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I decided I wanted and E46 M3 this past summer and began my search for a car. I visited the Enthusiast site a couple of times but was searching for a deal. After several months of looking and learning about potential problems with a 10-12 year old E46 M3 I came back to Evan and Enthusiast. Over many conversations with Evan and picking out the “one I wanted” I flew to Cincinnati for a look see. I was blown away by the number of cars he had and Evan's knowledge about the cars. We drove several and ended up with the “one I wanted”. It was a 2005 6sp coupe with the competition package and 23,000 miles. We closed the sale and I drove 585 miles back home.

Over the years(I am 70)I have owned Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Corvette. This car is the best of the bunch. I could not be happier with the car. The exterior, interior and mechanical are like new. It is the only “fun car” I own that my wife will ride in as long as I stay in wife mode.

Evan and his guys go the extra mile to provide great customer service. When I was getting ready to drive away, I asked Even if there was a way for me to play Pandora for the ride home. With the snap of a finger one of his guys had me ready to go in 5 minutes with a connector for my iphone.

I want to thank Evan and Enthusiast for a great buying experience. I only wish I was closer so he could maintain the car for me.

Frank G., Fernandina Beach, FL 12.1.16
For those reading this, let me start off by saying this is not the first vintage car I've bought, actually it is one of many, but what makes this car different for me is that this is the first BMW I've ever bought. This era M car was a new venture for me and one I was glad to acquire through EAG due to their experience with these cars which I am a novice at. I drive my cars, they don't sit for long in garages collecting dust, so a solid drivers car was what I was looking for and this car from EAG has delivered.

This is the first time I've ever bought an older car without flying out to see the car and inspect the car myself. It is also the first time I've bought an older car from a company rather than an individual, I believe this was the best and most direct way to acquire this particular special performance car. Since my overall knowledge of these rare E24 M cars was limited, EAG gave me confidence I wouldn't have otherwise had buying this era of BMW.

The initial inquiry on this car was handled by Eric and we spoke for some length about the car, its number of prior owners, general condition and what had been done to the car while at EAG etc. What followed next was an email with many photos of the car to give an idea of its condition (it should be noted this was a very objective collection all flaws clearly pointed out), items included with the car, it's service records from prior owners and the list of items that were serviced since arriving to EAG.

The experience EAG has with these cars was important as there was an item I noticed while reviewing the photos sent which I addressed in a follow up discussion which Eric. He was familiar with this particular issue with this era car and was able to assure correction to my satisfaction prior to agreeing to purchase. This was not a simple thing to take care of and the work done was exceptional. I will not get into the details to keep our mutual business confidential, but suffice it to say this was an expense to EAG and their commitment to doing the job the right way was certainly appreciated. Also of note, which is common of older cars, the car had several issues spontaneously appear during its ongoing work at the EAG shop nothing to be afraid of, older cars do this type of thing, it was either going to happen while at EAG or to me after arrival. In this case they occurred while still at EAG and with these two instances Eric called and updated me letting me know that they would be corrected prior to their signing off on delivery of the car. Again, not simple inexpensive corrections, both were done to the high standards EAG projects among BMW owners who have provided prior testimonials. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference this made in the buying experience to know the car was being bought from a company familiar with the car to the point they would get it "right" without issue prior to delivery so all I had to do was enjoy it when it arrived.

When the car was finally complete and ready for delivery it was carried by a very nice clean and professional independent transporter who was familiar to EAG and I was very satisfied with how the final hand off of the car occured. The gentleman was very careful with unloading items that came with the car and the car itself.

I am comfortable offering my most favorable endorsement and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a BMW to enjoy as a daily driver or to add to a collection. A business develops its reputation regarding ethics and personal standard by building on its acts and consistency, I feel EAG lived up to what has been described by their prior customers testimonials I've read. Mine can be added to this growing list. Good luck with all future transactions EAG!
Sean B., Plantation, FL 11.22.16
I'm sure I am one of the the few people to purchase a non-BMW from EAG, but I cannot recommend them enough. I found my Lexus IS-F in an online ad and from my first contact to driving out of the lot, Evan and the EAG team offered great service, accurate information, and a seamless purchase process. This was my first performance "fun" vehicle purchase and living in Texas, I initially had some trepidation about purchasing vehicle from out of state, but with the documentation, pre-purchase inspection, and countless pictures EAG provided, the experience was as strait forward as it could get. If my pocket book allows, I would definitely do business with them again in the future!
John M., Fort Worth, TX 11.1.16
I don't really know where to begin with my review of EAG. I can start by saying, "This group of folks are really a breath of fresh air in the automotive world."

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to a "hard to find" BMW M2. I responded to a listing that EAG had on AutoTrader, and became quick friends with Eric, though he might say I became a quick pain in the neck instead. That's no exaggeration either as I think I asked him (and his team) no less than 2.6 million questions, all of which were answered quickly, professionally, and with the utmost patience. I live in CA. EAG is located in OH, and I have never before bought a vehicle from out of state, sight unseen, hence all of my questions to them.

Eric and the gang made the purchase and delivery process as smooth as silk. The car I bought showed up here just 3 days later, exactly as promised, in exactly the manner and condition I was promised, and I couldn't be more pleased with what was delivered to me or with EAG. My only regret in the entire deal is that I will likely never get to meet my new friends or go into their facility for a visit and/or service.

If you're thinking about buying a vehicle from EAG, do not hesitate, they're consummate professionals who are committed to their process and their craft and will take the very best care of you.

Here's looking forward to a lasting relationship with many future purchases/sales to come.

Sean F., San Rafael, CA 10.20.16
I recently purchased a 2008 Z4M Coupe from Enthusiast Auto Group. I generally do not purchase vehicles without first inspecting them myself. However, in this case I live in Mississippi and EAG is in Ohio it was difficult for me to make a quick trip up. After speaking to Eric extensively about the Z4M Coupe I had a very comfortable and trustworthy feeling about adding this exemplary car to my collection. EAG was more than happy to email me detailed photos of the car and answer any questions I might have. The process of buying the Z4M Coupe was a very smooth process with Eric and his team at EAG. I would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from them in the future.
Mike R., Hattiesburg, MS 10.20.16
This was my first time buying a car "sight unseen" and at first I was skeptical about it but Evan took all my doubts away. Within minutes of our first phone call Evan had emailed me a full list of service records and history on my e46 M3 along with over 100 condition related pictures. The whole team at EAG was awesome throughout the whole process and assured me our relationship does not end upon delivery of the vehicle! I am extremely happy with the car and the customer service they provided! I look forward to purchasing my next BMW with Enthusiast Auto Group! Thanks again for everything Evan!
Nick S., Matawan,NJ 9.17.16
Enthusiast Auto Group is nothing short of AMAZING. From the selection of cars to the staff I honestly can not find a single negative thing to say. I dealt mostly with Evan and even though I had an unforeseen setback he was still able to make my dream come true. Thank you for that. One thing I noticed about EAG is that they're one big family ready and willing to help and answer every question you may have like true professionals. Not once did I feel pressured or rushed, on the contrary I felt very comfortable. My biggest concern was making such a big purchase without being there in person to actually see, touch, drive and just examine the car myself. With that being said, words can not describe how clean, and just plain old AWESOME this M3 is. Throughout the entire process they kept me up to date. In fact the day before my car was scheduled to be loaded for transport, they were able to install a Dinan SSK for me. No delays what so ever. Without a doubt in my mind my next purchase will be with Enthusiast Auto Group. If you want the best, look no further, EAG is your place!
Peter E., Bronx, NY 7.12.16
I recently purchased my 2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition from Enthusiast Auto Group and couldn't be happier. I had been looking for one for about six months before I called EAG as I just wasn't sure that I wanted to buy one that wasn't local. I managed to find a Lime Rock close by, but it was in fairly dubious condition despite the low miles. So the next day I decided to call Eric and just talk about the car he had for sale. After talking to Eric for about 15 minutes I knew this was going to be a different experience. First of all Eric explained that most of his sales were done out of state to buyers like me. He went on to tell me how he buys used cars and has them shipped to EAG in Cincinnati and would the car I was considering to me without the need for me to drive out and and drive back. That's was really important to me as work was really busy and I live about an 11 hour drive away. I just couldn't get away to make the sale.

The next big surprise was that Eric offered me a lot more for my trade in than what I was offered elsewhere locally, as he knew that I kept prior car in good shape. He based that assessment on our conversation over the phone. The condition of my car didn't matter to the local dealers I had shown it to. But to Eric he felt he knew that my car was in condition he wanted. Of course I knew what the warts were and documented them with pictures. Eric had my car picked up a few days later and bought my car at the agreed to price.

The really big surprise, though, was that Eric said the car I called about was a great car, but he wanted to sell me a better car that wasn't even listed on his website yet. He sent me a DropBox link with more than 100 picture and some of the documents showing what was done to the car to bring it up to EAG standards. I was a little bit disappointed to find that the car had the front license plate frame mounted on the front bumper since it was a car sold in Ohio. Eric told me he'd patch the holes and repaint the front bumper at no charge. Wow, that was amazing! A few days after the repainting was done, the car was shipped to me in great condition. I was quite surprised to see how clean the car was. The body and interior were in perfect condition as were the wheels. Even the lug holes in the wheels were spotless. My daily driver, a 2014 428i convertible is on lease which ends next June. I know where I'll be buying my next BMW!
Rob C., Beltsville, MD
I recently purchased my E46 M3 from EAG without an in-person inspection. At first, I was leery of buying a car in this manner but as time went on and I got more acquainted with Evan and the cordial and professional EAG staff, I became comfortable and confident enough to finalize the transaction. Todd made all the arrangements to have my car transported to California and then to Hawaii. My car arrived without any damage and is stunning! The pictures really did not do it justice. On the dock, even though there were several new BMWs parked around mine, the workers were all gathered around and admiring my car. I am still getting acquainted with the car but so far am very impressed with its condition, power and handling. The service and attention that I received from Evan, Mike, Todd and Blaire were nothing short of outstanding. Their responses to my many questions and requests were always prompt and complete. The treatment that I received (and continue to receive) affirms that EAG is truly committed to providing excellent customer service. They are the best!
James N., Honolulu, HI 7.6.16
Hello Eric and team, Thank you all so much for the “Best BMW Buying Experience” in all my years of buying BMW's, fourteen in total. EAG, you are an enterprise that truly understands “customer service.” All emails, phone calls, purchase documents and delivery to my home were done as promised and on time. The car, 2010 E90 M3, purchased over the phone, was in better condition that was discussed and revealed from what seem to be hundreds of pictures. Even smallest blemish was photographed. I have driven the car a little over 1000 miles since the purchase and it has been a joy. One for the skeptics…Stop whining and complaining about their prices until you walk through the process and understand the business model. EAG is the real deal!!!!
Andre D., Alvaton, Ky 5.14.16