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Working with Evan, Eric & all the guys at EAG was & still IS great. If you want someone to trust & be up-front with you, these guys are it. They're my friends & no matter whom I spoke with over the phone, whether Eric or Josh or whomever, the communication & purchasing process was clear, concise & forthright. They broke down all the numbers & didn't make me feel uncomfortable or put-off, which, made me trust them & their service. I wanted to buy from someone I trusted & who speak the language of an enthusiast & gear-head. They do that allllll day long & it made me feel secure in what I was buying & the history of my vehicle.
Joe Sellery, Indianapolis, IN - 05.13.2013
I was in high school when the E46 M3 came about. At the time I was probably reading three separate car magazines a month and poured over the reviews of the M as though I were deliberating on the purchase in a most serious manner. Not only did I fall in love with the looks of the car instantly but everything I read painted a picture of the perfect drivers car. Sure there were some driver aids but the car had purity and simplicity. A few years later I was working at an upscale deli and catering establishment in town, about my senior year of high school. One summer day with the door open I heard an engine coming into the lot and caught sight of a neon yellow E46 pulling in. It turned out to be a friend of the owner and when he was leaving, they called to me to come out and see the car knowing full well how much I adored it. This was the first day I ever sat in an E46 M3. The position felt completely natural. I had driven some expensive sports cars but never felt quite right in them whereas this made me feel at home. My yearning for the M3 never dulled even when the E92 was released, it just didn't seem right to me and thus I never faltered. After two years of seriously pouring myself over car adverts online and routinely having five tabs open on my web browser of various E46's around the country I decided it was time to pull the trigger and my search intensified. I knew I wanted a number of things, deep blue exterior, standard transmission, the nineteen inch double spoke, heated seats, sunroof and a generally stock car. I also wanted the interior to be something a bit out of the ordinary. My daily driver is a conservative Volvo that is all comfort and while quite classy and pretty in my mind, is not overly gaudy. I wanted the E46 to have a little something different. The cinnamon interior was what I decided on. I searched for a few months and finally found what I thought was nearly the right car at Enthusiast. I spoke with Evan on the phone a few times, finally realizing that maybe we could change out the 18's for 19's and the car would be perfect. We sorted out the details and I was down in Ohio a few days later to pick it up. When we pulled into the lot, everything I had imagined the car would be was parked in front of me, real enough that I could reach out and touch it though I dared not set off the alarm. Evan walked my friend and I through the car, explaining details I hadn't known about despite reading the owners manual on my computer. Driving it for the first time was sublime. I had worried that I might have set my expectations too high and set out unrealistic expectations but that all faded away from the first notes of the low rumbling exhaust. Back at Enthusiast I signed some paperwork, picked out a t-shirt in my favorite color, shook hands and took to the road back to Michigan. I take every excuse I can to drive it, surprising some of my friends and catching myself grinning every time I walk out of a shop and into the parking lot to find my car, then realizing what I'm looking for and feeling myself filled with glee. I could never have asked for a better experience buying a car. Professionalism on the part of everyone at Enthusiast left me feeling completely at peace with the purchase and only concerned with the details of how soon I could make the trip. The reputation of Enthusiast left my worries in the rearview mirror as my confidence in the integrity of the car grew with everything Evan told me about their process. I'm not sure when (because I love this car so much) but I know I'll be back to see them again, likely sooner rather than later. Thanks Enthusiast, Sincerely,
Will Jurkowski, Ann Arbor, MI - 05.08.2013
EAG, I wanted to write a note of thanks, to express my gratitude for an outstanding BMW buying experience. EAG has set the bar extremely high in the sight-unseen car buying world and, after my experience…100% endorsement!! From the initial email to transporter delivery, every step was carried out with professionalism and pride. My original E30 was every bit as you described and illustrated in the excellent photographs. The transaction was completed professionally, every promise kept and zero delay. EAG is truly “THE” BMW resource. From the inventory, to the wealth of product knowledge, to the service, to the purchase, it was the best vehicle experience I have ever had. Give me a few years to treasure and preserve and I might let you have this E30 as a “repeat visitor.” Your whole team went above and beyond my expectations and I've been enjoying the car ever since. Thank you again!
Don Ferry, Middleburg, FL - 05.03.2013
Thank you all so much for your "Thank You" postcard...the devil is in the details and your organization is FULL of the devil!!!...I always tell my staff that everyone here matters and is a reflection of WHO we are and WHAT we want to accomplish...the quality of the service we render...and I hope my patients leave MY office with the same feeling of a job-more-than-well-done as your clients feel about what your organization does !! Thank you all for your professional service and confidence-inspiring attitude...I will gladly recommend you to anyone...actually I already have!!...and look forward to doing business with you in the future. EAG is what the auto industry should aim for as a goal!!! Thank you again. Phil Barr, loving my "new to me" 2003 M5!!!
Dr. Philip Barr, Providence, RI - 04.30.13
Hello Eric: My new 2001 M Coupe arrived safely right on time, and it is a HOOT. Based on your reputation and our no-nonsense telephone conversations, I elected to buy this car from you sight-unseen and I can report full satisfaction with that decision. You responded promptly to my initial inquiry and spent much more time than I had expected familiarizing me with your company and with this particular car. As you surely know, people who are willing to buy sight unseen usually have a pretty clear idea of what they are looking for and the car on your lot either is or is not that car. At no time did I feel you were trying to “make a sale”; rather, I felt you were introducing me to this vehicle in a bona fide effort to see if it was the one I was looking for. As it turned out, it was and the transaction could not have gone more smoothly. I appreciated your ultra-thorough inspection of the car and your identifying issues needing immediate or future attention. The work I asked you to perform was timely and correct. In short, the car rolled out of the transporter's enclosed trailer in just the shape I wanted it in. Please assure the prior owners that their baby has found a good home. I will, in turn, be happily referring all (jealous) inquirers to Enthusiast Auto Group. Thank you Sir and thank your fine staff
Henry L. Strong, Potomac, MD - 04.26.13
Eric, Evan and the entire Enthusiast Auto Group, My wife and I would like to thank all of you for an incredible buying experience. For several months we've been searching for a 2006 325ixT, preferably non-silver. Locally this car didn't seem to exist but we were reluctant to buy sight-unseen from an out of state private owner or dealership. Past experience has proved this to be an invitation to a disaster as too many people have chosen to take advantage of that situation. As we've read Bimmer and Roundel we've noticed that Mike Miller has been most generous in his compliments concerning your business. Since we believe Mike to be a no BS type of person we visited your web site, saw the inventory, read your business philosophy and all of the testimonials. At your web site we discovered exactly the car we wanted; a 2006 white 325ixT, beige interior, no idrive, no run-flats and meticulously kept. It was a major plus when we read this vehicle was the personal car of the owner's wife. We contacted Eric and based on an hour-long conversation, committed to buy the car. We described our trade-in, received an honest amount and drove to Cincinnati from St.Petersburg, FL the following week. While completing the transaction at Enthusiast Auto Group we were introduced to the staff and technicians, given a tour of the properties, and saw a yard-full of spotless M cars. We were made to feel like friends not two-legged checkbooks. All went well on the trip home and the car was and is all we expected. However, arriving home we noted one small item that needed to be addressed. We notified Eric, had the item rectified at our local independent shop and by the time we got back home we had an e-mail from EAG saying they would, of course, cover the bill from our local shop. As many others before us have said if you're in the market for a BMW especially one of the M persuasion, see Eric at EAG. The way we were treated has convinced us we will be return customers.
Gary West, St.Petersburg, FL - 04.26.13
I started out looking for a low mileage E46 330ci ZHP manual transmission. After looking at the available cars in state and on the BMWCCA classified site, I discovered the Enthusiast Auto Groups website. Having just sold an E36/7 Z3 roadster I was immediately drawn to the M roadsters and coupes. I requested information on over a dozen cars over the next week. Evan was patiently answering my questions about each and every car. I settled on the very nice E46M3 convertible 6speed manual in Mystic Blau. I spoke with Evan on the phone about the car and he was extremely knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of BMW's in general. The photo documentation was superb. The history of the car was completely in line with my own research. When the car arrived by covered transport a week later I was surprised because it actually looked better than I expected for a pre-owned nine year old car! I was initially reluctant to buy a car sight unseen and certainly could have flown out to pick up the car and drive it home, however, the experience was so transparent from start to finish that I was confidant in my decision. Evan, Ryan and Blaire have renewed my faith in the purchase of used cars. Anyone considering the purchase of pre-owned BMW should seriously look at what they have to offer. I plan on keeping this car for a long time, but, if I was in the market I would but from EAG again!
Steve Johs, Louisville, CO - 04.24.13
Thank you for a very positive buying experience with my M3. The detailed photographs and complete maintanence history and provided a better understanding of the vehicle online than I would have at a local dealer. Enthusiast Auto cherry pick these vehicles for their condition and low miles and then your shop does a thorough inspection of the vehicle and repairs any issues present or likely to happen for a truly turn-key vehicle. While this may cost a bit more up front, it certainly worth it to me to have a vehicle with no surprises. I was pleasantly surprised how seamless the shipping of my M3 to Minnesota as well as the shipping of my trade in to you. I spent less time on this transaction overall than I would have going to a local dealer. Thank you again for a great experience. I will be back!
Nick, Mound, MN - 04.24.13
I recently purchased a low milage 2004 BMW M3 from Enthusiast Auto Group. It took me months to find the car I desired and I found it with Enthusiast. My car was in excellent condition and my dealings with Enthusiast were without reproach. Everything that I was told about my car was true and more. I don't know where I would of been able to find an M3 in such good condition. Evan was a tremendous help and has followed thru with all questions that I have had about my new car. Enthusiast was able to handle everything with my purchase including the transportation to California. I can't praise Enthusiast enough and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a quality low milage M3.
Doug McCune, Newport Beach, CA - 04.22.13
I started my quest to get back into a E46 M3 about six weeks ago. As my first E46 M3 experience didn't go as well as I would have hoped, I was admittedly cautious about the M3. As I began the process of looking for the right car, checking and double-checking service history's and vehicle history reports, little did I know that one call to Evan at Enthusiast Auto would be all the help I would need. Almost immediately, Evan gained my trust and illustrated why Enthusiast Auto has the reputation that they do. By walking through each car that I was interested in, the details of the car's history's, and narrowing down the choices, Evan worked patiently while I made plans to visit EAS in-person. Once at the dealership, Evan knew exactly what cars I was considering and came prepared to answer any remaining questions. Once the deal was done, the entire staff at EAG made the Saturday afternoon feel like a small vacation, albeit one I was ending in a E46 M3. Evan, Eric, and the rest of the EAG team have earned a customer for life.
Vincent Churchill, Aurora, IL - 04.17.13