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I found EAG while looking for a 1 Series M Coupe online. Due to the rarity of the car and production delays, I was getting quotes of 6-8 month waits to get one. I decided to start looking into used M3s and ran into EAG. While the original vehicle that I wanted had already been sold, Eric recommended a different vehicle that had similar features.<br> <br> After about 2-3 weeks of talking everything finally came together as planned and I was able to drive to Cincinnati to look at my new car. When I got there, the car was sitting right up front ready to go for a test drive. Eric had replaced the windshield because the old one had a small chip on it. Everything was as explained in emails and phone conversations. He pointed out the features of the car, but made sure to go into details about the cars faults! Anyone who has ever dealt with a used car dealer would be surprised at this action, but the guys at EAG aren't in to make a quick buck, they are in this business because they love M BMWs and it shows in their friendliness, knowledge and professional etiquette.<br> <br> The drive home was one of the funnest and quickest two hours that I have ever had in my life! Even after the purchase, I kept in contact with Eric and he has been as helpful as ever. When I noticed that the rear headrests were missing from the car, he offered to get me a set of black headrests and ship them out ASAP at his cost! It is this kind of care and dedication that makes me recommend these guys to any and all of my friends that are looking for a used M BMW. <br>
Marco Decca, Indianapolis, IN
EAG finds and sells the cleanest &amp; rarest M3's on the market. After looking with no avail for close to two months and making an offer on one M3 that ended up having frame damage (discovered during PPI), I wanted assurance that what I was buying was the cleanest possible M3. Eric and Evan both walked me through the car inch by inch ensuring me that what I was buying was indeed the best. I couldn't be happier with my purchase….after owning the car for a couple weeks it's evident that Eric and Evan know these cars inside and out and are true to their word. <br> <br> Thanks guys, car is running great!<br>
Greg Fishbein, West Orange, NJ
I recently purchased a 2004 BMW M3 from Eric at Enthusiast Auto Group and couldn't be happier. I didn't plan on trading my car in but a friend told me about EAG and I began browsing the site and I was hooked. I saw several M3s that I was interested in and shot Eric an email. I was expecting the usual low offer on my trade but Eric gave me a surprisingly fair offer right off the bat. After a week or so of emails I made the 3 hour drive to EAG and drove 4 E46 M3s, a week later I came back and bought one. Throughout the entire process Eric and Evan answered all of my questions and treated me with a level of respect I've never received from a car dealership. I hope to have the pleasure of buying from them again.
Chris Furby, Winfield, WV
No other car represents the epitome of luxury, performance, and class the way an M does. The same can also be said for Enthusiast Auto and the car buying experience. I couldn't be more elated about the treatment I received from them while finding my dream car, a flawless E36 4-door. <br> <br> My story is similar to many EAG buyers. Long-coveting an E36 M, I searched the usual avenues and was met with disappointment and dishonesty. Then I stumbled on the Kellers' business, which just happened to be local to me. I visited multiple times and drove cars but was simply not ready to pull the trigger. I was never given a single sales pitch, nor was I ever pressured to buy. Eric simply reinforced their principles of quality and service, and even corresponded with me weekly throughout my search until I settled on my new car. The reality was that I settled on EAG long before ever handing over a down payment.<br> <br> The attentiveness and service I continue to receive, even after the money has changed hands, convinces me that the Kellers are truly a rare breed in the car sales industry. I am very excited to continue coming back for service and performance parts with them in the future. <br> <br> I couldn't be happier with my new vehicle; it is everything (and more) it was advertised to be, and I would not hesitate to buy again, even if I don't remain local. "Trust" is not usually a word you hear when talking about used car sales, but it's the only word you need to know when dealing with EAG.<br>
Nick Selman, Cincinnati, OH
I was very happy with my purchasing experience through EAG. You were very open and upfront with pictures and history reports before I arrived at your shop. Once I arrived everything was as expected. It was the most pleasurable purchasing experience I have ever went through. The car is great and I would definitely recommend your shop to others. I especially enjoy the fact that your shop deals only with pristine cars with a focus on performance.<br>
Ryan Coppa, Cedar Rapids, IA
As an instructor for BMW CCA and other car clubs on the east coast I am in a position to drive many different cars. About a month ago I was instructing a student with an E36 M3 that was in exceptionally good condition. He told me he had recently purchased it from an independent dealer in Ohio. I went on the Enthusiast Auto Group website and found exactly what I was looking for; an E36 M3 convertible. I had been looking for a while but nothing I had seen was nearly as nice. I spoke at great length with Eric who went over the entire car; highlighting every detail so meticulously that I felt I was looking at the car with him.<br> <br> I gave him a deposit and arrived a few days later to find the car exactly as described; perhaps even better than described. I couldn't be more pleased.<br> <br> In an age where unscrupulous business practices are common place, it is refreshing to find a place like EAG. These guys are honest and straightforward.<br> <br> I only wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so they could service my car when needed.<br>
Jamie Levine, New York, NY
I spent most of the winter searching for the right E39 M5. I was looking for a late build 2003 with less than 60k on the clock and I would not settle for a car without a service history. I searched for quite some time and began to think that my criteria may have limited my choices so much that I either wouldn't find my car or I had to pay thru the nose for a garage queen. Fortunately I found my car (exact color, trim, mods) on the EAG site. I called Eric immediately and figured that having a complete service history was just too much to expect. He had all documents in hand including the window sticker, and had previously sold this same car. I didn't even discuss the price as I found what I wanted.<br> <br> Eric drove the car back and forth to work a few days, had his techs look it over closely and make any recommendations in order to make this car perfect. I had sway bar links, control arms, &amp; Dinan tune all done prior to shipping. Eric gave me a great deal on parts and labor and even talked me out of some maintenance items. He also pointed me in the direction of great financing (PenFed Credit Union). Shipping was a breeze, paperwork easy--thank you Victoria, and the car showed up exactly when I was told it would. I had a post purchase inspection done and there were two issues that came up. I was reluctant to make a big deal about it as I was the one who didn't fly to Cincy to inspect it myself and the deal was already done. I called Eric about what had been found and he immediately made things right. No hesitation at all. I was surprised but really shouldn't have been.<br> <br> These guys are so honest that it makes you feel bad for being skeptical in the least. The service I got was nothing short of amazing and I am sure I will be back. I challenge anyone to get this kind of service from a BMW dealer or a private party.<br> <br> I have put about a thousand miles on the car and it is fantastic. I am happy to run errands and seem to find the long way home every time.<br> <br> Thanks to Eric, Evan and all at EAG.<br>
Jon Florada, Syracuse, NY
I remember driving back and forth to school every day as a teen and seeing a gray M3 parked in the hospital parking lot for everyone to see and admire. It definitely caught my eye and as soon as I found out it was an “M3,” I knew I had to have one…someday.<br> <br> Five years later I finally had the opportunity to test drive one at a local dealership and it blew me away! One quick drive and my heart was set on that car. Unfortunately, it was still out of reach with a high price tag, so I settled for a 328i. It was a great car, but nowhere close to an M3. Four years later, I was finally in a position where I wanted a new car and a used M3 was definitely within reach. However, with so many horror stories about abuse and mechanical failures, I was definitely hesitant to pull the trigger…especially with a car over the internet that I hadn't seen or driven. <br> <br> Then I found Enthusiast Auto Group. I had searched online for a few months and looked over a couple of their cars thinking “these are some really clean M3's.” One day I finally saw the one I was looking for – a Silver Gray over Imola Red M3 with 6 speed MT and 19” wheels – so I decided to give them a call. Evan picked up and was so helpful / informative. He physically walked over to the car and gave me every single detail about it; not just the good either – he pointed out its flaws as well! He said they believed in “full disclosure” and that is exactly what they gave. We spent a couple days emailing back and forth, and after reading all of the other great reviews about them I knew this was the car I wanted to buy and Enthusiast Auto Group was the place I wanted to buy it from. I sent Evan my deposit and booked a plane ticket the very next day. When I arrived at the airport, Victoria (his office manager) was there to pick me up and take me to my car. When I arrived at the office, all of my paperwork was ready to go and lined up on the counter. The car itself looked and drove exactly as Evan had described – a very pleasant surprise since most dealers are always trying to hide something to lure you in and make a sale. I spent over an hour and a half looking over the car and even test driving others to compare. Even with all of my nit-picking, Evan was eager to please and make whatever fixes/adjustments/accommodations that were requested. A few signatures on several dotted lines and I was officially the owner of my dream car! <br> <br> I had an eight hour drive ahead of me, but it was going to be the best eight hour drive of my life!<br> The good experience doesn't stop there. The next day I had a problem with the master key and some other minor things. I contacted Evan about them and he was more than willing to do whatever he needed to do to make sure I was completely satisfied. It was so refreshing to see that my satisfaction was still as important after the sale as it was prior to me getting there. Enthusiast Auto Group is without a doubt the “needle” in a “haystack” full of wheelers, dealers, and stealers. Their inventory is impressive, their prices are extremely competitive, and their work ethic is unmatched. I would not hesitate to buy from them again and encourage anyone looking for a new ‘M' to start and end their search with Enthusiast Auto Group. <br>
David Coker, Huntsville, AL
It's been two weeks since I purchased my first BMW. A 1998 E36 M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's also been two weeks since I did something I thought I would never do.... Buy a high mileage car (greater than 100k miles) from a company I've never dealt with &amp; without a prior test drive. How I came to do this despite my very skeptical &amp; cynical nature speaks volumes of the type of person Eric is.<br> <br> I've been stalking the EAG website for the past year after coming across them in one of the Bimmer forums. I have long been an admirer of the E46 M3 and have been looking for an affordable one for me to begin taking high performance driving classes (I've had an interest in high performance driving for a long time but only recently decided to jump into the fray myself). After browsing them &amp; other websites I realized that the E46 was a bit more than I was willing to invest at this time, especially being a beginner in the sport. I then began to look at the E36 M3 and found these to be more in line with what I was willing to invest.<br> <br> Approximately 3 weeks ago, EAG advertised a black E36 M3 with mods &amp; 109K miles. I had reservations due to hearing that BMW's could be quite temperamental when not maintained well &amp; with higher mileage. I sent an e-mail to EAG asking them about there criteria for obtaining &amp; selling high mileage BMW's. Within 2 hours I received a 3 paragraph, in-depth response to my question from Eric. The response was so in-depth &amp; honest that I was taken aback &amp; was convinced that I was getting the best quality vehicle my money could buy. He invited me to call him so we could talk more in-depth. I called him a few days later, expressing interest in the car but found out that the car was now a pending sale &amp; no longer available. He then told me about another vehicle that was stock, slightly more expensive with slightly less miles (103K). He promptly sent me several pictures of the vehicle along with the vehicle work order for maintenance &amp; repairs they were performing before the vehicle's sale. I reviewed all &amp; an hour later, I called Eric back &amp; told him I was going to go for it &amp; gave a deposit on the car. I live in Michigan &amp; have a hectic work schedule &amp; knew that several trips to Cincinnati weren't going to be possible. I also told Eric I wanted a few modifications installed &amp; he gave me advice on what were good quality options for this vehicle. <br> <br> Three days later i drove 5 hours to EAG and met Eric in person. The car looked even better than in the photos &amp; didn't look like a 100K mile car at all. I was given a thick folder of all the maintanence records from the previous owner (very comforting indeed). All the mods were installed prior to arrival. On final inspection of the vehicle's engine compartment, Eric found a hose that didn't look in the best of condition &amp; he spoke to his technician about replacing it before my drive back. During the 30 minutes waiting for this to be done,I met Eric's brother Evan who educated me on some of the idiosyncracies of my vehicle, including the correct way to get in &amp; out of the seats to avoid wear &amp; tear on them (who knew?). With the hose replaced, I hit the road for my 5 hour trip back to Michigan. The drive home took 6 hours due to being stuck in Ohio rush hour traffic but I didn't mind one bit :).<br> <br> In the 2 weeks since owning this car, I've gotten several looks &amp; compliments on the vehicle &amp; it's fun to see people's surprised look when the learn it's a '98. My friend who drives a Z3 &amp; is very knowledgeable about high performanance driving took my car through it's paces &amp; he was thoroughly impressed with the car's performance &amp; condition &amp; complimented me on such a solid investment. This was the most risky purchase I've ever made &amp; I have no regrets or sleepless nights about it. The fact that they want the "right to first refusal" if I decide to sell my vehicle is very indicative of how much they stand by the quality of their vehicles. I've already e-mailed Eric twice regarding some general questions about my vehicle and he has been very reponsive &amp; informative with his replies. I'm definitely going to make EAG my first choice when I finally decide to upgrade to the E46 M3. Looking forward to exploring the limits of my new ride. Thank you Eric &amp; the staff at EAG.<br>
Barton Scotland , Grand Blanc, Michigan
Was looking for an M Roadster for several weeks when I came across Enthusiast Auto on the internet. They had a pair of 2001 M Roadies in stock. Eric took the time to explain the cars to me in detail and emailed me a ton of pictures. Eric was completely transparent on the strengths of the cars and also explained any issues that needed to be addressed. His knowledge of BMW's and M performance cars in particular is amazing. After our discussion I was convinced this was the dealership and people I wanted to deal with. I arrived the following Saturday, the car was exactly as Eric described. No surprises or any issues that I could tell. Took it for a test drive and bought the car on the spot. Just that morning Eric explained to me the car was shooting a soft code, the fuel trim wasn't correct. He apologized and said they would get the code fixed and deliver the car to me and hour and a half away. Unless Eric told me there was a problem I would have never known, you expect things like this with a ten year old car. EAG's staff worked on the car, spent a lot of time and money they didn't have to, and presented me with a car that absolutely needed nothing. How refreshing to deal with someone with so much passion for his cars. Would I buy from EAG again? Absolutely. Anyone looking for a performance BMW should start their search with Enthusiast Auto. <br>
Mike Ross, Louisville, KY