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In October, I made my first online vehicle purchase with EAG. The experience was most pleasant especially after I discovered that I was buying my second E36 M3 Sedan from more of a BMW fanatic than myself. Eric and Evan's knowledge of the E36 impressed me and my rudimentary understanding and appreciation for how great these cars are. We should thank EAG for keeping solid M cars on the market. I received the car as promised, and its condition has more than exceeded my expectations. Most important to me and why I will never consider a used M car that hasn't been looked over by or that isn't being offered by EAG: Eric and Evan always pick up the phone, always reply to emails, and make their best effort to answer any and all questions, no matter how trivial. Thank you for that and all of your help Eric. I have no reservations about buying another M car from you, sight unseen. If you'd ever like to use me as a reference on a conference call with you for a prospective customer, I'd be more than happy to.
Wesley M., Miramar, FL
Enthusiast Auto Group, I have been a car enthusiast my whole life and a fan of specialty cars in particular. It was long overdue for me to replace my Lexus with an M car and had been searching for several years for the one that both fit our budget and was fully sorted for long-term enjoyment. After some conversation with several BMW club members, I was referred exclusively the Enthusiast Auto. I was pleasantly surprised to see the various Roundel choices, especially the collection of Motorsport cars that are always in stock. After several conversations with Eric and Evan, I knew this was the place my next purchase would take place and I couldn't be happier. My tastefully modified Techno Violet M3 Sedan is art on wheels and is everything you told me it would be and more. Your honesty has prepared me for the few minor imperfections associated with my M3's 126k miles. I will be returning to Enthusiast Auto for future services on both our Techno Violet M3 and our 2008 128i coupe. In a few years, I will be back for another M car purchase, maybe an early M5 or M coupe. Only time will tell. Thank you again for making the purchase so pleasant. Even more so, the thorough inspection and service history that came along with my purchase. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with "The Ultimate Driving Machine." Thank you again.
Michael Trevor, Florence, KY
After looking for an M3 in New England with no luck, I widened my search and kept seeing all of the cars at EAG and decided to poke around the forums to see what comments were out there about EAG. After looking around, I could not believe all of the positive comments so I decided to give them a call but buying a car sight un-seen did not excite me. After talking with Eric, he put me totally at ease and I had complete confidence. His knowledge of M3's is unbelievable so I knew he would give me the car I was looking for and not have to worry about it mechanically. Eric treated me very well and I worked out a deal to trade my 330i and EAG would deliver my new car and drive mine back which was a real help to me. Victoria and Matt made the trip in the biggest snow storm the East Coast has ever seen in October. That is customer service! After the car was delivered, I can say that EAG exceeded my expectations. The car was ultra clean just as Eric described. Thanks EAG.
Ron Richard, Laconia, NH
It was a gratifying experience dealing with EAG. You are a true professionals and car enthusiasts. In regards to the M coupe, the car was better than presented. It was a joy driving it back home. They don't make them like these anymore!
Jorge Hine, Miami, FL
Here's the real deal on service. I've had my 92 E36 into EAG twice for service. On both occasions the problems were fix right the first time and the price was more than reasonable. I'm proud to say I wouldn't take my bimmer to any other service provider, ever. Unfortunately the damn car runs so well now I have no need to bring it in, thanks to EAG. I wish I could have you do a full performance upgrade because I drive by your lot everyday. Seeing the stunning cars only fuels my desire to one day own one of your vehicles. One day I promise! BTW, I have no leaks in the garage. Thanks Guys.
Chad Staunton, Cincinnati, OH
It is clear to me, having just sold my 1998 M3 to the Enthusiast Auto Group, that a more honest and straight forward group of guys will not be found. Working with Evan was so easy and enjoyable that I sort of wish I had more cars to sell. They, judging from this experience, are honest car dealers. Crazy sounding perhaps, but true.
Paul Salvione, Williamsburg, Va
Enthusiast Auto Group of Cincinnati, Ohio deserves the highest commendation “ and here's why: in mid-2011 I did something most people would never do: I bought a completely loaded 2011 335d with less than 14,000 miles sight unseen from Enthusiast 2,000 miles away. Scary. When it arrived in California the steering wheel was slightly off kilter and the car tended to steer me instead of the other way around at bumps and potholes. I liked the way my old BMW drove better. But what did I know? Then, after a couple of months my son-in-law noticed excessive wear on the front tires. I went to BMW of Monrovia and was shown tie rods that were bent. I felt betrayed and sent Enthusiast a nasty letter. It produced an inspection report from a BMW dealer in Cincinnati that showed no tie rod problems. The car had probably been damaged during shipping. At that point Enthusiast could have refused all help, claiming the car was sold "as is," that any problems were mine once the car left the lot, and that I should deal with the trucking company and its insurer. Instead, it apologized and paid for new tie rods (inside and out), alignment and a set of four new Michelins! Unbelievable. Unheard of. Honorable. If you chance to find a car at Enthusiast Auto Group, consider yourself fortunate. They deliver. Now that my car is fixed, it's dreamy. I have what Enthusiast wanted me to have. Any questions? (909) 482-1000.
Craig Rossell, Claremont, California
In search for a BMW M3, I'm so glad I happened to come across Enthusiast Auto (EAG). I spent the better half of a year scouring the Bay Area for a M3 and continually came up short. There just wasn't any M3's that fit my requirements locally, but as I expanded my search nationally I found that EAG clearly had an ample supply of the best BMW's in the nation. I reached out to EAG about their inventory of cars and Eric was more than helpful. From the beginning, Eric was upfront and honest about the M3 I was inquiring about. Eric was also very patient with me. He promptly answered my onslaught of questions (I had Tons!) whether by email or phone. Everything seemed too good to be true, but the thought of buying a car site unseen was rather unsettling. Being a few thousand miles away and with my busy work schedule I just was unable to make the trip out to EAG and see the car. After sleeping on it, I went ahead took the leap of faith and went ahead with the purchase. The car arrived ahead of schedule and it was just as Eric described. The car was a blast to drive and it was in pristine condition. Unfortunately, within the first few days of ownership the alternator in the car failed. I reached out to Eric and he instantly stood behind the car and sent me a new alternator. With the new alternator installed, I'm back on the road and couldn't be happier. My experience with EAG is a true testament to the quality of cars they carry and their top notch service. For anyone looking for a BMW don't hesitate to check out EAG. They'll take care of you and you won't be disappointed.
Norman Wu, Fremont, CA
In 1992 while in Germany I saw my first BMW 850Ci. I loved the looks of the car but at the time it was out of my reach. Fast forward 19 years. I saw another BMW 850Ci on a trip back from Myrtle beach which got me interested again. I started checking out the automobile sites to see what was out there. I saw a few 850's but most of them had automatic transmissions and I wanted a standard transmission. The choices were few but I came upon an ad from Enthusiast Auto Group and a few private sellers. I checked out the cars and made some phone calls to verify the condition of the cars. I checked out the testimonials on Enthusiast Auto Group's web site and I was impressed. The photos of the car were impressive also. I contacted Eric and told him I wanted to buy the 850CSI. I sent my deposit and made arrangements to fly to Cincinnati to pick up the car. I had a bad experience buying a car off of the internet in the past so I opted to pick up the BMW 850CSI instead of having it shipped. Now I know I should not have worried because the car and the Enthusiast Auto Group were as good if not better than advertised. I was met at the Dayton airport and driven to Enthusiast to pick up the car. I stayed the night and in Dayton and had the pleasure of driving the car back to New York. Since then I have showed the BMW 850CSi in 2 auto shows. The first show In Saratoga, the only class my BMW could be in was for exotics and was very subjective. The second show, I was in the foreign class and the judging was based on fit and finish and I won 1st place! The only thing I had to do with the car was wash it, thanks to everyone at Enthusiasts Auto Group.
Charles Antalek, Utica, NY
It is not often, in these times, one finds a car business that provides service “above and beyond” the way everyone at Enthusiast Auto Group does. From the first contact with these guys and gal three years ago, it became apparent to me this is more than a career to them, it is a passion. I have had the pleasure of being involved in four transactions with Eric, Victoria and everyone and EAG. I have purchased two vehicles and sold two of my vehicles to their dealership. I first got to know Eric three years ago from an ad on, for the Mini Cooper S I eventually bought and had EAG modify for me. Before that transaction, I had not known of EAG. Even on that first purchase, Eric provided all information needed to make a legitimate decision on purchasing the vehicle and then provided expert guidance on the types of modifications that would best suit my needs with the car, over the telephone, sight unseen. Two years later, when I reluctantly had to part with my M3 track car, and later my E90, Eric and the entire group at EAG were there to assist me and provide all the support and guidance required. All this provided while making me feel like their most important client, all along the way. Most recently, when I saw a 1998, 328i that I could not let slip by I called Eric. Knowing me and my fancies, Eric was able to provide all information I needed to decide this was the car for me at this time. The entire transaction was, again, handled completely professionally, quickly, smoothly, and honestly over the phone, sight unseen. I have no reservations at all knowing that when Eric or anyone at EAG describes a car and its condition they are meticulous in their evaluation. I had no worries purchasing the 328i, my second car purchased from EAG sight unseen. We discussed modifications and Eric advised me on immediate modifications made as well as future modifications I wish to make. Those immediate modifications were done to perfection when I picked up the car. Upon arriving at EAG my car was ready to go and looked like I had just pulled out of a showroom (a 13 year old machine). The paperwork was ready when I arrived and literally took less than 10 minutes with Victoria's excellent organization. I hung out at EAG for a couple of hours before departing with my new vehicle as I, not only find it fascinating, but extremely informative to hang out with Bimmer experts. The 500 mile trip home flew by in a flash as my new ultimate driving machine performed beyond expectations. Without hesitation I can state that Enthusiast Auto is the only place I will consider purchasing my next Bimmer from, and recommend them to anyone without reservation. Thanks Eric, Evan, Josh and Victoria. You make the purchase of a Bimmer (or any vehicle for that matter) a pleasure. The ability to purchase the ultimate driving machine from the ultimate in BMW dealers!!!
Randy York, Muscatine, IA