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I want to thank you for the recent purchase of my '05 E46 M3. You guys and your employees were great to work with. Friendly, courteous and professional. If you said it would happen at a certain time it did. Keeping commitments is very important to me. I'd have a very hard time spending a large amount of money on a car I couldn't see and drive before the purchase. It's not in my nature to turn over so much control so I did what I could to check you out. My efforts turned up many responses about you as people and a business. Not a single word of negativity and much, much praise. Even though I ended up buying a car that I came to see, I had become willing to buy sight unseen because of the trust we had developed. The car is great. Exactly as you'd described it. No surprises. Maybe the best part was being able to configure the car the way I wanted it, with different wheels/tires and upgraded brakes. I would never have been able to do that sort of thing buying from a private party or dealer. You all made the buying/delivery process easy and it was great to get to know you. I'm a happy customer! Thanks again!
Jay Hudson, Greenville, SC
This is a big thank you to Eric and EAG! I love my new E39 M5 and I am absolutely amazed at the length that EAG went through to make sure that this car was absolutely perfect. I already had a very high degree of trust and respect for Eric and EAG, as I had previously sold Eric an E46 M3 and recently purchased an E36 M3 sedan. During the deal on my M5, Eric took my previous level of trust and respect to an all new level. First, after the car that I was trading to EAG for my M5 was already being transported from Colorado to Cincinnati I received a message from Eric stating that he had a surprise for me and to call him once the M5 arrived in Colorado. Once the M5 arrived, Eric informed me that he had driven my M5 before it shipped and he did not like how the clutch felt on the car and that he had gone ahead and replaced the clutch. The deal was already done and Eric had $2k worth of work done to the car with the clutch replacement, now that is my kind of surprise!! If that wasn't enough, there were a couple of minor issues associated with the new clutch (backup lights and cruise control) and Eric worked with my local BMW shop to get the issues resolved and he picked up the tab for that too. If you are shopping at EAG for the first time, just know that these guys are extremely trustworthy and great to work with, whether you are buying one of their cars or they are buying your car.
Bob Harland, Denver, CO
It's rare to purchase something that exceeds your expectations -- especially when that something is a used car. I have previously owned two extremely low-mile e36 M3s, but the one I just purchased from Enthusiast Auto Group is the best-documented, best-maintained, best driving one yet. Living in Las Vegas, I did not have the time or money to fly out to Cincinnati to test-drive a car prior to purchase. Which meant I had to put complete faith in Eric and EAG. I was not disappointed. The car arrived three days ahead of schuedule, and it is, in a word, stunning. It is everything advertised and described, only better. The interior, engine bay, and trunk are spotless, and the exterior fit and finish far exceeded the pics on the EAG website. It is like traveling back to 1995 and getting a brand-new M3 for $15,000 less. Being one of the only, if not the only, shop of its kind in the U.S., it would be very easy for EAG to cut corners and still draw a substantial business. They have not chosen that route: far from it. They are consummate professionals who 1) take pride in what they do, and 2) create a no-nonsense, get-what-you-pay-for buying experience that is easy, fast, and rewarding. I would, and have, recommended them to lifelong friends and family. They are that good.
Rob MacDonald, Las Vegas, NV
Thanks to everyone at Enthusiast Auto Group. It is clear that they work to insure their customer is happy and confident in their purchase. I acquired a 7 series BMW from these folks. But before any deal was done, they let me have extensive overnight test drives, and racked the car for inspections. No pressure and real nice buying experience with these guys. I would highly recommend them and will likely purchase from them again.
Terry Noakes, Cincinnati, OH
I found EAG while looking for a 1 Series M Coupe online. Due to the rarity of the car and production delays, I was getting quotes of 6-8 month waits to get one. I decided to start looking into used M3s and ran into EAG. While the original vehicle that I wanted had already been sold, Eric recommended a different vehicle that had similar features. After about 2-3 weeks of talking everything finally came together as planned and I was able to drive to Cincinnati to look at my new car. When I got there, the car was sitting right up front ready to go for a test drive. Eric had replaced the windshield because the old one had a small chip on it. Everything was as explained in emails and phone conversations. He pointed out the features of the car, but made sure to go into details about the cars faults! Anyone who has ever dealt with a used car dealer would be surprised at this action, but the guys at EAG aren't in to make a quick buck, they are in this business because they love M BMWs and it shows in their friendliness, knowledge and professional etiquette. The drive home was one of the funnest and quickest two hours that I have ever had in my life! Even after the purchase, I kept in contact with Eric and he has been as helpful as ever. When I noticed that the rear headrests were missing from the car, he offered to get me a set of black headrests and ship them out ASAP at his cost! It is this kind of care and dedication that makes me recommend these guys to any and all of my friends that are looking for a used M BMW.
Marco Decca, Indianapolis, IN
EAG finds and sells the cleanest & rarest M3's on the market. After looking with no avail for close to two months and making an offer on one M3 that ended up having frame damage (discovered during PPI), I wanted assurance that what I was buying was the cleanest possible M3. Eric and Evan both walked me through the car inch by inch ensuring me that what I was buying was indeed the best. I couldn't be happier with my purchase….after owning the car for a couple weeks it's evident that Eric and Evan know these cars inside and out and are true to their word. Thanks guys, car is running great!
Greg Fishbein, West Orange, NJ
I recently purchased a 2004 BMW M3 from Eric at Enthusiast Auto Group and couldn't be happier. I didn't plan on trading my car in but a friend told me about EAG and I began browsing the site and I was hooked. I saw several M3s that I was interested in and shot Eric an email. I was expecting the usual low offer on my trade but Eric gave me a surprisingly fair offer right off the bat. After a week or so of emails I made the 3 hour drive to EAG and drove 4 E46 M3s, a week later I came back and bought one. Throughout the entire process Eric and Evan answered all of my questions and treated me with a level of respect I've never received from a car dealership. I hope to have the pleasure of buying from them again.
Chris Furby, Winfield, WV
No other car represents the epitome of luxury, performance, and class the way an M does. The same can also be said for Enthusiast Auto and the car buying experience. I couldn't be more elated about the treatment I received from them while finding my dream car, a flawless E36 4-door. My story is similar to many EAG buyers. Long-coveting an E36 M, I searched the usual avenues and was met with disappointment and dishonesty. Then I stumbled on the Kellers' business, which just happened to be local to me. I visited multiple times and drove cars but was simply not ready to pull the trigger. I was never given a single sales pitch, nor was I ever pressured to buy. Eric simply reinforced their principles of quality and service, and even corresponded with me weekly throughout my search until I settled on my new car. The reality was that I settled on EAG long before ever handing over a down payment. The attentiveness and service I continue to receive, even after the money has changed hands, convinces me that the Kellers are truly a rare breed in the car sales industry. I am very excited to continue coming back for service and performance parts with them in the future. I couldn't be happier with my new vehicle; it is everything (and more) it was advertised to be, and I would not hesitate to buy again, even if I don't remain local. "Trust" is not usually a word you hear when talking about used car sales, but it's the only word you need to know when dealing with EAG.
Nick Selman, Cincinnati, OH
I was very happy with my purchasing experience through EAG. You were very open and upfront with pictures and history reports before I arrived at your shop. Once I arrived everything was as expected. It was the most pleasurable purchasing experience I have ever went through. The car is great and I would definitely recommend your shop to others. I especially enjoy the fact that your shop deals only with pristine cars with a focus on performance.
Ryan Coppa, Cedar Rapids, IA
As an instructor for BMW CCA and other car clubs on the east coast I am in a position to drive many different cars. About a month ago I was instructing a student with an E36 M3 that was in exceptionally good condition. He told me he had recently purchased it from an independent dealer in Ohio. I went on the Enthusiast Auto Group website and found exactly what I was looking for; an E36 M3 convertible. I had been looking for a while but nothing I had seen was nearly as nice. I spoke at great length with Eric who went over the entire car; highlighting every detail so meticulously that I felt I was looking at the car with him. I gave him a deposit and arrived a few days later to find the car exactly as described; perhaps even better than described. I couldn't be more pleased. In an age where unscrupulous business practices are common place, it is refreshing to find a place like EAG. These guys are honest and straightforward. I only wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so they could service my car when needed.
Jamie Levine, New York, NY