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The team at Enthusiast Auto caters to the M Enthusiast in every regard. From first contact to delivery, my all around experience could not have been better. Eric and his team educated me on the process, assuaged my concerns and following delivery, were quick to thoroughly respond to questions. Suffice it to say, the car arrived in the condition as described over numerous phone and email correspondence; with full documentation. Just wish I could take the car to Enthusiast Auto for service.<br>
Evan R., San Mateo, CA 8.11.14
I've waited to write to you and officially let you know how my first "sight unseen" purchase went because I bought another identical M roadster and wanted the full comparison. The difference of how EAG handles the process is night and day compared to other dealers! I can't thank you enough for your integrity and honesty. It was a very foreign concept for me, but you guys made me a believer. I would never buy another car without seeing it first unless it was from EAG! If I did for some reason need to, I would ship it to you first! You've earned a customer for life and for the folks that know me, that's a big deal. I have a thing for Z4M roadsters and am still looking to add to the pair I have now, I just hope they come up for sale at EAG!Please tell everyone at EAG how much I appreciate the car and purchase process!<br>
Kurt K., Portland, OR 8.11.14
I originally worked with Eric to sell my 2001 M Coupe to Enthusiast Auto. I did not want to go through selling it on my own. Owning and enjoying it for over 10 years made it tough to part with, so it was comforting that it would be going to a good home. I had never dealt with Enthusiast before so had not looked over their website before negotiating the sale of my M Coupe. In the process I was browsing the cars for sale and fell in love with a 2003 M5. It had the same interior colors (red/black) as my M Coupe! So my sale turned into a trade-in! In the process we decided to do a little Dinan work before they sent my car. After I had driven the car 300 miles the brake light came on. I called Eric and he immediately offered to send the parts and pay for the local BMW shop to install. That is what I call standing behind your product! If I knew how much I would enjoy my car I would have bought an E39 M5 long ago. Originally planned to make it my weekend fun car like the M Coupe, but over the past 6 weeks it has become my daily driver while my Scion FRS sits at home. Perhaps I need two M5s<br> <br> Eric, Blaire, Josh and the EAG team are fantastic. I can't recommend them strongly enough. <br>
Dave A., Germantown, TN 7.31.14
I shopped for almost 18 months for my ideal M-Coupe (red with a manual transmission). I connected early with EAG and they kept a watchful eye out for me in my price range. We found the car and I traded my automatic Z-3 coupe with them for my "new to me" red M-Coupe. During the 18 months several coupes piqued my interest but in the end I bought from EAG because of their reputation. I have taken great comfort that EAG thoroughly vetted the car and corrected deficiencies expertly, they lived up to their reputation. A humorous aside is that I overlooked the characteristics of the sound system. About 75 miles out of Cincinnati I tired to insert a CD but could not find the slot. I called Eric to ask assistance and he told me it only played cassettes. 1999 was in a transition time between cassettes and CD's and this particular car had the cassette. I jokingly fussed with Eric that EAG forgot to give me some cassettes to listen to during my drive to NC. I love my Z-3 M Coupe and look forward to many years of enjoyment.Thanks EAG
John M., Durham,NC 7.25.14
I'm not one who writes hotel reviews on Trip Advisor nor do I review restaurants on Yelp, movies on Netflix, or books on Amazon. I never respond to emails from various airlines or hotel chains to let them know “how we did” during recent travels.<br> <br> However, the recent purchase of a pristine 2004 M3 convertible from Eric and Evan has changed all that! I am now a REVIEWER!! And one with an enormous grin on his face every time he twists the ignition key and hears that marvelous engine roar to life. Or takes a corner at twice the speed he might in his daily driver. Or lowers the top on a beautiful Vermont summer evening. <br> <br> For anyone considering the purchase of an M car….stop right here!! Look no further. Buy from these guys. They know more about these cars than anyone on the planet. They find the right ones and then thoroughly sort them so by the time the car's in your hands everything that should be done has been done. You may think you're paying a premium for their efforts but I suspect buying an M car that hasn't been subjected to their level of scrutiny would likely cost a whole lot more. <br> <br> Though the boys tell me most buyers purchase their cars sight unseen and have them shipped I would suggest you treat yourself and check out their operation first hand. And meet the mechanics who have worked on your car, pick up some hints from the body shop guys, and even hit them up for a free lunch (OK…they offered, I never had to ask). But for goodness sake don't leave without checking out their private stash of BMWs. <br> <br> If you're in the market for an M car hop on a plane and check them out. And enjoy not only the car you'll buy from them but your new friends at Enthusiast auto.<br>
Bram S., Montpelier,VT 7.25.14
This a 1st class operation altogether. Evan and Eric were constant professionals from the minute I called to the minute I drove my 2004 M3 off their lot. The car was ready for delivery when they said it was and was EXACT to the description conveyed to me over the phone upon seeing it in person. I respect their no haggle approach and I left feeling that my purchase was of high quality and value. Both gentleman were very knowledgeable and you could tell they were passionate about BMW. This is a well rounded operation. I love their 1st right of refusal policy that really shows they care about the entire time frame of ownership of a car you purchase from them. If you are buying ANY BMW at all and you do not give these guys a chance to earn your business then you are doing yourself a huge dis-service. Thanks fellas!<br>
Jason S., New Albany, OH 7.21.14
After looking for months for an investment quality E30 M3 I finally found Enthusiast Auto Group. Eric at EAG was able to steer me in the right direction quickly based on my needs and budget. I found the whole experience to be easy and the support unmatched. I am thrilled with my purchase and I plan to be a long term customer of EAG.<br>
Winston C., Portola Valley, CA 7.8.14
Thanks to Eric and Josh at Enthusiast Auto Group for matching us with the right car. We knew we wanted a nice BMW M Roadster. The question was whether to go for the Z3 or Z4. Both guys nailed the right car for us from the start. We settled on a very nice low mileage Z3 with the optional hard top. We actually got 3 cars: hard top, soft top and no top. The retro center stack with analog gauges and even an operating analog clock of the Z3 is just what we wanted. Perfect.<br> <br> This is the place to get an M Roadster. The selection is enormous. All of the cars are in ready to go condition. And Eric and Josh were very patient while we sorted out our emotions and the ultimate selection. We searched high and low for the right car and even traveled 250 miles to evaluate and buy a “deal.” In the end, we passed on that car and several others due to uncertainty about the car, their history or the dealer/owner.<br> <br> So if you are looking for an M car you can drive away in like new condition with confidence, trust Enthusiast Auto Group. I doubt one will ever see so many great M Roadsters in one location elsewhere. And, the guys made my not a car girl wife very comfortable with the process. Thanks for that guys. After 6 days of ownership, guess who is driving the Z3 to the beauty shop this morning? You got it. Makes me doubly happy. She has become a car girl. <br> <br>
John Crandall, Lewisburg, OH 7.7.14
I stumbled on to EAG's website last year and ended up buying an S52 M roadster. It was a nice car that gave me the M bug and from that point on, I was hooked!<br> Dealing with Evan and staff has always been stress free! They answer all questions promptly, make the paperwork easy and are not the typical sales people you tend to think of when you visit a dealership. <br> This year, I wanted to upgrade to an M3 and ended up trading in the M roadster. The car was literally delivered to my front door. It looks amazing inside and out, drives great and has room to spare… Where do they find these cars? I know of no other car business like EAG. Evan and crew are, in my opinion, are second to none when it comes to BMW M cars!<br> <br>
Dr. George Yzaguirre, Corpus Cristi, TX 6.10.14
My experience with Enthusiast Auto was spectacular. Out of the many cars I have purchased, none were as smooth my transaction that was handled by Blaire and Eric. Blaire was extremely quick on updating me with documents and clearly outlined all of the steps necessary for me to buy the car while being several hundred miles away, resulting in no-frills handling of paperwork. Eric has incredible knowledge on all of the various M car models, answering questions with confident, succinct ease. Though it was readily evident that he keeps busy, Eric offered us a quick tour of the business and displayed to me several cars on the lot, all the while without a dismissive or urgent demeanor. Absolutely a great guy to work with! I purchased a 2002 M5 with ~85,000 miles, but it's nearly impossible to guess its age. The car was in outstanding condition and exactly as the pictures showed – or better. Some assistants even came out to wax the car one final time right before it was handed to me! Most importantly, the car drives and handles phenomenally well. I had a nine hour drive home after I picked up the car, and honestly, I would not have minded another nine. Thank you Enthusiast Auto!<br>
Eric Teoh, Fort Smith, AR 5.29.14