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I've been a long time BMW lover and have owned several over the years. To be honest I was a bit skeptical about purchasing from a "dealer" but as a father of 5 little ones under the age of 10 I was looking for a low mileage Roadster that basically needed no additional work. I found such a car at EAG. After talking with Evan the first time I was impressed with his knowledge of M-cars and he made every effort to answer the many questions I had, he took additional undercarriage pictures of the car and even agreed to take an oil sample from the car so I could have it analyzed before purchasing. I made the trip to Cincinnati and upon first seeing the car I was blown away by the condition. It's often hard to tell the true condition of a car from pictures but in this instance I felt that the car actually looked better in person. The purchasing procedure was super straight forward and quick. Evan even arranged for the rental car company to come to his location and pick up my one-way rental. Not a big deal but was an unexpected and much appreciated gesture. My experience after the purchase has also been great. Evan has continued to be very helpful with the questions I have had and has even agreed to replace a component that was found to be faulty when I got the car home. I have been truly impressed with Evan and the rest of the folks at EAG. They have been great to work with and I will continue to do business with them!
Jonathan S., Cookeville, TN 3.18.15
I'm not one to write testimonials however, based upon my recent experience with Eric, Evan and the EAG team, I felt compelled to write about it. As a serial BMW enthusiast, my experience with EAG started after speaking to three friends about their past experiences with them after which I visited their website to view the inventory. My initial phone inquiry was about a specific model that I did not see in their inventory but was hoping they could source for me. I quickly learned that there are certain models they do not source based upon their vast experience in maintaining BMW vehicles. After expressing my interest in 4-­‐5 cars in their inventory, both Eric & Evan gave me detailed information about each car including a follow up email with hundreds of detailed photos and history about the cars. Their extensive knowledge of the models in their inventory (and BMW's in general) was truly impressive. I recall being amazed at the detail in the photographs that covered every minor blemish. After several days of contemplation, I finally made the decision to make the trip for a visit and test drive.
I arrived on a Saturday morning with my family and began the test drive process. I soon determined the car I was most interested in (a modified E39 M5) and went for a second test drive. During that drive, I discovered a mechanical issue that I pointed out to Eric. He agreed that it was a problem and immediately had the problem repaired while we completed the transaction. I recall a past experience with another dealer where I was told that the mechanical issue I pointed out was normal for that vehicle. The trust that I now have in EAG is immeasurable and the whole experience was amazingly simple, straightforward and pleasant. I will not hesitate to purchase cars from them in the future. Eric, thanks again to you and your entire team!
Michael R., Indianapolis, IN 2.15.15
First of all, this is the third vehicle I have purchased from EAG. The 2011 M3 I recently bought looks brand new! Evan and Eric have always been a pleasure to work with. I am very pleased with their professionalism and how they educate me on these wonderful vehicles. They are straight forward great business people!
Dr. George Y., Corpus Cristi, TX 2.15.15
I just received my E39 M5 which I purchased from Eric at EAG. Without question, Eric delivered exactly what he promised! As I started searching for a low mileage E39 M5 to replace my current one, I stumbled on to EAG. They had two cars that met my specific requirements. Eric sent me approx. 100 high quality pictures which clearly showed the features of each car. Additionally he sent me a file of pictures that showed every possible blemish. All of which were minor but none the less documented. The photos coupled with multiple phone and email dialogs with Eric got me to the point that I was ready to buy one of the cars "sight unseen" which is the opposite of my nature. Eric strongly encouraged me to fly out and drive both cars first which I did. I did not discover one surprise regarding either car! They were exactly as documented in the photos and emails. It was very obvious after spending at least 3 hours with Eric that he is very meticulous and his business is ran accordingly. Based on my observations, I had them do additional restoration on the car I selected. (By the way, it was the same car I was going to buy "sight unseen".) Everything was done perfectly, on schedule, and with regular communication (photos & emails) that documented the progress. Even the carrier that brought my car some 1600+ miles was meticulous and professional. I own an engineering firm and am making adjustments in our customer service protocol to reflect what I experienced with Eric and EAG.
Bob F., Riverton, UT 2.12.15
After a long search over many months I found what I wanted at EAG. It was a unique experience in that they reside in Ohio and I reside in NH. I contemplated flying out to meet the dealer and preview the car I was interested in but the timing just wasn't right, with the holidays right on our doorstep. Evan appreciated my dilemma and took every step possible to make me feel comfortable, including sending me 90+ photos of the vehicle, inside and out. The story concludes with my purchase of the vehicle, sight unseen ! They made additional arrangements for the delivery to NH in an enclosed trailer and I took delivery on Christmas night ! The entire experience has been most enjoyable ! Once the sale was agreed upon Evan turned me over to Blaire for processing of paperwork. Once that was completed they turned me over to Todd who made arrangements for delivery ... The entire process was flawless and each individual was more than patient with my many questions and concerns. Although the car will remain in storage for the winter, my wife and I plan on driving to their location in the spring or summer of next year just to meet them and to say thank you in person. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again, in fact I may do just that. I only wish they were close by so I could have them provide the service as well. You just get the feeling they would make every experience the best ! It's the way business should be and it makes you feel good to find there is somebody out there who knows how to do it right !
Roland R., Loudon, NH 1.9.15
I just took delivery of a 2002 M Coupe from EAG and was thoroughly pleased with the car and the entire purchasing process from the initial contact with Eric to the final delivery arrangements. I bought the car sight unseen, which I never have done before, because I was reassured by the knowledge, honesty and helpfulness of Eric and all the people involved. I would highly recommend EAG and would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.
Henry H., Winter Park, FL 12.23.14
My "new" 04 E46 M3 is my second purchase in 3 years from Enthusiast Auto. I still own, and am still enjoying, the 07 E86 M Coupe that I purchased 3 years ago. People always question why I go to Ohio to buy "used BMWs". My reply is always the same, I tell them that "it's like buying a brand new used car!". The cars are completely sorted and all of those "used car problems" are removed. Evan, Eric, and the entire staff are all awesome to work with and incredibly patient while making sure that I got the exact car that I wanted.
Roger T., New Palestin, IN 12.9.14
About as smooth of a transaction than I've ever had buying a car. I highly advise going to their showroom and garage to see the high level of detail that goes into each car. If you think you are a perfectionist, you need to meet Eric and Evan. Top level service from start to finish, will be buying again from them. Thanks again
Frank C., Suwanee, GA 12.3.14
For years my husband watched the cars come and go on the EAG website. So, several years ago my husband finally bought an M5 from EAG - it was a great car and the best car buying experience EVER!! He loves it and has kept it in the garage and driven it only on special occasions. But, as luck would have it, a cabinet fell off the garage wall onto his car (it had been on the wall for 13 years). To make sure it was repaired correctly we took it back to EAG. We made the trip from Louisville to Cincinnati with NO intention of buying another car. But, as soon as I saw the black, 450 hp, M3 convertible with 15,000 miles, I knew I was taking the car home with me. Being at EAG I never questioned whether the car was worth what they were asking because knowing these guys it was, so, much to my husbands surprise, I bought it. The next Monday I was leaving the grocery and there was a man beside my car who was openly admiring it. He said "this should have been my car". He had seen it on the EAG website on Friday and even called about it but decided to think about it over the weekend - BIG MISTAKE. While he was thinking I bought it. The best part is we go to the same gym so he gets to see it all the time. Every time I see him he asks about the car - I tell him its so much better than I ever could have anticipated it would be. Moral of this story? If you see a car at EAG and like it - buy it!! I bought the car on a Saturday and we couldn't get the Bluetooth set up but they promised to get it right even if it was at their expense. I took the car back to get that working and not only did they fix that (at their expense) but they also fixed every tiny little thing I had found - they did it at their cost, gave me an awesome loaner and brought the car back to Louisville with a full tank of gas! Who does that but a first class operation? I doubt my husband and I will ever buy a car anywhere else.
Kathi S., Louisville, KY 12.3.14
I purchased my M Roadster from Eric in June 2012. They purchase process, from start to finish, was the smoothest used-car buying experience I've ever had. Granted, EAG is no usual used car lot. I went to EAG because of a stellar reputation for having not only the best M cars on the market, but full disclosure on the car's details and awesome follow up service. My experience completely lived up to that reputation. I wanted an M Roadster, but had neither the time not the inclination to scour the country for good examples, vet them, then potentially travel thousands of miles for a car that could potentially not be what was described, or even still available by the time I'd get there. The collection at EAG was impressive, and after looking at a few cars, I settled on an Imola Red 2001 M Roadster. Eric was extremely patient in answering my questions about the car, and at the end, I felt no detail about the car had been left to question. Eric was very forthcoming with every detail about the car's history, repairs and condition. Service after the sale was fantastic. I have at no time since buying my car had any second thoughts about the car I chose or buying it from EAG. I've since been enjoying my summers in a fantastic car that is an absolute joy to drive. Earlier this year, I had a small run-in with a tree branch falling on my car whilst I was driving beneath it, resulting in some dents on the hood and damage to the convertible top. Having recently learning that EAG now had a full body shop, the decision of where to have the repairs done was easy to make. Scott took on my repairs and handled the job like no other. Insurance was involved in the repairs for the tree damage. Unfortunately, the insurance company provided some friction during on the claim handling. Scott impressively stepped in throughout the entire process, though, and made sure all necessary repairs were covered with the correct parts and processes required to do the job the *right* way. Along with some ancillary body work (ding removal, paint buffing, etc.), the final output resulted in absolute top notch dent correction and paint work to the hood and front bumper, a brand new factory convertible top and overall, a car that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. This entire process was no small effort, between the scope of work and handling an insurance claim and I was absolutely blown away by not only the level of service I received, but the quality of work that was performed. Restoring the original contours to the hood surface and achieving a factory look and feel, as well as color match on the paint, were done with perfection. Scott's patience with my questions on the repair process, his willingness to deal directly with the claims adjuster (and the many headache's I know this caused), his attention to detail and passion for a no-compromises job well done are marks of a true professional. All told, my experiences with EAG have been extremely positive. Everyone with whom I've interacted at EAG has been friendly, honest, and shows a true passion for the cars they service and sell. I can hope to not have to encounter another incident that requires major body repair, but if it does, Scott will be the only person I call. This is my first BMW, and after driving it for a couple years now, I
Tim S., Cincinnati, OH 11.28.14