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I have a long ‘history' with different cars and trucks. Many people consider me an enthusiast even though I haven't owned a fun car for a few years due to losing faith with the auto industry. When the time came to get a new ‘fun' car I was very hesitant based on past experiences. Before I could take the plunge and buy another car I had to find the right source who had a long history with the make and model, plus the knowledge and desire to maintain and improve the vehicle. I wanted a shop that specialized in the car of my dreams who would sell them and work on them. I was first intrigued by EAGBMW because they seemed to have the largest inventory of used M3's I could find and they happened to be about 100 miles away. I was further enticed by EAGBMW with the depth of cars they had available with hard to find options all in excellent shape. After doing some online research and checking their references I had found the place I could trust with my purchase. (The positive feedback from other buyers was overwhelmingly positive.) <br> <br> Personally I was on the hunt for a no option M3 with a sunroof delete. I wanted a car that was fast and reliable while still having room in the back for my two kids on the weekends but could eventually serve dual purpose on track. After talking with Eric we decided that this 04 Alpine White would fit the bill. I was a bit nervous since I purchased the car sight unseen and had some upgrades added before pickup. Eric helped me with my selections and reassured me this car was in first class condition. After owning the car for a few weeks I am blown away that this car is 6 years old. It drives better than my old G35 coupe when new and is in another class altogether from my STI. I know I made the right choice! <br> <br> I would like to thank Eric and Enthusiast Auto for helping me ease back into sports car ownership and delivering exactly what I wanted for a great price.<br> <br> Thank You,<br> <br>
Danny Bower, Louisville, KY
Eric and Evan really make buying a used car from out of town easy. They were willing to quickly answer all the questions I had about the car. <br> <br> You can tell these guys really are enthusiast first. They are very knowledgeable and strait forward. I mostly dealt with Eric and he readily pointed out the small flaws that the car had. There are not many but any 13 year old car will have some. It is really great and rare to deal with people you feel are as honest as EAG when buying used cars. I plan on returning to them when I am ready for my next M.<br>
Bart Conrad, Lexington, KY
Thanks to Eric and EAG I now own the car I was looking for! EAG honestly represented the car to me over phone/e-mail so when I arrived there were no surprises. They know the cars they sell better than I expected and you can tell they are passionate about BMW's. I have a very high set of expectations for cars in my garage and this one did not disappoint. Eric was responsive to my questions and addressed each/every concern. I had the pleasure of meeting the team in person to make my purchase since I was trading-in another BMW. While I was there I took a look at many of the cars in inventory. I found them to be of a high standard and honestly represented. I'm one happy customer.<br> <br> Missouri Valley Chapter BMW CCA<br> Driving Events Coordinator<br> <br>
Chet Dawes, Lincoln, NE
Officially, I just want to thank Eric and the folks at EAG and tell everyone that I love my “new-to-me” 2003 Lemans Blue M5. I have been looking around for awhile for the right M5. Initially, I tried my local dealership where I have made, what I thought were good, long-term "relationships" with one of the sales-reps and several of the mechanics. They steered me into a possible candidate and purchase of an 80K mile M5. I drove it for a day and was nearly sold; but it had a number of strange noises and clunks. The mechanics, my "friends" at the dealership, downplayed the noises and gave me the two-thumbs up. Fortunately for me, I didn't know it at the time, I googled Eric's site at EAG, and the rest is history.<br> <br> The first time we spoke for probably a half-an-hour about the likely causes for these "noises", all of which were "cha-ching" reasons for the mechanics at my dealership to shut their mouths when I entered their bay and asked about them. I guess I can't blame them, as the economy is tight, and they tell me they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. On the other hand, I did not want to be their proverbial "money-tree" from that day forward until the day I sold that particular 80K mile M5. EAG found me a near perfect 2003 M5 and went through the car from stem to stern telling me exactly what I was looking at in terms of repairs both at the present time and within the next 2-3 years. This is exactly what I needed, someone with extensive experience and knowledge about this particular car. I concede that comparing EAG's level of knowledge and expertise to the kind folks at my local dealership would simply be unfair. <br> <br> Several months after my purchase, I am 100% confident that compared to EAG, the Dealer has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The only bad thing about the whole purchase was that my scheduled "trip" to Cincinnati from Richmond, VA fell through and I never got to meet and shake Eric's hand. In a flash, EAG had the new M5 delivered to my doorstep and they also took my 3 series BMW on trade. I personally believe Eric is responsible for making another happy owner of what I think is one of the finest daily-driver BMW's ever built. He not only believes in these cars, he has a work ethic that is second to none in regards to constantly answering his phone and responding to emails - answering my every last question about my purchase. If EAG ever needs a letter of reference, I'm ready and willing to write it or speak to whoever wants to know. Period, end of story.<br>
Tom Harrison, Richmond, VA
It was funny, the moment the buyer drove off in my old M3, the truck drove up with my new one. It looks amazing inside and out and drives fantastically. The clutch feels new and the suspension feels perfect. It reveals all the flaws my previous car had and makes me want to take EXTRA special care of it. Thanks for a terrific car!<br> <br> Zack Gross<br> <br> Our first drive in the car was much more than I was expecting, like stepping back in time to 1998 and driving a brand new car! The exterior, the interior, the engine, the clutch, the suspension, and the brakes - everything exceeded our expectations. The entire process went smoothly and everything happened just as you said. We were very impressed and would heartily recommend Enthusiast Auto to anyone looking for a beautiful car and great service.<br> <br> Thanks again for everything going so smoothly.<br> <br> Gary Gross<br> <br><br>
Zack and Gary Gross, Houston, TX
I had been looking for a 2000 BMW M Coupe for months. When I came across a one at EAG, I sent an email with some pretty specific questions. I was blown away at how knowledgable and helpful the EAG staff was. Their quick response and honesty about the vehicle's condition encouraged me to travel all the way from Columbus to Cincinnati to see it. It was exactly as it was described to me over the phone. After taking it for a test drive, I returned to Columbus and the EAG staff kept in close contact with me, answering all of my questions. <br> <br> The car is amazing. EAG customer service was even better. The kind of service I received at EAG was unparalleled; the kind you EXPECT when looking to buy a vehicle. I was leery about purchasing a vehicle from out of town and so far away from Columbus. EAG made certain that I had all the information I needed to make the most of my trip. When I arrived, all of the vehicles I wanted to test drive were ready to go. <br> <br> I ended up purchasing a Titanium Silver 2000 BMW M Coupe and I could not be any happier with my decision to deal with EAG. I will be back for my next car soon. Thanks, guys!!<br>
Zak Dziczkowski, Columbus, OH
I recently bought a 2000 BMW M Coupe from Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati. I live near Chicago, app. 260 miles from EAG, and thought twice about buying a car that far from home. The trip was well-worth it! The staff at EAG is awesome! From the sales process thru the final paper-work, the entire staff was helpful and knowledgeable. <br> <br> Eric, one of the owners, spent a great amount of time, both before and AFTER the sale, thoroughly explaining aspects and tendencies of the M. In fact, he spent much more time with me than my surgeon did last year before a knee operation! <br> <br> I had some upgrades installed; the work was done on time, and the EAG team carefully laid out a list of options and priorities for the future - at my request. I strongly recommend EAG to anyone looking for the special type of cars they focus on, along with a staff that is expert at what they do and has a passion for doing it well. <br>
Dean Wolff, Hobart, IN
I purchased a 2000 M Roadster a few weeks ago from Enthusiast Auto. I had been looking for one for close to 3 years. I am a tire kicker and it went totally against my beliefs to purchase a car without seeing it in person. After talking to Evan and Eric on the telephone and thru emails, I was impressed. The brothers really know their cars and I was very confident that they would have the highest quality cars. They did not disappoint. <br> <br> I live almost 3 hours away, and had to come after work to look at the car. I felt no pressure whatsoever and any question I had was like discussing all my questions with a BMW Lover/Enthusiast/Owner/Engineer, not a car salesman "TRYING TO MOVE A UNIT" or achieve a sales quota. There were no surprises. <br> <br> I would absolutely suggest to anyone looking for a used BMW or M series to inquire at Enthusiast Auto before anywhere else. You will save yourself a lot of time and disappointment by doing so. Thanks EAG, you guys are a class act! <br> <br> Sincerely, <br>
Geoffrey Lehr, Muncie, IN
"Wow, fellas - Can you believe it's been just over a year since we shook hands over the hood of the Landshark!? From the very first phone call, thru all the upgrades and even the little things like pre-track tech inspection: each time I deal with you and your team it is truly a pleasure. Your vast BMW knowledge coupled with a total transparency approach [no B.S.!] is a welcome rarity in today's business environment. No wonder you've developed such an extensive group of well-cared-for, very pleased customers. I'm absolutely delighted to count myself among them. Here's to many more years to come. DON'T LIFT! "<br>
John Resnick, Maineville, OH
I recently had the pleasure of buying a low-milage 2001 M Coupe from EAG. My experience was terrific. Eric and Evan are BMW enthusiasts who know and enjoy their cars and who maintain a selection of interesting models. Where else could you drop in on a Saturday morning and examine a range of M coupes, test driving S52- and S54-equipped cars back to back? I was able to trace the history of my car, confirming prior ownership and maintenance, and the guys allowed me to go over the car thoroughly before buying. They even gave me fair market value for my E30 M3 (sniff!), enabling me to trade it in instead of selling privately. I expect to do business with EAG again and would recommend them to anyone interested in a unique, pre-owned BMW.<br>
Mike Reid, Lexington, KY