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The folks at Enthusiast Auto Group turned their passion for BMW cars into an honest, straightforward business geared toward ultimately exceeding their customer's buying experience.<br> <br> I almost made a mistake and purchased a 2004 BMW 325I from a local used car dealer close to my home. I found a 2002 BMW 330I with sports and premium package through browsing online with almost exactly the same mileage and asking price at Enthusiast Auto Group. Within an hour, I was going to sign papers and drive the 2004 BMW 325I home and thought; I have nothing to lose, so I gave EAG a call. When I talked to Eric, he said, “Our BMW cars go one way”. I thought about that statement for a moment and anyone considering purchasing a used BMW should think about Eric's statement.<br> <br> My wife and I decided to purchase the 2002 BMW 330I from EAG. Here is a list of parts and repairs EAG performed before they handed over the keys to me. Completed Inspection II, oil and filter change, replaced spark plugs, oil level sensor, fuel filter, air filter, micro filter, gear oil, ABS control module, water pump, thermostat, steering pump, coolant, four wheel alignment, rear trailing arm bushings, two NEW Continental tires for front, filter housing gasket, front sway bars, A/C serviced after the sale and a full tank of gas.<br> <br> I have logged over 1000 miles since purchasing my 2002 BMW 330I from the EAG Team. The quality of handpicked cars they will only sell, customer care before and after the sale and skilled EAG BMW mechanics that complete work orders to exceed expectations is unmatched. As Ryan said, “They will not sell a car that they themselves would not own and drive daily”. This is a demonstrated testimony to EAG'S continued success through their BMW customers across America.<br> <br> What a feeling to purchase the ultimate driving machine from the ultimate BMW dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thanks EAG Team.<br>
Michael and Kimberly Rutherford, Cincinnati, OH
This is my 3rd vehicle purchased from EAG- a great low mileage 04 M3 coupe. The vehicle, the service, the transaction are beyond my expectations. EAG is a family oriented business dedicated to customer satisfaction by providing exactly what they say they will and somehow more. Dealing in what some consider "works of art" their customers can be like me-fastidious and difficult. But these folks just deliver regardless. So if you do business with EAG expect the Best. By the way, they have one of the best, if not the best, collections of manual BMW M cars anywhere in the USA. Ok boys I'm planning my next purchase.
Greg Stoeger, Eau Claire, WI
I had been looking for the correct e46 M3 to replace my 95 M3 for over 6 months, and every time I thought I saw the right on on line it was in Ohio at EAG. My busy life in Southern California made it difficult to take time out to go to Ohio to buy a car, but after starting to dream about the cars I kept seeing on their site, I finally got it together to go there. I've never been the kind of guy to write reviews, but if someone out there is contemplating what I was, I want them to know what I experienced. I run a business and our company puts doing the right thing before anything else, and my experience was so incredible at EAG that I tried to put my finger on one thing that rises above. First the quality of their cars, although the one I bought from them is perfect for me, I have the feeling that any car on their lot would be a pleasure to own and drive. Second their integrity and who they are and their prices are fair prices for the quality of their product. However I realized the thing that makes them so special is they care about what is the correct car for you, they listen and remember what you say about your needs and putting you in that correct car becomes their priority and they're able to do this because they love what they do. Thank you Evan, Josh, Eric and the entire EAG team, I know I will be in Ohio again because I know someday I will buy another car and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Louis Laxineta, Los Angeles, CA
It's been almost exactly 1 year since I purchased my dream car from Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG) and I still couldn't be happier with my decision! The car has been amazing; runs great, looks great - always turns lots of heads. I'm looking forward to the miles ahead with this car! One of the things I've enjoyed most over the past year (besides the pure joy of driving an M3) has been visiting different BMW and M3 forums to read the new member sections. So many times a new M3 owner would post a picture of their car and it would be from EAG! It's comforting to not only see so many others buying their cars from EAG, but to also read the positive testimonial each time they do. It's obvious that EAG cares a lot about both the cars they buy/sell and the customers who are lucky enough to buy them. The quality of vehicles and customer service found at EAG is unmatched and I will definitely be going back to them whenever it's time for a new M. Thanks again to Evan and the rest of the team at EAG!<br>
David Coker, Huntsville, AL
My experience with Eric, Evan and the team at Enthusiast Auto Group was first class. If you have the opportunity to own an "M" car, I highly recommend reaching out to them. They are experts and the service is excellent. Did I mention how much I love my M5? Continued Success!
Ken Phelan, Loveland, OH
It has been said "Someone who is able to earn a living by pursuing their hobby has the most satisfying career." This seems to apply to the people at Enthusiast Auto Group. The first time Evan and I talked, I described in some detail the "ideal" sports car that I was interested in finding. During our ongoing discussion, he conveyed a thorough technical and first hand practical knowledge of various sports cars. After road testing a few cars and all else was said and done, I purchased a BMW 2000 M Coupe. With Evan's and Eric's patient help, I have found what I consider the ideal sports car - "perfect in almost every way." It is a pleasure to do business with them. The pricing was fair and their pride and enthusiasm in presenting thoroughly inspected and detailed cars shows true commitment to their hobby. <br>
Dale Dyko, Xenia, OH
The going joke in my family and particularly with my wife relates to how many cars I have owned over the years. I am 47 years old. I have owned something like 40 cars (many being restoration projects and the like) but along the way I have seen and dealt with my fair share of car dealerships and their management teams. With that background I feel well qualified to express my profound appreciation and recognition to the entire team at Enthusiast Auto for their knowledge, professionalism and straight up approach to dealing with customers. Any prospective customer interested in a used BMW should have the utmost confidence that the vehicles EAG is selling are well sorted, that they know their products inside and out, and most importantly you can be assured that if any issues do arise, you can count on the EAG team to get to the bottom of it and work with you until you are satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 10, EAG is a “10+” -- all day long.<br>
Bill Taylor, Westborough, MA
I've purchased 2 vehicles from Enthusiast Auto in the past 5 years. When I first started my hunt for my perfect 5 series, I searched everywhere. ebay, bimmerforums, ohio bimmers, m5 board, craigslist, satellite lots, etc. The one thing I found when searching was "WATCH OUT FOR MAINTENANCE". A "good deal" could turn into an early few thousand dollar repair bill if you don't know what you are looking for. I thought I had found the best deals out there, but then I turned to EAG who found me a lower mileage car, with more maintenance history, for less than I personally found. When it came in after purchase, they fixed a few small items on it, detailed it, and I was out the door for less than I could find on my own PLUS I had a timeline of parts that I should keep an eye on, what not to worry about, and some ideas if I wanted to mod it. I personally believe their extensive knowledge is worth something. Having had thousands of M cars come through their hands, they know exactly what's going to break, when it's expected, the cost, and what to look out for. I'll be standing in the longer line behind the other guys that enjoy giving them our business, while referring my friends and family. Give them a call and see for yourself.<br>
Dan Kinzie, Cincinnati, OH
Enthusiast Auto Group,<br> After what seemed like an endless search for the perfect E46 M3, I found Enthusiast Auto Group. The first thing that caught my eye was their inventory of M cars. The second thing that caught my eye was some of their “EAG Collection” cars. After seeing these cars I suspected that they must be BMW enthusiasts themselves. I picked up the phone, and made the call about the 2006 Jet Black M3 ZCP. Evan answered the phone and we started our conversation about the car and even recommended me to a financial institution to help with the financing. Evan was very straight forward and promised to deliver an M3 that I would be more than happy with. We traded phone calls and emails the following week while everything was finalized on my end. <br> <br> The day I flew out to Ohio, Evan picked me up at the airport and we shared some conversation and some spirited driving on the way to EAG. The car was exactly as described if not better. The guys at EAG are a knowledgeable group of car enthusiasts that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in their search for the perfect M car…<br>
Erik Hill, Easton, PA
Evan,<br> I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with my dealings with you at Enthusiast Auto Group. As a middle-aged, hard-to-please, BMW Car Club Member – I was extremely impressed with your knowledge of BMWs, but more than that I appreciated your directness and integrity during the process of selling my “dream” E36 M3 to you. The process went exactly as you described over the phone. Even the gentleman from Cruzin' Chrome Transport who picked up the car was top-notch! <br> <br> You have a wonderful business model catering to BMW enthusiasts and I'm sure you will enjoy continued success. <br> Sincerely,<br>
Todd Kucera, Allerton, IA