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EAG is the best business I have ever been too. Honesty, efficiency, and trustworthiness is all that comes to mind when I ponder on my experience with EAG. Excellent customer service, with a rewarding car. I sincerely thank you guys and I will gladly purchase another ///M car from here when the time comes again. Also anyone that I know who wants an ///M car, I will gladly tell them about EAG. Thank you!
Naim Lindsay, Wyandanch, NY - 02.09.2013
I purchased my 2006 M3 with the competition package from Eric. This cherry M3 was in show room condition. He and his staff are honest and knowledgeable. Most importantly they pay attention to details and are meticulous. I will definitely purchase my next M3 from them.
Doug H., Denver, CO - 01.23.2013
These pages upon pages of reviews heaping praise onto EAG tell you all you need to know. Where have you ever seen something similar from an enterprise specializing in selling used cars of any kind? EAG is distinct and refreshing. They flip "Buyer Beware" into "Seller Cares". Why are we afraid to buy used things? Because we're afraid of things that degrade trust - a lack of transparency for the vehicle's history or condition, the risk of not knowing a stranger's character...the list goes on. Evan, you have developed a business model that cuts to the core of every visceral concern from a buyer's point of view and turned it into a point of comfort and reassurance. EAG will disclose every highlight and flaw of your future car...they "dont do surprises!". They'll give you the most precious commodity of all - their time. Lots of it. They'll promptly answer as you pepper them with questions about everything under the sun and they'll come back for more. The entire operation is refreshingly professional and responsive. They buy back their inventory when you're done. How's that for confidence? They are enthusiasts who love what they do and it shows. I have already dubbed my M3 the "Hero Maker" and after 2 tanks of gas I have no idea how I lived without it. Thanks, Evan! To any future customer - you can buy a car from EAG and you wont regret it. You'll have a great experience and obtain an awesome car of your dreams. Just pull the trigger man!!!!
Ken Packard, Chicago, IL - 01.18.2013
I wanted to thank Eric Keller and his team for the purchase of my 1989 E30 M3. When I graduated high school back in 1998, my dad purchased a 1990 E30 M3 as my first car. Had a lot of good memories and I regret selling it about 9 years ago. Ever since I've been looking and patiently waiting for a clean car to purchase and I happen to find Enthusiast Auto. I was a little skeptical about purchasing a car out of state without seeing it in person or driving it considering it's a 23 year old car however Eric delivered everything he promised. The transaction was nice and smooth. He even helped set up the shipping of the car. Not much was needed on my end other than signing the paper work and wiring the money :) One thing I really appreciated was that after my purchase, we still exchanged emails and Eric was very helpful with answering all my questions. If you are looking for a clean, low mileage M, this is the place to buy and I would definitely recommend Eric/Enthusiast Auto to my friends and family. Thanks again!
Mishel Keshishian, Costa Mesa, CA - 01.12.2013
I read the testimonials prior to my purchase of my M5, made the trip to review the large selection of M5's available and with much guidance came to understand the long list of praises I found on site to be nothing but true. Eric and his group know their product extremely well but more so the process of customer service prior, during and post sale activities. My experience is not unique as you read the experience of others. He and I had quite a few discussions about both the cars' and the business as a functioning unit. Their talents are a welcome change from the norm. I encourage you to witness this at your own pace and discover why enthusiasts are driven toward excellence.
Richard Mulkey, Ft. Mitchell, KY - 01.11.2013
I would never buy a car sight unseen. Or so i've always thought. But the overwhelming positive feedback from M5 forum gurus who are otherwise cynical about most things, and a very thorough initial conversation pushed me to take the plunge. Eric was great throughout the whole process with answering all my questions, providing a very honest and detailed explanation of each m5. (I almost felt like all his cars had their own identities and personalities. :). He was also great about explaining what each car's shortcomings and positives were. After we've agreed on the purchase, pro-actively fixing and replacing a couple components that it would have in all honesty taken me a while to even realize only cause me to value their process and integrity even more and hold them in high esteem. And the car arrived in perfect condition, looking and smelling better than most new cars. Incredible attention to detail and painstaking care. (thanks Ryan for arranging the shipping!!). All in all, fantastic experience. Usually, with a lot of big ticket purchases, there tends to be a flicker of buyer's remorse. This transaction with EAG is one of the very few purchases, that i have had absolutely ZERO buyer's remorse. Thanks a lot guys!
Gaurang Sardesai, Chicago, IL - 01.09.2013
Enthusiast Auto Group, I have just registered the M Coupe in the state of Maryland and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your service. It was the smoothest car transaction, from the initial call with Eric to paperwork and shipping with Blaire and Ryan. I could not be any happier with the purchase. The car is truly in mint condition. It was a pleasure! Thanks again,
Jean-Pierre Rock Jr., Silver Spring, MD - 12.18.12
First off let me say that the car has been excellent so far. Second, the entire purchase process with EAG was seamless and smoother than any in-person car purchase I have ever had. The car is in amazing condition and honestly looks and feels like a brand new car. Some people may say your prices are too high. After experiencing the service, knowledge, and quality product EAG provides, I would argue your prices are extremely reasonable, if not a little low. You guys really have it together, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to even my most discerning car friends, or purchase another car from you for myself. I hope we can all meet in person one day and talk cars.
Ross Poole, Atlanta, GA - 12.13.2012
This is THE place to buy BMW automobiles. These guys have their act together. I have purchased more than my fair share of pre-owned vehicles. In my experience, whether you buy at auction, from a private seller, or from 99% of used dealers out there, you get the same thing… A sub-standard vehicle that you end up investing multiple thousands of dollars and countless hours of labor into just to make it right. Or, you can buy from Evan and the guys at EAG. These guys get it. These cars are properly reconditioned before they go anywhere. So you can do what you intended in the first place... Enjoy your car. They had the perfect Phoenix Yellow ///M3 and I was already planning my trip across 3 states to see it for myself. But after speaking with Evan for the first time about the car, he inspired such confidence that I had no reservations about making the purchase sight unseen. Service after the sale was unbelievable. Due to mere cosmetic imperfections, the vehicle I purchased received some brand new interior trim panels a battery and even a set of NEW Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Service of this level after the sale has been made is simply unheard of anywhere else. The experience just kept getting better. The entire EAG team was a pleasure to work with and I have nothing but the best things to say about their operation. In a perfect world, everyone would do business like EAG.
Dane Bergmeier, Omaha, NE - 12.13.2012
I just wanted to say what pleasure it was dealing with Eric and Enthusiast Auto in purchasing my 2002 BMW Z3 M Roadster. When I first started looking for a Z3 M Roadster I figured I would need to travel halfway across the country to pick it up. It never occurred to me that I would buy a car sight unseen. When I saw the ad for the car I was looking for on Enthusiast Auto's web site I did some searches on Enthusiast Auto. I found many people who had dealt with Enthusiast Auto and every single one of them had nothing but good things to say. Many of them mentioned they had purchased their car sight unseen. After talking with Eric about the car I felt very comfortable with purchasing the car sight unseen. When the car showed up it was exactly as Eric had described it and how it looked in the pictures, which is immaculate. I have never dealt with a car dealer that is so upstanding and honest. What really impressed me was after I had purchased the car Eric replaced the plastic window on the convertible top because a small section of the trim on the window was coming loose. He also replaced the battery because the one that was in it looked old and he didn't want the battery to die on me next summer. The car also showed up with a full tank of gas. I have never bought a car new or used where I got it with a full tank of gas. The only issue was the car showed up without the windscreen that was shown in the pictures and the owners manual (left in detail department). I emailed Eric about this around 7:00 PM expecting to hear from him the next day. I got an email from Eric within 2 minutes saying that the windscreen and manual would be shipped tomorrow and I received them within a few days. All I can say is Enthusiast Auto does everything right.
Don Ritchie , Minneapolis, MN - 12.12.2012