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Eric - With the "dust settled" a bit following my purchase from EAG BMW of a fabulous 2005 330 Ci ZHP, I am more than willing to write a customer testimonial about my experience with you and the dealership. I easily can sum it up in a few words - reassuring, fair, easy, convenient and exceeding my expectations. All in all, pretty damn wonderful.<br> <br> A little further explanation might be helpful for other prospective EAG customers.<br> <br> My BMW "history:" <br> --I have owned 11 BMWs dating back to a 318i in the mid 1980s. <br> --Without exception I have purchased relatively low mileage, previously owned vehicles - usually from BMW or other dealerships, and twice from individual owners. <br> --Some of these experiences have been pretty good, others not so good. <br> --After purchasing a previously owned vehicle, I ALWAYS brought it into my local European specialty service shop for a thorough systems check and servicing - just because I could never be entirely certain about the condition of the car.<br> <br> Some time ago, the local European auto service establishment that I frequent took in a 2003 330i ZHP - Imola red with a black alcantara interior. The first time I saw the car I fell in love with it. Needless to say, I bought it, babied it (never drove it in snow, rain or any kind of inclement weather) and thoroughly enjoyed driving it - until it was broadsided and totaled late last year. The car was in almost perfect condition and of course the settlement I got from the other driver's insurance company was not even close to its value or what I paid for it. To assuage my sensibilities for this loss, I almost immediately began to look for a replacement. The first thing I did was to buy a 2008 128cic. I'm not sure what this has to do with EAG and ZHPs, other than it distracted me for a few months. Then, while "window shopping" on I happily discovered EAG and promptly added your website to my favorites list. Not long thereafter, while scanning for an E-46 M, I noticed a couple of E-46 ZHPs - including a low mileage coupe that seemed almost too good to be true. Not one to let a great car slip away because of procrastination, I contacted EAG via e-mail and got a response the same day. Despite my one "new to me" BMW per year recent history, I had never before bought a car sight unseen, over the Internet. I was a bit hesitant - but open to it - if it felt "right." You (Eric) were very easy to communicate with and I knew immediately that you not only cared about the product you sold, but also about satisfying your customers. When you told me that a very high percentage of your business was conducted online, with the vehicle shipped to the purchaser sight unseen, it reassured me that I could do the same thing and not get ripped off. So I did. And beyond that, while Ryan was arranging delivery via enclosed trailer truck, Blaire made all the paper work easy and you helped me add a Dinan strut brace and an M-type padded steering wheel. Furthermore, the service and prep work that EAG did on the vehicle was so extensive - and reflective of knowledge that only real BMW enthusiasts would be aware of - that I did not even consider taking the car to my local service establishment. In fact, I wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so that I could take it to EAG for periodic service.<br> <br> <br> So........ I am a very happy first time customer of EAG. I am certain it won't be the last car I buy from you. Between the many photographs you provided during the purchase process, the over-the-phone descriptions and service arrangements and the detailed history reports provided, I knew what to expect. The proof of the pudding was when I actually received the car - it was delivered on time, as promised, and looked better in person than in the pics sent previously.<br> <br> <br> I have owned the car for about one month, and am entirely delighted with both the vehicle and the buying experience.<br> <br> <br> I could go on but I'll end with this - the car is fabulous and I am confident in what I purchased. I will work with EAG again in the near future.<br>
Andrew Braun, Longmont, CO - 03.11.2013
Eric, Evan, and the EAG team of professionals didn't sell me my dream ///M car, but they did save it from ruin. I had been searching for a pristine 2002 M Coupe for about 6 months when I found my ideal car on the private market in Arizona: 30,000 miles; titanium silver over dark grey and nappa interior; 1 of 19 in its color combination in 2002; tasteful modifications; exactly what I'd been looking for. Tragically, during an ill-advised bit of spirited driving on the trip home from Arizona, the back end broke loose, and the front end found a guardrail. The damage was largely cosmetic, but the car wasn't drivable, and my dreams were crushed.<br> <br> <br> Thankfully, a day or so after the accident, a fellow enthusiast kindly pointed me in EAG's direction. Within an hour of my first discussion with Eric, EAG's Operations Manager, Ryan Kane, had a covered transport on its way to pick up my Coupe from its unhappy temporary home in Oklahoma. From that point forward, EAG exceeded every expectation and assuaged all of my concerns about restoring the Coupe to like-new condition. EAG's careful attention to detail, extensive knowledge of ///M cars, savvy insurance management skills, and above all else, absolute commitment to perfection, ensured my ultimate satisfaction with the restoration.<br> <br> <br> EAG's paint and body shop is run by Scott Waterfield, who may be one of the most dedicated individuals I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Scott worked tirelessly to restore my Coupe to showroom OEM condition, both through hands-on reconstruction, and masterful navigation of the insurance claims process. Though the damage to my car wasn't extensive, the costs of a quality restoration for a rare car can quickly exceed the unrealistically low loss threshold values used by insurance companies. I had done my diligence with my insurer on this front, but Scott reinforced me at every step, going so far as to source off-brand parts when requested by the insurer, install those parts, take pictures to show that the part in question was not a perfect fit, and then persuade the claims administrator that only OEM parts would suffice.<br> <br> <br> As the restoration progressed, Scott sent hundreds of detailed in-stage photos of the repair, and personally called me several times a week to explain even the most minute and technical points of the restoration. Scott's mastery of his craft is truly impressive, and his devotion to customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled. Once the car had been structurally and aesthetically restored to like-new condition, EAG performed a comprehensive mechanical inspection, detecting subtle but important maintenance issues that I would never have caught on my own. Josh Bonati, EAG's Service Manager, kept me apprised of their findings, and made cautious, well-reasoned suggestions about maintenance and upgrades.<br> <br> <br> In the end, EAG's restoration of my Coupe was nothing short of amazing. The car is unquestionably more perfect than the day I bought it, and with the addition of an Eisenmann exhaust installed at EAG, it's a hell of a lot more exciting to drive as well. From their immediate action following my first call, to personally picking me up at the airport when the repairs were completed, Eric, Evan, and their team of incredibly talented and dedicated enthusiasts have delivered a level of service fitting for the exceptional cars in which they specialize. Whether you're fortunate enough to be in the market for an ///M car, or unfortunate enough to have damaged one, EAG should be your one and only destination.<br>
Jordan Reifler, Memphis, TN - 03.11.2013
Evan,<br> <br> It has been a couple of months since purchasing my 2001 BMW 740i Sport from EAG. I wanted to have a couple of months of perspective before writing my testimonial to your potential future customers.<br> <br> My experience started with you in November, and from the first time we spoke you were always very open and honest about the condition of the cars, their history, and your personal experience driving them. After looking at several potential cars from other sellers, I decided to go with EAG because I just liked the way your company does business; no BS and you were always willing to take care of the minor details without any hesitation. When I came to pick up the car, your employees made the experience go smoothly and everything was just as we had agreed on. I did develop a minor mechanical issue with the brake master cylinder on the 1000 mile trip back home, but as soon as I contacted you, your group was quick to jump right in and take care of the problem by working with a local shop back in my home town.<br> <br> I would categorize your service as being done the way we all hope a good dealer would act, unfortunately few actually do. I would have no issue recommending EAG to my friends and family and would definitely buy from your company again in the future if the opportunity presents itself.<br> <br> Thank you for doing things right even when it may cost you some money! Everyone says they have character and integrity but few actually display it, EAG has it in spades.<br> <br> I should also say clearly that I LOVE MY CAR!<br>
Jim Bussey, Flower Mound, TX - 03.06.2013
I purchased my 2005 E46 M3 with competition package from EAG on 12-26-12. I dealt mainly with Evan, but also had conversations or corresponded with Eric, Ryan and Blaire.<br> <br> I've owned a few cars over the years, and therefore gone through the purchase process once or twice. Buying a car is usually a different degree of unpleasantness, however the whole process with EAG has been outstanding. Everyone at EAG was great to work with. They all know their product, and are all experts in customer service.<br> <br> This is the first time I bought a car sight unseen, but in the end I was very confident in making the purchase. Between the 60 plus photographs, the over-the-phone walk around with Evan and the detailed history reports provided, I knew what to expect. Evan stated many times that he wanted “no surprises” when I got the car. The car actually looked better in person. Again as he said, the photos on their site and on the emails are intended to show the small flaws on these amazing cars.<br> <br> I've now owned the car for about two months, and I still email Evan on occasion with a question about this or that. His dedication to his customers is clear, and it continues on after the sale is finalized.<br> <br> I could go on and on, but I'll end with this: The car is an outstanding example, I'm confident in what I purchased, I will work with EAG again in the future.<br>
TD, Wichita, KS - 02.23.2013
Evan,<br> <br> Just want to say thanks again. I'm really enjoying the ownership experience of my first M-car. You've taken time to go over all the little detailed questions that I've had, all in a no-pressure sales process. From initially identifying the right M for me, all the way through to delivery and beyond, I have to say that EAG is like none other.<br> <br> As you know, I'm a long time Porsche nut and have purchased quite a few P-cars from some pretty good shops known and touted for their customer services. My purchase experience with EAG however, surpassed them all. I would buy from you again without hesitation. You and your team have certainly earned a loyal customer, and I look forward to doing business with you again.<br> <br> Sincerely,<br>
G.C., Alexandria, VA - 02.20.2013
The best way to describe Evan, Eric, and their team at EAG is no nonsense. In all of my interactions with the team I was provided facts, no extraneous information or sugar coating. Evan used this approach to succinctly familiarize me with the E46 M3 and the ownership experience. Subsequent contact yielded a detailed history and photographs of each car I was interested in. These interactions allowed me to walk away from my purchase thoroughly pleased knowing that I had purchased a beautiful car from a very honest team of professionals at EAG. To top it all off I received a wonderful hand written thank you card signed by everyone at EAG. Thank you to Evan, Eric, and the rest of the EAG team for a wonderful experience!<br>
Brace Bade, Livonia, MI - 02.19.2013
EAG is the best business I have ever been too. Honesty, efficiency, and trustworthiness is all that comes to mind when I ponder on my experience with EAG. Excellent customer service, with a rewarding car. I sincerely thank you guys and I will gladly purchase another ///M car from here when the time comes again. Also anyone that I know who wants an ///M car, I will gladly tell them about EAG. <br> <br> Thank you!<br>
Naim Lindsay, Wyandanch, NY - 02.09.2013
I purchased my 2006 M3 with the competition package from Eric. This cherry M3 was in show room condition. He and his staff are honest and knowledgeable. Most importantly they pay attention to details and are meticulous. I will definitely purchase my next M3 from them.
Doug H., Denver, CO - 01.23.2013
These pages upon pages of reviews heaping praise onto EAG tell you all you need to know. Where have you ever seen something similar from an enterprise specializing in selling used cars of any kind? EAG is distinct and refreshing. They flip "Buyer Beware" into "Seller Cares". Why are we afraid to buy used things? Because we're afraid of things that degrade trust - a lack of transparency for the vehicle's history or condition, the risk of not knowing a stranger's character...the list goes on. Evan, you have developed a business model that cuts to the core of every visceral concern from a buyer's point of view and turned it into a point of comfort and reassurance. EAG will disclose every highlight and flaw of your future car...they "don´t do surprises!". They'll give you the most precious commodity of all - their time. Lots of it. They'll promptly answer as you pepper them with questions about everything under the sun and they'll come back for more. The entire operation is refreshingly professional and responsive. They buy back their inventory when you're done. How's that for confidence? They are enthusiasts who love what they do and it shows. I have already dubbed my M3 the "Hero Maker" and after 2 tanks of gas I have no idea how I lived without it. Thanks, Evan! To any future customer - you can buy a car from EAG and you won´t regret it. You'll have a great experience and obtain an awesome car of your dreams. Just pull the trigger man!!!!<br>
Ken Packard, Chicago, IL - 01.18.2013
I wanted to thank Eric Keller and his team for the purchase of my 1989 E30 M3.<br> <br> When I graduated high school back in 1998, my dad purchased a 1990 E30 M3 as my first car. Had a lot of good memories and I regret selling it about 9 years ago. Ever since I've been looking and patiently waiting for a clean car to purchase and I happen to find Enthusiast Auto.<br> <br> I was a little skeptical about purchasing a car out of state without seeing it in person or driving it considering it's a 23 year old car however Eric delivered everything he promised. The transaction was nice and smooth. He even helped set up the shipping of the car. Not much was needed on my end other than signing the paper work and wiring the money :)<br> <br> One thing I really appreciated was that after my purchase, we still exchanged emails and Eric was very helpful with answering all my questions.<br> <br> If you are looking for a clean, low mileage M, this is the place to buy and I would definitely recommend Eric/Enthusiast Auto to my friends and family.<br> <br> Thanks again!<br>
Mishel Keshishian, Costa Mesa, CA - 01.12.2013