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Thank you Evan and the EAG Team,<br> <br> You would not believe how long I have been looking at BMW Z3's! I just love the Z3 styling. Every very week I would get on or and search for 2001 and 2002 models and would tell my wife, someday we will have one of these. It's my dream car. We can drive it around the NY Finger Lakes with the top down and visit the wineries. I just never seemed to find the right car at the right time until I saw my perfect one at Enthusiast Auto Group. It was a 2001 Alpine White 3.0L with Tannin Red on Black sport seats and the 17” cross spoke wheels I wanted. Just a beautiful car and only 11,000 miles! My wife said I better buy it because I have been showing her Z3's, literally, for 14 solid years and it's driving her nuts! So I called Evan and we made the deal. <br> <br> Since I live in Corning NY I was apprehensive about purchasing the car sight-unseen. But after several discussions and exchange of lots of pictures I gained confidence in EAG and felt comfortable in my decision to have it shipped to me. Blaire sent me all the paperwork I needed that were clear in instructions, with return envelope. It was very easy and professional! The car arrived right as scheduled in an enclosed trailer, handled with care, at a reasonable price. It was just beautiful! I really appreciated that the shop waxed, detailed and did the comprehensive mechanical check on the car before shipping. I am very pleased, and it just runs like a dream. I also appreciated Evan following up with several e-mails on my satisfaction, maintenance schedule, and even a suggested BMW service shop in my area. Just a great job. For the last 2 weeks I look out at the Z and say to myself, “I can't believe I finally got my Z3!” My experience with Enthusiast Auto Group has been wonderful and I would certainly do business with EAG in the future! <br>
Michael Brown, Corning, NY - 11.30.2012
For the short time that I have had the car… I really like it, but since its NY and winter I put it away in my heated rental garage. I will register and title it soon and then wait… I was nervous about paying for the vehicle “up front” but I have to say this was the smoothest vehicle purchase I have conducted, and there have been lots. The instructions for transferring funds were clear and calm, and I'm very happy with the condition of the M3. As stated in the website, no surprises - It's just pristine! I've looked for a long time and feel like my effort has been rewarded. Keep up the good work, Thanks again.<br>
John Rector, Corning, NY - 11.29.2012
Evan,<br> <br> I finally had a chance to get the car out on a sunny day and drive it. The car is perfect, we love it! This is our first BMW and absolutely the first time I have purchased a car sight unseen, but you and those in your company worked to assure the process was informative yet simple. From the 100 or so pictures you provided, willingness to always answer questions quickly, the prep work you did on the car prior to shipment all the way to the company you selected to deliver the car all made it one of the easiest and most enjoyable car buying experiences I have ever had. I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to doing business with you in the future.<br> <br> Thank you,<br>
Mike O., Aurora, OH - 11.20.2012
EAG Team,<br> <br> I had been looking for a clean low mileage e46 M3 for awhile with not much luck. The color combo I wanted is pretty rare and to find one with low miles would be nearly impossible. I wrote EAG a short email on what I was looking for and within a few hours I got a reply from Evan saying the EAG team was on the lookout for my car! I figured it would take them a couple of months at least but Evan called me in about 2 weeks saying he found the car! I also wanted the Dinan package added on to the car and Eric took the time to explain to me the different Dinan packages and which one would suit my driving style the best. I bought this car sight unseen and every single minor detail was described to me by Evan. The paperwork and transaction process was easier than buying a car local. The car arrived looking showroom clean and on time. A very minor part broke during shipping and Evan had a new part shipped to me the next day. I would definitely recommend them if you're in the market for a "M" car.<br>
Kimberly M., Houston, TX - 11.19.2012
Thank You Enthusiast Auto Group, my experience buying a car from them was absolutely amazing, Being a car enthusiast all my life the thought of purchasing a car without actually seeing it and driving it in person was out of the question. When I came across Enthusiast Auto Group I somehow felt very comfortable with this thought because I was told exactly what the condition of the car was, I requested specific pictures of the car that were sent to me without question, I was even told of the slight imperfections that the car had and I think that their honesty in selling a quality product is what gives customers like me the trust and confidence in purchasing a vehicle from them sight unseen.<br> <br> I want to thank Evan, Eric, Ryan and the rest of the team that did a great job on my car and making the necessary arrangements to deliver the car to me trouble and worry-free. When my car arrived I couldn't believe my eyes, you could immediately tell that they had taken the time to make every part of the car shine like new. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.<br> <br> Even though I plan on keeping my E36 for a long time, my next purchase will definitely be with Enthusiast Auto Group.<br> <br> If you are in the market for an "///M" car, look no further, Enthusiast Auto Group is by far "the" place to purchase a car.<br> <br> Thank You EAG,<br>
Juan Andres Morales , Key Biscayne, FL - 11.14.2012
In February 2012 I bought a 2005 M3 carbon black with<br> cinnamon leather and sunroof delete and approximately 40k miles.<br> After owning this car for 9 months I can say that have never loved a car<br> this much before. Nowhere even close. Every time I look at it or jump in it<br> to go for a ride, I can't help but smile. The guys at EA were thorough in<br> their inspection and maintenance, and seem to be extremely discerning in<br> their selection of the models they purchase for resale. At the time I<br> purchased the car, all of the very detailed service records from mile 1 were<br> given to me in a folder to keep.<br> <br> Even though I've now moved 10 hours away, if I'm in the market for an M in<br> the future I will strongly consider flying back to Cincy and purchasing from<br>EA. Thanks guys.
Brad Lewis, Louisville, KY - 11.12.2012
Eric, thank you for an incredibly smooth, 'no stories' transaction! I recently sold my '95 Lightweight (just didn't drive it enough due to no a/c and living in Texas) and was looking for a replacement e36 M3. Having been a fan of the e36 M3 now for about 10 years, i really wanted one with all the right goodies to replace the LTW. I've known about and have been watching Enthusiast Auto's inventory for a while now and saw this '98 M3 Dinan S3. Having had a bit of experience with EAG in the past (my friend bought a car from them, both the car and experience were flawless), I got a hold of Eric about the car. As usual, Eric was super knowledgeable about this car, it was a repeat visitor and had a seriously long list of every possible e36 M3 problem area already addressed. Detailed pictures with a complete service history documentation were sent to me immediately, along with a detailed 'walk around' of the car (I'm in Houston, Texas, so was a sight unseen purchase).<br> <br> The best part was, I was heading overseas at the end of the week, Eric and his team (Ryan and Blaire) did an absolutely incredible job of organizing transport and getting the car to me in 3 days from OH to Texas(!), a day before leaving town, so that I could drive it for a day. Absolutely incredibly thoughtful on their part, and a great transport company (Assured Motor Transport) to bat. <br> <br> The car showed up. Exactly as Eric described and in immaculate condition.<br> <br> If you are looking for a no stories used BMW, EAG, in my opinion, is the only place in the US that will provide this to you. I would especially recommend EAG to those who are not local and have apprehensions about purchasing a high performance M-Car sight unseen, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Eric and EAG! My only regret is that you aren't local for me to bring you the car to service when needed!<br>
Jake Gopinath, Houston, TX - 11.08.2012
I was looking for this model for a long time, after looking for references of EAG on bimmerforums and complaint board I decided to take the plane, visit this place and spend a weekend driving through Kentucky. I carried a check "just in case" and after trying the car with Eric I wrote the price and signed. Two months later, I'm absolutely satisfied with the purchase. The transport van up to Miami was superb, and the dedication of the team arranging all the papers until I got the title in Miami made me very grateful. Don´t expect bargains, but a fair price for a top maintained car.
M.P., Miami, FL - 11.12.2012
I am not in the habit of making expensive purchases sight unseen (except for photos) over the phone, but that's exactly what I did here, and with very happy results. It started with a phone call that was answered by Eric Keller, the owner of Enthusiast Auto Group, who gave me a detailed course on the history of his company, BMW Z8s, and Z8 Alpinas. I bought a low-mileage 2003 Z8 Alpina from him a few days later. I'm glad I did.<br> <br> The car arrived about a week later on a covered truck. It was exactly as advertised—in flawless condition, with all the papers, accessories and gadgets in the trunk.<br> <br> It turned out that there was one little problem with the car that had escaped the careful inspection Eric's team had given it: the right door lock didn't work. Eric immediately sent me a part that seemed the likely culprit. It turns out that a different part had failed, and it was replaced at Enthusiast's expense by a local dealer. Given that the car was sold “as is,” I suppose Enthuasiast had no legal obligation to pick up the tab for this correction, but they didn't hesitate to make things right. That's integrity—with a capital “I.”<br> <br> Unsurprisingly, I love the car. Equally, I'm delighted with my experience in selecting and purchasing it from Enthusiast Auto Group. They did what they said they would do, and when they said it would be done. The car was beautifully prepared for delivery, and was honestly and accurately represented. The whole transaction was a pleasure. <br>
Jerry Falk, Berkeley, CA - 10.30.2012
Evan, Ryan, Josh and Eric, <br> <br> Josh and I would like to thank all of you for your help, patience and care in purchasing the BMW M3. The car is everything and more than Josh could have imagined. He is very happy with the car to say the least. The truck had an issue and was delayed in Fort Lauderdale so Josh had me take me there to get the car...he could not wait any longer. <br> <br> As you all were aware, I had concerns with purchasing such a car as this without ever seeing it. Evan was very reassuring and put my mind at ease. Everyone working at your company is trusting and honest and goes out of their way to make the customer feel like they are important. <br> <br> Thank you again!<br>
Sandy and Josh, Pompano Beach, FL - 10.23.2012