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I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your business model and how great it was to deal with you all. As you know, I have been sniffing around your site for years, and finally it all came together in my little E36 M3. The car is everything you represented it to be and more, and being able to do business with people with integrity and genuine interest in working with a prospective customer was special indeed. Thanks for making the whole transaction one smooth and effortless experience from airport pickup to heading back to MD's Eastern Shore with a trouble free special car I intend to enjoy for years to come. All the best,
Rob Ketcham, Easton, MD
I had been shopping for a low mileage black on black manual trans 2006 M3 in Los Angeles and had no luck whatsoever. I had never considered buying a used car sight unseen, but in a bit of desperation, I looked on line and found Eric's business. I began to correspond with Eric and found him to be highly knowledgeable and very accommodating to my specific needs. Eric spent a good deal of time with me over several weeks and was able to find a car that met my specifications. I was still very uneasy about buying an expensive car without ever seeing and driving it. Eric assured me that the car was exactly what I wanted and that it was in the condition that I had specified. Eric sent me numerous photos of the car and copies of all the documentation. What really impressed me were the inspections and work that Eric had done on the car before I took delivery. He made sure that everything worked perfectly and that any scratches or blemishes were repaired. When I closed the deal, I felt pretty confident that I was getting a top notch vehicle that would give me no nasty surprises. Still I had some apprehension. Since the car was going to be delivered by truck across country, I was also concerned about the reliability of the delivery service since the car would be mine during the trip. Eric hooked me up with service that he uses and it was awesome. The car arrived on time and in perfect condition. And speaking of the condition of the car, it was fantastic. The car exceeded my expectations in all regards. It runs and looks like it is new. Eric assured me that it was in tip top condition and he was definitely telling the truth! I have also had the opportunity to ask Eric some after sale questions via email and he gets back to me in just a few hours. I wish the local dealer where I bought my new BMW last year was half as responsive as Eric is! Bottom line for me is that all my concern about buying a car sight unseen was unfounded. But only because I bought it from EAG. I would not trust any other company for this type of sale. I could not be happier with the car or the sales process.
Neal Rein, Westlake Village, CA
In football they have YAC (yards after catch). I'd like to talk about SAP (service after purchase). This is a big ATTABOY for Enthusiast Auto Group of Cincinnati where I bought my '05 E46M3.EAG specializes in M cars and has a large inventory of the nicest cars. This specialty dealer is owned by 2 brothers who are both racers and have a great rep throughout the community. I learned they do many sales, across the country, sight unseen. Having done as much research on them as I could, visiting their business, looking at and driving several of their cars and buying from them I understand how they can do this and have come to have the same trust. My buying experience was a great one and I love the car. They were extremely accommodating. The car is as described and there have been no negative surprises. Turns out there were a couple of positive surprises. The car has the Homelink garage door opener feature and Bluetooth. Neither of these were advertised and I'm thrilled about the Bluetooth. Since they specialize in these cars they are often able to configure your car the way you want it. The car I purchased had 18” wheelstires. I wanted the OE 19s so they were able to have a set completely refurbished, mounted with the tires of my choice and exchange them for the 18s. I also decided to have them upgrade to the OE competition brakes. It's awesome to be able to buy a used car that's a cream puff and pick and choose the options you want. As delivered the car was fantastic. Clean, polished and ready to fly. The refurbished wheels looked great. Now for the SAP. After a couple of months I noticed the clear coat was coming off one of the wheels. I was concerned about the polished area of the wheels getting discolored or corroded where the coating was coming off. Since Cincinnati is quite a drive from where I live it wouldn't be feasible for me to go back to EAG for repair. Shipping would also be cumbersome. I contacted Eric at EAG to tell him about my problem and ask if the company they used to refurbish was a national company with a warranty. No joy. It was a company local to them in Ohio. Without any hesitation Eric offered several options on how they would take care of the problem to make sure this continued to be nothing but a very positive buying experience. He explained they had had some problems with this particular company and were no longer using them for the 19s. Totally up front. He even offered to ship me a wheeltire so I could get the repair done without losing use of the car. I must say I expected this to be a difficult process but I was most pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't it be great if all businesses took care of their customers this way. We decided the best way to resolve the problem was for me to find a company local to me and EAG would reimburse me for the repair. Upon having the wheel inspected by a local company, which my BMW dealer uses, it turns out another wheel was having a similar issue. I was told the wheel(s) should be stripped, machined and powder coated to prevent further problems. Also, the repaired wheel(s) would look slightly different than the others. Upon sharing this info with Eric he immediately said all 4 wheels need to be done so they match and there are no further problems. Again, no hesitation or backpedaling. End result…. I now have 4 beautifully refinished wheels with a lifetime warranty on finish. I was promptly reimbursed for the total expense. Talk about being a happy customer. I can't overemphasize how well I've been taken care of. How professional and accommodating EAG has been. I'm a proponent and will be a repeat customer if the need arises. If you're in the market for a used E46M3, or other M car, you should give them serious consideration. No matter the distance. In my experience they'll treat you right!
Jay Hudson, Easley, SC
In 2001 when the E46 M3 debuted, I was only 16 years old, but it was love at first sight. It became my one and only dream car. I honestly never thought it would be attainable but after graduating and a year of working as an engineer I started realizing it was a possibility. Early on in my search, I heard of Eric and Evan and the guys from Enthusiast Auto when my best friend (who comes from a family that collectively owns four M3s) found them in his own quest. I had the pleasure of meeting the brothers when my friend purchased his 1999 E36 M3. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of BMWs and the business, but most of all their commitment to quality and excellence. Only a short time later I was on the market, and after spending a month on my own feeling frustrated with both private sales and other dealerships, I knew where I needed to go. I have never felt more comfortable through a car buying process as I did with Eric and Evan. I ended up with a 2004 Titanium Silver E46 M3 and for the past year and a half I have lived out my teenage dream. I have only had two extremely minor issues with the car that have totaled to about as much as a couple oil changes while two friends who decided to purchase similar E46 M3s elsewhere have had their car in and out of the shop. I certainly plan on working with Eric and Evan for any of my future BMW needs. My advice to others who are on the market for any used BMW is not just to look to Eric and Evan, but don't even waste your time going anywhere else. You won't regret it. I sure haven't.
David Kraft, Vienna, VA
Hi Evan & Eric, First off, thanks again for the 750Li! Since purchase, we have enjoyed the new ride tremendously. As you know, when shopping for a vehicle, I was debating a bit between a little more self-indulgence (02'Imola Red M5), and driving enjoyment coupled with an element of practicality (750Li). We are very, very happy with our purchase (Nancy LOVES the car), but more than that, just want to say thank you again for your honest and thoughtful approach. I can say without hesitation this was by far the most fun I've had shopping for a new vehicle. You actually make me want to purchase a car from you, just for the service that you offer! So, job well done! I actually look forward to having you service the vehicle, which I have never, ever said about a shop before. Rock on dudes....
Dr. R. Kapteyn, Cincinnati, OH
I have never written a recommendation but find that in the case of Enthusiast Auto, it would be a significant over site on my part to not do so. I have kept up with them from their website for more than a year and had realized before I made the trip to Cincinnati that I was in for a positive experience. Nothing could have prepared me for the reality. Eric and Evan were knowledgeable about M's in general but when it came to their cars it was amazing what they knew. They have a very high standard in everything they do from the parts they use to the people they choose to do business with.
Bob Stearman, Louisville, KY
Just wanted you and Evan to know I got the car home in tip top shape, though it can no longer be a rain virgin! But I don't think there was any salt around yet, so the most that happened was it got a little damp. I also wanted to thank you for a really nice buying experience and, of course, for the great car. It is exactly as described, and drives beautifully. It's a pleasure doing business with guys like you and your brother. I'm certain we'll do some car stuff in future years.
Andy K., Bloomfield Hills, MI
I got this wonderful bug about collecting cars for past 10 years. I like mostly older ones with attention 60's and early 70's Porsches. But I also have a E39 M5 that stood a bit lonely between my other cars. So far a total of 14 of Porsches, Mercedes and Land Rovers are in the collection. In acquiring each one there was a learning experience, some good, some not so good. Anyways, I was playing with the idea of getting an original E28 M5 to put some history next to my E39 M5. After researching, I found Eric of EAG BMW. He was very nice talking to me about some options and he would keep me posted if he found what I was looking for. I noticed he has wealth of information about BMWs and was extremely professional. So few months past. I was looking at his website and found an Avus Blue E36 M3 sunroof delete model. By the way, EAG has the largest collection of M series BMW's in the country as far as I know. I asked him about this car and he took his time and very accurately walked me through the history of the car as well as the pros and cons of a 95 OBD1 model vs a 96+ OBD2. I felt very comfortable. I felt that he is extremely honest and price is right. So I went for it, then I experienced something that I never had before with my other cars and other dealers. Before shipping the car to me in California, he wanted to test drive the car beforehand one last time. After that test drive, he called me and said everything is good but he noticed few things. Like tires are a bit dried up. He wanted to change them all to new ones. Also the brakes had half-life left on them but front brakes make some noise. But he wants to change all breaks front and back plus rotors on his dime. I was so happy to hear that. So EAG spent an additional $2K at least for new tires and breaks. Then we talked about a car cover and trickle charger. Sure enough he surprised me by including them in the car when I received it. I received the car and it was all the way exceeded all my expectations and was as he described. Not only that, he then connected me with a best mechanic in the bay area for future needs (Dinan). What a great experience. I am looking forward to future business transactions with EAG.
Farbod Aram, Los Altos, CA
I have been a BMW enthusiast since college when I got my first BMW, an 1987 E30 325i. I currently own 7 BMWs, including the 1988 E30 M3 I recently purchased from Enthusiast Auto Group site unseen. When I received the car, it was actually better than advertised. Eric made the transaction extremely easy. He answered every question honestly, and even disclosed information that most people wouldn't. The delivery service that Eric used was quick, reasonable, professional, and extremely courteous. I can honestly say that I'll be back to purchase another BMW from Enthusiast Auto. A wonderful experience all around. Its nice to deal with a company that puts a premium on quality, integrity, and customer service. Thanks again. All the Best,
Craig Spenner, Stamford, CT
I found the perfect stock 1997 E36 M3 sedan with Enthusiast Auto Group. It was a long 9-11 month search that started with private sellers on the east coast, Craigslist and even eBay..but each visit ended as complete disappointment. Every E36 M3 I came across had the abuse sticker written all over it as it was hidden deep beneath the fresh paint these sellers used to impress me. They flatter you with upgrades, superchargers, exhausts, all kinds of mods..which YES.. sounds exciting - but depending on who did the work and how the car was driven/maintained..all of these things could have destroyed a car that was already built to perfection. Without is very hard to find a car like this (STOCK only) that hasn't had everything "modded". This wasn't going to be easy!! Many months into my search I had almost given up hope until I came across Enthusiast Auto and talking with Eric K.. I did my research and asked around on the ///M forums and I began learning that this was indeed a great's family owned and managed by great people who know their cars. If you don't believe all means ask around and you will hear some great things about these guys and user's experiences on these forums. Sure - There are always going to be used BMWs for sale out there but you can tell that these guys are very meticulous about their cars, knowledgeable, and extremely selective of the cars they choose to buy/sell. My impression is that they choose cars that they would like for own for themselves. So with that said, you want to buy from these types of people.. AGAIN...I recommend asking around and then arranging a visit to see for yourself if you still have any doubts. The cars can be a bit pricey compared to what some other folks are asking for but you have to understand that you ARE getting what you pay for with these guys..opposed to other sellers that will give you a lower figure but you pay for it a couple weeks into it..TRUST ME!! Not only did they provide me a detailed breakdown of the perfect-for-me black cosmos M3 sedan, they went out of their way to allow me to examine it as it was on the lift, explained everything step-by-step and even handed me the keys with confidence and said "have fun". This meant everything to me as they trusted me with their car without even buying it !! The owner of the shop even spent valuable time with me under the car pointing out all its good points and its few, imperfections. Even noticed things I had missed which is always helpful and he had his guys fix it on the spot. It was the honesty Eric had that was so rare that had me shocked.'s hard reading this on a website and trying to believe this but these guys are a family owned business that is built on knowledge, passion, and trust. I will be recommending Enthusiast Auto to all my friends and look forward to purchasing my next car from them...hopefully a e39 M5 one of these days. So in closing...ask around - you won't be disappointed. Any doubts?? - fly out there. (I did) and drove the car around for a half hour just to get a feel for it. They perform a PPI for you so that is helpful but I was worried and purchased my own. Looking at it now..i guess it was a waste of money but it might be worth it for you just to help you feel better or debating on flying out to visit. It's your call on that... When I saw the car - I couldn't resist after just felt right and bought it on the spot. Shipping? Do it!! They have a great shipping company called Specialty Mobile that delivered my car right to my doorstep!! Thank you EAG for this great car!!
Dan Diniotis , Nottingham, MD