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I had been searching for an e39 BMW M5 for several weeks when I came upon Enthusiast Auto Group. I was skeptical to purchase a car half way across the country, but decided to call. After speaking with Eric for over an hour, I was blown away by the professionalism and knowledge on M series BMW's. Eric sent over even more detailed pictures of the car and gave me a friendly follow up e-mail to see if I had further questions. Absolutely no annoying calls, e-mails, no BS, or frantic mystery buyers lined up to buy the car. After spending a week contemplating the purchase, I called Eric again to explain my dilemma of purchasing a car, sight unseen from 1,000 miles away. Again, absolutely no pressure, but just talking through the car and potential purchase. Needless to say, I took the leap of faith and bought the car. Eric had the car detailed and ready to ship within one business day. The car arrived two days later and I was blown away. The car was actually in better condition than Eric described and I felt I purchased one of the best used e39 M5's in the country. As many of you know there is more to a car purchase than just the car. The car speaks for itself and I simply could not be more happy. What made me feel so good about the purchase was the expertise, knowledge and ease of the transaction. I have no hesitation to recommend purchasing a car from Eric and EAG sight unseen. Thanks so much, you have another very satisfied customer.<br>
Bryan Miller, Denver, CO
I have been looking for a black BMW 328I coupe for quite a while when I found one at Enthusiast Auto. The car appeared to be what I was looking for and the price was excellent. I contacted Eric and right away he handled everything very professionally and reassured me that the car was in great condition. He sent me 35 pictures of the car (every angle and view you could want) along with a picture of the VIN on the car and color code as well as a history report. My credit union also ran a Carfax and they matched up perfectly. I drove to Cincinnati still wondering if the drive was worth it - believe me it was. When I saw it on the lot, drove it and questioned everything I could think of - I was sold. Eric and Evan took care of every aspect of the deal and wanted to ensure that I was 100% pleased before I left. I really felt taken care of - just like their website says "Integrity, honesty and full disclosure are the pillars of our business". Great car guys – Thanks!<br>
Ron Milligan , Knoxville, TN
I came across Enthusiast Auto while searching for my replacement E46 M3. At first I was a little skeptical, so I decided to call. After talking to Eric, I was SOLD!!! At that time I was very interested in a specific Alpine White E46 with cinnamon interior, it was sold the next day before I even had a chance. <br> <br> Then a few weeks later, after check on their website to see if another Alpine White M3 was available, I felt it must have been my luck, they had it! So I called Eric inquired about the vehicle, and he thought it was available. I left a deposit, with both Eric and myself not knowing that his brother had sold the car. Eric called me back later that day to break the bad news to me, but lucky me he had another Alpine White E46 M3 sitting on his lot! <br> <br> The transaction was great. The knowledge of Eric and his team at Enthusiast Auto was outstanding. Eric filled me in on every detail of the vehicle. Eric went out of his way to make sure that I would have this vehicle in my garage. He even went the extra mile to ship my car in an enclosed 1 car box that following week, which normally takes an average two weeks to set up. <br> <br> I highly recommend Enthusiast Auto Group to anyone who is looking to purchase any M3's,M5's or any car from this dealer. Eric is the person to talk to. <br> <br> Once again, THANK YOU ERIC &amp; ENTHUSIAST AUTO GROUP for the beautiful car you guys sold me. <br>
Matt Tran, Philadelphia, PA
When I finally decided to buy an M3 I came across Eric and Evan at Enthusiast Auto. Right away I was impressed with their professionalism and the passion they held for selling only the best cars. They had the car I was looking for on the lot and after a lot of helpful communication I drove from Charleston, SC to come and take a look. The car was everything they described and more. It was an easy decision to purchase the car and I am very glad that I did. The whole experience with Enthusiast Auto was great and if I ever decided to purchase another beautiful BMW I know where I will go. Sincerely,Dan
Daniel Faherty, Charleston, SC
I had been wanting an E46 M3 for years and finally the opportunity arrived when I could make it happen. I searched the local dealers and websites for months, but could never find one with the options that I wanted or that wasn't abused. I came to terms with the fact that I'd probably have to go out of state to find one.<br> <br> After many website searches, I found EAG and was surprised with the great selection they had. I sent an email to them asking about a Silver-Grey E46 M3 that had caught my eye. Shortly afterwards, I got an email from Eric with 35 detailed pictures of the car along with the history report. No pressure, no annoying call-backs, no attempts to sell me something else. I decided to hold off and wait for an Alpine White on Cinnamon M3 since that was the combination that really stood out to me. Only a week later, I pulled up EAG's website and there it was. A 2004 E46 M3 Alpine on Cinnamon, 6 speed with NAV, exactly what I'd been looking for.<br> <br> I quickly contacted Eric and again I got another email with 37 detailed pictures and the history report. I called EAG to inquire more about the car and he answered every possible question before I had a chance to ask it. The key point that sold me on the car was that Eric has such pride and confidence in the cars that they sell that he asked for the first right to buy it back after I was through with it. Something I've never heard of from another dealer. Also he wanted to paint the front bumper, replace the front brakes, replace the bushings and give it an alignment. All after I said I was sold on the car. No other dealer I ever worked with would put that amount of detail and attention into a car. You really get the feeling that they are car enthusiasts and not just salesmen. <br> <br> Needless to say, I was a bit scared in buying a car sight-unseen from 1,000 miles away but everything from the experience was professional, friendly and you could really tell that these guys are not out to just make a sale. An online search will also show you that there are NO negative reviews of EAG, nothing but happy customers. If I was going to buy a car from 1,000 miles away (Denver, CO), then I wanted to go for the full experience. So the girlfriend and I flew to Cincinnati and EAG sent a driver to pick us up which is a 30 minute drive from the airport. Again, I was impressed at the customer service since I was expecting that I'd have to rent a car and deal with that hassle, but EAG drove us from the airport right to the shop. When we got there, my car was right in front of the shop getting thoroughly washed and cleaned.<br> <br> On the way back to Denver, the car was a blast to drive. It even made the dull, flat drive across Kansas exciting! Two weeks later and the car is still fantastic! Since I bought an extended warranty for the car, I wanted to have it inspected to see if it needed any attention so I took it to a large BMW dealer in the Denver area. The car did have 65k miles so I was expecting BMW to give me a two page list of things that needed to be “replaced” or “fixed”. Sure enough, it got a clean bill of health with no issues whatsoever. Another testament to the quality of cars that EAG offers.<br> <br> Thanks again Eric and Evan for a great experience. I know exactly where I'm going for my next purchase!<br>
Jamie Metzger, Denver, CO
Having just totaled my beloved Technoviolet M3 convertible that I had purchased less than two years ago from a close friend of the Keller brothers, I knew my first stop on the quest to replace what had been lost was Enthusiast Auto. What started off as a horrific weekend turned into the easiest, pressure free and most courteous BMW purchase of my entire life. From the start and full history of the M3, to the full write up and pre purchase inspection given to me at no cost, the Keller brothers provided more than stellar service to a first time buyer, but long time looker! It was through sheer chance that EAG had found another Technoviolet M3 earlier this summer and had finally convinced the owner to close on a price just in time for me to suddenly be in need of a new M. It was merely days from totaling my Technoviolet convertible on Friday evening, to being handed the keys to a new Technoviolet Coupe on Tuesday afternoon! To say this was all planned out by some strange twist of fate would be an insult to fate herself!<br> <br> I am recommending Enthusiast Auto Group to everyone who asks where to shop for late model M cars. It's the place to go whether you're local to Cincinnati, or across the nation. The Keller brothers do not pressure you at any point in the sale of their vehicles, nor do they hold any details of their vehicles from you. They offer great M cars at reasonable prices. You will get exactly what you pay for, no smoke or mirrors, just hardcore M enthusiasts serving other M enthusiasts. Knowledgeable to a science about everything M and more than willing to offer every bit of advice that they feel will help you pick out the best M car, Eric and Evan define what it means to be an Enthusiast within the BMW community and I wish them continued success in their endeavor as it helps keep a fresh stock of gorgeous Ms ready in case one of us customers should find themselves in a terrible situation like my own.<br> <br> Keep up the great work you two, this enthusiast will be back for more!<br>
Aaron Thomas, Cincinnati, OH
Well, I finally bought my first BMW, and I feel like you steered me well. The 1989 e30 is a blast to drive and is just what I was hoping for. I appreciate your low pressure sales approach and your immense knowledge of the brand. Thank you.<br>
Scott Collins, Cincinnati, OH
My experience with the whole team at Enthusiast Auto has been amazing. The car itself was even better than described. Eric and Evan were both very upfront about any minor flaws (of which there were very few), and the peace of mind derived from their knowledge and care has been exceptional. The level of personal service is outstanding, and, even weeks after buying the car, I've always received immediate, helpful responses to any questions or comments. The car and the experience have both been truly rewarding, and I would highly recommend Enthusiast to anyone looking to buy a BMW.<br>
Philip Worland, Plainsboro, NJ
I knew right when I saw the CSL first introduced to Europe and when news came of the slightly watered down version, the Competition Package, hit the U.S. showrooms for the 2005 model year. This is the car I have to own. Granted I was still in college at that time, it was a pipe dream, but not one I was about to give up on easily. Over the last two years I have engulfed myself in learning more about the M3 through various forums ( and through personal friends who have owned this car. Each telling me great things, but also some things that rattled my nerves and my wallet when it came to reliability of my next potential car. In that same time span I was trying to find a diamond in the rough through the many M3's available across the country. Low and behold, I found a potential winner in my back yard. Enter Eric and Enthusiast Auto. I decided to check them out and give them a call. I had questions about the car, the chassis, and the dealer operation as a whole. Eric responded with the knowledge and the professionalism yet the straight forward factual attitude I appreciate. No run around, no BS, just straight talk. Even explaining things beyond my questions to what I had not yet thought of. My concerns about the car that previously shook my nerves were quickly set aside after a couple of conversations. Unlike the other calls I've made to other dealers in different states across the country, I had a good feeling about these guys. They knew what they were talking about. Eric even sent me higher detailed images of the car to call out all imperfections. Might have been only for minor scratches and chips, but nothing was too small to document for me. He wanted me to know exactly what I was getting before I even saw it in person. This is the kind of detail I want from a dealer. I decided to put the car on hold and drive down to see it in person. One item the car needed which Eric was seeing to taking care of was a window seal/molding replacement. We waited for this to be completed before I made the trip down at Eric's suggestion. Fast forward a couple of days, and I drive down to Cincy with a friend from up here in Cleveland. The car was in the bay ready for us to view it, cleaned up and ready to go if I decided to go through with the buy after my inspection. NO PRESSURE from Eric or the team. If the car was less than what I was told previously, I could walk. Lucky for me, it wasn't. It was exactly as said. It's a lot in this day for someone to be so open about what they are selling. After about an hour of looking over the car, a test drive, and some other questions, I had only one more: "Where do I sign?"I walked out with the keys to a gorgeous Jet Black 2005 M3 with the Comp Pack. I had a grin overwhelming the rest of my face the whole 4 hour drive north back to Cleveland. I won't forget that drive, and I won't soon forget Enthusiast Auto for helping to make it happen. The experience of the purchase, I believe, is essential to the enjoyment of the car. I can say that with Eric and his team, it was a pleasure. Just that on its own made the whole experience a complete joy to have gone through. Thank you Eric and Josh and the rest of the team at Enthusiast Auto for helping make my college pipe dream a reality. You can bet I'll be back for my next one.
John Blind, Cleveland, Ohio
For a long time I had been contemplating buying a BMW, either a ZHP performance package 330i or maybe even an M3. My research took me all over the internet with decent results but still it was hard to really see what was out there to be able to make an informed decision on what to buy, especially since this would be my first BMW. I found Enthusiast Auto on the web and decided to drive a couple of hours to check it out since they seemed to have a large inventory. I met Eric that not only gave me answers to all the questions that I had but also explained other things I had not thought of and then he let me test drive several of the very nice cars that were on the lot. I left with a very good impression.Fast forward a couple of months. I decide to concentrate on finding an M3. After having made that decision I looked all the country but couldn't quite find what I wanted-until I went back to the Enthusiast Auto web site. A 2005 M3 had just arrived that looked very promising. I drove up to Cincinnati with my friend that knows these cars well and we put the M3 through its paces. We had some questions about the chassis so Eric right away puts the car on a lift and answers all our questions without hesitation or the waffling so common in a used car dealer. This guy knows his BMW's. After the two hour visit I bought the car very confident that I had made a good decision, the car needed tires and other scheduled maintenance done to it, plus I wanted a couple of upgrades, so I decide to pick it up in a week.A week passes and I pick up the car and drive away very happy. Going down the road on my way home I notice a problem that none of us involved had noticed until then. I consult with Eric and he wants the car back so he can address the problem, didn't look like a big deal at the time. He looks at the car and discovers that the car needs an expensive repair! And this is what astonished me most of all...he covers the cost of the repair, lends me another car so I can drive home and go to work, fixes the car, and then sends his staff the next day to deliver the M3 to my work place in Louisville! They even filled the tank on my car before they left with their other car. This is in my book way above and beyond what a used car experience normally is and I am absolutely satisfied with the experience and the car (over 1000 miles all-ready in 3 weeks) so I in conclusion want to make this statement...Buy your BMW from Eric and his staff at Enthusiast Auto, they stand behind their cars 100%!
Trig Tryggvason, New Albany, Indiana