surely return to you when I'm ready to purchase my next BMW! Find her a great home!<br>
Mary Ann Mitchell, San Antonio, TX 3.14.14
Having a crazy work-travel schedule and shopping for a good condition E46 M3 are not two things that go well together. After looking independently for about 6 months I stumbled onto the EAG website and was amazed at the high quality/great condition cars that were being offered for sale. I clicked on the Alpine White with cinnamon interior and knew I had to have the car. For me, this car purchase was more than just a car, as it's been a dream car since I was 16 years old. <br> <br> Buying a car sight unseen, naturally made me nervous, but Evan answered all of my questions on our first call and even suggested a credit union to get a loan at a great rate. From there, the communication was fast and timely via phone and email. Blaire was wonderful to work with and the entire purchase process went super smooth. Todd the Logistics Manager, ensured that the car was put in quality hands for transport. I couldn't believe the great condition the car was in when it arrived, practically at my doorstep. For sure, the car is a head turner. At a local BMW dealer, every single attendant at the lot was asking to see the interior of the car and the engine bay. They couldn't believe what great condition an 8 year old car was in. It looks practically new. <br> <br> My situation with the car is a little different than most, as I took the car into a well-regarded local tint shop and experienced some unfortunate electrical issues after the install. The only reason I bring this is up is that I knew the guys at EAG would know the car better than I, so I reached out to Evan to get his opinion. Evan wrote back pretty quickly and suggested a shop in my area to take to and even one step further, had his Master Technician get on the phone with the technician at the shop to discuss what was wrong with the car. I am super impressed at the level of customer service and dedication to their customers that EAG has provided thus far. I love every minute of driving my new (to me) M3.<br> <br> Thanks guys!<br>
Daniel Cercone, Tempe, AZ 3.7.14
Let me thank you for purchasing my M3 in what is undoubtedly the most easy, enjoyable selling experience I've ever had. Frankly, being in Alabama,, I was initially skeptical that everything would work out, but you and your team far exceeded my expectation. From your friendliness, to wiring the funds immediately, to Blaire communicating so courteously, to Todds' efficiency in coordinating the pick up and transportation of the vehicle, this was a flawless transaction. <br> <br> I appreciate the professionalism you and your team offered and will gladly avail myself as a personal testimonial should anyone wish to speak with me regarding my experience selling a vehicle to Enthusiast Auto Group.<br> <br> Here's to you and your team for setting the standard!!<br>
Patrick Small, Birmingham, AL 2.14.14
I've been driving my new (to me) M3 for the past few weeks, and wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for an extraordinary purchasing experience. Buying a car long distance and sight unseen requires a leap of faith and some trust. The faith and trust I put in you was clearly well deserved. Everything about the M3 - cosmetics and mechanics, as well as the way it drives - is better than you promised. Everyone who sees it says it looks brand new. The car was spotless when it was delivered to my house by the highly professional car transportation service you hired, and it arrived early. I also appreciate that my M3 came fully serviced and ready to be enjoyed. There's literally nothing I have to do until it is due for its next scheduled maintenance. I simply couldn't be more pleased. I'll look forward to our next transaction!<br>
Scott Nelson, Whitehouse Station, NJ 1.17.14
Living in Hawaii, it is challenging to buy the perfect used BMW, especially from the mainland. Eric and the team at Enthusiast Auto Group make the process of buying a car sight unseen incredibly easy and absolutely worthwhile. Not only do they have high quality cars that need-nothing, but they are extremely honest and knowledgeable about each and every car, making it easy to choose the perfect one. As a repeat customer, I will definitely be buying more BMWs from them in the future. <br> <br> Many mahalos to everyone at EAG!<br>
Thomas Kim, Kahului, HI 1.3.14
"I never before gave a thought to buying a car without the opportunity to see it for myself. I have long been a fan of M cars, but never owned one. I got serious about finding the right E39 M5. My search soon led me to EAG. They specialize in M cars. I was surprised at the vast inventory. I actually called (spoke with Eric) about a different car than the one I bought. Eric took the time to talk me through the particulars of my intensions for the car, and explained how I might be better suited in the car I actually bought. After our conversation I was confident this was an extremely reputable and trustworthy establishment, two characteristics not normally associated with used car dealers. Eric provided me with 60 or so photos of the car, to include close-ups of what little damage there was. The damage amounted to a few pebble marks on the front facia. The fact that he took the time to point it out floored me. I felt comfortable proceeding with the purchase. Eric talked me through the entire process. We spoke daily, and he answered all of my questions, many before I asked them.<br> <br> When the car arrived I was even more impressed. Wow! it was all I hoped it would be. It is positively pristine. What a gem! I love it, and it performs as advertised. I consider myself an EAG customer for life. This is my first M car, but I'm certain it will not be my last. The entire group there provided more help than I could have asked. Blaire was an absolute pleasure to work with on the business end of the purchase. This organization is doing business the right way, and they really value their customers…almost as much as they value the cars. Where else will you find a used car dealer who offers to buy back any car sold. That signifies true belief in their product. What a great team!"<br>
Marcus A. Creighton, Chula Vista, CA 12.30.13
Long and numerous were the days I spent searching for the perfect M5. I've owned BMW's for the last 22 years, but the E39 M5 has always been my dream car and I wanted this car to be special. I am fastidious about my cars, taking special care of them inside and out. No backyard fixer would do for me. <br> <br> When I happened upon EAG, it took only a few minutes on the phone with Eric to show me these were true enthusiasts like myself. Their knowledge of these cars is vast and the passion &amp; care with which they maintain their vehicles far exceeds any car dealership I've ever known. Finally, I had reached a team who loves these cars the way I love them. It was truly a pleasure to work with them and the car arrived exactly as promised… pristine and beautiful. I would not hesitate to buy from them again. Well worth the price. If only all car buying experiences could be this outstanding! <br>
Nathan LeClair, Medford, OR 12.23.13
Let me first start off by saying that Enthusiast Auto Group is undoubtedly the ///M "Mecca" of the United States. Their selection of used ///M cars, as well as their attention to detail is absolutely second to none. Furthermore, their knowledge of the cars they sell is simply outstanding, which is a rare trait in the industry. Just over a month ago I inquired with EAG about a Jet Black 2003 e39 M5 I saw on their website. The car had some extensive modifications, including tuning work, aftermarket suspension, aftermarket brakes, an aftermarket exhaust, etc. Buying a modified car, especially a modified ///M car can be a daunting task. Maintenance and installation records can be hard to come by, and making sure the parts were installed correctly is paramount. I gave Eric a call and told him I was interested in his M5, I also told him I would be trading a 2007 Roush Stage 3 Mustang should we come to terms on a deal. Eric remembered me immediately (my Dad had purchased an immaculate M Roadster from EAG 6 months prior) and proceeded to describe his M5 in great detail, disclosing every minute imperfection (although there were very few). Eric also went on to tell me that the car belonged to a personal friend of his (a BMWCCA member), and that EAG had done all the work on the car (including installation of the modifications and maintenance) for the past 32k miles. Eric then sent me an email with the entire history of the car attached (including all maintenance and modification installation receipts, as well as a myriad of professional photos of every square inch of the car). When it came time to talk numbers, Eric went out of his way to find a buyer for my Roush, and after merely a few days the deal was done. After driving the car for over a month now, I couldn't be more satisfied, and I have Eric, Evan, and the EAG team to thank for that. Additionally, after receiving the car I realized that it had enough Dinan parts to earn a Dinan deck lid badge (the previous owner had not applied for the badge). I gave Eric a call, he and his team got in touch with Dinan, and the badge was shipped to me in under a week (I was expecting the inquiry to take at least a few weeks). In closing...Eric, Evan, and the rest of the EAG team are first and foremost BMW enthusiasts, and their love of the cars they sell transcends an exemplary car buying experience. I take pride in saying that I'll be an EAG customer for life.
Max Belforti, Lake Forest, IL 12.6.13