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Evan, Just received my car, nothing short of spectacular. You under promised and over delivered. I would describe the vehicle condition as “excellent to almost new”. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about doing this transaction from afar, turns out my concerns were without merit. Thanks so much for living up to your well deserved reputation..
Howard and Diane C., Carrollton, GA 5.12.16
I'm a repeat customer of EAG. Six years ago with an e46 M3 when EAG was still not hugely known and just growing, and again recently with an e39 M5. Eric knows his M cars, and his shop as a whole is a well oiled machine. My purchase of my M3 was in person, however this time I reside in a different state and it was a sight unseen purchase. I had no issue with the idea, the detail EAG puts in to their process, you know exactly what you're getting. Every flaw is captured by photograph so there are no surprises. Their business model is one of quality so that you can drive away knowing you will not have a surprise $5,000 dollar service on a 14 year old car. Problem points are proactively addressed even when no sign of an issue is present yet. While they charge a bit more than you can get on your own from Autotrader or whatever, it buys you peace of mind to enjoy the car without worry of what you are getting and what lurks undetected by PPI. They also buy back the cars they sell so if you ever want to upgrade to another model or just get a lower mileage example of one you already have, they jump at the chance to take a car back that they've had already. I look forward to working with Eric and Evan again, each time has been a pleasure so far. My only complaint is that I don't have enough garage space for more M cars, but that's not on EAG!
John B., Cumming, GA 5.11.16
WOW!! Car has arrived! The Transport Driver allowed me to go into the van and look underneath the car before he unloaded it. Nice and dry and pretty clean underneath. Once on the ground, walking around the car, the condition of the car is incredible!! The slight defects you described are so hard to notice in person!! Your camera man does a fantastic job with the detailed photos, and some of what he depicted took great pains to find. Interior is incredible as well, very clean for a 12 year old car that has some miles on it!! We took the car for about a 40 mile drive, tracks straight, great throttle response, tight and what a hoot to drive!! To say I am pleased is an understatement! I want to thank you, Erik, Blaire, Todd and your entire staff, the car is everything I had hoped and more. All the time you and your staff spent with me made purchasing the car sight unseen a very pleasurable (and most likely the best) car buying experience I ever had!! I hope that you would also pass along my thanks to the Transportation Company and mention how great their driver was!
Tom M., Reading, PA 2.20.16
I have been dreaming of owning an M3 ever since my father and I test drove the original E30 M3 back when I was 16 years old in 1991. My father and I have always owned BMW's but never a pure ///M. Simply put these EAG guys are responsible for making dreams come true. If you are a car nut, then you'll be in great company with Evan, Eric and the entire EAG staff. They only offer cars that they themselves love and their passion shows in every car they offer. I just bought my absolute dream car; the E46 ///M3! The car is everything I ever read or researched about (which is alot) and it's constantly exceeding my expectations. The EAG facilities and car selection are simply amazing! EAG was fair with their pricing which to me means their asking price for a car that will leave their lot maintained as and driving like NEW! They also worked with me on some adds that I wanted but never tried to sell me anything which is very refreshing. They were very patient, answering all of my questions and provided me with great expertise and guidance throughout the process. My favorite letter in the alphabet is ///M, my next three favorite are "EAG"! Thank you guys for making my dream come true!!!
George A., Ooltewah, TN 1.29.16
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful car. I am SOOO happy with it! Sometimes it takes me longer to get places because I have to just stop and gaze at the car for a few minutes before I can even get in. :) It is gorgeous, and it drives like a dream! It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Thank you for doing what you do, finding these gems and putting so much work into them. I truly appreciate it, and it was entirely worth waiting to find the perfect one.
Laura A., Los Angeles, CA 11.5.15
This was the quickest auto deal we ever had! Eric, Evan and the rest of the staff are really nice, highly recommend them! Got the additional information about the car thru email and next time you know, driving the car home. Thanks again for a very smooth transaction and a great experience!
Felix & Charisse B.,
My summary of the BMW 330Ci ZHP after my 440 mile trip back home: OUTSTANDING! Different car from the Z3 ///M Roadster, but enough similarities in handling and engine to produce plenty of “smiles per mile”. Better cross country car with its massive trunk and higher MPG (got exactly 30 MPG on 1st tank, as you said I could expect). All the M components, especially the fat M sport steering wheel and M sport suspension, make for a great enthusiast's car. It's a car that makes it easy to stay engaged with the task of driving. Couple that with EAG's PPI and Work Order, you've gone "over the top" in exceeding expectations. It was like driving a car with 1,800 miles,rather than the 18,000 miles on the odometer (which in and of itself was extremely low mileage).
I was reflecting a little on this 2nd buying experience of mine from EAG. Talked it over with you Evan late on Thursday. You quoted a buy back for the ///M Roadster and I made a deposit. Come the following Tuesday morning EAG's Technicians and Detailers had the 330 ZHP all primed and ready to go, having added two new rotors and Michelin Pilot SS's to the work order. I arrived at EAG at 9:00am and got to talk with both you owners, the Tech's and the Detailers that worked on my 330 ZHP. I think that it only took about 10 minutes for all the paperwork to be completed. I figure Evan spent 20 minutes explaining the features of the car and another 30 minutes giving me a tour of the M car inventory and the EAG facility. Smooth and casual, it only took about hour. That was one unique and very nice car buying experience. Many thanks to all at EAG that made it so.
Carl A., Grand Island, NY 9.21.15
Thanks for another awesome buying experience with my second M3! Your dealership is like no other in this country because you have the most desirable ///M cars that are in the best condition. I never buy cars sight unseen except with EAG. Why? Because you thoroughly document your cars, all service/fluids are done, and know the car's history - which I feel is important. To anyone that is interested in a car from EAG - buy it! These cars are drama free and the people at this company are passionate at what they do! One last thing, Evan, please figure out a way to block me from your website because I look at your cars online way more than I'd like to admit!
Rick P., Highland Park, IL 8.10.15
We wanted to send some comments regarding our purchase and delivery of the 2000 Z3 M Coupe. We have to admit that at first we were skeptical about purchasing a car from an out of state dealer. During our discussions with Eric and Evan we felt that the way the car and business were depicted were accurate. Both Eric and Evan are great in communicating with the potential buyer. The chosen car was delivered as described by a very accommodating driver in an enclosed trailer. We are very pleased with being able to add the MCoupe to our BMW family. We can honestly say, "Both of you and your Staff walk the talk"
Jeffery & Joyce D., Attleboro, MA 7.20.15
Wanted to send you a note to let you know that I am beyond happy with my newly purchased 2006 M3. This car has been on my ‘must get' list for a long time and with the assistance of you and your team, the eagle has landed. Working you and you and your team was a true pleasure. I was impressed with all parts of the deal “ its very obvious that you and your team take your jobs very seriously. My new M3 is in amazing condition, it is everything that you and your team said it was “ an amazing example of a well kept M3. Thank you again for going above and beyond for your customers!
Dan B., Evans City, PA 7.3.15