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When searching for a unique and special car, local doesn't always yield results. You must look far and wide as I did while looking for the perfect S54 M Coupe. I have never purchased a car without driving it let alone seeing it in person! Enthusiast Auto Group made what could have been a nightmare…a total pleasure. They only stock the best of the best. Eric was more than helpful after my original inquiry. He walked me through the cars' particulars patiently and with great detail. No pressure, just applicable and appropriate information. I made my own decision and am so very glad I did. I am in San Diego and they took care of the shipping arrangements. The car arrived a mere 2 days later! A dealer such as Enthusiast must pull their focused customers from all over and I will just say that if you are a distance, you can rest assured with your decision to go with Enthusiast. I LOVE my M Coupe! Thanks!
David Skelley, San Diego, CA
I had been looking for a 2003 BMW M5 for about two years. Living in southern California I thought it would be an easy task.But needless to say finding one with low miles and in great shape with maintenance/service records proved to be a real chore. After dealing with one long distance experience (flying to Texas), and being extremely mislead and flying back, I figured it wasn't meant to be. I came across EAG,s website and noticed what a great collection of BMW M series cars they had. The miles were fairly low and the pictures and car histories all sounded very good. But here I was 2000 miles away, and the last thing I wanted was another long distance disappointment. After viewing the website more in detail, I decided to call. Eric answered the phone and I had a great 30 min. conversation with him. His knowledge of the M5,s was incredible. He thoroughly answered every question I had. He sent me about 30 detailed pictures of the car that I was interested in and followed up with an email. Never was there any high pressure or typical car sales "BS". We spoke on and off for a few weeks and something told me this was the guy and the car. My friends and family told me I was crazy buying a car 2000 miles away sight unseen in person. I went ahead with the transaction and wired EAG the money. The car was shipped to me and I had possession within a few weeks. When the car arrived I couldn't believe what fantastic shape and condition the car was in. The pictures he had sent me did not do the car justice. The 2003 Sterling Grey BMW M5 with Caramel interior with 29,000 miles looked and smelled practically new, and drove even better. The whole buying process was very smooth and Eric and Evan and the entire EAG team did a great job for me. The car drives unbelievable and I get compliments and raves where ever I go with it. People cant believe the car is 8 years old. Thanks again guys, EAG provided an enjoyable buying experience for a customer 2000 miles away. Your honesty and integrity is second to none. Your highly recommended in my book.
Dan Jacus, San Diego, CA
Just wanted to write a note thanking Enthusiast Auto Group, especially Eric on a great purchasing experience. I purchased a 2003 M5 and the car was delivered in a condition that exceeded my expectations. For anybody out there with a hesitation to buying a car from EAG they haven't seen in person then I hope this helps to put those fears to rest. This was my first time purchasing a car sight unseen, (except for the many, many photos provided!) and it couldn't have been better. Eric made the process smooth- from paperwork, customization/upgrades of the car, to payment and delivery to my home in North Carolina. EAG was as advertised; professional, experienced, knowledgeable and most importantly they have integrity. I look forward to my next M with Enthusiast Auto Group!
Jeffrey Zieziula, Charlotte, NC
Eric and Evan have procured some of the finest Motorsport vehicles from around the country and they go through a fine tooth comb before they hit their website. If there is any premium they attach to these premium automobiles, they go above and beyond to make sure they're worth it. I came to Enthusiast Auto with confidence and left with even more when I drove away in my '02 DinanS2 M5. Thanks, guys.
Leroy Van Veld, Carrboro, NC
My previous foray into the world of BMW M cars had been one that was wrought with disappointments and problems. The car I purchased ended up having the engine fail not once, not twice, but three times during the course of my ownership. The first was due to oil pump nut defect that US spec E36 M3s are known for, and the subsequent failures were due to the poor quality of service my car received when the engine was rebuilt. In the end the vehicle ended up being more of an obligation rather than a source of enjoyment. This was an experience I did not wish to repeat. My primary goal when I began to search again for a M vehicle was to find one in absolutely perfect condition from a source that would be 100% trustworthy. Cost was secondary to my desire for complete satisfaction in the product I would be purchasing. I had heard of Enthusiast Auto Group via a local BMW M group that I am involved in and decided to do a bit more research of my own into the business. After hours of meticulous research about EAG I could find nothing but positive reviews of the company online. Feeling confident that I had found the car I was interested in at EAG and that the company was worthy enough of my business, I called EAG and spoke to Evan. Thus started what to me was one of the most peculiar yet compelling sales discussions I have ever been a part of. Instead of the usual BS that one encounters in the car business about the “features” of the vehicle I was interested in, Evan instead went over what he considered to be all the imperfections of the car I wanted, along with a promise to email pictures of all the parts he considered to be problem areas. Feeling confident in my purchase, I made a deposit and arrangements to head to Ohio that week. Frankly when I arrived at EAG, I was stunned. The car was exactly what I had wanted, a pristine example of an E39 M5. The car had been cleaned, detailed, and was up on a lift ready for my inspection. I was invited to go over every inch of the car with a light, which I did, and I wasn't let down in the slightest. The only issue I could find (a stuck climate control button that was likely due to the detailing) was fixed immediately and without delay, question, or cost. The snow tires I had ordered through Tire Rack to EAG were installed and I was ready to go right away. I would have no second thoughts in recommending EAG to others interested in acquiring a M car as I know they won't be let down. I actually already began talking to my brother's girlfriend who is interested in the S54 Z3M Coupe and telling her what a good decision she would be making in going with EAG. I consider her to be family, and I would certainly never want to send someone like that down the wrong path. I had an opportunity before I left to tour the lot with Evan where I saw what has to be the best collections of for sale M cars available. Every model there was in perfect condition with unique options catering to every type of enthusiast in the marquee. Simply put, if you want M, you want Enthusiast Auto Group.
Andrew Lindvig, Malvern, PA
Unlike other buyers my search wasn't that long and I credit that to Eric and his team at EAG. I decided since it was a milestone birthday this year and I knew there was a bonus coming I wanted to treat myself and began looking at E39 M5's. I did my research, scoured the M5Board and all online classifieds. I knew what I wanted, had my colors chosen and other requirements for my car decided. Eric saw my post and advised that they had a car coming in that fit my requirements, an 03 Lemans Blue. Well after many long calls and numerous emails to him, the poor guy, discussing the car and its need for proper care and feeding, its expensive appetite for maintenance I planned a trip out to Ohio. In the meantime I drove, looked at and picked apart a number of prospects locally getting "my feet wet". My interest grew though in a different car Eric had on his lot an 03 Chiaretto Red M5. He sent me 40 or so additional pictures, gave me some history on the car and it peaked my interest even more but I could tell it was a color that required a hands-on visual inspection. I decided it was worth the trip but he wasn't sure if the LeMans Blue would land in time for me to see both cars. I decided it was worth the chance. I offered Eric a deposit and he would not accept it until we completed a verbal 360 degree walkthrough of the car and he had his mechanics re-inspect to provide me a triaged list of fixes. His comment was "the mechanics forgot how clean this car was" and the list consisted of long-term proactive fixes NOTHING required immediate attention. So I arrived on a rainy Thursday and they had the car inside and polished up and of all things the LeMans Blue M5 had come in the day before and was being prepped. My attention was focused on the Chiaretto and as soon as I saw it and when he turned it over I knew that was the one. It was in much better shape than he described and we walked under the car with him pointing out the "known issues" all E39 M5's are susceptible to and it was nice to confirm as his mechanic stated there was no immediate attention required. I did look over the LeMans Blue and still kept going back to the Chiaretto Red M5. So fast forward to the paperwork and I had decided to have some pro-active and upgrade work performed as I would not have the time to do the improvements myself and once again the EAG team didn't let me down. Prices were VERY fair and work performed very quickly. He even set me up with a front bumper repaint and wheel refinishing ensuring a nearly brand new car, talk about a 1 stop shop! To also prove what a standup guy he is, the rearview mirror was suffering from the "bubble", as they all do, and he offered to cover that even after we settled as the car had experienced the issue while it was at their facility. That saved me some money and he gained my respect. Due to my schedule and in light of the requested upgrades and improvements, I decided, and Eric suggested I have the car shipped. They even helped to arrange that for me via a single car enclosed trailer. I couldn't wait for it to be delivered I was anxiously waiting this beast like a kid on Christmas Eve. Two weeks later, the car was here and being rolled off the carrier, I was crazy worried about the quality of the paintwork and refinishing. To my surprise and excitement the paintwork on the bumper and the refinished wheels looked amazing as he said they would and the wet sanding brought out the depth of color, it was truly like looking at a new car. The next day I brought it for the state safety and emissions inspection as I wanted to get it done before any winter weather hit. The car sailed through both even with 62k miles. The shop was amazed and they "knew for sure" being a BMW and an "M" they said they would find something wrong. The inspector talked me up for 30mins about the car and gave me a thumbs up that he doesn't see many 2009 cars that clean let alone a 2003 come in there. So now I have to admit this was the most fun I ever had buying a car and I have bought a lot of cars. I know I probably could have found a car that was less expensive, but for me it's all about trust and knowledge. Eric and his team have earned my trust, gained my respect and provided me with their knowledge and expertise; those were invaluable to me and no other place I went to had those qualities. This made it all worth the price. Now for the bad news, I do have 2 regrets; one that it will be a while before I can go shopping with them again and that EAG is so far away that I can't use them for ongoing service work. Thanks again guys. Keep up the good work, you have a customer for life!
Mark Celie, Ashburn, VA
My 1995 M3 was recently totaled on the way home from work. Fortunately, I was not hurt, but was very angry the dream car I had owned and loved for 10 years was a goner. At first I thought I was ready for something different so I began searching for Porsche Boxsters as well as another M3. In the next two weeks I came to the conclusion that M3's hold their value a lot better than Boxsters and at the time, all of the Boxsters for sale were, shall we say, “auction whores”? An Internet search led me to a beautiful 1997 Arctic Silver M3 at Enthusiast Auto Group. This car was the same color as my dead 1995 and had quite a few desirable performance upgrades. I live close enough that I was able to pay a visit to see the car in person. Eric and I had already spoken about the car a couple of time on the phone. I fancied myself an expert on M3's, having owned the 1995 for ten years and having spent hours on the E36M3 list and various enthusiasts' web sites. I found Eric to be just as much of enthusiast, but far more of an expert on M3's. He was particularly well versed on the differences between the ‘95 and ‘97 models. The test drive convinced me that this was my new car. Eric made some very, very helpful suggestions during our pre-purchase discussion. The insurance settlement on the '95 M3 gave me the option of swapping out a set of wheels and tires on the dead 1995 which had snow tires on it at the time of its death. I had a set of nice aftermarket wheels with bald tires I could use for the swap but I wanted to hang onto them since they would be fine for the new car. Eric suggested purchasing some used “junk wheels” to use for the swap, allowing me to keep the good wheels. Eric didn't have any “junk” wheels, but recommend I shop around. A few calls back home in Indianapolis, and I had my junk wheels for $200. This was a shop that worked on my 1995. When I told him I was buying a '97 from EAG he smiled and spoke highly of their handsome inventory. The other recommendation Eric made was that I add a Rogue Engineering Short Shift kit and have it installed before delivery. I am really glad I took this advice. This really improves the shift action in these cars. I can't believe I drove my '95 M3 for ten years without one. The price I paid for this car was very fair too. This was evident not only from the beautiful condition of the car and from how well it drove from Cincinnati to Indianapolis, but from something else I discovered a few days later. When I was going through and discarding all of my internet car-search printouts, I discovered a private seller listing dated the day I totaled my M3 for the very car I purchased from EAG! Eric had provided a list of all the work EAG performed on the car before offering it for sale along with the maintenance history provided by the previous owner. Let's just say when I added the cost of the EAG work to the private seller's asking price, there was no doubt whatsoever that I got an excellent deal!
Kevin McLeaster, Fishers, IN
If you are in the market for a pre-owned M car, look no further than Enthusiast Auto Group. Eric and the group and EAG are the authorities on anything ///M. Whether it's sales, service, performance, or racing, they will have the answer. I have worked in BMW service and sales and after talking with Eric over the phone, I had no hesitation purchasing a car from Enthusiast Auto Group. They have the same passion and "enthusiasm" that I have with my ///M cars so I knew I was talking to the right group of people. They are very down-to-earth and honest about everything they do and are excited to pass on the excitement to customers. I look forward to a long relationship with Enthusiast Auto Group and do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They also have a great office manager!
Tim Severine, Ofallon, IL
Enthusiast Auto delivered me an unusually high value service while at the same time provided first-rate, personalized customer service. In today's business environment, that is truly a rare find, which is why I can't imagine not doing business with these guys again. Thank you, Eric.
Jason Duggan, Austin, TX
I recently purchased my e36 M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group and let me tell you, it was by far the fastest and smoothest car buying experience I have ever had. I can only say this because the entire time I was there (which really wasn't very long), it did not feel like I was at a typical "dealership". The owners, Evan and Eric, are not your typical salesman, oh no, they are just die-hard car enthusiasts who have a passion for BMW M cars, and that passion is visible in their knowledge of these cars and their treatment of you. They were up front and honest right from the get-go about the car I was buying, so I did not have to worry about coming home and finding a major "surprise". They took great care to inform me of every aspect of my car, which is something most dealerships will not do. I am confident to say that my next car purchase will be from these guys. If you love M cars as much as I do, do yourself a favor and visit these guys when you plan on buying your next one.
Arvind Rao, Knoxville, TN