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I wanted to take a few minutes and write something about my experience purchasing a 2002 M5 from Eric at Enthusiast Auto Group. This was the first time I've ever purchased a vehicle over the phone, having only seen photos of the car and never having driven it. At first I had a lot of trepidation about buying a car without having the chance to "kick the tires" from someone I'd never met, from a dealership several states away. But after multiple phone calls with Eric I finally felt comfortable enough to go forward with purchasing the car and I can tell you that it was a great decision; had I known about Eric and his dealership before I'd probably be driving my third or fourth car from him, not my first.<br> <br> Eric was very patient during the whole process, and was always available to entertain my questions via phone or email. The fact that Eric is an owner of the dealership, and not just a salesman, made me that much more comfortable. And he was very up front about every aspect of the car, including some minor cosmetic defects (the kind that most sales people would not disclose). He also verified everything he said about the car with multiple photographs of the vehicle, inside and out, from virtually every angle. He also provided me with copies of the work orders for the preventative maintenance he was performing on the car to insure that it was in top shape when I received it. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me delineating what he anticipated would be the maintenance items the car would need for the foreseeable future. Clearly, he knows BMW M cars very well!<br> <br> When the car arrived it was in even better condition than described. I has asked Eric to have some paint work done where the car had minor blemishes. There was a little bit of a delay in getting the car because Eric was not completely satisfied with the paint and wanted it to be perfect. The slight delay was a small price to pay because the finished product greatly exceeded my expectations. And driving the car has been an absolute blast!<br> <br> It is my pleasure to highly endorse and recommend EAG to anyone considering purchasing a BMW, especially an M car. EAG is basically the anti-dealership. No haggling, no back and forth between a salesman and finance manager, no half truths about the car's condition. Eric asks for the right of first refusal on all of his cars, which tells me that he is confident enough about the condition of his cars when they leave his hands to want them back. If I ever sell my M5 (hard to imagine right now, I can't stop driving the car!) I'll certainly be happy to ship it back to OH and have Eric send the truck back with another of his cars!<br> <br> Cheers,<br>
G. William Lazenby IV, Tampa, FL
I have bought 1 BMW from a used car dealer, 2 brand new BMWs, 3 used BMWs from private parties, and 1 from Enthusiast Auto Group. I think it is worth separating my experience with you from any other group because it was the epitome of what buying a car should be like. Every BMW dealership should have the enthusiasm you have. The cars you carry are second to none. I have never had a car buying experience like this, and although you may be sad to see an amazing 2006 M3 leave your lot, you have a customer for life. My 5 hr drive home left me with absolutely no regrets. Thank you.<br>
Jared Squires, Pittsburgh, PA
When buying a pre-owned performance car, it is very uncommon to deal with people who are true enthusiasts. I struggled with this fact while searching for my M3 as most salesmen seemed to be more concerned with how “ice cold” the a/c was. After stumbling upon EAG, it was refreshing to talk with their staff about cars as I would talk with any of my enthusiast friends. Their specialty knowledge of M-Cars is very reassuring. Prior to buying the car, they sent me a ton of pictures of the car that accurately represented its condition as well as scans of the vehicle history report. There weren't any surprises when I arrived to purchase the vehicle, and all of the paperwork was ready to go. I would recommend EAG to anyone looking for a high quality, no stories M-Car. My 06' Dinan Signature M3, equipped with the competition package, is absolutely everything I had hoped to find and more.<br>
Elliott Burdwood , Pittsburgh, PA
I'm the new owner of a beautiful 1989 E30 M3. I couldn't be happier with the car and with Enthusiast Auto's support.<br> <br> I approached this purchase with some trepidation. I'd coveted an E30 M3 for years but worried that my desire to get a pristine car had led me to pay a significant premium to acquire that car from EA. None of those worries were justified; the value Enthusiast Auto added more than compensated for any amount above and beyond what a private owner would have charged. Everyone at Enthusiast Auto was unfailingly professional, responsive, supportive and very knowledgeable about this rare car; they exemplified the concept of “added value.” EA even volunteered to perform $1,900 worth of preventive maintenance and parts replacements after we'd settled on the financial parameters of our deal. <br> <br> I highly recommend Enthusiast Auto to other potential BMW purchasers and would go out of my way to do business with them again.<br>
Bill Howard, Rochester, NY
I had nearly given up on getting an E36 M3 because clean examples in good condition seemed impossible to find or it was too difficult to coordinate the purchase. Finding a recommendation for Enthusiast Auto Group online led me to the website and it was easy from there. Eric answered all my questions via email and a few phone calls. He also helped narrow down which car would be best suited for how I intended to use it. <br> <br> So I flew out one morning, got picked up at the airport, and arrived at EAG. The paperwork was ready, the car was washed, and I was soon driving home to NY. In the few weeks since that first drive, the car has been awesome! <br> <br> Thank you EAG, the whole purchase process has been easy, straightforward, and everyone there has been very helpful. <br>
John Wiley , New York, NY
Last year I began a search for what I always considered to be the best all-around driver's car short of the exotic car market, that is a low-mileage, unmodified E46 M3. Coming from the MINI community and a modified Cooper S, I did not want to begin my M3 ownership with someone else's upgrades decisions. My initial search focused on Long Island and within the metro NYC area, as I wanted to be able to put my hands on the car and personally gauge its condition. After failing to find one locally that did not have issues, I turned to the internet for my search. I was soon able to find what appeared to be a number of nice M3s, which were located in Washington, Minnesota, Tennessee and Florida. All but one was located at a traditional BMW dealership. After numerous calls and e-mails, it was clear that the dealerships' sales staff were not able to accurately give me a detailed assessment of their vehicles. My questions were always met with “I'll talk to the techs” and the responses were always short on detail. Ultimately as my frustration grew and confidence in buying a car over the internet sight unseen lessened, I came across what were many positive reviews of Enthusiast Auto.<br> <br> <br> My first call to Enthusiast Auto was in December about '05 Interlagos Blue M3. Eric asked if I had some time and when I said yes, he went outside and gave me a 20 minute inspection report over the phone on the M3. Eric was always willing to answer my follow-up calls with equal detail and honesty. While I passed on that M3 (mileage was a bit high and the M3 had a few mods that were not to my taste), Eric was not annoyed after much effort on his part and the lack of a sale. We stayed in-touch of the following weeks, talking about the various cars he had in stock. Then in early February, Eric let me know that they were about to obtain something that he thought I would be interested in, a nicely optioned '05 Alpine White M3 with only 9,700miles!<br> <br> A few days later the car arrived at their shop and I was sent numerous photos of the M3. Based upon Eric's assurance that this was probably the nicest E46 M3 currently on the market, I took the plunge and scheduled to pick the car up during the February school break. On the day of delivery I arrived at the shop early and Eric and his crew were busy wrapping up the final detailing of the M3. The M3 was just as described, basically two very minor stone chips short of a brand new car. Eric was able to provide me with a compact spare and jack for my 700-mile trip back home and I was on my way.<br> <br> The M3 is everything I had hoped for. Co-workers are amazed that it is a six year old car. EAG has remained a resource post sale just as he said he would. During my search with Enthusiast Auto, Eric always reminded me that if I ever thought about selling the M3, he wanted to be first in line to buy it back. If all goes according to my plan, he will probably be waiting quite a while.<br>
Mark Bocamazo, Syosset, NY
When searching for a unique and special car, local doesn't always yield results. You must look far and wide as I did while looking for the perfect S54 M Coupe. I have never purchased a car without driving it let alone seeing it in person! Enthusiast Auto Group made what could have been a nightmare…a total pleasure. They only stock the best of the best. Eric was more than helpful after my original inquiry. He walked me through the cars' particulars patiently and with great detail. No pressure, just applicable and appropriate information. I made my own decision and am so very glad I did. I am in San Diego and they took care of the shipping arrangements. The car arrived a mere 2 days later! A dealer such as Enthusiast must pull their focused customers from all over and I will just say that if you are a distance, you can rest assured with your decision to go with Enthusiast. I LOVE my M Coupe! Thanks!<br>
David Skelley, San Diego, CA
I had been looking for a 2003 BMW M5 for about two years. Living in southern California I thought it would be an easy task.But needless to say finding one with low miles and in great shape with maintenance/service records proved to be a real chore. After dealing with one long distance experience (flying to Texas), and being extremely mislead and flying back, I figured it wasn't meant to be.<br> <br> I came across EAG,s website and noticed what a great collection of BMW M series cars they had. The miles were fairly low and the pictures and car histories all sounded very good. But here I was 2000 miles away, and the last thing I wanted was another long distance disappointment. After viewing the website more in detail, I decided to call. Eric answered the phone and I had a great 30 min. conversation with him. His knowledge of the M5,s was incredible. He thoroughly answered every question I had. He sent me about 30 detailed pictures of the car that I was interested in and followed up with an email. Never was there any high pressure or typical car sales "BS". We spoke on and off for a few weeks and something told me this was the guy and the car. My friends and family told me I was crazy buying a car 2000 miles away sight unseen in person.<br> <br> I went ahead with the transaction and wired EAG the money. The car was shipped to me and I had possession within a few weeks.<br> <br> When the car arrived I couldn't believe what fantastic shape and condition the car was in. The pictures he had sent me did not do the car justice. The 2003 Sterling Grey BMW M5 with Caramel interior with 29,000 miles looked and smelled practically new, and drove even better. The whole buying process was very smooth and Eric and Evan and the entire EAG team did a great job for me. The car drives unbelievable and I get compliments and raves where ever I go with it. People cant believe the car is 8 years old.<br> <br> Thanks again guys, EAG provided an enjoyable buying experience for a customer 2000 miles away. Your honesty and integrity is second to none.<br> <br>Your highly recommended in my book.
Dan Jacus, San Diego, CA
Just wanted to write a note thanking Enthusiast Auto Group, especially Eric on a great purchasing experience. I purchased a 2003 M5 and the car was delivered in a condition that exceeded my expectations. <br> <br> For anybody out there with a hesitation to buying a car from EAG they haven't seen in person then I hope this helps to put those fears to rest. This was my first time purchasing a car sight unseen, (except for the many, many photos provided!) and it couldn't have been better. Eric made the process smooth- from paperwork, customization/upgrades of the car, to payment and delivery to my home in North Carolina. <br> <br> EAG was as advertised; professional, experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly they have integrity. I look forward to my next M with Enthusiast Auto Group!<br>
Jeffrey Zieziula, Charlotte, NC
Eric and Evan have procured some of the finest Motorsport vehicles from around the country and they go through a fine tooth comb before they hit their website. If there is any premium they attach to these premium automobiles, they go above and beyond to make sure they're worth it. I came to Enthusiast Auto with confidence and left with even more when I drove away in my '02 DinanS2 M5. Thanks, guys.<br>
Leroy Van Veld, Carrboro, NC